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Antonio Carlos Brasileiro de Almeida Jobim really wrote the songs that the whole world sings and will keep singing now that he has joined some of his music partners in a higher-up floor. Since Passarim, Tom Jobim hadn't released a solo album. With Antonio Brasileiro, a CD that appeared in Brazil this past November, the biggest Brazilian composer of his generation broke a seven-year silence. And he seemed

to be on a roll. As a bon vivant, only recently the author of Girl from Jpanema, started paying some attention to his diet and cutting on drinking, smoking and fat eating. However, he was in no rush to leave. Famous for hundreds of bon mots, Tom was the one who said, "Ifl leave this little and, oh, so nice planet now, somebody will come and say that I am running from the IRS." A little more on the bitter side, since he has been accused his whole life of having sold his soul to the US, he complained, "As Chico Buarque has said the other day: 'a Brazilian artist is

good only after death."' The trip to New York, for what should be a minor surgery and ended up being Jobim's last journey, was supposed to be just a little stop before facing summer in Rio, from where he couldn't stay away for too long. "I want to die here," he said to a Brazilian reporter. "It's more comfortable to die in Portuguese. Anyway, how can you say to the gringo doctor, in English: 'to com uma dor no peito que responde na cacunda! "' So long, boy from Ipanema. Thank you, Tom. Ai que saudade, Antonio Brasileiro. R.M.


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Lolitas of the night

She gave women wings



Selling sex and death


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22 Sao Paulo, where culture lives

Seven short stories by Dalton Trevisan Cover by Aylan Francesco

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RRPIDINHRS t=tq路fW'路" Bottom line

Last November, 200 police officers entered a residential complex in Salvador, state of Bahia, to expel almost 500 families- who had invaded the buildings. Nothing extraordinary if it weren路t for the fact that 80% of the invaders were from the police force themselves. The condominium invaded, called Jardim das Limeiras, has 496 units but only 20 have being bought four years after its construction. The problem is the price. To acquire it the individual has to show a minimum income of $700 {'! month and be able to pay $250 a month. The average monthly salary of police in Bahia is $200. When it was time for the eviction many police officers ended up having to expel their own family from their new-found home. Can you think about something to raffle? Some men from Sape, a small town in the interior of Paraiba state, answered this questions with four names: ~onga, Alnunciada, Adriana e Cremilda, four prostitutes. The winner had the right to take one of the women for a night in a motel, all expenses paid. The story came to the ears of public prosecutor Newton da Silva Chagas, who decided to start an investigation. He soon found out that


some men were really interested in the prize that came with the girl, a crate of beer. It has to be black humor.

Rio state's budget for 1995 has just been released to the despair of some social departments that found out that what they are going to receive for a whole year cannot even pay a lunch in a good restaurant. The Department of Employment for the Handicapped got $40, while the Health Service for Women, Children and Teenagers was rewarded with the regal sum of $120. No. it wasn't a misprint.




Scientists at the Santa Fe Institute in the US have concluded that Brazil is not saying the truth when announces officially that its Gross National Product (GNP) is $456 billion. There's a gross underestimation there, they maintain. Brazil's GNP is around $700 billion. and this takes into consideration the informal economy in the country. Lincoln Gordon, 81, who as US ambassador to Brazil from '62 to '67 helped to orchestrate the coup that placed the military into power, continues to follow from Wa~hington what happens in Brasilia: "The country's situation has worsened since the 60's. Education, health. social security, NEWS from BRAZIL- JANUARY 1995

everything is worse. The last thing Brazilians would want is to enter into the world market with a cheap and uneducated work force. If president Fernando Henrique is God and if God is Brazilian, he is going to revive the idea of paid university, so there will be money for basic education." The MMM (Movimento MacMo Mineiro ........ Aflneiro {resident of Minas Gerais) Movement) ~路has been resisting bravely all the assaults from feminists and the politically correct fauna. Very irreverently they elect every year the Machao do Ano (Macho the Year). Last year, they bestowe4 the title upon Nonato. a soccer player, after he, during a game, kicked a lady working as a referee aide. This year the title went to !tamar Franco, the Brazilian president until the end of the 1994. Why? "He started to court a pussycat half his age and showed her offto the whole country/' said MMM's president Luiz Mario Ladeira. "Can y'ou be more macho than that?" Two men from Rio, in some way connected to former Army captain and leftist guerrilla Carlos Lamarca, Who in 1969 deserted from the Anny with a truckful of weapons, have tried a seat in Congress. Cesar Lamarca, the guerrilla's son, received only 2.474 votes and didn't make it to the NEWS from BRAZIL- JANUARY 1995

House of Representatives. General Nilton Cerqueira, who killed Lamarca, received 38,365 votes. He got elected. Another extremist continues seducing the electorate. Jose Guilherme Godinho, better known as Sivuca. has been reelected as state assemblyman in Rio. He is famous as a vigilante who created the phrase "Good bandit is dead bandit," Sivuca was also one of the founders of Scuderie Le Coq. probably the most famous death路 squad of Rio in the 60's and 70's. The gang was created by a group of young policemen to retaliate against the death of detective Milton Le Coq who was killed by Cara de Cavalo (Horse Face). Excited with the blood the Scuderie gave itself a license to kill. Djavan has just finished work on Novena, his latest record. The album has a special guest Fhivia Regina, the singer's daughter. The finishing touches were applied in the US by Bob Edwig, the same guy. involved in Madonna's and Michael Jackson's records. Since soccer star Romario said in the US, during the World Cup, that he needed to make love to his wife, Monica, before a game, to ficar levmho (become light). the expression has become synonym of having sex.


No one seems too young to fall through the cracks of the dilapidated social building of Brazil. For many children, the only solution they can find is to enter a life of prostitution in which drugs are a constant companion and the death sentence of AIDS is far too common. SI;I,.MA B. DE


Brazil's economic crisis in recent years has aggravated chronic_social ills.. contributing ,,to an increasingly dis .. torted distribution of wealth among Brazilians. As a sad illustration of further social decay, the Brazilian Center for Childhood and Adolescence (CBIA) has recently estimated that there are about half a million girls who have turned to prostitution to earn a living. Some of these childr~p are as young as nine years old. The prostitution of girls in Brazil is the consequence of years-Q,feconomicrecession, and the low status afforded to women in the country. Because women have a limited accesscto occupations and resources, they are the ones hardesthit during economic crises. Since the 1960's, a massive wave of migration has o<;c.urred in BraziL A large number of these migrants, who come to the cities looking for work, end up living in crowded slums. As the number of slum dwellers grows, so does the number ofstreet children. Traditionally, the boys have been the ones ~nore noticeable in the streets; however, as more extreme levels of poverty strike families and the family .support system disintegrates, more girls have been forced into the streets. Journalist Gilberto Dimenstein, who is the director of daily .{toi/J.a de Sao Paulo in Brasilia. has carried out

extensive investigations of the lives of street children. He suggests that poverty is the principal reason most girls are forced into prostitution. In his book J\,feninas da Noite (Girls of the Night).Dimensteinpoints out that some families force their own daughters into prostitution for food or additional income. ''Poverty makes promiscuity look normal. Scenes such as the selling of daughters by their mothers and needle abor• tions stop provoking shock and indignation. They become part of day to day life," Dimenstein writes. Family problems, ~ot unrelated to poverty~ may also lead the girls to prostitutethemselves. For instance, Dimenstein notes that the majority of the·girls he. interviewed come from broken homes. These girls faced the death of parents. alcoholism, or sex-ual abuse in the home. He also notes that rna~ girls denounced their stepfathers as their main abusers. In addition, traditionaLsocial mores may also lead the girls into the streets, as when girls lose their virginity, they are often rejected by their families. For many girls the streets and prostitution present themselves as a wav to freedom from conflict and violence at home. Some girls are also fleeing boring work, and see. in prostitution a way to earn more money and become more indepen'dent. With the growth of the tourism industry, selling their bodies has become a way for poor girls to have access to the dollars 'of tourists. According to research done by the sociologist Marlene ·vaz, with the support of UNICEF, in the city of Salvador, Bahia, young girls are brought to foreign ships that anchor by the Bahia de Todos os Santos. To a.-oid the scrutiny of the Federal Police, the girls head to the ships at night and leave just before dawn. According to the report, some agencies send photos of Brazilian girls to countries like German;9', Switzerland, France, Italy. There, fore.ign tourists choose their companion for the days they will be staying in Salvador. The touristspay the agency in advance in dollars. · Ana Vasconcelos. the founder of Casa de Passagem (Passage House). an organization doing pioneer work with prostitutes in the city of Recife, Pernambuco, notes that as girls usually have few marketable skills, sex becomes the only avenue for survival. In a talk she gave recently in Mill Valley, California, Vasconcelos explained the lack of alternatives these young women have. "In my country the minimum wage is around $80 dollars a month," she noted. ''Sometimes a woman can get $200 from a man who comes on a cruise ship ... You have to pay rent. You have kids. You have to help your mother. ' How can you quit prostitution when you have much more money, and then survive with mini,mum wage? Most of these children barely know how to read and write." In.Meninas da Noite, Dimenstein denounces the trafficking of girls who are forced to work as prostitutes in the Amazon region, especially in

milling towns. Heexplainstbe system of debtbqndage under which the girls are kepkAt .first, the girls are told of job openings, usually in a restaurant or a lll1lelieonette, .in faraway regions. Upon th垄itarrival, the路 girts are infonned that they:already owe the money for transportation. and can only leave after paying it. In addition. the girts have to pay rent for their room, and often receive perfumes andelothesfromthe owner ofthebrothel. CUstomarily, the girls have no control ovedhe money they make, as their eli路 ents pay directly to the owner of the brothel or night club for "the services" rendered. Diseases such as malaria are very common to the region. and when the girls get sick and are unable to work, they have additional expenses for medication and .food. making it more difficultto pay the "debt'" which only increases. lnthese places. the girls are stripped even further of any vestige of their humanrights. On the trail ofthe trafficking ofgirls,Dimenstein encountered a brothel in the city of Imperatriz . a town in the northeastern state of Maranhao with a p()ptiJation and a fluv~l port, that auctioned virgin girls. He explains that as a new virgin arrives in the town, men-come to the brothel and the auction ofthy girl takes place. Usually~ sons of ri~hJal)downers are the ones to offer the highestbid and to gain the right to be the

first Escaping fromtbese isolated places, which very often can only be reached by plane or. boat, becomes very difficult. The girls are kept under the constant threat of mistreatment and violence, and, in many instances,they find no protection from law officials. According to a 1992 article from Falha de Sao Paulo, pqUce in the mining town of Cuiu-Cuiu, inth~state ofPara, were receiving weekly "contributions,. .from owners <>f night clU:hs keeping enslaved girls. The article saidthatthe police were fully aware of th~ practices Qf the nightclubs, and even had tl document signed by the police chi~fin which the names of the nightclub owners and the amount of money given by them. were listed. There were also charges that the Military Police, following o9rders of night club owners. chased victims who tried to escape from their captors, physically punishing them and even causing their death. lnlarge urban centers. police brutality against prostitutes is a routine practice.. Usually the police arrest the girL rape and release her. Vasconcelos accusessomepolicemen of provoking miscarriages during arguments with girls in the street, by>kicking the girls in their

stomach. In the streets, the girls are also under the threat of disease. Vasconcelos suggests that the government shares the blame for the proliferation of sexually transmitted diseases, especially AIDS. She says that the girls in Recife know about the disease, usually through television, but have no way to avoid it. Vasconcelos points out that Lhe government tends to scare people with the message of its campaign: "Be careful about AIDS. AIDS kills!" But at the same time. it does not distribute condoms, a luxury article in the country. It is important to note, says Vasconcelos, that social mores and the discomfort that adults feel about adolescent sexuality limit the kind of information and services offered to young women. This is an impediment to efforts that could prevent early pregnancies and the spread of sexually transmitted diseases among girls. Vasconcelos, during her first experiences working in social programs sponsored by the government of Pernambuco, took notice of the taboo surrounding the issue of prostitution. "The government did not want to work with girls, or discuss sexuality or prostitution," said the social worker. The consequences of the negative attitudes that society has toward these girls are clearly reflected in their low sense of self-esteem that comes with the feeling of being rejected, Vasconcelos points out. The degree of low self-esteem and self-hatred is such that many girls respond to the general hostility against them by inflicting violence upon is common for girls to cut themselves in suicide attempts as a way to ask for peoplc~s attention. Casa de Passagem, the brainchild of Ana Vasconcelos, is a meeting place where the girls can discuss the problems of being a prostitute with psychologists in private sessions, and with other prostitutes, in group sessions. The organization also offers food and shelter for prostitutes, as well as trade classes. Casa de Passagem has been recognized around the world for its innovative work with poor girls, being a potential "blue-print" model to replicate elsewhere. Self-empowerment is at the center of the organization's approach. The girls learn about their rights as children and as citizens. As Vasconcelos explains. they also learn about feminism, about women's rights and their potential as agents of social change. "You have to know that you are a citizen, that you have rights, that there is a consti<~ tution, and it is up to all of us to make this constitution work," she states. At Casa de Passagem, therapy occurs in a holistic way. While each individual experience, fear. and anxiety is shared with psychologists and other women. each girl is given the opportunity to "see.. the "whole picture," as Ana Vasconcelos explains: .. We begin to explain to them about history, how it comes to be, how we count on something happening one day. So we give them an idea of life. They all become revolutionary. They all become involved in changing history." â&#x20AC;˘ 10


Sex, tourism and death ELMA LIA NASCIMENTO

In Recife, state of Pernambuco, the sex tourism business has. encouraged some of its promoters to recruit minor girls directly from the schools. Ac~ cording to attorney Olga Camara, the director ofthe Child and Adolescent Police Directory (DPCA), some students have been lured through newspaper advertisements for modeling jobs and ended up involved in a network of prostitution. In .Brazil, prostitution is not a crime. It is a crime to exploit the activity as gigolos and madams do. The scheme of attracting tourism with sex has the backing of many of those businesses dealing with tourism, including hotels, restaurants, travel age)lcies and taxi drivers. Since the creation of the DPCAinJ\lly, three cases of sex pandering involving minors have been opened by the public prosecutor. A survey conducted in Santos, a port city 45 miles from Sao Paulo, has shown that 40% of the 10,000 girls who work the streets there have the AIDS virus. More than 60% of them are between 10 and 19 years of age. In search of opportunity and survival, these young women come mostlv from the interior of Sllo Paulo state and from other states like Parana, Santa Catarina and Bahia. About 70% ofthe girls interviewed believe that you don't catch AIDS when you love someone. The use of drugs, mainly crack, is prevalent amongi the young prostitutes, who. even if they have sex ~ith three men every night, don't make more than three minimum wages a month (about $250). At least 60% of these girls spend half of what they earn to feed their drug habit. The same study conducted by the Nucleus of Community Extension from Universidade Cat6lica de Santos revealed that the life expectancy for these girls is 20 years. The newspaper Folha de Sao Paulo interviewed a girl in Santos, who at 13 said she was trying to get rid of her crack habit and thinking about a modeling career. The girl whoin the newspaper called "Patricia", told the paper that she had started as a prostitute when she was 11 and used to charge $10 for oral sex. Another intenriewee, Jessica 18 said thatshe became a prostitute at 12 imd by sh~ had been contaminated by AIDS, a disease that killed her mother, a prostitute like herself. She talks about revenge when she has sex without a condom (she charges $2 more for that): "I pass AIDS to the majority of my clients. They pay to not use a condom. And most of them are married." Is she worried about her disease? ··No. The best time of my life. happened after I was contaminated with AIDS. No\V J have nothing to lose."



Campaign Against Impunity During the past two years the ICRI (International Child Resource Institute) Brazil Project has developed a letter writing campaign in the US in collaboration with the Brazilian National Movement of Street Childre.n. The campaign officially began with the handling of 16 letters signed by professors and students of Stanford University, along with over 200 signatures of US residents, to the then Minister of Justice Alexandre Dupeyrat. The idea is to pressure the Brazilian government to punish those involved in the killing of destitute children and adolescents. The project has distributed over 15,000 post cards addressed to the president of Brazil with an African-Brazilian boy beside the Brazilian flag and an excerpt of the Brazilian constitution dealing with children's rights, For further information contact the !CRT Brazil Project at (510) 644-1000.

Street talk Rio's young transwstites haw their own ,·ocabulan· that uses many words o.f African origin. Ahata - lesbian ...Ide- gay Alihan - police Aquendar a neca do oco pay attention to a man Ajeum - lunch Acorcla, Alice - (literally: wake up. Alice) pay atte;ttion Acossi - monev Aque - money Axe -cocaine Axo -dress Batalha - (battle) prostitution Bofe- man Bolado (a) -furious Co/ocada- (posted) on drugs Cocada hranca- (white coconut bonbon) cocaine Cocada preta- (black coconut bonbon) marijuana Corre-corre- (hurl}· -scurry) car Dar a El::a -to steal (transvestite Elza was a thief) Desaquenda - run from police Dragao - ugly Edi- anus Fazer a pista - become a prostitute Fa::er o clie111e -to have sex Fe/ebe - money

J.,omhada - silicone application Mala- penis Afargareth - marijuana .\laricona - old homo~ sexual ,\Jona - woman ,\lema de eque - fake woman. transvestite Monoco - lesbian Montar - to dress up _\/ucunii - hair or wig Neca- penis Oc6- man Ore- man Paulo Ou1vio -cocaine Pemha - cocaine Pis/a- prostitution spot Quendar- pay attention Taha - marijuana In Brasilia, a>rostitutes, j>Olicc and johns share some sa,ecial slang. Bariio - a rich john Boceta de ouro - (1. golden vagina) young and successful prostitute Brega - prostitution area Caco - whorehouse or prostitute in bad shape Dindim - a prostitute· s honoraria Fofadinha - sex act N<iia- a hallucinogenic Tia - (aunt) madam Tuti - sex act 11


bOys blue o.survive in the Brazilian city jungle, not all poor boys become thieves and bandits. Some choose the no less dangerous path of prostitution. ElMA LIA NASCIMENTO

The prostitution of little boys may be less prevalent than that of little girls, but not less real. In a recent article, newsweekly magazine Isto E gave a disturbing portrait of the situation. According to the Nucleus of Orientation in Social Health (NOSS). a group connected to the World Health Organization's Global Program of AIDS prevention. the majority of male prostitutes in Brazil are between 17 and 24 years ofage, haven't studied beyond first grade, live with their parents and generally have another occupation as office-boy, clerk or salesman. Centered in Rio, the study on male prostitution shows that the "program boys" or miches, as they call themselves, number more than 4,000 during summer. Rio's high season for the activity. Although more than 70% oftheir clients are males 35 or older, these bpys don't consider themselves homosexuals. alleging that they almost invariably assume the active role and don't refuse female proposals. The NOSS study didn't consider the transvestites who try to draw clients by dressing as women and by enhancing their female features like breasts and hips. /sto E talks about two youngsters from Pernambuco, who work as prostitutes as a way to help their families. One is F.A.T.(in Brazil, minors involved in criminal activities cannot have their names disclosed by the media), 15. who hides his 12


To be more attractive and to acquire a female look, boys activities from the family and explains, '1don't as young as 10 areinjected massive doses of liquid silicone say anything simply because I don't wanttobe by people with no training and in conditions that lack all confused With a queer. !respect my parents and semblance of hygiene. 0 Globo tells the story of an another do this only because r want to help them." adolescent who was also put on hormones when he was 9. 'fheotherone. 14 year-old J.S.L, tells that he "It all happened with the permission Of my mother, who started as a prostitute when he was 12...My desperately wanted to have a daughter." he declared. "She father knows everything and he just asks that I thought 1 was cute and wanted me to become a girl. When keep being a macho man. For $2 or even $5 lean I was 12, I was already working as a prostitute, but lucky make a guy happy and help myfather. who earns me, 1 have found a rich farmer and today l. am living with very little as a bricklayer." • _, It was in Recife, Pernambuco's capital, that him." Another study has shown that more than 250 of these Luciano Amorim created a project known as prostitutes were contaminated by AIDS, but the real numMeninos Que Tratlsam com Homens (Boys ber should be much bigger, since the survey was based only Who Have Sex WithMen}, According to Amorim, on boys and teenagers who have sought help in public who is also the president of the Group of AIDS hospitals during the last two years. Prevention. parents would rather have children selling their bodies than robbing. ·~Many clients pick up thelddsat their parents' home and then come back to drop them off," reveals Amorim. (213) 613-0943 A survey made by the Minors' Authority in Rio (31 0) 641-4894 shows thatinthefirst semes(714) 668-1175 ter of 1994 there was an in(714) 668-0515 - Espafiol crease of more than 70% in the ·number of male young- sters between the ~ges of 12 l . and 11 starting a life of prostitution. An overwhelming majority of thes.e cases (more than $649 90%) has to do with children ./ALVADOR and teenagers who were ex$649 BRAiiLIA pelled from home after their $649 BELO HORIZONTE parents. found out their ho$649 RECIFE mosexual proclivity. $695 PORTO ALEGRE Rio •s newspaperO Gloho $649 WIANIA interviewed several trans$649 VITORIA vestites on·Rio's sidewalks, $749 gathering a dramatic collec- · MANAU./ tion of statements. One of $699 IGUA«;U them, W., 12, who started to work the streets when he was 9, told the Carioca daily, "I started this life after being seduced by a married neigh- , bor before J was ten. Since j then my brother arranged for me to get the hormone Anaskin applied and I went to the PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE sidewalk of Avenida Atlantica, in Copacabana, because my parents rejected me. If I don't ·struggle I'll starve." 4




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It seems to me much Jess complete. I am :vondering why. and what can be done to 1mprove 1t and 1f your editor needs help. Arma11d Caputi • Sa11 Fra11cisco, Califomia

!1~·xs·r·1·•:t•1•e• Your Ilona content IS superb. It's


a great little magazine. for everybodY., even those who have no mterest in 'Braztl. Ed Hersclt Sa11 Fra11cisco, Califomia -~[•}i:ll~lCJ·~IC11f41J:J:t;M1#11• _ y ed upNe_wsfrom Brazil tor the first tune. I am JUSt writino to enquire if by any_ chance you have ~ver pubhshed any article on the great Braziltan filmmaker, writer and poet Glauber Rocha. I am also trying to locate a number oflus films on VIdeo and if you or any of your readers have any suggestions I would greatly appreciate· it. Jolm Giam•ito Arli11gto11, Alassaclwsetts

rece~t p~c

$3, for a one year subscription.

