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Amazon Fire TV Support Help Amazon had started from online selling business and now it has its hands in various businesses. One of the most successful of those is Amazon fire TV. It comes with a TV box and a remote but it also comes as a TV stick. The stick is similar to a thumb drive and gets plugged into the HDMI port directly. It is fast to setup, easy to carry and has all the functionality of other Amazon TV viewing devices. Here we are going to discuss another issue reported to Fire Stick Support.

Fire TV Not Working

Why Network Connection Is Dropped : Firestick makes use of a wireless connection for a number of uses. For starters, it does not have a port for ethernet, hence it makes use of a wireless connection. Another reason is that it makes use of a remote control using a wireless connection. Use of wireless connection leads to users using Netflix and Hulu services on their amazon fire TV hardware. It is one of the top-notch devices. Just like other streaming services, it also needs a minimum bandwidth of internet for streaming services. You can connect kindle fire to tv or can make use of an extended to do so. There are some minimum requirements that need to be fulfilled. Make sure that the device is already plugged into the HDMI port. If it is not, make use of an HDMI extender. Further, since it uses a wireless connection, Kindle Fire Support suggests that the router should be in the line of sight. This enables users to have a seamless connection. Ideal distance for such use is approximately ten feet. Another requirement for the device is related to power supply. The power supply should be given to the device directly using the included power adapter.

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Amazon Fire TV Support The power adapter needs to be connected to the amazon fire TV USB device with appropriate wattage. This is because this hardware has to push a lot of pixels and a Fire OS so