Timotlty F. Dutra, MD. Pit. D. Torra11ce, Califomia



Always a eier : aos and anarchy as the source of equilibrium and harmony, I believe your article "Birth Implosion" (News from Brazil - October 1994) helped to bring tllis point across. What a Jesson for the "developed" world. Jollo M Viamta Lo11g Beaclt, Cali or11ia


Adalberto lla Silt•a Miami Beaclt, Florida


I haveeen enJoymg News ji-om Brazil and the wide scope of serious issues the magazine covers. I pass each Issue on to someone else. However there is one thing that bothers me about your p~blication. I would very much apprecwte the type face being easier to read. I'm talking specifically about not doino things like printing black type acros~ gr~y _scale. photos, black on grey and pnntmg snnultaneously across ·black and wh1te photos as at the top of page 47 of your December issue. It is hard to read and tirino on the eyes and from your content I know your main concem ts to. co_mmunicate unlike some punk pubhcahons where the main objective appears to be an eye test for the over forty .. I used to count on your San Francisco entertainment guide to know when and where friends were playing. Y\)u arc: 1n\'ltcd to partJl"lp;Jtc tn thts d1<tlngue

\\'r1tc t~' ldtt·r•, tn thc: Puhltshcr P (I Bnx 4~)\(l Los :\ng,,:[cs. (';\ 90tl"-O-IJ)~6

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. I woul 1~e to renew my subscnptlon for two more years. Yours is by far the most well written and factual maoazine I receive. I look forward to every !Ssue, soakmg up and thorou~hly enjoxmg every page. I Jove Brazil ~and Braz!lwns) and thank vou all for your oreat effort in putting "out such a fine nfagazme, month after montl1. Scott En11is North Bay Village, Florida NO COMPARISON . Companng to other Braziljan magazmes/newspapers, you have the best outline, issues and Eti.glish grammar. Maria Lunsford Houston, Texas THAT'S RIDICULOUS I _ran across your magazine at the By Brazil restaurant m Torrance, California and enjoyed reading it Enclo.sed is my che~k for the ridiculously low pnce of

Gostar!amose assmar News from Brazil. Fo1 com grande satisfafi:liO que nos do Escrit6rio de Programas Intemactonats da SUNY (State University of New Y?rk) recebemos 11111 exemplar de sua rev1sta. Queremos receber noticias do Brasil e acreditamos que News from Brazil nos in! infonnar sobre eventos recentemente ocorridos no pais. Maria Nebres - SUNY Albany, New York

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Para ens por seu u tuuo art1oo so re o novo presidente Femando Henrique Car~oso. Gostaria que News j1·om Brazil uvesse edifi:lio semanal ou quinzenal. Dr. Jefferso11 Sa West liiU, Califorllia

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South star It was in Ouro Preto, the old colonial town declared a World Cultural Heritage Site by Unesco, that the chancellors of Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay signed in December the final agreement creating the South Common Market. Mercosul brings a new hope for the area. CARLOS E DAFONSECA BARRETO

Starting this .January, Brazilians and Argentineans vvhocrosseach other's bord~r will also be. crossing into a new fron' tier in that region's history, leaving behind their historical rivalries. The Mercosulis the largest and the most importal,lt Latin American trade alliance ever. StiCh. a commercial union is very complexand requires that countries adheringti:lithaimonize their diverse interests and needs. According to the Financial Time.r. of London, "the Mercosul accord haS the potential to become a bl.Jilding block rather than a stumbling ~?Jock, towards future economic integration." . The treaty, inspired by the European ~.Union, wi}l open the doors to the free ~ circulation of citizens, goods, and ser' vices. ThisSouthAmericancommonmar. .ketwas created after a series of bilateral . agreements. during the 80's. In March ; 1991, based on a Brazilian effort to integrate economically the Southern Cone of the Americas~ the presidents of Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay officially agree.d to a co:rrunon customs union. The Mercosul. market comprises a population of 195 million people (nearly 45% of the Latin American population), a Gross Dowestic Product of $760 billion NEWS from BRAZIL- JANUARY 1995

(nearly 55% of Latin America's GDP) and a geographical area twice the size of the European Union. The Treaty of Asuncion (capital of Paraguay where the agreement was. signed) established a compromise among the four nations to create a free trade zone. Argentina and Brazil, the two countries that account for 90%ofMercosul's GDP, are leading the way with the creation of a free trade zone starting this January. Paraguay and Uruguay will join them a year from now. Negotiations have been initiated to include also Chile and Bolivia in the pact. For Renato Marques, chief of the Foreign Ministry's Department of Latin American Integration, the agreement will benefit all the countries despite their economic differences. "These countries have been big commercial partners for many years now," noted Marques. "The Mercosul will make these economies more competitive, since the quantity of products and services will be much greater. The consumer will be the biggest winner, however." The free trade zone includes a common external tariff and the adoption of a unified trade policy in relation to nonmember countries or oth~r economic blocks. It represents a breakthrough, far from the antiquated policies that have hindered the region's economy for so long. The integration process has three stages: first, the creation of a free trade zone; second, the arrangement of a customs union; and lastly, the formation of a common market. To implement the measures of transition to a common market, two distinctive organizations were created. The Common Market Board (Conselho do Mercado Comum), integrated by the presidents, foreign ministers and finance ministers from the participating nations, has the duty of managing the political elements of the Mercosul. The second organ, the Common Market Group (Grupo Mercado Co mum), staffed by representatives of the Finance Ministry and Central Banks, is the executive branch, responsible for carrying out the decisions. The Program of Commercial Liberation is the most important addendum to the treaty. It is based on a previous agreement between Argentina and Brazil establishing that the import tariffs will diminish between the two countries until a target "tariff zero'' is reached. More than 87% of the tariff schedules should have a common external tariff ranging from 0 to 20% and should be in effect for BrAzil and Argentina by the year 2001 and for Paraguay and Uruguay by 2006. Telecommunications products and information systems will be the exception. Former president Hamar Franco announced last year that 90% of imported products will have a maximum tariff of 20% starting this January. For Brazil it has been a constant drop. The tariff that averaged 105% in 1990 had already fallen to 35% last year. The remaining 10% of imported products constitutes what is called the exception list. Every member has its own inventory. All products inc!uded on the lists are to be negotiated individually, and all lists should disappear by .2006. Since Mercosul' s inception in 1991, exports from Brazil to Argentina have tripled from a mere 4.9% to 15% ($5.4 billion in 1993) ofthe country's total export. The Mercosul has been received with enthusiasm by Brazilian executives, who in 1993 made investments of $150 million, betting on the success of the pact. Brazil moved from a trade deficit of $750 milli6n in 1990 to a trade surplus of $1 billion in 1993. Vehicle exports to Argentina account for the majority of the change in trade balance. Argentina has had very low automobile production in the last decade and its industry has been experiencing a very weak recovery, at the moment, offering a chance for the powerful Brazilian auto industry, the tenth-largest in the world, to gain a substantial share of the market. Fiat do Brasil, a subsidiary of Italy's Fiat Spa, has announced that i~ will market a special model of popular car to be produced in Brazil and Argentina. General Motors do Brasif already has established itself in 路 Argentina. The company started producing 4500 pickups last year and intends to raise its output to 25,000 by the end of 1996. Others, like Mercedes Benz do Brasil and Toyota S.A. are considering major expansion programs or installation of new plants there. 17

The Brazilian auto-part industry already has some big players in Argentina. Cofap, a shock absomer manufacturer, andFreios Varga, a manufacturer, have been manufacturing their products in the country -since 1993. According to ADEBIM (Brazilian Industry Association for the Mercosul Integration), there are over 300 companies installing bases of operation in Argentina- offices of commercial representation, distributors or factories. Companies without operations in both countries are more vulnerable and therefore less competitive. The BrazilianDuratex Group (manufacturer ofDeca sanitary accessories) has acquired a 25 percent share of local sanitary accessories company Piazza Hermanos and then formed a joint-venture with Piazza for both to market and manufacture its products there. Duratex's subsidiaty company, the giant Itausa Holding -parent company ofBanco Itau (one of the largest private banks in Brazil) - has just opened an office in Buenos Aires aiming to develop a technological industrial project. Latin America's biggest brewer, Brahma, already has 3 percent of the beer market in Argentina shipping its product from Rio. The company plans to build a $40 million manufacturing plant there which would make the production cheaper and increase the opportunity to boost its sales. In the future theyintend to target the other members of Mercosul from its Argentinean factory. Grupo Sadia, one of the world's largest food processing imns, with markets stretching from New Zealand to Yemen, has been in Argentina for over 20 years. They have begun a joint-venture with local company Granja Tres Arroyos and announced an investment of $2.5 million to reinforce the distribution and billing system of its partner. Sadia has been selling its products in Argentina and also buying the production of local fanners. In 1993, Sadia saw its revenues in Argentina grow from $500,000 to $20 million. A more challenging deal was made by Tubos e Conexoes Tigre, a manufacturer of PVC junctions and pipes. Taking into account that plumbing in Argentina was still done with copper pipes. Tigre had to organize a school system to teach local plUmbers, engineers and engineering students how to use their products. Before commercializing them for home owners, they had to explain its advantages by means of a :massive ad campaign. It meant a lot of time and money co~umed and strong confidence in its chances in that market. -'theMercosul means good opportunity for big earnings to all segments of the economy. With inflation in Brazil down to a:m.onthly single digit, banks, unable to speculate, have taken abigcut in their profits. That why some of the biggest banks like Nacional. Real, Barnerindus, Unibanco, Itau and even Banco do Brasil are venturing their capital on trade between the.. two countries. They have opened offices in Buenos Aires arid in some other major cities in Argentina. Not only Brazilians are investing in the Mercosul. Argentinean agri-businesses saw trade grow 43% in 1993 and are very enthusiastic about what Mercosul might generate in terms ofnew demands. If you walk into a supermarket in Sao Paulo, Rio or Belo Horizonte (capital of Minas Gerais) you may be surprised to find a great variety of Argentinean products on their shelves. Argentina's superior efficiency in agriculture and livestock, place them ahead of Brazil's do18

mestic counterparts. For example, one ton of wheat in Argentina costs $60 to produce while in Brazil it might cost up to $215. Another sector of Argentina's economy that has substantially increased its trade with Brazil is the oil industry. YPF (Yacimientos Petroliferas Fiscales) is Brazil's second most important supplier of crude oil after Saudi Arabia. Moreover, Argentine shoe and textile giant Alpargatas is carrying out a major reorganization intended to strengthen its role in the Southern Cone market. It signed a joint-venture with US Nike that gave them licensing for production and commercialization of products with that brand in the Mercosul. It means that all Nike products in Brazil will be produced and sold through an Alpargatas subsidiary. Argentinean capital is also being invested in BraziL Last year, BAESA, a leading bottling company, bought a PepsiCo manufacturing plant in Rio de Janeiro. They intend to invest in modernization as soon as current local contracts expire, and target Brazil's huge soft-drink market. The Brazil-Argentina trade, which in 1991 was worth $3 billion, reached $8 billion last year, and now the more optimistic are predicting that by the end of the decade it will reach $30 billion. In an effort to boost exports further, the governments of both countries have announced a series of measures. They plan to modernize their industry by new policies of reduced iaxes on exported goods, investments in ports, airports and highways, and personnel training to improve services to exporters. AllMercosul member countries, to foster development of the region, are pushing through an ongoing privatization of some important government monopolies to revive their troubled economies. The Mercosul partners have been discussing plans for the development of' a major highway connecting Rio, Montevideo and Buenos Aires. The plans include a 50 kilometer bridge over the Plata river connecting Montevideo to Buenos Aires. Transportation is a chief issue to facilitate the flow of goods among the nations. The most important project already under construction is a system connecting the Tiete and Parana rivers in Brazil, the Paraguay river in Paraguay and the Parana and Plata rivers in Argentina and Urn~¡ guay. But the most deficient and problematic transportation system in the region is the railroad. Lines are either obsolete or have been abandoned for many years. Moreover, within the four countries, there are three different sizes of rails, which creates a problem for integration. A state-dominated economy has been reigning in those countries forover200 years and there is only so much it can be done in a short period of time.



In November, the new Brazilian Finance Minister, Pedro Malan, gave strict orders to his secretary: from that day on, she wasn't supposed to buy him tobacco to load his three pipes, a collection he carries with him wherever he goes, maintaining one lit practically the whole day. It was a decision to abandon cold turkey a lifetime habit. "I have the will, you all will see," he promised to incredulous friends and acquaintances. Malan is still smoking. This is one of the rare negative stories that can be told about Pedro SampaioMalan, 51, and it doesn't mean that he doesn't have a Benedictine discipline. As president of the Brazilian Central Bank - his previous job - he was known to arrive to work at 9 in the morning and not to leave before 11 at night. This man, who has a degree in engineering, ended up building a career as an economist - he obtained his economy doctorate from Berkeley - working in the public sector. Since May 1991, when economist Ulia Cardoso de Mello tendered her resignation as Finance Minister after a tumultuous and disastrous time in office, that post has changed hands seven times being entrusted to two diplomats and five politicians, none of them economist. Malan, who has a lot of diplomacy in his blood, brings back to an economic ministry, the expert in economy. However, he is better remembered by his former college classmates as the roaming heartthrob relentlessly collecting sweethearts than for his 1969 academic thesis "Insertion of Brazil in the International Economy.".

Words "The fact that income distribution is more egalitarian nowadays in the advanced capitalist countries can't be considered only as a result of the operation of automatic mechanisms. We have to consider. the ability of these societies to compel the pubhc sector to take certain measures of a redistributive character." (Pedro Malan in a speech on August 1978) "Our main problems are on the internal front. Inevitably we will have to go through a stabilization crisis that will allow us to restart our growth. We've arrived at a point in which there isn't room anymore for the gradualist option." (Malan on January 1990.) NEWS from BRAZIL- JANUARY 1995

The fact that now he seems to be accepted by everybody, from the union leader to the big executive, only serves to illustrate how times have changed. This Carioca (from Rio) has amassed a good collection of foes from his time as a professor of PUC-Rio (Rio's Pontifical Catholic University). In the mid 70s. Malan had a very active role in a dispute involving the economic model imposed by super-minister Delfim Neto during the military dictatorship and the so-called "economic miracle" years. Malan's criticism of that model ended up costing him his post at the IPEA (Institute of Economic and Social Planning), an organ linked to the Planning Ministry. In an article in Movimento, a short-lived Sao Paulo alternative tabloid , entitled "The Tale is Wagging the Dog'' -he used the English idiomatic expression that doesn't make any sense in Portuguese -Malan tried to sell the idea that Brazil had become a slave to its foreign debt and that the economy .vas being mismanaged and overburdened to pay that bill. Persecuted by those in power, he and some friends took refuge at the PUC-Rio where they started feeding the opposition with numbers about the amount of the foreign debt and the growing gap between the rich and poor. It was during this time that Edrnar Bacha - the president of the BNDES (National Bank of Economic and Social Development) in the new administration - created the famous neologism "Belindia", to refer to Brazil, which, according to Bacha, is a little Belgium encircled by a huge India. "Economic policy is not made with surprises." (Malan, on December 1994, after being officially the new Finance Minister.) 路 "The Real Plan is not recessive. And now we want to prevent it from becoming expansionist." (Malan on Mayl994.) "Malan has the right cut for the post: he is diplomatic, faithful and agglutinative." (Fernando Henrique Cardoso'srecentcommentonPedro Malan.) "He is one of the best economists in the country. But it's neces-

sary to recognize that he was a leftist economist or at least center-left, and since has opted for another way ."(Paulo Nogueira Batista Jr., an old friend who belong to the PT- Workers' Party.) "My family is in ruins. Lately I have sold silverware, jewelry, fine chinaware, and decorative objects." (Catarina -not without a smile - on the low wages being earned by her husband Pedro Malan.) "We will not be called imbeciles anymore." (An anonymous businessman upon hearing thatMalanhad been confim1ed ~or the Finance Ministry. Ciro Gomes, the previous minister, had special nasty epithets for almost everybody.) 19

Tired of all the pressure and the The hurdles bickering, Malan traded Rio for New De-indexation - To end high inllation people and others dependent on Social York and accepted an invitation to for good, the country has to get rid of all the Securitv , are dr~· ing up. The sector spent work for the UN in 1983 . Two years indexes that have been anchonng the $S billion in I 'J88, $24.5 billiwt in 1994, economy. Indexes like IPCr (which con- and is e:-.;pected to leave a red hole of $2 later he was promoted to director of trols saiaries and rents) and lJFIR (which billion this year if nothing is done. the UN' s Department of International determines tax increases) are impeding the Changes here require alterations in the Economy and Social Mfairs. In 1986 fatal blow at the heart of the inllation Constitution. he would assume the executive didragon. Taxation - Domestic products arc The exchange - Exporters have been having a hard time competing with forrectory for Brazil at the World Bank. decrying the strength of the real. Expected eign merchandise since Brazil opened In 1991, at the invitation of then to have a value equivalent to the Amencan its doors to int..:mational competition. Finance Minister MarcHio Marques dollar. the Brazilian currencv has been More than 50 tariffs make the domestic Moreira, during impeached president 15% stronger than the greenback . On the product generally more expensive than Fernando Colior de Mello's adminisother hand, the real has been well accepted, it<> fon:ign counterparts. in part due to this strength. States- All the big states are deep in tration, Malan was trusted with the Privatization- Without the sale of state the red. State banks have lent more than negotiation of the foreign debt, the companies the Federal Government will $20 billion to their states. Onlv Sao same monster he fought during the not have monev for its ·95 budget. But Paulo owes $7 billion to Banespa ·(Bank PUC wars. mmw of these ·deals depend on conores- of the State of Sao Paulo). It's urgent e sional approval. Even though Malan has been that Sao Paulo, Rio, Minas and Rio Social Security - As in the US, the Grande do Sui find a more balanced wav tapped to a position just a few notches colTers for paymetit of benefits to retiring of living. below the president, his economic status has been deteriorating since August 1993 when he abandoned the post at the World Bank, with a house in Washington and a $10,000 monthly salary in exchange for the presidency 4221 Wilshire 81. #391 - Los Angeles, CA 90010 of the Brazil's Central Bank with a salary cut more than Fax (213) 525-1584 half, a house in Brasilia and the impossible mission of dealing with a monthly 40% inflation. RIO/SAO PAULO $629 It's very hard for a sucASUNCION $855 cessful man to accept the honor of being a minister in LIMA $629 Brazil these days. By law, his salary is limited to a little SANTIAGO $665 more than $3,000 a month, BUENOS AIRES $665 $1000 less than federal legislators receive. In compariECUADOR $715 son, presidents of the biggest · $298 (AT) NEW YORK private companies in Brazil make more than half a milLONDON $465 lion dollars a year, $300,000 PARIS $599 being in salaries and the rest in benefits, around 13 times MADRID $529 more than the Minister will LISBON $635 earn. Malan complained about PUERTO RICO $489 that to president Fernando Henrique Cardoso, who pro.. CERTAIN RESTRICTIONS APPLY! .. mised to address tbe quesRepresenting: VASP, VARIG, AMERICAN, tion. To accept the new post, he had also to leave his wife LADECO, LAN CHILE, LACSA, Catarina and two small chilAEROLINEAS ARGENTINAS, AERO PERU dren (Cecilia, 12, and Pedro. AND UNITED AIRLINES. who was born in September and barely sees his father) Valley Office (818) 785-8844 behind in Washington. CataOrange County (714) 520-4535 rina Gontijo Souza Lima, 43 , is journalist and she uses the San Diego (619) 685-4080 couple's house in the US for San Fro ncisco (415) 292-1930 the Creative School, where she teaches art to children.


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She will not join the husband until June. Malan was chosen to take care of the daily nitty-gritty of the economy. Cardoso wants to be in charge of the main decisions and reserves for himself the political power of the office. He doesn't want a mirror of himself. an enlightened prince made in his image commanding the finances . The new minister seems tailormade for the position. He knows about economics, doesn't like to talk to reporters, and when he gives interviews Malan can exasperate some journalists with his endless lucubra-

tion filled with well-thought syllogisms. He is famous for his capacity to mediate and organize. He is so cautious that he didn't want to launch the real (the new Brazilian currency) before Congress had made all the constitutional changes necessary to make the Real Plan work. "He only wanted the real in 1999," ironically commented a colleague on the team of economists in charge of the real's implementation. His attention to details can border on the obsessive. He only signs a docu-

ment after reading it thoroughly, understanding it wholly and asking help from his aides when necessary. Malan had a conservative upbringing and keeps a low profile far from parties and drinking. Music for him has to be classical. Besides technical books. he appreciates poetry, having a special liking for late poet Carlos Drummond de Andrade. He has spent his high school years at Santo Imlcio, a traditional Rio school directed by the Jesuits. Contrary to the vast majority of Brazilians, he doesn't like soccer. Fun for him is staying at home with no work to do . •


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Of women and angels Art runs in her bloodstream. After many years of success .showing her work in the US and around the world, painter Julinya Vidigal is embarking on a new phase in her career. An'd it has a strong dose of spirituality and the same recognized talent. LIANA ALAGEMOVITS

From her first steps in the -art world, Julinya Vidigal (she altered her name. which was Julinha, so Americans would have an easier time pronouncing it), a Brazilian with a soft and mellow voice, daughter of Belgium and Portuguese parents. has been portraying women in an enticing, expressive and creative way. The female individual in the artist's work is not an object but a character in full transmutation. Raised in Sao Paulo, with a Paulista heart, Julinya has devoted her life to art since her early youth. Her first drawings drafting her child life and depicting her family and friends immediately drew the attention of her parents, who ever since have given her total support. FolLowing her intuition and ~alling, Vidigal enrolled at Faculdade Annando Alvares Penteado. in Sao Paulo, where she got a diploma in fine arts.


Her talent would soon be spotted by a marketing and advertisement agency that offered her a job. The young artist used the chance to apply all her talent and creativity to activities sometimes far from artistic. "I believe that the artist's inspiration cannot be locked up." says the painter, whose mastery of illustration was vital to her incipient career in advertising. "I also believe that an artist should have the freedom to work in whatever field he or she desires. even if this means working in a job as commerCial as market路 ing. What we have to do is to unite the useful with the pleasurable." After 15 years of dedication to her first love, painting, Julinya confides that she is still in love and still eager to learn new secrets every day of this life-long companion. For her it was a thrill when she discovered about the aesthetic potential


of porcelain and clothing and started to use them as her canvas. She was on a constant high while learning new teclmiques to portray these materials. "It was a wonderful training," recalls the artist, "because I had to adapt myself to new materials. I used very thin brushes for a long time, which made my tracing more secure and precise." This Los Angeles resident for more than 20 years, who arrived to the West Coast by way of Chicago, Houston and Miami, today dedicates herself to oil painting on canvas. Now she is a respected artist in the US and lives from her art. She attributes her success to the opportunities offered to artists in the United States. "I believe the American market is always open to new talents," she says. "Americans buy plenty of works of art because the purchasing power here is big, but Brazilians, Italians and French have a stronger sensibility in relation to the artistic information contained in each work of art." And it's not the US only that has been exposed to her talent. She has shown her extremely colorful, sensual and lively paintings all over the world. In Italy she has had individual shows in the D'Arte La Spirale gallery in Florence and Candido Portinari in Rome. and has participated in Pescara in the International Exhibit of Contemporary Art. She has also shown her work in Cologne and Dusseldorf in Germany. in France and in Mozambique, besides having several exhibits in the US, including Florida and Califurnia. It's only natural that Brazilians have a soft spot for her. Some of her paintings are part of tlie permanent collection of Pinacoteca de Artes do Estado de Sao Paulo and Sao Paulo's Museum of Modern Art (MAM), one of the most important museums in Latin America. Luiz Seraphico, ex-president of MAM. compared Julinya to Pancetti and Guignard and wrote very effusively about her: "I was amazed by her control of such varied techniques and by her deep artistic comprehension. Such sensitivitv is required to comprehend. metabolize and create works so diverse with such clear results. I was touched by the simplicity of lines and shapes. simple but at the same time bold and of an audacity only attributable to genius.·· The quality. the sensibility. the exuberance of Julinya have been stressed time and again by the international press. Several Italian publications. including the respected La Nazione, talked about Vidigal's fine artistry. II Tirreno. 26

a Florence (Italy) newspaper wrote that she was one of the biggest artistic talents of our times. But Julinya 's favorite place to show her w~rk is Brazil where she had her first exhibit in 1990. To the 1993 Expo at Clube Harmonia, in Sao Paulo, Vidigal took a series of abstract drawings and watercolors portraying, the female soul and body. That all works were promptly sold is just further evidence of the painter's talent and popularit. Right now she has several of her works on exhibit at Galleria Affinita in the state of Parana. Her inspiration, Julinya confides with a touch of mystery. comes in dreams, fantasies and personal experiences. Says she, "My latest phase' is an example of the maturity I've been able to reach." And she explains: "The eagle-woman that appears in my works portrays the fragility and the beauty of the human being mixed with the strength and the freedom symbolized by the bird." Vidigal's women are strong and sensual. According to the artist. they represent the inside of women and the yearning forfreedom that exists in everv human being. ·"'The eagle is an animal that has always fascinated me and the woman is always inside of me. That's why these elements will continue in my work." said the painter. She also likes to talk about her mystical experiences. such as the contacts she has with her guardian angeL a spiritual friend. who. according to her. she met for the first time in February of 199~ while staying at the Salesian priests center in Pans. Since then the angel has been a constant companion. especially at times of reflection. Vidigal says that these experiences have deeply touched and transformed her and her painting. ··My woman is becoming a winged and angelic creature:· says the artist. who promises an exposition of her work for this year. • NEWS from BRAZIL- JANUARY 1995


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assim que o bondc chcguc - o navio fantasma fundcia nos ,·crdcs olhos. Niio d6i o calo no pc esqucrdo. ncm pesa o guarda-chuva no bra~o. a um flibustciro que bcbc rum em cr:lnio humano daria o Capitao Kidd dcsconto de J'X. para vcndas a vista? Dcsafia os vagalhocs na sua nau Catarincta. cis que um pirata lhc batcu no bra~o e o her6i saltou em terra. - Scu mo~o. para ondc vai esse bondc? - Porccm mil hoes de pcrccvcjos fcdorcntos! Bom rapaz. nao praguejou fcito um cxcomungado lobo-do-mar. c ocu a rota de sua fragata. Um mo~o -vintc anos. puxa!- com a idaoc do homcm de ncg6cios. o guarda-chuva c negra bandcira de tibias cruzadas. Ncsse bondc que ningucm nao \'iU elc quer fugir para 0 Ionge. abandonando a donzcla de eigarro na boca. tristc no cais . A scu !ado. o barbudo Zcquinha Perna-de-Pau c a pf11ida filha do Vice-Rei da llha das Tartarugas b6iam. naufragos como clc. atirados a praia pcla marc. 0 vclho de olhos azuis de contramestre. um pacotc de bananas no bra~o. sorri para elc. Na testa lateja uma cspinha. ate isso! Morte aos baroes cornudos! Dcsfralda no crepusculo o scu grito de guerra. Todo vclhotc c um canhilo de museu. scntc gana de afogar o Corsario Mao-dc-Gancho que nao o deixa se fazer ao mar. Corpo de ca,·alo-marinho. uma dama igual aquela. tristc no cais. sopra inquictos ventos nas vclas rotas de scu bcrgantim. Arrasta as corrcntcs da :lncora que enleia a partida: piedadc filial. temor a Deus. dcvo~iio a patria. Em v:lo vogava em marc de barataria. o bonde que chega abriu a gocla de baleia. ondc Jonas cspcrm a por ele com um barril de rum. A conscicnc1a de sua idadc !he d6i no calo do pc. na espinha da testa. nas vozcs de scrcias que cantam s6 para elc. A maruja i~a a bujarrona co ,-clho trope~a no estribo. dcrrubando o pacote. Scm orgulho ou dignidadc. o pirata rccolheu as bananas amassadas c subiu. perdido o ultimo banco da popa. 0 bondc JOga no mar grosso. dele nilo se pode \'Cr o ccu. 0 contramcstrc retira uma banana do pacote. c a scgunda vez gue ofcrcce. De pe. no cesto da gav.ea. grita o Capitilo - 'Terra!", os telhados de ltaca trcmulando ao Ionge. (From Desastres do Amor)

rHE BIKER Cun·ado no guidiio hi vai elc numa chi spa. Na , esquina da como sinal vcrmclho c niio sc perturba -lcvanta voo bcm na cara do guarda crucificado. No Jabirinto urbano pcrscgue a morte com o trim-trim da campainha: cntrega scm derreter son·.etc a domiciho. E sua lampada de Aladino a biciclcta c. ao sentar-sc no sclim. libcrta o gcnio acorrcntado ao pedaL lndcfcso homcm. fragil maquina. arrcmctc impavido colosso. desvia de fininho o postc c o caminhao: o ciclista por muito favor dermbou o bone. Atropela gentilmentc e. vcspa furiosa que mordc. ci-lo dcfunto ao pcrdcr o ferrao. Gucrrciros inimigos trituram com chio de pncus o scu diafano csquelcto. Se nao cstrcbucha ali mesmo. bate o p6 da roupa e - uma perna mais curta - foge por entre as nuvcns, a biciclcta no ombro. NEWS from BRAZIL -JANUARY 1995

Opoc o peito magro ao para-choquc do onibus. Salta a d'agua no asfalto. Num s6 corpo. touro c Ioureiro. golpcia tcrido o ar nos cornos do gmdiio. Ao fim do dia. Jose guarda no canto da casa o passaro de ,·iagcm. Enfrcnta o sono trim-trim a pe c. na primcira csquina. avan~a pclo ccu na contramilo. trim-trim. (From Desastres do Amor) po~a

APPEAL Amanhii faz um mcs que a Senhora est:i Ionge de casa. Primciros dias. para dizcr a vcrdadc. nao senti falta. bom chegar tarde. csquccido na convcrsa de csquina. Nao foi auscncia por uma scmana: o batom ainda no lcn~o. o prato na mesa por cngano. a imagcm de rclancc no cspclho. , Com os dias. Scnhora. o Ieite primcira ,·cz coalhou. A noticia de sua pcrda veio aos poucos: a pilha de jornais ali no chao ningucm os guardou dcbaixo oa cscada. Toda a casa era urn corrcdor ocscrto. c ate o canario ficou mudo. Para nilo dar parte de fraco. ah. Scnhora. fui bcbcr com os amigos. Uma hora da noitc clcs sc iam c cu fica,·a s6. scm o {>Crdao de sua presen~a a todas as afli~oes do dia. como a ultima luz na ,·aranda. E comecei a sentir falta das pcquenas brigas por causa do tcmpcro na salada - o mcu jcito de qucrcr bem. Acaso c saudadc. Scnhora? As suas nolctas. na jane Ia. niio lhcs poupci agua e clas murcham. Nao tcnho botao na camisa. cal~o a mcia furada . Que fim lcvou o saca-rolhas? Ncnhum de nos sa be. scm a Scnhora. convcrsar com os outros: bocas raivosas mastigando. Vcnha para casa. Scnhora. por favor. (From Os Desastres do Amor)

CiRAVE'YARD OF ELEPHAN rs Ha urn cemiterio de bebados na minha cidade. Nos fundos do mcrcado de peixe e a margem do rio crgue-se o velho ingazeiro- ali os bcbados sao felizes. A popula~ilo considcra-os animais sagrados. prO\·e as suas ncccssidades de cacha~a c peixc com pirao de farinha . No trivial contcntam-se com as sobras do mercado. Quando ronca a barriga. ao ponto de perturbar-lhcs a scsta. sacm do abrigo c. arrastando os pesados pes. atiram-sc a Iuta pela vida. Enterram-sc no manguc ate os joclhos na ca~a ao carangucjo ou. tromba vcrmclha no ar. cspiam a queda dos ingas maduros. Elcfantes mal feridos co~am as perebas. scm ncnhuma queixa. cscarrapachados sobre as raizes que scn·em de cama c cadcira. a beber e bclisc;Jr pcdacmho de pcixc. Cada um tcm o scu Iugar. gcntilmcntc avisam: - Nao usc a raiz do Pedro. - Foi cmbora. sabia nao ? - Aqui ha pouco ... - Scntiu que ia sc apagar c caiu fora. Eu gritci: Vai na freme. Pedro. dcixa a porta abcrta. A nor do lodo borbulha 0 manguc - OS passos de urn gigante perdido? Joao dispoe no brasciro o peixc embrulhado em foUta de banancira. - 0 Cai N'agua tiouxc as minhocas? -Sabia nao'T - Agora mesmo ele ... - Entregou a lata e dissc: Jonas. vai dar pcscadinha da 31

boa. Chcga de outras margcns um clcfante moribundo. , - Amigo. vcnha com a gcntc. Uma ra~~: no ingazciro. o rabo de pcixc. a cancca de pinga. No silcncio o bzzz dos pcrnilongos assinala o posto de cada um. assombrados com o misterio aa noitc - o faro! piscando no alto do morro. Distrai-sc um dclcs a cntcrrar o dcdo no tornozclo inchado c. puxando os pes de paquidcm1c. afasta-sc entre adcuscs em voz baixa - ninguem pcrturbc os dorminhocos. Esses. quando acordam. nao pcrguntam ondc foi o auscntc. E. sc indagasscm. com intcn~ao de lcvar-lhe margaridas do banhado. quem saberia responder'? A voce o caminho sc revcla na hora da mortc. A vira~ao da tarde assanha as ,·arcjciras gmdadas nos scus pes disformcs. as folhas do mgazciro rcluzcm como lambaris pratcados ao ceo da qucda dos fmtos os bcbados crgucm-sc com dificuldadc cos disputam rolando no p6. 0 ,·cnccdor dcscasca o inga e chupa de olho guloso a fa,·a adocicada. Jamais corrcu sangue no ccmiterio- a faquinha na cinta e para descamar peixc. E. aos brigoes. incapazes de se movcrem. basta-lhcs xingarcm-se a dist:lncia. Elcs que suportam o dclirio. a peste. o fcl na lingua. o morma~o. as c:limbras de sanguc. berram de odio obtuso contra os pardais que se aninham entre as folhas e. antes de dormir. lhes cospcm na cabc~a o sen pipiar irrcquicto cnvcncna a modorra. Da margcm contcmplam os pcscadorcs afundando os rcmos. - U m peixinho ai. compadre? 0 pcscador atira o pcixe dcsprczado no fundo da canoa. - Por que ,·occ bcbc. Papa-lsca'' - Maldi~ao de mac. uai. - 0 Chico nao qucr pcixc'1 - Tadinho! a barriga d"agua. Com a prcssa que pcrmitcm os pes tumcfatos. aparta-sc dos companhciros cochilando a margcm. csquccidos de cnfiar a minhoca no anzol. Cuspindo na agua 0 caro~o prcto do inga. OS outros nao o intcrrogam: as prcsas de marfim que indicam o caminho sao prrafas vazias. Chico pcrdc-sc no ccmiterio sagrado. as carca~as de pes grotcscos surgindo ao luar. (From Cemiterio de Elej(mtes)


SP!fiN(I Joao saiu do hospital para morrcr em casa c gritou trcs mcscs antes de morrcr. Para nao gastar. a mulher ncm uma vez chamou o medico. Niio Ihe dcu injc~ao de morfina. a rcccita azul na gavcta. Elc sonhava com a primavera para sarar do rcumatismo. nos dcdos amarelos contava os dias. - Niio fosse a umidadc do ar. .. - gcmia para o irmao nas compridas horas da noitc. Ja niio tinha posi~ao na cama: as costas uma ferida s6. Paralisado da cintura para baixo, obrava-se scm querer. A filha tapava nariz com ·32

dois dedos c fugia para o quintal: · - Ai. que fcdor .. Mcu Deus. que nojol Com a dcsculpa que nao podiam vc-lo sofrcr. mulhcr c filha mal cntravam no quarto. 0 irmao Pedro e que o assistia. aliviando as dorcs com analgesico. aplicando a sonda. trocando o pijama cos lcn~6is. Afofava o tra,·cssciro. suspcnoia o corpinho tao lc,·e. sentava-o na cama: - Assim cst<l mclhor'.1 Chorando no sorriso. a voz trcmula como urn ramo de ondc o passaro dcsfcriu n)o: - Agora a dor se mudou ... Vigia\ a aflito a jancla: - Quantos dias faltam'' Com o sol cu fico born. Pclc c osso. pcsc()cinho fino. olho qucimando de fcbre Ia no fundo. Na cvoca~ao do filho morto. havia trinta anos: - Muito cngra~ado. o camaradinha - c batia fracamcntc na testa com a mao fcchada . Com um aninho fazia contincncia. Ate hojc n:lo me conformo. A saudade do camaradinha acorda,·a-lhc duas grandes lagrimas. No espelho da pcntcadcira surprcendia o ,·ulto csquivo da filha . - Essa me nina nunca me dcuum copo dagua. Quando o irm;lo sc lcvantava: - Fiquc mais um pouco. Ali da porta a sua querida Maria: - U m cgoista. Nao dcixa os outros dcscansar. Ao parcnte que sugeriu uma inje~;io para os gritos: - Nao sabe que tern aquela doenp? Dcsenganado trcs vczcs. Nada que fazcr. Na auscncia do cunhado. esqucciam-no Ia no quarto. mulhcr e filha muito distraidas. Horas depois. quando a dona abria a porta. com o dcdo no nari;:: - E que cu me apurci -etc se dcsculpava. envcrgonhado. - Docnte niio mcrccc vivcr. A filha. essa. de Ionge scmpre sc abanando: - Ai. como fcdc! Tcrcciro mcs o irmao passou a dormir no quarto. A;:, lavar-lhc a dentadura. boquinha murcha. o rctrato da mac dcfunta? Ncm podia sorvcr o cafe. - S6 de ruim e que nao engole- rcsmunga,·a a mulhcr. Negou-lhe a morfina ate o ultimo dia: elc morre. a familia fica. Tingiu de prcto o vcstido mais velho. o entcrro scria de tcrccira. Ao pe da janela. uma corruira trinava alcgrinha na boca do dia c na do~ura do canto. clc cochilava mcia bora bcm pcqucna. Batia a ctcrna contincncia. balbuciava no dclirio: - Com quem cu briguci? - Me contc. mcu vclho. - Com Deus - e agitou a maozinha dcscarnada. - Tanto nao dcvia judiar de mim. Fechando os oll10s. scntiu a folha que bulia na laranjcira. ope furtivo do cachorro na cal~ada. o pingo da torneira no zinco da cozinha - e o alarido no pcito de rua barulhcnta as scis da tarde. Sea mulher costurava na sala. elc ouvia os furos da agulha no pano. - Muito acabadmho. o pobr~? -Ia fora uma vizinha indagava da outra. Na ultima noitc cochichou ao irmao : - Dcpois que cu ... Nao deixc que cia me beije! Ainda uma vcz a contincncia do camaradinha. olho branco em busca da luz perdida. c o innao enxugava-lhc na testa o suor da agonia. Mais tarde a mulher abriu ajancla para arejar o quarto. - Eis o sol. meti ,·clho - c o irmao batcu as palpebras. ofuscado. Era o primeiro dia de primavcra. (From 0 Rei da Terra) NEWS from BRAZIL- JANUARY 1995








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Like composers Michel L~grand and Lalo Schifrin, who decided to move to the US, Tom Jobim could also have left Brazil to become a millionaire in America. He was tempted to do so more than once. But in the end his Brazilian heart won. He couldn't stand the pain of the distance from his familiar scenery: the beach, the girls, the idle chat at the bar table at the end the day. When he came at the end of November to New York, it was supposed to be a short visit, with plenty oftime left to go back to enjoy Rio's summer. Jobim's visit ended up being his last. And Brazil's summer has become less sunny with his departure.



The last ride of Antonio Carlos Brasileiro de Almeida Jobim, better known to the world as Tom Jobim, through the streets of Rio was a triumphal one. A fire trucK carried his coffin covered with ·the Brazilian flag from the Intemational Airpott> of Galeao, where his body had arrived from New York aUO:l5 AM, through the streets of the city he loved so much. It was a four-hour parade in which Cariocas (Rio residents) came to the streets to pay their last respects_ to Rio's most revered ambassador. Some just stayed in reverent silence, others exploded into spontaneous renditions ofhis most memorable songs. Mostcoulqn•t contain their emotion. Many were dressed withTshirts from Escola de Samba. Man~ueira and .the Fluminense·soccet club, two of Toms passions. <· It was an end-of-spring sunny Friday (the sun was timid at first) like the ones he 'llad celebrated in so many oflus songs. When the truck passed in front of Churrascaria Plataforma. one ofTom's favorite spots to hang around, all of the waiters and clients were outside to wave their last good-bye. Almost everyone started to cry. Hundreds of mourners were waiting for him when he arrived at J~rdim Botiinico, a pie~e of jungle inside the heart of Rio. a place where Jobtm loved to go for long walks. "Evel'l'body diesJmtTomJobim couldn't do that to us," satd :actress 1 onia Carrero, one of a battalion offriends who went to the Jardim Botanico two-story house in which Tom had lived for the last ten vears with his wife Ana Beatriz Lontra1 his son Joao Francisco, 15, and his youngest chila, sevenyear-old Maria Luisa. January 25. he would have been o&.

At the end of the day, his body was brought to Sao ' 36


Joao Batista cemetery in Botafogo facing the Corcovado another feature he praisea in his songs, and placed' close to some bossa nova friends like Vinicius de Moraes, Nara Leao and Ronalda Boscoli, and some other great names of the Brazilian Musict including Carmen Miranda Francisco Alves ana Vicente Celestino. When his body was placed in the tomb, black and white balloons, symbolizing a piano's keyboard, were released in the air. The next day, hundreds of fans went to the cemetery· for their good-bye. His tomb was covered with flowers. Toppin$ the flowers there was a Brazilian flag that a patnotic fan had carefully placed. Among the messages from all over the world there was a flower arrangement sent by Frank Sinatra. It was the last page of a 27 -year friendship. Thanks to the 1967 album F1•ancis Albert Sinatra & Antonio Ca,.los Joblm. Tom had his prestige consolidated. In the most recent Sinatra release Duets II, Jobim is again there singing with 01' Blue Eves "Fly Me to the Moon." In the first informal meeting president Bill Clinton had in Miami with Braz1han president Fernando Henrique Cardoso. before his tnauguration, Tom Jobim was the main subject. Clinton confided that he loves to play Jobim on his SILX and that Jobim's death had touched him a lot. If the whole world lamented the death of the maestro. Rio felt the pain of losing a close relative, someone like a father, a brother. a son. It seemed like every Carioca bad a story to tell about Jobim. Rio's go~ernor Nilo Batista decreed a three-day mourning penod. On Friday night, many of the more bohemian bars of Rio had httle movement and the talk among those who decided to show up was Jobim's death. The old night spots of the composer were empty: Plataforma restaurant and Cobal bar in Leblon. as well as the restaurant Garota de Ipanema in lpanema. Plataforma's owner. Alberico Campana, was in a state of shock. ''I'd rather have lost the Plataforma than Tom. The Plataforma is onlv my way of eating. Tom was much more than that."'He 1s considering a suggestion to place a bronze plate at the table Tom used to sit, the same wav Hemmgway was paid homage bv the Floridita: the Havana tiar he used to frequent.More than one waiter who knew about the drinking habits of Torn agreed that he loved to drink but nof the ~int of becoming a nuisance. Arlindo Costa de Faria, 54, who for31 year has worked at Garota the Ipanema since the bar was called Veloso. He rememoers that the composer was a heavy drinker between 1966 and 1970. ''He loved to drink chope (draft beer)," revealed Faria ...He would drink at least 10 glasses ofbeer every day. But. when he was high. he would leave graciously: take his car and come back the next day to pay his biiJ." On Saturda)' morning, workers were busy changing the street s1gns on the two-way avenue bordering lpanema beach. The plates were made swiftly on Friday night. By a decree of Rio's mavor CesarMaia, the Vieira Souto now is called Avenida Torn Jobim, a street that crosses, among others, Rua Vinicius de Moraes, Jobim's main mustcal partner and the author of The Girl from lpanema's lyrics. Not everybodx was happy with the change and there was a threat of challengmg the change in court. Even some friends of the composer recalled that he would never have liked to be a street name. Musician Ricardo Cravo Albim. Tom's close friend. was reminded of a conversation he had with Jobim. over a beer, right after the death of Vinicius de Moracs. "Tom was complaining. Look what they have done with Vinicius. He has become a street. Now the cars roll over him and the dogs come and pee over him." The same Saturday, just a few blocks from the comer of Jobirn and Vinicius, the bar Arataca was busy the whole day. Tom used to go there practically NEWS from BRAZIL- JANUARY 1995

Girl from lpanema Look what a IO\·cly tlung All full of grace It"s she. girl. who comes and passes In a S\\CCt swing. \\ay to the sea Young girl of golden body From lpanema·s sun Your swinging is more than a poem It"s the prettiest tlung J'yc C\Cr seen passing b~ Ah! Why am I so alone"' Ah! Why all is so sad".' Ah! The beauty that exists The beauty that" s not only 1111 nc That passes all alone too Ah! If she kne\\ That when she passes b\ The whole world Gets filled with grace And becomes prettier Because of IO\ c

Snapshot I. you. the ''' o of us Here on this seashore balcony The sun is already fall1ng And your e\e Seems to follow the ocean color You haYe to go awa~ The afternoon falls In colors it fades. it is dark The sun fell 111 the sea And that light below there Was lit You and I And there's always a song To tell That old sto~ Of a desire That all songs Ha\e to tell


every Saturday and the friends had come maybe in the hope that he would still be there, that the burial the day before had been only a very bad dream. They came and sat at Jobim's table. There they were, actor Jose Lewgoy and Antonio Pedro, cartoonist Chico Caruso, poet Abel Silva. When Jobim 's good friend writer Joao Ubaldo Ribeiro arrived, evervbody started singing Chega ae sauaade. a tune tliat has become a symbol ofbossa nova. And then nobody could contain their tears. Joao Ubaldo reminisced, "The things he said would touch his friends and then become national folklore, as when he said that the only way out for Brazil was the Galeao (Rio's international airport). Tom was one of the few great minds of Brazil, which now becomes much dumber without him. Ligia Maria Moraes, one of the many women who served as muse for the composer, talked about having repeatedly. listened toLJgia, the song wntten for her. "The mood here is festive\" commented she. "He won dn't like to see us sad." At Garota de Ipanema bar, where Tom composed the song of same name, only habitues were able to get a table. The owners said they had symbolically reserved the restaurant for Jobim and his friends. The soccer team of singer-composer Chico Buarque ae Holianda went to the Flamengo stadium with the players wearing black bands on their uniforms. The game was organized to collect food for the Action of the Citizenry Against Miserv and for Life. To get in people had to give four pounds of non periShable food. Singers Caetano Veloso and Gilberta Gil, who were presenting a show in Sao Paulo, started to sing "Sem Voce·• ("Without You") for three times, but they were never able to finish the song, interrupted by their own tears. Gal Costa and Maria Bethania also cned a lot. Bethania canceled her Thursday show at Rio's Canecao where she has had sold-out houses every night. Teacher Fabfola Araujo de Bittencourt, 82, was the one who taught the ABC to Tom She remembers him as a restless seven-year-old leading the pranks in the class, contmuously tapping on his desk and throwinl?, papers at h1s colleagues. The onlv way to control Tom was to place him on the first row." Bittencourt said she was always pestering Torn. who was left-handed, to write 4


Tom talks '"Every woman I don't have is a song. that I make." "I've dedicated my life to Brazilian music. because ~·ou already have French to write French music and American to write American music." "In Brazil cwrything is imported I. you, the language. the Indians, the sugar cane and the coffee." "The more mv music is Branhan the more thev call me Americanized ... "Without any influence \\e would still he playing Indian music ... "The praise comes from the people. the roguery from the intelligentsia." "In Brazil a song with one, two or ten years is old. Is, by any chance, a I 0 year. . ~>ld child old' 1" . ''I've nc\·er seen a more corrupt, more bureaucratic country than ours ... "I'm not the one who badmouths Bran I Brazil badmouths Brazil." "We have this misery mania. Brazil cannot sec anything that works. Brazil loves Garrincha (a gifted soccer player). hut it needs to learn to love Pclc. lie was a success and Ciarrincha died as an indigent." ·'If I wanted to live far from Rio. I \\nuld move to Silo Paulo. II ere's a citv that has piano in studio and talks the same language ... 'Tm already at that age to watch the girls from afar. The had part is the older you get the prettier the girls become.·· "I have no time to hate rock that's older than hossa no\·a.·· "Brazil docsn 't end there in Ceara. It goes up to Alaska. up to Texas. it· s infmite" "My life is extraordinarily monotonous. 1 don ·t cwn have the purple robe that impnwcs the biography of so many composers. "I don't know if I want to he immortal. My wife doesn't want me to die. I, mvsclf, I'm not in a rush'' "Death in a plane that exploded in the air would be very comfortable. There arc no pictures, no wake, no boring stuff··

with his right hand. "Today this would be considered wrong, Anyway, as soon as I turned aroulld he would go back to writing with the left That was an augury of the great pia· nist he would become," said the teacher. She had a chance to meet her famous former student in 1977_; through a meeting arrangea by a magazine. On that occasion. Jobim gave her an LP with the dedication, ,.Nothing like wings, sky:'s ocean. For Mrs. Faoiola who taught me to read and to write, with love from Antonio Carlos." The secret disease - Jobim didn't reveal the fact that he had a bladder cancer to anybody beside his close family circle. In the beginning of November he had come to the same Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York where he ended up dying, at 7 PM, on December 8, a Thursday. (On the same day of another chilly New York, 14 years ago, Johlt Lennon was assassinated.) The composer owned a two-bedroom apartment close to the New York Metropolitan Museum, but stayed there very little due to the cold and P.Ollution that made his ch1ldren cough constantly. OnretumingtoBrazil, Tom said that he had undergone an angioplasty ("They placed a little balloon inside me," he joked with the reporters)1a procedure to clean the artenes us· ing a probe with a little balloon in tts extremity. The balloon is inflated and squeezes all the accumulated cbolesterol and other dangerous substances against the veins' walls. The composer wasn't lying. During a routine check up for the cancer operation, the doctors had detected his coronarv problems and had decided for •the a n~oplastv. The problem wasn t a suiJ>rise for Tom or his doctor, who for years had been insisting that Tom eat a more healthful diet. It's true that he had abandoned his 4 pack-a-day cigarette habit, but he had adopted ci$ars instead. As for eatin_g, Job 1m was a bon gourmet. He never cut back enough on his fatty food, beer and whiskey. Lately he had been trying to survive on wine alone, but he had to have a whisKy at least once a dav. Circulatory problems were nothing new to Tom. He had suffered from atherosclerosis at least for two decades. He went back to New York the last week ofNovemberwith the intention of cleaning_ the area around the cut tumor. Once again, he went through an NEWS from BRAZIL- JANUARY 1995

Corcovado l Jm cantinho. um \·ioliio Esse amor. uma cano;iio Pra faz.:r feliz a quem s.: ama Muita calma pra p.:nsar E kr tempo pra sonhar Da janda vc-s.: o Corcovado R.:Jcntor Que Iindo' Qucro a vid<t s.:mpr.: <tssim Com V<H:C pcrto de mim 1\t\: o apagar da vclha chama E .:u que era tnstc lkscr.:nk Jesse mundo /\o .:ncontrar voce Eu conh.:ci n que .:: fdicidadc Mcu amor

Aguas de Mar~o f: f:

pau, .:: p.:Jra o fim do caminho f: o rcsto de loco (: um pouco sozinho E um caco de ndro f·: a vida, .:: o sol !': a twit.:, .:: a mort.: f.: o la<;o. c o anzol f·: o \·cnto vcntando f.: o fim da ladcira E a viga, e 0 \'itO Festa J<t cumccira E a chuva chovcndo t a convcrsa rihcira Das {tguas de maro,:o E o fim Ja canscira

Wave You tc contar Os olhos ja niio podcm vcr Cotsas que so o corao;iio !'ode .:nt.:ndcr Fu:tdam.:ntal c mcsmo o amor f: inipossivcl so.:r ldit sozinho Agora o.:u ja sci Da onda que sc crguo.: no mar E Jas cstrdas Que csquo.:ccmos do.: contar 0 amor so.: do.:i'\a surprccnder Enquanto a twitc \'em nos cnvolvcr

Triste Trisic c vivcr na solidiio Na dor crud do.: uma pai'\ao Tristc c saho.:r Que ningu\:m pod..: vivcr de ilusiio Que nunca vai s..:r Nunca vai dar 0 sonl~ador tem que acordar Tua bclcza e um aviiio Do.:mais pnun pobre cora'riio Que para pra tc vcr passar So pra m..: maltratar Tristc c viv..:r na solidiio


angioplastr before the surgery. The family knew the nsks of the operation and decided to take its chances. Tlie operation was apparently a success, but some hours after it he started having a hard time breathing and died with a blood clot in his lung. Tile day following his death, G/obo, Rio's biggest newspaper had as its main headline "Tom mar, be victim of medical error". "Not at all,' said his son Paulo Jobim, 44 who bad traveled to New York together with Jobim' s wife. "We totally dismiss the possibility of a medical mistaKe. We knew his heart mght not be able to take it, but the o~ration had to be done immediately. We couldn't wait:' David Grossberg. Jooim's American lawyer1 says that tJie doctors will have to ex• plam why "the cycle of recovery inverted," provoking his death. Tom's insurance company as well Mount Sinai hospital are doing some investigation of their own to find out what really lia~pened. Apparently Tom didn't trust his doctors. At tlie beginning of 1993, Tom was told about a bladder polyp by a Rio urologist, who recommended that it be taken out immediately through a non-surgical procedure before it became cancerous. Jobim said then that he believed in spiritual medicine and would trv it. With an ultrassonography in hand, he \vent back to the doctor some time later. It was sup~osed to be the proof that he had been cured. When the urologist insisted that the exam wasn't clear enough. Jobim ended the discussion saying , "You. doctors, you're all materialist.'' He used to frequent the Lar de FreiLuis, a kiudecist spiritist center in Jacarepagmi, Rio de Janeiro. In a November consultation with master Gilberto, who says that he incorporates the spirit of a German doctor called Frederick von Stein, Jobim talked about his cancer. In the second visit he underwent "sf?iritualtreatment", prayed, and listened to sptritist te. ·ts. According to doct-or Luiz Augusto Queiroz, the director of the Center. doctor Frederick's s~irit bad recommended that Tom postpone liis operation in New York. Since he wasn't getting better with the spiritual treatment, however, Jobin1., after consulting his familv, decided to go back to the Mount Sinai hospital. Antonio Brasileiro- "How time passes! There's nothing that passes like time. We call this pastime." Jobtm said this at the end of November during a conversation with Veja's reporter Geraldo Mayrink. He was liJ.<e that. Witty, enigmatic. sometimes sarcastic. He had to endure lots of criticism before almost becoming a national icon. Almost, because when hts latest record was released a few weeks ago, some critics went nit-picking through the songs and writing that the majority of the 15 cuts were not original. Even before the release of Antonio Brasileiro. Tom had already created "some 400" original songs. Even though he was still a child when he moved to I pane rna, Jobim was born in Tijuca, a neighborhood in the North Zone of Rio. He was already a teenager when he started practicing on the piano his stepfather for his sister Helena. Job1m has lamented that he started this instrument so late, "I was already 13. If r had started earlier I would be a much better musician". He went to study with Hans-Joachim Koellreuther. a German piano teacher who had fled Nazi Germany and ended up influ-

Corcovado A littk corner, a guitar This love, a song To mako.: happy tho.: one \\I! lovo.: l'lo.:nt\ of calm to think /\nd to htl\'c time to dro.:am From the \\ indow you see the Corcovado R.:Jeo.:m.:r II ow pro.:tl\'' I want hfc always liko.: this W1th 'ou ~lose to me Until tho.: o.:nJ ;lf tho.: old llame And I \\ ho \\as sad Distrustful of this \\orld In mo.:..:ting You rvo.: known \\hat is happino.:ss Mv lovo.:

Waters of March It's stick, it's ston..: It's the end of the road It's the rest of tho.: stump It's a httlc alone It's lif..:, it's still It's night, it's d..:ath It's tho.: nooso.:, it's th..: hook It's th..: \\ind hhming It's th..: o.:nd of the slopo.: It's the beam. it's tho.: gap Hous..: "arming party It's the rain raining It's th..: talk on tit..: shoro.:s Of tho.: March waters It's the end of tho.: toil



Gonna tell you llte eYes can so.:c no nioro.: Things. that th..: ho.:art alono.: Can understand Fundamental ro.:alh· is lovo.: It's impossible to h..: happY alonc Now I do know the wavo.: that roso.: in tho.: so.:a And of the stars W c forgot to count Love Jets itself he surpnso.:d While tit..: night como.:s to ill\'0)\'0.: us

Sad It's sad to hvc in londiness In passion's crud pain It's sad to kno\\ 'Iltat no one can live on illusion That it willncvo.:r h..: Never will work The dreamer has to wake up · Your bcauty is a plano.: Too much for a poor ho.:art lltat stops to s..:c you passing h~ Onlv to mak..: m..: hurt It's sad Is to live all alono.:


encing awhole generation of avant- cholv tune that traveled the world. It was in 1958 thatJoao Gilberta, his guitar and his voice would garde musicians m.Brazil. S<lon Jobim would discover the enter the scene and oossa nova would get its work of Brazilian composer Heitor definite shape. But the new sound was farfrom . VIlla-Lobos, who wrote some classic the unanimous success itis today. Journalist and pieces like "Bachianas Brasileiras". critic Jose Ramos Tinhorlio pontificated, "Daugh· In love with Teresa Hermanny, think- ter of secret adventures of apartment with the American music - which is ingabout manxing her, unequivocally her mother ana ~onvinced by. his bossa nova, with regard to mother that he couldn't Samba do aviao paternity, lives until now the StUYive as a musician, drama of so many CopacaJobim, started to study bana ~hildren, the neighborarchitectun~. but never Minha alma canta hood where it was born: she wentbackf6ra second Vcjo o Rio de Janeiro doesn't know who her father yeaf in college. Estou morrendo de saudade is/' He had oP.ted for Rio. tcu mar. praia scm fim Some Brazilians never the bohemian life and forgave Jobim for being so Rio. voce foi feito pra mim the.• just-s.urviving Jife extraordinarily successfuL style of a cabaret Cristo Redentor. He has been described as singer. To help ends Bra9os abertos someone who sold his soul to meet~ he used what Sobrc a Guanabara the United States. Hehasbeen theorx he had learned lambasted, on the other nand, to make arrangemenis Estc samba c so porquc by those who saw his music · for big names·· of' the Rio. eu gosto de voce as too touristy or not socially moment like Vicente responsible enough, He has Celestino+. Dalva de Oliveira. nlisete CarAirplane Samba been criticized tor singing about the beauties of women ~;t0h!~6ri,~ ~~ ~~~! and nature, for talking so My soul sings much about love when he li.e'really enjoyed. And should be enga_ged in serious I sec Rio de Janeiro • then he would play and more national themes. everything, incluaing I'm dying with longing had an answer for all of ·Tom lots of tangos and bo· Rio. your sea. endless beach these people when he said,. leros. Nobody wanted me Rio. you were made for "The Brazilian is the worst to record his first com· Christ. the Redeemer. enemy of himself." He could also oe humble and.say, "As rv~~~~~r:~fJ:I~~ Open arms all Brazilians ofmy generacidesFernandes, some~ Over Guanabara tion I was raised one as unknown as This samba is only because to talk bad about himself, who also hapRio. I like you me and good ~ ra~7f J~ tt:o!u:~ about the others. That's why I've who used to wash his always maaemuclothes. And today no· body seems to have- not eve.n Tom siquinhas (little songs). When I . ·-:-· the 7& rpms with his two first re- drank, I used to take a chopinhodraf.t. and a uisquinho (E~Ii~;l~o·~~~g~;d~n:ffnc~rl~~; (little (little whiskey). Everything in the ("·U. nee. rtam~''), whose lyrics were diminutive." Just recently Jobim bas donated wp.tten by . ewton Mendon~a. With all of his American royalties to the Mendon~a e would compose many other pieces including" Samba de uma fight against AIDS. In the past he Nota So" ("One Note Samba") and had a similar gesture, donating "Desafinado" ("Out of Tune''). Tom money for the American Indian wasn't the greatest pianist or an im- cause. An Indian chief came to him p.ressive vocatist, but as a composer he and said, "You Indian." Tom was would become the most celebrated touched. A Brazilian journalist wrote: "Tom Jobim now plays for Brazilian musician of his time. Until1956, Tom was onlv known fre~ to the gringos." Tom became to a select circle of friends imd con· funous. noisseurs. That's when he met Vinicius Jobim's consecration through deMoraes, or better, Vinicius remem· capital of the wotld New York came bered him from a performance at the on November 26 1962. with a show Clube da Chave rughtclub and went at Carnegie HalL Despite the rain. looking for him to compose the songs the presentation was a sellout,. with for Orteu da Concei~ao, a play lie 3,0()0 inside the theater and 1,000 wanted to stage. That was the begin- others trving to get in. The show is ning of bossa nova. Thex wrote to- considered fegenoary nowadays but gether"Chegade Saudade ("No More seemed at the time more like a disasBlues" in tlle American version), "Se ter with little organization and sound Todos Fossem. Ig:uais a Voce" ("If in bad shape. n was enough, howEveryone Were Like You') and '·Eu e ever, .for many of the participants were invited o Amor" ("Me and Love"). sign contracts with The play would become in 1957 American recording companies. the classic French movie Black Sinatra, for example, fell so much in Orpheus with more original music, love with Jobim 's work that he already with the bossa-nova beat, a tracked down the composer at the his · music simple but sophisticated, charm- favorite spot, the Veioso bar in ing and soft. The most famous one was Ipanema. to invite him for a musical "Itelicidade" ("Happiness") a melan- p~artnersrup.

Commenting on cultural importance ofJooim forBmzil, newsweekly magazine ; Veja wrote: "Tom Jobitn. transcends the language in ' which he is inscribed. He is . the great Brazilian artist. He • is the Borges, the Picasso, the Beethoven of ourshores. , Our supreme revenge •. In ; popular music, Spain, Ar- · gentina..., Germ'!-ny didn't . fiave a 10m Jobtm." ' ·rn the last few years the composer had talked of his " worry about conserving his , work for pOsteritY the way • he imagined it. He even \ semi-joKingly said that he ~ and liis son Paulinho "who J knows how the music has to • be played" should travel al- . ways m separate planes. Tire l Tom Jobim Songbook had ~ itsfirsteditionin 1990.Tom ' himselfcarefully supervised , the second editton, released ·. in May 1994, and containing 124 of his most famous songs. Producer A.lmir Che· dial<, the man behind the Songbook. . remembers, "Wilen he finished the work · revising the last song, "Sem Voce," which as made in · partnership with Vinic ius de Moraes, he commented: 'now I can die in peace'."'





Haven't you caught yourself asking, 'Why can't I get some decent radio program in Portuguese?' The solution to this question might be easier than you think. You might find how fun it is

DIGGING [J('ING among others. For Ute audacious dxer, the domestic service is the specialty. And he can spend hours trying to Jgg small, rare, and difficult stations wiUt Ute ultimate purpose of receiving a confmuation from Utem.

ARSENIO FORNARO Maybe you are one of these people who tossed aside a short-wave receiver because you thought it was good only to ttme in to strong foreign short-wave broadcasters in a variety of strange and exotic tongues. I'll bet that wasn't a very smart move. Probably it wasn't the fault of the receiver but the lack of information on your part. If you are interested in listening to some Portuguese music and talk from Brazil and otl\er regions of the world you should start thinking of dusting that old radio and putting it to a good use. Call# How about doing some dx'ing? 'Dx'ing?', you might ask. What's dx'ing? It can be described as the short wave ZYF279 radio listening of distant and sometimes unknown broadZYG-t~o casts. D here stands for distant and x, as m mathematics, for ZYF276 an unknown number, the incognito. It can come to you as a 7YFR 10 surprise, but short-wave radio is still serving millions of /YPJ0-1 listeners throughout he world, sometimes being the only 7.YG7'JO source of information for people Jiving in remote regions 7.YGX 10 like the Amazon, the Sahara Desert, or Central Africa. /.Y( i ~<•2 There are two main types of short-wave broadcasters I.YJ·NJ3 intended for public use: the domestic and the intemational I.YJ h9 I service. Brazil alone has about I 50 domestic broadcasters ZYUJ61 in the short-wave spectrum. Very few people know, for ZYF275 exantple, that Radiobras, the conummication arm of the ZYG595 Brazilian govemment, has intemational radio programs ZYGR53 similar to those developed by Voice of America or BBC. ZYG360 Titese are programs of one hour and twenty minutes each 7.YE52J which are beamed seven days a week from Brasilia, the ZYER91 capital of Brazil. They contain a well balanced mix of ZYE852 Brazilian news and music and are broadcast in English, ZYE521 Spanish, Gennan, and, naturally, Portuguese and their ZYER51 targets are North America, the south cone of South America, /.YE725 Africa and Europe. ZYE442 From my house in Brooklyn, New York, I personally /.YE956 can tmte in the domestic service of Radio Nacional da ZYE3(•5 Amazonia and the domestic service of Radiobras from 7.YE957 about 30 minutes before dusk to about 30 minutes afier ZYE971 dawn daily. It allows me to keep fairly up to date with the 7YE768 news thanks to programs like ·'A Voz do Brasil" ("Tite /.YE365 Voice of Brazil"), "Esporte Total," "Jomal Nacional,'' ZYEX50 soccer games and music. 7.YE958 Titanks to Utese services, I was able to keep abreast of ZYE725 developments during fonner president Coli or de Mello's ZYE955 impeachment process, as well as Ute endless congressional l.YE%1 hearings a. d the recent presidential elections. I am also ofien able to listen to Radio Bandeirantes from Sao Paulo, and Radio Gaitcha trom Rio Grande do Sui, NEWS from BRAZIL - JANUARY 1995

FROM BRAZIL (Partial Jist of domc.:stic sc.:n·icc.: on short \\avc.:s)


Name.: (Radio)




5 5

Vale.: Rio Madc.:ira I.Jbc.:ral Nacwnal l>lli1sora Mar Fducao,:<lo Rural Cuan Supc.:r Roranna Cluhc.: do Para i\nhanguc.:ra 1\nhangu..:ra Maraioara 1\Jvorada Pion..: ira /\pare.:.: ida Cultura ltatia1a (iuamja Gauiha lncontidC:n.:ia

Frc.:q. ~.l.25

4755 4755 -17X5 -IX75 4XX5 4905 4915 4955 4%5 5015 5035 5045 5970 5980 6000 6010 6020 60-10 (1080 6090 (d RO 9645 9675 9705 11780 11915 11925 I l9.l.5 15415 17815


10 to 10 5 I Ill 10 5 I 10 10 10 10 10 25 100 7.5 5 10 500 7.5 10 7.5 500 too 10 7.5 I 7.5


I hunait{t. i\M lkkm. Pi\ S;lo (iahrid. i\M S;lo Mi\ Campo <irandc.:. MS Porto Vdho. RO Boa V1sla. RR lkklll. I'J\ i\ra~uaina. TO (ioi~mia. (iO l!c.:km. I'i\ l'arintms. i\M Tc.:rc.:sma. PI 1\parc.:cJda. Sl' lkkm. l'i\ lkln llonmnlc.:. M<i Florian(lpolis. SC Porto 1\lc.:grc.:. RS lklo llori;onlc.:. M<i (iai~eha Porto 1\lc.:grc.:. RS ('luhc.: Paran. Curittva. PR (ioiiinia. <i< > 1\nhanguc.:ra Sao Paulo. Sl' Bandc.:irantc.:s Nat:ional da Am. Brasilis. DF Silo Paulo. Sl' Bandc.:irantc.:s Cachoc.:mt l'aulista. SP Ca111;ilo Nova Rw de.: Janc.:iro. RJ Na.:ional Nacional da Am. Brasilia. DF Porto 1\lc.:grc.:. RS Gait.:ha Sao Paulo, Sl' Bandc.:irantc.:s Cluhc.: l'aranacnsc.: Cunttha. I'R lhhc1rao l'rdo. SP Cluhc.: Silo Paulo. Sl' Cultnra


Portuguese spoken here Abbreviation: SS - Saturda\' and Sunday MF- Monday to Frida\' Frequem:ies and times may change Name


Frequencv (KIIZ)

Radiodifusion Argentina lkutsd1e Welle

2 .l 00-0 I .oo 10:00-10:50 21. J0-2.lOO

'1690 %40, 117lJ5, IIXIO 6145, lJ700, II Xh5 II lJlJ5, 15200, 17620 12015, 14430 lJ575, IIXXO 5'190, 7275 17715. IIXI5. 15JXO

Radio France lntemationd 00:00-0 I :00 RadioditTusione Italiana RaJw b.terior de bpaiia RDI' Intcmactonal Radio Portugal

0120-0US 21I0-2UO 12 05-1210

Radio Romania

00 I 5-02: JO 02 J0-0.~ :00 ss 07:00-20:00 ss I 0 00-12 00 MF 17·00-20 oo MF 22:00-02 :w 22:00-00 00 14: I 5-14 JO 2 U0-2145 00 15-0 I :00 22:00-22:45 0 I :00-0 I JO

Radio Moscow

23:00-02 00

Radio llabana Cuba

10.00-11:00 22 00-2J 00 2J 00-00:00 2100-21 :JO MF

Radio Vaticano Radio Bulgaria

Voice M America

WEWN- Catholic R Serv. 20 00-22:00 22 00-00:00 OI00-02 00 WYFR Family Radio OS 00-l 0 00 22 00-0 I 00 BBC-llnited Kingdom 22 .~0-2H i 5

'1555 II X40. 9555 21(>55 21(,)5 21<·55 IIX40 %00 6245, 11740, 15210 5XX2, 7250 11660, IJ645 11660, IJ(>OS 6155. '1510. ')570 II XJO. 11940. I SJSO lJ450. %10, lJX 10. II (>.~0. II(> 70, I I X(>O 12010 ')550 15.~40

15230 ')455. 116SO, 15330. 17740 IXlJJO II X20 IIXX5, ISIJO (>175. '1605, %SO 15 IJO, II XX5 6110, 95(>0, 9X25 I (7(,5_ I :q9o

Sample of coHr letter in Portuguese New York. 25 de janeiro de 1995. Oerente Ueral Radio lnconfidcncia Rna Paraiba. 575 Bdo llorit.onte, MG JO I OJ Prezado Senhor:

f: mn prazer poder comunicar a recep~iio do programa na frequcncia de (>0 IOkht. no dia 20 de janeiro de l9lJ4. entre as 1100 e IJ:JO horano do Brasil. . Se os dctalhes Ja minha recep~f<to esti\'crem de acordo com os seus arquivos, gostaria de recebcr uma confinna~<1o em cart;1o QSL ou carta de emissora. l'spero que estas infomHI~fOes lhe se_iam i1teis. Atcnciosamentc, RADIO BRAS In In In In In 42

Spanish for the South Cone 1000-11:20 12 00-l J 20 English for North America English for Europe IXOO-IlJ20 Portuguese lor Eumpe and Africa lfd0-17:50 19:30-20:50 Gennan liH Europe

9745 15445 15265 15265 15265

Some stations automatically send souvenirs to the listener. You don't really know what you are going to get. Domestic stgnals often unintentionally cross borders. To listen to domestic stations all over the world, keep in mind that sign on time is about 4 or 5 am and sign out from 10 to 12 midnight, their local time. If you don't already have this infonnation on your computer, it's good to have a world map that contains the world time zones. The international broadcasters are obviously easier to tune in to, since they transmit with considerably greater power and sometimes use antenna space in the target country, These stations broadcast a variety of topics such as their political point of view, news of general interest, science, art and religion. Some have progrnms that teach their national language in short lessons for beginners. · You don't have to spend a fortune to buy a good portable · short wave radio. An analogic model costs between S75 and $150 and a digital will not cost more than $400. For five years, I have owned a Sony ICF-2010, which is considered the most popular model in the world. For the most part, the telescopic antenna from the radio's own receptor is enough to pick up the signals of faraway stations. A wire placed outside can help. Be careful if you decide to install a bigger wire on your roof. Place it far from electricity or telephone wires to avoid contact if the antenna breaks up. To fmd a specific station can become the proverbial. search for the needle in a haystack. To facilitate this endeavor, I suggest the purchase of a manual such as the World Radio and TV Handbook a Passport to World Band Radio in a major bookstore, amateur rndio shop or mail order. They cost about $20 and are re-edited annually. In these books you can fmd all the frequencies, schedules, addresses and a lot of good information that will help your listening become more enjoyable. These are helpful tools because some stations transmit with weak signals. I did log a couple of one kilowatt stations from Brazil, albeit for only a few minutes and some of them only once. Short-wave i'> ditTerent from medium wave and FM. To reach its intended target, the signal has to sunnount a number of obstacles such as atmospheric noise, interference from other stations, metallic stn1etures and even solar conditions. The reporting of reception is practiced by many dx'ers, who send a prepared fonn with certain technical infonnation about what they were able to hear to the station. In return, the management sends a confirmation of the dx'er's :reception along with station or region's postcard, stickers, banners, schedules and invariably a thank you letter. These items are collected by the dx'er. If the card has a verifier signature it has more value. These cards are called QSL. There is a society to preserve QSLs in the US. Your cover letter should include some details about you, comments and praise about the programming, and suggestions. Ifhelps to send a photograph of you, your shack, your town. Also, remember that small stations run on a limited budget artd it cannot be eli.'J)ected that they will replv if retum postage is not included. Send a one dollar b1ll or an miemational reply coupon (IRC), which can be redeemed in their country tor the value of a surface intemationa:l letter. These are the details to have a confirmation: the exact date of the transmission; the time (use their local time if it is a dontestic station and GMT - universal time - if it is an intemational station); exact frequency and station name, of course (the stations usually identify themselves on the top of the hour or the 112 hour; lit least l/2 hour of prognamming (_give pertaining infom1ation 'vitlt special attention to details such commercials, phone numbers, names of songs, names of announcers, male or female, etc.) It helps to describe your type of building, populational density of your area, how high your antenna is, name and type: of receiver and antenna. This will greatly help the techniCal department judge their signal. Finally, don't fo£¥~t to send the sinpo code (see box), especially to the meaium to large broadcasters. Remember to be honest when rC{)Orting the signal quality. There is nothing to be gained by artificially "improving" your reception saying how stmng the signal was, when in factit was only moderate or w~. You can contact the author, Arsenio Fornaro, at (718) 234-1867, ln Brooklyn, NY. NEWS from BRAZIL- JANUARY 1995

路 It seems that nobody goes to Piaui. People don't know what they are missing. The state has some of the most beautiful, unspoiled beaches of the country, National Parks, 路and prehistoric sites. Here's a treasure for the eco-traveler, the amateur paleontologist and all of those who love nature. And Teres ina is the place where everybody can be famous for much longer than Andy Warhol's 15-minute of fame allotment.

settlement which started from the sertiio in the south and gradually moved towards the coast. The climate on the Lit oral Piauiense (Piaui Coast) is kept cool(er) by sea breezes. If you're heading into the interior of the state, the best time for festivals and cool breezes is during July and August. Absolutely the worst time, unless you want to be sunbaked to a frazzle, is between September and December. Although Piaui is usually bypassed by travelers, it. offers superb beaches along its short coast interesting rock formations and hikes in the Parque NaciQnal de Sete Cidades; prehistoric sites and rock paintings in the Parque Nacional da Serra da Capivara, which ranks as one of the top prehistoric monuments in South America; and the chance for rock hounds to visit Pedro Segundo, the only place in South America where opals are mined. · TERESINA - Teresina, the capital of Piauf, is famed as the hottest city in Brazil. Promotional literature stresses heat and yet more heat. with blurb bites such as 'Even the Wind Here Isn't Cool' or 'Teres ina -- As Hot As Its People.' It's an interesting, quirky place which seems addicted to giving a Middle Eastern slant to the names of its streets, hotels, and sights. Our taxi driver, who had been absorbing the landscapes of the Gulf War on TV, thought that Teresina would probably compare well with Iraq for its climate- but definitely nothing else! The city itself is a Mesopotamia of sorts. sandwiched between the Rio Poty and Rio Parnaiba, and there's even a hotel shaped like a pyramid. Teresina is untouristed and unpretentious and the inhabitants will stop you on the street to ask 'Where ate .rou from?' Like the ·British. residents of Teresina instantly warm to discussion of the weather, and especially of their favorite topic: '0 Calor' (The Heat). We recommend a visit if you yearn for attention or would like to feel famous for a day or so. And there's got to be something good going for a city that hosts an annual festival of humor! Information- Tourist Offices PIEMTUR, the state tourism organization, at Rua Alvaro Mendes, 1988. has helpful staff 44

who appear delighted to see stray travelers and hap· pily dole out literature and advice. It's open from 9 am to 6 pm~Monday to Friday The IBAMA office at Avenida Romero Castelo Branco, 224 (Jockey Club district) was one of the most active we encountered in Brazil. Leaflets about the national parks in Piaui are available here. It's open from 8 am to 5:45 pm, Monday to Friday. Museu Hist6rico do Piaui- This state museum is divided into a series of eXhibition ro"oms devoted to the history of the state, religious art; popular art archaeology; fauna, flora and minerals: and an eclectic assortment of antiquce radios, projectors and other ancient wonders. Hidden in the corner of one room is a pathetic cabinet containing flag, kerchief, and scribbled notes from •comunistas; a flexible term used here to describe a group of independent thinkers, who were wiped out by the government in 1937. Admission costs 40c and the museum is open from 8 am to 5 pm. Tuesday to Friday; and from 8 am to noon on Saturday and Sunday. A free guide is provided; in our case it was a delightful woman who not only gave us a guided tour of the museum, but also a very detailed account of her family life and the cruel grip that TV exerted on her daughter's cultural interests. Museu de Arte Didatica - For a complete cultural change -- in line with Piaui's empathy for the Middle East -- you can visit this museum's collection of artworks from the ancient civilizations of Assyria, Babylon, Egypt, and more. Opening hours are from 7 am to 11 pm and from 1 to 6 pm, Tuesday to Friday. Palacio de Karnak - This Greco-Roman structure once functioned as the governor's residence and con.tained valuable works of art and antiques. In the late '80s, the outgoing governor made a quick exit together with all the contents, and the! building has been left to deteriorate. Centro Artesana1- This center forartesanatofromPiaui is a pleasant spot to browse among shops which sell leather articles, furni. ture made from fibbers, extremely intricate lacework. colorful hammocks, opals and soapstone (from Pedro Segundo), and liqueurs and sweets made from genipapo. caju. maracuja, etc. The Cooperativa de Rede Pedro Segundo, a producer of high-quality hammocks, sells beautif1,1l linen hammocks at prices ranging from $55 to $130. Cotton NEWS from BRAZIL- JANUARY 1995

hammocks start at around $26.

Mercado Troca-Troca - In an attempt to perpetuate the old traditions of traca (barter}, the government has made a permanent structure out of what was once an impromptu barter market. Unless you are curious to see the river, it's not worth a visit Potycabana - If you hanker after aquatic frolics and games as a respite from the scaring heat, visit the Potycabana, an aquatic entertainment center with water tobogganing and a surf pool close to the Rio Poty. Festivals - The main festivals, with typical dancing music, and cuisine of the Northeast, are held between June and August. The Salao Internacional de Humor do Piaui (Piaui Festival of Humor) is held during the first two weeks of September and features comedy show~ exhibitions of cartoons, comedy routines and lots of live music. LITORAL PIAUIENSE- Parnaiba - Parnaiba, once a major port at the mouth of the Rio Parnaiba, is being developed as a beach resort along with the town of Luis Correia which is 18 km away. Porto das Barcas, the old warehouse section currently under restoration, contains a PIEMTUR information office, a youth hostel, a maritime museum, an artesanato center, and several bars and restaurants. Beaches & Lagoons- Praia Pedra do SaL 15 km north-east of the center on Ilha Grande Santa Isabel, is a good beach divided by rocks into a calm section suitable for swimming, and a rough section preferred by surfers. Lagoa do Portinho is a lagoon surrounded by dunes about 14 km east of Parnaiba on the road to Luis Correia. It's a popular spot for swimming, boating, sailing. and fishing The prime beaches closer to Luis Correia are Praia do Coqueiro and Praia de Atalaia. The latter is very popular at weekends and has plenty of barracas selling drinks and seafood. The nearby lagoon, Lagoa do Sobradinho, is renowned for its shifting sands which bury surrounding trees. PARQUE NACIONAL DE SETE CIDADES Sete Cidades is a small national park with interesting rock formations, estimated to be at least 190 million years old, which resemblesete cidade:s (seven cities). Various researchers have analyzed nearby rock inscriptions and deduced tl1at the fom1ations are ruined cities from the past. The Austrian historian Ludwig Schwennhagen visited the area in 1928 and thought he'd found the ruins of a Phoenician city. The French researcher Jacques de Mabieu considered Sete Cidades as proof NEWS from BRAZIL- JANUARY 1995

that the Vikings had found a more agreeable climate in South America. And Eric van Daniken, the Danish ufologist, theorized that extraterrestrials were responsible for the cities which were ru. ined by a great fire some 15.000 years ago. There's clearly lots of scope here for imaginative theories. See what you think! The road around the park's geological monuments starts one km further down from the Abrigo do IBAMA (IBAMA office and hostel). The loop is a leisurely couple of hours路 stroll. It's best to start your hike early in the morning and bring water because it gets hot; watch out for the cascaw!is, poisonous black and yellow rattlesnakes. The park is open from 6 am to 6 pm. Ask at the IBAMA office for infommtion; guides may be available. Sexta Cidade (Sixth City) and Pedra do Elefante. the first sites on the loop, are lumps of rock with strange scaly surfaces. The Pedra da Inscri<;ao (Rock of Inscription) at Quinta Cidade (Fifth City) has red markings which some say are cryptic Indian runes. The highlight of Quarta Cidade (Fourth City) is the Mapa do Brasil (Map of Brazil), a negative image in a rock walt. The Biblioteca {Library), Arco do Triunfo (TriumP'hal Arch) and Cabe<;a de Cachorro (Dog's Head) are promontories with good views. PARQUE NACIONAL SERRA DA CAP IVARA- The Parquc Nacional Serra da Capivara. in the southwest of the state, was established in 1979 to protect the many pre-historic sites and examples of rock paintings in the region. There are over Excerpts from Bra:il- .I 300 excavated Travel Survival 1\.it sites which are 2nd edition. opened to the pubby Andrew Draffen. lic depending on Deanna Swaney the research and Robert Strauss. For schedule. If the more information call staff have time, Lonely Planet: (800) 275you may be lucky 8555. Copyright 1992 enough to receive Lonely Planet Publications. a lift and be shown Used by permission. around. 45





Capital Estrangeiro - Allegory about contemporary Brazil, written by Silvio de Abreu and directed by Cecil Thin~. In Rio A Comedia dos Erros - An adaptation of Shakespeare by Caca Rosset. With Cristiane Tricerri and Maria Alice Vergueiro. In Sao Paulo. A Gaiola das Loucas Twenty years later. Rio's Cage auxFolles is back with the same duo who starred in it two decades ago. Jorge Doria and Carvalhinho. Jorge Fernando directs the new mise-en-scene. Louro, Alto, Solteiro, Procura - Miguel Falabella, who wrote the text, plays all 17 characters of this comical monologue. In Rio . 0 Medico eo Monstro ~ In this Georg Osterman'a comedy, a physician creates a potion that changes him into a monster. In Sao Paulo. Nas Raias da Loucura Name inspired by interpreter Claudia Raia. Lyrics by Silvio de Abreu and directed by ze Rodrix. A Nova California - Based on short story by Lima Barreto. Man changes bones in gold. Directed by Jose Maria Rodrigues. In Rio Porca Miseria - Four Italian brothers struggle to survive in Sao Paulo. Director: Gianni Ratto. In Sao Paulo Querida Mamile - Maria Adelaide Amaral play about a touchy mother-daughter relationship. In Rio. Tangos e Tragedias - Humorists Hique Gomez and Nico Nicolaiewski have been packing the Palladium, in Sao Paulo, ~or 10 years. Trair e Cofar E So Comefar A loony maid makes life miserable for her bosses. In Sao Paulo.



can lm leased: TheMask ra}, Interview wi the Vampire (Entrevista com o Vampiro), Miracle on 34th Street (Milqgre na Rua 34), Erotique (Erotique), Angie (.4ngie), North (0 Anjo da Guarda), Timecop (Timecop - 0 Guardiiio do Tempo}, Natural Born Ki 1/ers (Assassinos por Natureza), Mother 's Boys (Paixiio Assassina), Clear and Present Danger (Perigo Real e Imediato), Blown Away (Contagem Regressiva) Barna5o de Ta Montagna (0 Guardiiio da Afontanha) -Italy- ( 199-l)- The coming of age of an adolescent. Directed by Mario Brenta. Huozhe (Tempo de Viver) China- (1994)- Forty years in the live of a Chinese family who loses everything. Map of the Human Heart (Mapa do Coray_ao) - England/Canada- (1992)- Eskimo falls in love when in a Montreal hospital. La Reine Margot(.4 Rainha Margot) - France - ( 1994) Based on Alexandre Dumas. Rouge (.4 Fraternidade e T路enne/ha) - France/Poland - (1994)- Last film of trilogy about the French Revolution. Veja Esta CanfilO- Brazil (1993) - Four episodes inspired by four songs: "Pisada de Elefante" (Ben Jor), "Drao" (Gil). "Samba do Grande Amor'' (Chico Buarq,ue). and 路路voce e Linda (Caetano Veloso) . Caca Diegues directs.

1. Na Margem do Rio Piedra Eu Sentei e Chorei Paulo Coelho (Rocco) 2. Nada Dura para Sempre Sidney Sheldon (Record) 3. C'Jm a Gra9a de Deus Fernando Sabmo (Record) 4. Comedias da Vida Privada -Luis Fernando Verissimo (L & PM) 5. Corrida pela Heratlfa Sidney Sheldon (Atica) 6. Do Amore Outros JJemonios - Gabriel Garcia Marquez (Record) 7. 0 DiOrio de um Mago Paulo Coelho (Rocco) 8. 0 Rei LeiJo Disney (Melhoramentos) 9. 0 Alquimista Paulo Coelho (Rocco) 10. LafOS Etemos Zibia Gasparetto (Espa90. Vida e Consciencia)

Bed Time Stories (Pop) Warner Music Madonna Rhythm and blues

2 Sohre Todas as Forfas (Reggae) Sony Music Cidade Negra Third release of this controversial reggae band


3 Forrest Gump (Sound Track) Sony Music Elvis Presley, Bob Dylan, & others

4 Voodoo (Rock) EMI-Odeon Rolling Stones

5 Perhaps Love (Romantic music) Sony Music Placido Domingo Domingo sings American classics with John Denver.

1 Cruzando o Limiar da Esperanfa - John-Paul II (Francisco Alves) 2. 0 Olho Magico 2 N. E. Thing (Martins Fontes) 3. 0 Olho Magico N. E. Thing (Martins Fontes) 4. Anjos Cahalisticos Monica Buonfiglio (Berkana) 5. 0/ho Magico 3 N.E . Thing(Martins Fontes) 6. Chato, o Rei do Brasil Fernando Morais (Comp. das Letras) 7. Caminho das Borholetas - M eus ./05 Dias ao La do de Senna Adriana Galisteu (Caras) 8. A Lanterna na Popa Roberto Campos (Top Books) 9. 0 Brasil que Da Certo Stephen Kanitz (Makron Books) 10. 0 Sucesso Niio Ocorre por Acaso Lair Ribeiro (Objetiva)


ON PORTUGUESE Professor Claude H. Hulet from the Department of Spanish and Portuguese of UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles) is already busy getting ready for the XVIII Symposium on Portuguese Traditions (Europe, America, Africa, Asia). The event. that is a traditio!) itself, will happenthisyear on April 22 and 23, at UCLA's Sunset Recreation Center_ As always, the conference, that brings people from all over the Portuguese-speaking nations and from several US universities. will be open to everyone. This year, the Symposium will pay a special tribute to John ll and the Age of Discovery. Those interested in attending the event or in presenting a paper, in Portuguese orinEnglish, should call (31 0) 825-1036.

.,• • '.





Accent -Forever!

Now, with this unique American Accent Program, ifs possible to eliminate any unwanted accent· -eszsily, quickly, mUl forever! Here's how it works.

BRAZIL TALK The Brazilian culture has a new forum in the US. Professor Reid Andrews from the History Department of the University of Pittsburgh. in association with.the Center for Latin American studies from the same university, has organized a group to dis.cuss Brazilian subjects. Initially, at least, the meetings should happen once a month and will have guest speakers talking about economy, literature, cinema and music. Andrew is inviting artists, scholars, authorities, and all of those who want to participate in the group, to write to: History Dept., Uuiversity of Pittsburgh, 3S36 Forbes Quadrangle, Pittsburgh, PA 15260. You can also call (412) 648-7451. NEWS from BRAZIL- JANUARY 1995

By practicing exercises in American-style English vowels and consonants. you'll immediately feel comfortable going beyond pronunciation and into intonation, or the "melody" of Amencan speech. All exercises are read by "native speakers" of American English. so you can be sure you are practicing the most accurate pronunciation. After just a few sessions, you'll experience: • New willingness to "speak up" • Heightened self-confidence •Improved business & personal relationships • A strong feeling of acceptance Designed by The Ford Language Institute, a worldwide-recognized leader in speech enhancement and training, The American Accent Program includes: eight audio cassettes-eight full hours of instruction and practice. an illustrated

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fspecialidade: Bossa Nova Classico & Popular (818) 891-0912

STUD~O TE~ P.O. BOX 1469


(31 0) 475-4779



Professora de Musica Brasileira



10850 Wilshire Blvd., # 750 Los Angeles, CA 90024


Georgia martello




3255 WILSHIRE BLVD. #1 032 LOS ANGELES. CA 90010




(818) 592-0402

(800) 595-595-7 (213) 739-1900

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Cllwertlm~JVA/FHA Ft.CISIP41cemii'IIJIO!







(a1a) 441-5464 1 2BOS.LakeAve.#lZ9 ·Pamm,CA91101



(916) 361 9549











(800) 237-8236


(305) 285-6980 Center

Registration always ojien ·· Study Portuguese in Rio. June 25- July 24. 1995 Portuguese. Spanish, English (ESL). French. Italian

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lnstructionl!ranslatiorv'lnterfretation Small rtroups and individua tutoring Credentialed instructors


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INTERNATIONAL SERVICES Tra.slations and interpretations English into Portuguese or vice-versa

Certificates: Birth. Marriage, Divorce. etc. Academic Documents: Diploma. Certificate. Transcript, etc. Legal Papers: Contract. Corporation By-Laws. Adoption, etc. Very affordable rate

L~EEDS AD SELLERS I~ THE ys &BRAZIL NccwciCt1nRAZ.I ) u (800) 3J4·49~3

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Livros brasileiros.Comprepelo Correio. Literatura, best-sellers, diciomirios, livrostecnicos. Pe~a catalogo gratuito. Luso Brazilian Books - P.O. Box 170286NFB - Brooklyn, NY 11217 Info: (718) 624-4000- Only for orders: (800) 727-LUSO. Know-How - In~les para Brasileiros - Livro pratico de InglesPortugues gravado em tres fitas K7. Pronimcia americana. $40 total. Envie cheque ou money order para: Graham Books- P. 0. Box 291453 - Port Orange, FL 32129-1453. Tel: (407) 3510254.

nirlas, alem de gibis, palavras cruzadas e livros de bolso. Tel. & fax: (617) 787-0758 Mus1c Brazilian Music in its totality. Samba, bossa nova, jazz, chorinho, lambada, baiao, frevo, axe, and more. CDs and Tapes. Mail delivery available. Merchant Express - (800) 589-5884 Guitars Di Giorgio for sale Order now with Hl free lessons on tapes. Audio visual method by Maia. Also video tapes available. Play from first lesson. More details call Las Vegas (702) 3692129


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Exotic samba dancers, traditional music and dance of Brazil. For clubs, celebrations, etc. Video available. (408) 464-2234 MAGAZINES & NEWSPAPERS Jornais e revistas do Brasil. Recebemos jomais diarios alem de todas as principais revistas, incluindo mascuhnas e femi-


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Americano, 37 anos, delgado, olhos azuis, professor de Ingles. Fala Frances, Espan.hol, I tabano, Portugues. Deseja encontrar brasile1ra, 18-30 anos. Escreva para William, 1431 OceanAve., #1106, Santa Monica, CA, 9040.1. American Jewish man, 36, sincere, deep, fun, active, doctor, seeks Jewish lady under 35 with brown eyes and 'long dark hair,


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Camisetas, posters, novidades do Brasil pelo correio. 29垄 em selo para c~logo gratis. Studio Tee - P.O. Box 1469 Cooper Station, NY I 0276 TouRs

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SUNDAY 1 !ItNICJ:J:t~ Through January 15- "All Things de Hilster - Art show at Samba Art Gallery - (31 0) 983-9190 6:00 PM - Marcos Santos at Samba La


8:00 PM-NewConstellation Band at Zabumba - No cover charge

TUESDAY 3 I!•~~U003•#4:1 8:00 PM- 11:00 PM- Axe Brasil at Zabumba


f!•J."W!mcl!f!3:'l 8:00 PM - Patricia Albella Zabumba


THURSDAY 5 I:J=l'433W:U•!#1

8:00 PM -Carlos Henrique at Nino's

8:30 PM & 10:30 PM - Garotas de lpanema at Tatou

f!•J."W!meTBJ.--:::(:j 8:00PM- New Constellation Band at Zabumba - No cover charge

I:J3:Ji13•M 8:00PM -Carlos Henriqueat Nino's


l!•~tUtCJ3•*!§ 8:30PM- Tom Jobim Tribute with Taquinho & Band at Zabumba

BEVERLY HILL 8:30 PM & 10:30 PM - Garotas de lpanema at Tatou


1!·~~41~003•~ 4:00PM-7:00PM- Andrea Marcelli at Mauro's I!•J.tRr~ 8:00 PM - New Constellation Band at Zabumba - No cover charge


FRIDAY 13 l!t~Y!1~003•~ 4:00 PM - 7:00 PM - Sergio 2000 at Mauro's


8:30 PM - Tom Jobim Tribute with Taquinho & Band at Zabumba

I:J:W33H:U•!#1 8:30 PM & 10:30 PM - Garotas de lpanema at Tatou

9:00 PM - MILA at Cafe Danssa

SATURDAY 7 ll{t~Y!U003•#4:1 8:00 PM - Constellation Band at Zabumba

SUNDAY 8 !ItNICJ:J::r!l~ 6:00 PM - Marcos Santos Samba La



8:00PM- New Constellation Band at Zabumba - No cover charge



8:00PM -11:00 PM -Axe Brasil at Zabumba

WEDNESDAY 11 ll{t~tl~003•*' 8:00 PM - Patricia Albella Zabumba


THURSDAY12 I:J ::W 3 3 -Ijii!!:3

14 Bl'lo"· - 1348 14th St., Santa Monica· (310) 451 -5040 Bokaos Club - 8689 Wilshire Beverly Hills- (310) 659-1200 CafeDanssa -11533 W. PicoBL West L.A.· (310) 305-83&7 Fais-Do-Do - 5257 W. Adams LA - (31 0) 842-6171 LaVe Lee- 12514 Ventura Bl. ~ Studio City- (818) 980·8158 Le Cafe- 14633 Ventura Bl Sh. Oaks- (818) 986·2662 Mauro's - 8112 Melrose Ave. Los Angeles- (213) 653-2874 Saint Marks- 23 Windward Ave. Venice- (310)452-2222 SambaLa - 199 Cherry Ave. Long Beach- (310) 983-9190 Tatou - 233 N. Be,edy Dr.Beverly Hills- (310) 274-9955 Zabumba -10717 Venice Blvd .Culver City- (310) 841-6525

8:30PM & 10:30 PM- Garotas de lpanema at Tatou 50



SATURDAY14 l!"tl-"EfHC13m

8:00 PM - Constellation Band Zabumba


SUNDAY15 LONG BEACH CA 6:00PM- Marcos Santos at Samba La

LOS ANGELES 8:00 PM - New Constellation Band at Zabumba - No cover charge

TUESDAY17 f!tl-"EfHC13m 8:00 PM - 11 :00 PM - Axe Brasil at Zabumba


SATURDAY 21 l!t~tU[ij3!::(:j 8:00 PM - Constellation Band at Zabumba

SUNDAY 22 f!tNicJ :J :t!ltl:JU:.l 6:00 PM - Marcos Santos Samba La


... l!""'t}:"":tr-.....£1.....~"""[ij""'3=--'!'=>::(#j-=o

8:00 PM -New Constellation Band at Zabumba - No cover charge


8:00 PM - Patricia AI bella at Zabumba

f!tl-~Ifflll!!l:j 8:00PM -11:00 PM- Axe Brasil at Zabumba




BEVERLY HILLS 8:30 PM & 10:30 PM - Garotas de lpanema at Tatou

!!"tl-"EfHC13m 4:00PM-7:00PM- Sergio 2000 with Andrea Marcelli and lrv Cox at Mauro's

!:)::(:J.1#1!:r4 8:00 PM -Carlos Henrique at Nino's l!t~'W£1~003!::(:3

8:00 PM - New Constellation Band at Zabumba - No cover charge

FRIDAY 20 f!tl-"EfH@W 8:30 PM - Tom Jobim Tribute with Taquinho & Band at Zabumba

SAN FRANCISCO Alberto's ~ 736 W. Dana St., MtnView, (415) 968-3007 Aioli - 469 Bush Street San Francisco- (415)2490900 Asbkenaz - 1317 San Pablo Ave.-Berkeley (510) 525-5054 Bahia - 41 Franklin St. - S. Francisco (415) 626-3306 Chambord - 152 Kearney St. S. Francisco (415) 434-3688 Nino's - 1916 Martin L. King Jr., Berkeley (51 0) 845-9303 The Ramp- 855 China BasinSanFrancisco (415)621-2378 Yoshi's -6030 Claremont Ave. Oakland (510) 652-9200

l!•~t1NC13!::(#j 8:00 PM - Patricia Albella Zabumba


THURSDAY 26 ~··•m•l!:3

8:30 PM & 10:30 PM - Garotas de lpanema at Tatou

I:J3;;Jl13!=t1 8:00PM-Carlos Henriqueat Ntno's l!t~Y£1~003!::(:j 8:00PM -New Constellation Band at Zabumba -No cover charge

FRIDAY 27 f!tl.ti~lfflll!*3 8:30PM- Tom Jobim Tribute with Taquinho & Band at Zabumba I:J :::Vj 3;;Jifi:JI! §:3 8:30PM & 10:30 PM- Garotas de lpanema at Tatou lf+'~"'i---.Q 9:00 PM - MILA at Cafe Danssa

SATURDAY 28 !!"•J."Y!ll(@!!l:j 8:00 PM - Constellation Band at Zabumba

SUNDAY 29 l!t]~[CJ:J::t!J!1:~

6:00 PM - Marcos Santos Samba La


f!•J."YLR[cf:J!:(:J 8:00PM- New Constellation Band at Zabumba -No cover charge

MONDAY 30 TUESDAY 31 I!tl'.t1 ~ [ij 3111 ::(#j 8:00PM -11:00 PM- Axe Brasil at Zabumba



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373-0253 23451 MADISON ST. #200 TORRANCE, CA 90505 NEWS from BRAZIL -JANUARY 1995




Bullets Over Broadwav ***1/2 • Woody Allen retums with this film set in Nevv York Citv. during prohibition, with a satire about gangsters and their molls, combined with playwrights and their angels. A hoot and a holler entertainment as it tells it as it is . Dianne Wiest is superb as a fading sta&e star .makmg a comebacK mspmng John Cusack, the playwright1 to new heights. Cnazz Palminteri does a surprise turn in the film . A Miramax release. Caro Diario (Dear Diary) ***1/2 Italian with English subtitles. Italian director Nanni Moretti is a legend in his country and Europe. Unknown to most in tite US this is his first film that is beino distributed in the US. ~he film is a three segmented diaf\ of his lite as viewed oy tillS tis

Bullets Over Broadwav ***1/2 • Woody Allen retorna com este filme ambientado em Nova Iorque durante a Pro1bir;:iio , com uma satira sobre oiingsters e suas compan~teiras , ao !ado de teatr6logos e seus financiadores. Um show cheio de vibrar;:oes que retrata o real. Dianne Wiest e maravilhosa como estrela cadente do palco mspira!1do John Cusack, o teatrolo~o , a novas alturas. Cnazz Palminteri surpreende. Da Miramax. Caro Diario (Dear Diary) ***1/2 Italiano, com Jegendas em Ingles. Diretor Italiano Nanni Moretti e uma Jegenda em seu pais e na Europa. Desconhccido do grande ptiblico nos EUA , este e seu primeiro filme distnbuido aqui. 0 filme e um diario em tres partes visto pelos olhos <)este homem talentoso . E filos6fico,

cal, it is poetic, it touches all the bases of human feeling and resounds with laughter throughout. Winner of Best Director at the Cannes Film Festival 1994 . This film will enchant you with its whimsical humor. A Fine Line feature . Centurv ***112 The year 1900 is the time, London, England the place where tlus absorbing drama plays out. Wntten and directed by Stephen Poliakoff and starring Miranda Richardson (Clara} who is an emancipated womm~ Charles Dance (Proressor Mandry), the brilliant head of a medical research institute; Clive Owen (Paul Reisner), the youno Doctor determine~ to make his mark; mtd Robert Stephens (Mr. Reisner- Paul ' s father).This expert group set against a rapidly changing society highlights the universal themes of love, prejudice, ambition and conscience, a!( the while bringing to the story human Clesires and needs. Centmv is a period piece tltat is as vivid and vital today as it tells the storv of our entry into the 20th Century . l:R.S Releasing Corporation release. Cobb**** Written and directed by Ran Shelton and starring TommY Lee Jones as the legendary Ty Cobb of baseball fame . A man of many contradictions, Robert Wuhl portrays AI Stump, the sportswriter hired by Cobb to write his life's story . Not a pretty story at all for Cobb was noted for his excesses and hostility. Superbly performed m Prand opera stvle. Jones Knocks you off your seat, witlt his grasp of

poetico, abordando todos os sentimentos humanos e nos fazendo gargalhar o tempo mte1ro . Vencedor de Melhor Diretor do Festival de Cannes de 1994. Este filme o fascinara com sen h esdnJxulo. Distribuido pela Fine Lme. Cent ury ***112 0 ano e o de 1900, o Iugar e Londres, Inglaterra. E ai que se passa esse drama empolgante. Escrito e dingido por Stephen Pohakoff e estrelado po Miranda Richardson (Clara) que e uma mulher emancipada; Charles Dance (Professor Mandry), o brilhante lider de mit mstituto de pesquisa medica; Clive Owen (Paul Reisner), o jovem medico decidido a deixar sua marca, e Robert Stephens (Sr. Reisner - pai de Paul). Este ampo de sumicbdes, vi vendo em uma sociedade em rapida tranfonnar;:iio , realr;:a os temas universais do amor, prec01.1~ei~o, ambi<;iio, e consc1encw, ao mesmo tempo em que traz para a lust6ria necessidades e desejos humanos. Cenfllrv e Ullta obrn de uma epoca que ainda e vivida e vital por rclatar nossa entrada no seculo XX. l.R.S Releasing Corporation. Cobb**** Escrito e dirigido por Ron Shelton e t:strelado por Tommy Lee. Jones como o lendario Ty Cobb dos campos de beisebel. Robert Wuhl interpreta AI Stump, um JOrnahsta contrad1t6no ·contratado por Cobb para escrever sua biografia. Niio e unw bela hist6ria ji1 .que Cobb era famoso por seus excesses e hostilidade. Em estilo operistico. Jones e fascinante com sua

Cobb's malignant prejudices and internal chaos. Is this the stuff heroes are made of? TI1e film is a revealing expose of the superstar syndrome in a realistic mode. A Warner Bros. release. Death and the Maiden

capacida9e de retratar os preconceitos e cao.:; mterior de Cobb. E assim gue se fazem herois? 0 filme revela a sindrome de superestrela de fonua realistica. Lantyamento da Warner Bros. Death and the Maiden

Roman Polanski directs the film version of Ariel Dorfman's play adapted by Dorfman and Rafael Yglesias into a film o[great importance. With an ensemble cast of three, Sigourney Weaver, Ben Kmgsley and Stuart Wilson, you are transported to a coastal cottage in a Latin Amencan country where the Furies are set loose when Weaver, who had been a prisoner of the exmilitary regime, recogmzes the voice of her torturer (Kingsley}, who had brought ller husband (Stuart Wilson) home when his car was disabled by a flat tire. Wilson, a jurist, was appomted to mvesttgate the cnmes of the deposed regime that had victimized his wife. In this tense atmosphere, the air is charged with uncertainty, revenge, coupled with basic moral issues as the trio play out their emotional hang-ups. A powerful drama unfolds m this taut rendition of the truth and consequences of this volatile political and personal agenda. A Fineline Pictures release. Eat, Drink, Man, Woman*** 112 A delicious treat is this tale of a widowed Taiwanese chef and his three umnarried daughters. From the opening scene of a Chinese meal in preparation to its final conclusion, the film envelops you in its emotional fabric. The tantalizing food, expert performances, plus the story keep you guessing until Its SUfJ?rise endino. In Mandarin with tlnglish subtitles. A Samuel Goldwyn Pictures Release. Ed Wood ***1/2 Tim Burton directs Joh1my Depp in a hilarious bwpic of schlock director Ed Wood whose range of films produced in the fifties ran the gamut of bad to worse. Outrawas his life were his

Roman Polanski dirige a versiio para o cinema da petya de Ariel Dorfman adaptada j)Or Dorfman e Rafael Yglesias e faz urn importante filme. Com a participatyao de Sigourney Weaver, Ben Kmgsley e Stuart Wilsoni voce e levado a lUll cha e de praia de urn pais latino-americano onde as Flirias se desembestam quando Weaver, prisioneira do passado regime militar, reconhece a voz de seu torturador (Kingsley), ~e traz seu mando (Stuart Wilson) para casa apos ele haver furado o pneu do carro. Wilson, um jurista, esta investigando os. cnmes do regi!Ue deposto e que vihmaram sua esposa. Neste clima de ten sao, o ar est a carregado de incerteza e vingantya unidos a questoes morais basicas enquanto o trw destrincha seus problemas emocwnms. Um drama carregado se desenrola nesta interpretat;:ao tensa da verdade e suus consequencias, quando existe un1a agenda polittca e pessoal extremamente volatil. Um lant;:amento da Fineline Pictures. Eat, Drink, Man, Woman *** 1/2 Um prato delicioso, essa historia de um chef tait1anes envwvado. Da cena de abertura, com a preparayao de uma refeit;:iio chinesa, ate sua conclusiio, o filme nos envolve em sua urdidura emocional. A tentat;:ao da comida eo desempenho soberbo dos atores, aliados ao enredo do filme o mantem em um jogo de adivinha ate o final surpreendente. Em Mandarim, com legendas em Ingles. Um lant;:amento da Samuel Goidwyn Pictures Ed Wood ***1/2 Tim Burton dirige Johnnv Depp nesta biognifia luiaria do diretor desclassificado Ed Wood cujo ambito de filme~ produzidos nos anos )Q se situavam entre mim e pessimo. Seu estilo de vida era escandaloso, seus filmes



filmsLbut Wood did put Bela ugosi in one of his movies which oives Martin Landau a cf1ance for an Oscar with his bnlliant perfonuance of Lugosi in his decline. A Touchstone Pictures release. Forrest Gump **** Forrest Gump (Tom Hanks) is a joy to see. He is a simple minded man raised by a doting mother (Salty Field) whose old fashioned words of wisdom sustain him. ExamJ>les: "What does normal mean anyway", "Stupid is as Stupid does" and "Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're going to get". With these words of wisdom Forrest Gump does not only survive, he manages to succeed brilliantly all the while participating in the most turbulent years of recent American'history. He is jolumy on the spot in the ma1or events or the period. Robert Zemeckis brings the teclmical magic to support the story. Bei11g There, Rain ,\ian and now Forrest Gump celebrate the simple approach to life and 1ts 1romc rewards. As we travel through the years with Forrest Gump the frantic and horrifying events that have · transpired become a bit clearer through his eccentric sensibility and leaves us with a bit of hope. Love, life and the pursuit of happiness as lived by Forrest Gump is a primer of faith and ~ood witt. A modern day candide. A Paramount release . !f.e;~·enly Creatures

xaroposos, mas Wood usou Bela Lugosi em um de seus filmes dando a Martin Landau a chance de veneer um Oscar interpretando com bnlho um Lugosi em dectinio. Lant;:amento da Touchstone Pictures. Forrest Gurnp **** Forrest Gump (Tom Hanks) e um prazer de se ver. Ele e um simplorio educado por wna mae devotada (Salty Field) _que o guia com uma antlquada coletyao de chavoes. Exemplos: "Afinal, o qtie e nonnal?", "Estupido e fazer estup1dez" e ''A vida e como um caixa de chocolates. Voce nunca sabe o que vai tirar". Com esfas sabias palavras, Forrest Gump nao so sobrevive, como se sai muito bem, participando dos anos mais turbulentos da recente hist6ria americana. Ele esta presente aos maiores acontecimentos da era. Robert Zemeckis usa a magica da tee no logia. Being There. Rain Alan. e, agora, Forrest Gump celeoram a vida simples e suas ironicas recompensas. Em nossa viagem pelo tempo com Forrest Gump, os eventos freneticos e assustadores tomam-se mais claros atraves de sua excentrica sensibilidade e nos d;\ esperantya. Amor, vida, busca da felicidade de acordo com Forrest Gump e uma cartilha de fe e ooa vontade. Um Candide modemo. Lantyamento da Paramount. Hea\·enlv Creatures

A film by Peter Jackson set in New Zealand based on a true story. Innocence, imagination and obsession combine to make a fascmating drama about love and murder, that evolves from an obsessive friendship between two teen-age girls and ends in tragedy. Pauline Parker (Melanie Lynskey) and Juliet Hulme '(Kate Winsley) portray this duo in a remarkable fashion. A Miramax release. Hoop Dreams •••• A documentary based on a true-life story that spans five years in the hves of two inner-city high school boys who dream of playing in the NBA. Arthur Agee and William Gates are followed through those as the

Um filme de Peter Jackson ambientado na Nova Zehindia e numa historia rea Inocencia, imaginatyaoe obsessao se unem em wn drama fascinante sobre amor e morte, que comet;:a como uma amizade compulsiva entre duas aaolescentes e tennina em tragedia. Pauline Parker (Melanie Lynskey) e Juliet Hulme (Kate Winsley) mterpretam esta dupla de modo impressionante. Da Miramax. Hoop Dreams ••• • Documentario baseado em historia verdadcira que se estende por cinco anos na vida de dois garotos de segundo grau que sonham jogar na NBA. Arthur Agee e William Gates sao seguidos todos esse anos. 0 filme e um



out. The film is a collaborative work of Steve James, Frederick Marx and Peter Gilbert, and was produced ~ Kartemquin Ilms made over a period of seven years, as they film the boys and their families through those turbulent tears. A Fine Line eatures release. Ladybird, Ladybird **** A Ken Loach film based on a true story that relates the tale of woe of a lone parent with four di ferent children from different fathers

and her battle for their custody . From Samuel Goldwyn Co. The Last Seduction *** Director John Dahl brin~s [tmme fata e ridget (Linda Fiorento) to new heights in this mthless tale of the illegal paths to fortune taken by those who are cunnino. A bizarre but beiTevable love story, a manipulative heroine who escapes with the loot. Bill Pullman is her unfortunate husband and Peter Berg her next victim in this film noir study of no holds barred movie. An October Films release. ¥afjends of the ***1/2


trabalho a varias maos de Steve James, Frederick Marx e Peter Gilbert, e foi f[oduzido pela artemquin Films. Fita rociada durante sete anos, com filmagens dos y,arotos e suas amilias por esses anos turoulentos. Lant;:anlento da Fine Line Features. Ladybird, Ladybird •••• Urn filme de Ken Loach baseado em uma verdadeira historia sobre uma mae sozinha com quatro fi~os de :ll1atro pais ferentes e sua !uta

para conseguir a custodia . LanJamento Samuel Go! wyn Co . The Last Seduction ••• 0 diretor .fohn Dahl leva femme fatale Bridget (Linda Fiorento) a novas alturas nesta impiedosa h.istoria das rotas ilegais trilhadas por velhacos em busca da fortuna . Uma historia de amor bizarra mas verossimil com uma heroina mmupuladora que foge com o eSJ?6lio. Bill Pullman e seu infeliz marido e Peter Berg sua proxima vitima neste filme noir desinibido. Da October Films. Le~ends of the Fall •• 112 A saga da familia ~udlow family

romantic epic of the turn of the century values. Anthony Hopkins is father to three sons, Aidan Quiim, Brad Pitt, and Henry Thomas. Each witli his own agenda but solidly entwined. A Western of the old school magnificently p<>rtrayed. A TriStar Pictures release. The Lion King ***112 Disney does it again. A new animated film that c~tures the beauty o Africa is a musical comedll-adventure that fo lows the {ourney of Simba, a ion cub who y,rows up in the jung e and learns the meanin~ of his destiny wit the helr of his 'anima friends.' With Elton John's new songs and the maoic and artistry of Disnev animatiOn this is a pleasure treat for the whole family. · Little Women **** Gillian Annstrong brings this classic story u~ to date. Susan arandon, Winona R('der and the rest o the cast bring a freshness to the story tl1at is truly remarkable. A Columbia Pictures release. The Madness of King George ** ** Directed~

Nicholas yt11erb b11sed on a play y Alan Bennett! starring Nige Hawthorne, Helen Mirren and Ian Holm, this story is set in England, in 1788. The king {Niftel Hawthorne) IS i . Is he. mad? His bizarre behavior brinrs on a politica ~wer stmg~le. ased on true actskthis is the same ing George who lost the Amencan colonies and now faces a losing battle on his home front as well, until he meets Dr. Willis (Ian Holme) who recommends a new treatment. From the Samuel Gold~n Company. Mrs. arker and the Vicious Circle ***1/2 Dorothx Parker known for her

romiintico and caustic wit is abrangente dos portrayed with deep valores do in.icio do understanding by setulo. Anthony Jennifer Jason Leigh in the latest Ho~kins e o pm de Alan Rudolph film. Ai an ~uinn, Brad Pitt, e enry Vicious though they were her Thomas. Cada um com seu objetivo, group of friends were the literary mas solidamente unidos. Urn Westem and artistic royalty of the 1920's m da velha escola, soberbamente New York City. When they gathered jlfresentado. Da riStar Pictures for lunch at the Hotel Algonquin's The Lion King •••1f2 Round Table their Outro sucesso da antics became legend. Robert Disne~. Um novo Benchley desen o animado due.captura a beleza tCampbell Scott), a Afnca em uma harles MacArthur aventura-comedia ~Mathew que acompanha a roderick); jornada de Simba, Alexander Woolcott (Tom urn leiiozinho que cresce na floresta e McGowan)~Robert ick aprende o sentido de Sherwood Cassa vetes , seu destino com a Hewywood Broun ajuda de seus 'amigos animais.' wary Basaraba), Com cant;:oes arold Ross dSan1 originais de Elton Robards§ an Jolin e a magica e a George . Kaufman arte da Disney este • (David Thornto1~ were the talente e um prato and creative spirits apehtoso para a that have influfamilia enced our cultural inteira. tastes for all time Little Women ••• • In this re-creation Gillian Annstrong of the roarino atualiza este twenties, wit'h classico. Dorothy Parker as soberbamente. the set piece, we Susan Sarandon, have a nostalgic Winona Ryder eo look at the literary restante do elenco and artistic icons of traz impressionante the past. Parker was frescor a historia. a troubled woman, Da Columbia filled with self Pictures. destructive forces. The Madness of Her life and loves King George ••• • are chronicled in Dirigido ~r this outstandino Nicholas ytner, baseado na pet;:a de eoduction. A ~ine Alan Bennett, ine Features estrelando NioeJ release. Nell •••• Hawthorne, lfelen Mirren, e Ian Holm, A great performance by Jodie a historia se passa na Inglaterra de Foster as Nell, a child of nature, 1788. 0 rei (Ni~el whose exposure to Hawthorne) esta the modern world enfermo. Ele esta louco? Seu estranho brin~s shlf,risinf resu ts. 1chae comportamento ~ted directs, Liam provoca um ~uerra pelo poder. aseado eeson and Natasha Richardson t;m fatos reais, este eo mesmo rei are the op~osing forces in ell's life Geor~~ que perdeu that she brings to as co omas americanas e a repose. From 20th Century Fox agora enfrenta uma outra batalha Nobody's Fool ingl6ria ate se **** Paul Newman gives encontrar com o dr. Willis (Ian Hohne) a sterling performance as an agmo que recomenda wn novo tratamento. construction wor'ker with no steady Samuel Goldwyn. work, no money or Mrs. Parker and personal committhe Vicious Circle ***1/2 ment. Jessica Dorothy Parker in her last conhecida sua

humor caustico e retratada com conhecimento de causa tor Jennifer Jason eigh no ultimo filme de Alan Rudolph. Apesar de vicioso, seu grupo de anugos era a realeza literaria e artistic a da Nova Iorque dos anos 20. Quando se reuniam ¥fcra o almot;:o no otel Algonquin's Round Table suas fat;:anhas se

Alexander kTom McGowan), obert Sherwood wick Cassavetes), ewywood Broun wary Basaraba), arold Ross JSam Robards), e eorge S. Kaufman (David Thornton) eram os espiritos talentosos e cnat1vos que influenciaram nosso paladar cultural por Nesta recomo temos uma visiio nosti!lgica dos icones literarios e ·artisticos do passado. Parker era uma mulher ~rturbada por rt;:as autodestrutivas. Sua vida e amores sao descritos nesta 6tima produt;:iio. Lant;:amento da F. Line Features. Nell •••• Maravilhosa Interpretat;:iio de Jodie Foster como Nell, uma criant;:a da natureza cuja exposit;:iio o mundo moderno provoca resultados surpreendentes. Michael Apted dirige, Limn Neeson e Natasha Richardson se opoem a Nell. Lant;:amento da Century Fox. ~!>~.ody's Fool Paul Newman interpreta magnificamente um idoso trabalhador em construt;:iio sem eniStrego fixo, di eiro ou obrigat;:oes . JeSSICa

mance as his sympathetic landlady. Laced with good humor, it is a welcome respite from the rash of violence. Robert Benton directs this family drama. From Paramount Pict. Pulp Fiction •• •• Wnter/director/ actor Quentin Tarantino (Reservoir Dogs, True Romance) has done it ag~in. Pulp Fiction, w1th a star studded cast brings this exciting, entertaining and umque action thriller to full realization. Three stories criss cross presenting the small time criminal world, pitfalls and all, in a highly creative and unagmatlve way. Done in the tradition of the film noir cycle of the 40's and SO's the film ricochets with laughter as we flip tiack and forth through their lurid adventures. Miramax Films. Oueen Margot

uma perfeita interpretar,:ao de sua carinhosa locadora. Salpicado de bom humor. Uma pausa refrescante no surto de violencia.Robert Benton dirige este drama familiar. Da Paramount Pictures. Pulp Fiction **** 0 escritor/diretor/ ator Quentin Tarantino (Reservoir Dogs, Tn1e Romance) repetiu a magica. Pulp Fiction, com lllll elenco cheio de estrelas, e uma realizar,:ao total com suspense, e ar,:ilo empolgante e diverbaa. No pequeno mundo do crime mii1do, tres enredos se entrelar,:am, com todos os seus perigos, de uma fonna super criativa. Feito na tradir,:ao do ciclo do filme noir dos anos 40 e 50 o filme ressoa com risos enquanto gangorramos em sua aventuras sinistras. Lanr,:amento da Miramax Films. Oueen Margot

Producer/Director Claude Berri based this film on a novel by Alexandre Dumas. Isabelle Adjani is Queen Margot during the religious wars between the Catholics and the Protestants. Virna Lisi is her mother Catherine De Medici. A Miramax release. Quiz Show**** Directed bv Robert Redford, the inside story of a TV scam stars Ralph Fie1111es, John Turturro and Rob Morrow, who are the three compellin~ components thal reflect the tragedy of the set of Circumstances that shattered their lives. Corruption, amorality and the lure of fame and fortune are all played out in the film. A truly American experience. Hollywood Pictures. Ready to Wear rPrct -il-po rter)

Produtor/Diretor Claude Berri baseou este filme na novela de Alexandre Dumas. Isabelle Adjani e a rainha Margot durante as guerras reli_11iosas entre catolicos e p~o~e~tantes. _Vm1a L1s1 e sua mae Catherine De Medici. Um lanr,:amento da Miramax. Quiz Show •••• Dirioido por Robert Redford, o atras dos bastidores de um golpe na TV estrelando Ralph Fiem1es, John Turturro e Rob Morrow, os tres componentes que refletem a tragedia das circunstancias que destmiram sua vidas. Com1pr,:ao, amoralidade e a tentar,:iio da fama e da fortuna siio apresentadas. Uma real ~xperiencia amencana. Lans;amento da Hollywood Pictures. Readv to Wear rPrc( -a-porter)

Robert Altman at

Robert Altman em






and winds his way through the trappmgs of the world's top designers and super models in Paris. With a star cast that includes Marcello Mastroianni, Sophia Loren and Julia Roberts, who perform with style and humor. A Miramax release. Red •••• Director Krzystof Kieslowski brings the Trois Couleurs series of his films to an end with Red, starring Irene Jacob and Jean-Louis Trintignant. He claims this is his last film. Red is a very satisfying work. It is a mvstical tum on the dailv lives of its characters: a young lady; a retired judge; and Auguste, a young man who IS tryin~?- to find his true tove. A Miramax release. Shawshank Redemption *** Stephen Kin~?- wrote the story ana Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman act 1t out m a pnson setting. Directed by Frank Darabont. It reflects a 20 year friendship between two convicts. A

encontrar seu caminho atraves dos adornos dos maiores costureiros e superrnodelos de Paris. Com um elenco estelar que inclui Marcello Mastroianni, Sophia Loren e Julia Roberts, que mterpretam com estilo e humor. Da Miramax. Red •••• 0 diretor Krzystof Kieslowski conclui a serie Trois Couleurs de seus filmes com Red, estrelando Irene Jacob e Jean-Louis Trintignant. Ele diz que e seu i1ltimo filme. Red e urn trabalho . gratificante. E uma virada mistica na vida de seus personagens: uma 1ovem; um JUIZ aposentado;' e Auguste, urn jovem a procura de seu verdadeiro amor. Da Miramax. Shawshank Redemption ** • Stephen King escreveu a lust6ria e Tim Robbins e Morgan Freeman a mterpretam em um ambtente de prisao. Dirigido por Frank Darabont. Mostra a amizade de 20 anos entre dois

very odd couple indeed. A Columbia, Castle Rock release. To Live •••• Chinese with Eaglish subtitles. A film by Zhang Yimou starring Ge You and Gong Li. TI1is is a controversial film in China. To explain the content of the film I wish to quote the director: "Countless Chinese families have endured and survived a turbulent half-century of extraordinary hardships. In To Live I am trying to show the grass roots lives of Chinese people from the point of view of an ordinarv person." Zhan& Yimou has brougnt his point across. To Live IS an epic, multi-generational love story that covers the period from the 1940's throu$h to the 1960 s and beyond. A Samuel Goldwyn Co. release. @ SHOWS

prisioneiros. Uma aupla estranha. Da Columbia/ Castle Rock. To Live •••• Em chines, com legendas em ingles. Um filme de Zhang Yimou estrelando Ge You e Gong Li. Este e um filme controverso na China. Gostaria de ci tar o dire tor para explicar o conteudo do filme: familias chinesas sofreram e sobreviveram um meio seculo turbulento de priva<;oes extraordinanas. To Live estou tentando mostrar o dia a dia da popu1a<;ao chinesa ao ponto de vista de uma pessoa comum." Zhang Yimou conseguiu isso. To Live e uma hist6ria de amor e lUll epico envofvendo varias gera<;oes desde os anos 40 at.! alem dos anos 60. Lan<;amento da Samuel Goldwyn. SHOWS



The Second City Legendary comedy for 35 years. Chicago's best and most affordable lau$h show at North ana Wells. (312) 337-3992 TonY N Tina's Wedding ••• An audience participation romp. Tickets include unlimited Italian buffet, champagne toast, live mus1c. dancmg and wedding cake. At the Pipers Aile' . (312) 66-l-8844

The Second Citv Comedia legend'fma ha 35 anos em cartaz. 0 melhor show de risos em Chicf!~O. No North and wells. (312) 337-3992 TonY N Tina's Wedding ••• Travessura com participac;iio da plateia. Bilhetes mcluem bufc italiano, bnnde champanhe, mi1sica ao vivo, dan.ya e bolo No Pipers Aile\ (312) 66-l-8844





Alegria (Cirque du Sole1l) •**• Go to the circus and see their wondrous perfonners. From Canada, this award winning troupe w11l enchant you with their ne\vest production. In Santa Monica at the beach. Runs indefinitely. - ( 31 0) 458-7773 . :-:~~ke and Sing

Alegria (Cirque du Solc1l) •*•• Va ao circo e veja seus artistas · extraordinarios. Do C;:mada, esta troupe premwda o cncantani com sua mms reccnte produ<;iio. Em Santa Monica, a beira da pram Sem data para aca bar. (310) -158-7773 :-:~:!kc and Sing

Clifford Odet's


1930's starring Orson Bean continues its extended run.It chronicles the life experiences of thiee generations of a Jewish family caught in the throes of the depression era. A revival that works on all levels. A theatrical experience that has stood the test of time. At the Odyssey Theater Ensemble. - (310) 477-2055 Eating Raoul The Musical ••• The movie was a hilarious black comedy that became a cult classic. Now it returns as a musical to tickle vour fancy. Paul Bartel wrote the book, Jed Feuer the music, Boyd Graham the lvrics and James J.Agazzi the sets. The ensemble cast features, Kiki Coates, Michelle Fox, Marci Johnson, Linda Kee, Hope Levy, Don Lucas, Tom McC!eister, Rick Negron, Lisa Passero, Susan Skok and Tony Zarr. The director is Scott Wittman, musical direction by Lem Jay lonacio and cYwreo~raphy by Adam ~hankman. At the Odyssey Theater Ensemble. - (310) 477-2055 Picasso at the Laoin Agile •• , 1/2 Steve Martin comic/actor/ playw~ght brings Emstem and Picasso together in an encounter that is bound to please and entertain all who see it. It is funny. It is smart. It is unique. A splendid treat for the theater goer who wishes to see something different and can chuckle all tl1e • while. At tl1e Westwood Playhouse.

Odet estrelando Orson Bean continua sendo apresentada. Relata as experiencias de vida de tres ger~~,:~e~ dt< uma familia JUdJa em !uta com a era da depressao. Uma reencena~,:ao que funciona em todos os niveis. Uma experiencia teatral que resistiu ao teste do tempo. No Odyssey Theater Ensemble. - (31 0) 477-2055 Eating Raoul - The Musical ••• 0 filme foi uma comedia negra hilariante que se tornou um classico de culto. Paul Bartel escreveu o libreto, Jed Feuer a mi1sica, Boyd Graham as tetras e James J.Agazzi desenhou os sets. 0 elenco conta com nomes como Kiki Coates, Michelle Fox, Marci Johnson, Linda Kee, Hope Levy, Don Lucas, Tom McCleister, Rick Negron, Lisa Passero, Susan Skok and Tony Zarr. 0 diretor e Scott Wittman, a direylio musical esta a cargo de Lem Jay Ignacio e a · coreografia foi feita por Adam Shankman. Em cartaz no Odyssey Theater Ensemole. (310) 477-2055 Picasso at the Laoin Agile 1/2 Steve Martin comediante/ator/ teatrolo~;~o promove o encomro de Einstein com Picasso em uma pe~,:a que garante agradar o mm s ex1gente . espectador. )::



Blood Brothers Musical ***1/2 Carole King in tl1e hit musical by Wil Russell with

Blood Brothers Musical • ** I /2 Carole Kmg no musical de sucesso de Willy Russell




inteligente. E original. Um brinde para quem gosta de teatro e quer ver algo diferente e se di vertir ao mesmo tempo. No Westwood Playhouse. ·

Awake and Smg at the Odyssey

Adrian Zmed. A rousing experience. - (212) 239-6200 Jackie Mason Politically Incorrect A controversial hilarious show with a joke a minute. Golden Theatre 252 W. 45th St.(212) 239-6200. Jelly Roll *** 1/2 A musical about the life of Jelly Roll Morton. Music by Morton, book by

com Adrian Zmed. Estimulante. (212) 239-6200 Jackie Mason Politically Incorrect Uma piada por minuto neste show de Jackie Mason. Golden Th. - 252 W. 45th St. - (212) 239-6200. Jelly Roll ** • 1/2 Um musical sobre a vida de Jelly Roll Morton. Musica de Morton, livreto de

Verne! Bagneris who also directs. We follow Jelly Roll through his early years into adulthood, his nse and fall with tl1e musical beat ever present. An exciting Joumey down musical memory Jane. A perceptive and entertaimng view of it all. Nunsense Runnin~ nine years and st_il1 Eackinfo them m. ots o laughs in this perennial comedy. Douglas Fairbanks Theatre - 432 W. 42nd St. - (212) 239-6200. Three Tall Women - A riveting new work by master playwn~ht Edward Albee 1 he I 994 Pulitzer Prize winner. Promenade Theatre - 2162 Broadway - (212) 580-1313.

Verne! Bagneris que tambem dirige. Acompanhamos Jelly Roll atraves de seus tenros anos ate a idade adulta, sua ascensao e queda, com musica sempre presente. Viagem excitante ao passado musical dos E.U.A .. Visao perceptiva e aivertida. Nunsense - Nove anos em cartaz mas ainda lotando a casa. Muito riso nesta comedia atemporal. Em cartaz no Douglas Fairbanks Theatre 432 W. 42nd St. (212) 239-6200. Three Tall Women - Nova e fascinante pe~,:a do mestre aramaturgo Edward Albee. Ganhou o Premio Pulitzer de 94. Promenade Theatre- 2162 J?roadwa{ - (212) )80-13L.



Gilligan's Island, The Musical For the die hard fans, this is a stage versiOn of the popular TV series, at the Theater in Old Town, San Diego. - (619) 6882494 Home David Storey comic look at the undercurrents of conversation. The chit chat that we all do as we pass the time of day. At the Old Globe Theatre Cassius Carter Sta_g,e. (619) 23922)5 Later Live A. R. Gurney's new comedy when he meets a former flame that he had re)ected 30 years before, hopii11;1 that their Jove will rekindle. Old Globe Theatre. (619) 2392255

Gilligan's Island, The Musical Para os fanaticos esta e uma versiio teatral da serie popular de televisao. No Theater in Old Town, San Diego . (619) 688-2494 Home A visao comica de David Storey do subtexto da linguagem. A conversa mole em que todos nos nos engajmnos. No Old Glooe Theatre Palco Cassius Carter. (619) 2392255 Later Live A nova comedw de A. R. Gurney em que ele reencontra tuna velha paixao que havia rejeitado ha 30 anos, · esperando que a chama se reacenda. Old Globe Theatre. (619) 239-2255

SAN FRANCISCO Beach Blanket Babylon This outrageous musical revue has been packin~ them in for over .lO vears. This local landmark is a must see and Qart of the San Francisco landscape. At the Club F

SAN FRANCISCO Beach Blanket Babylon Esta rev1sta mustcal debochada tem lotado a casa por 20 anos. Este monumento local faz parte da Qaisagem de San Francisco e prec1sa ser visto. No Club

WI\' 11\ nRMEIJI.l1l ( Ol R.\ fS!

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guage is a major social and business asset which brin~ new life to travel, entertainment, and relationships. The technique of accelerated learning, as used by these foreign language courses, allows anyone to comfortably converse in a new language within 30 days. Accekrated warning, developed by famed learning expert Dr. Georgi Lozanov, is based on involving both hemispheres of the brain in the education process. The analytical (or logical) left side of the brain, when properly activated with the musical (or artistic) right side, both increases the speed and heightens the retention of learning. Using these untapped mental capacities of your learning ability is the basis of these unique, highly effective courses. " American Managers with Language Skills Open More Doors" -Wall Street Joumal Editorial

You will learn yournew language as stresslesslv as a child does, by hearing new vocabulary and phrases in alternately loud, whispered, and emphatic intonations, all accompanied by slow rhythmic music in digital stereo. This perfect combination of music and words allow the two halves of the brain to work together to dramatically fac ilitate your assimilation of the new language. The memory tapes of this ~ package help activate the learning capacities of the brain. The study tapes are the same proven tapes ·used by the Foreign Service Institute to train its career diplomats. This merging of two concepts gives you two courses in one. and provides the best of both worlds

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_.. ~ ,~ ,~

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~n:~E~i~{~~~i ~i~t-

ing at the word in English.


~~ - ~ .~ :;·

. fr~-~~~ -. ---

Toll-Free , 24-hours: VISA • M/C • AMEX:

800•8S•AUDIO Direct line lor B.U.SH Orders, Phone 9-5 PDT:

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For over 25 years, Korean Air has been dedicated to accommodating its passengers with superb service. Family care, friendly multilingual attendants and special in-flight meals are among KAL's continuous efforts to provide unparalleled service. And KAL's Frequent Traveler Bonus System (FTBS), offers a reward system with belter mileage and special Sao Paulo dividends that other airlines just can't match! * Korean Air flies worldwide, with technologically advanced jumbo aircraft, and with the most flights from the continental U.S. to the Orient. With Korean Air, you'll be certain that your vacation travel is pleasant and enjoyable. Korean Air. Fly the Spirit of Dedication. • This program is subject to rules and standards established by Korean Airlines. For detailed information, please call 1-800-438-5000.

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.,..- Los Angeles

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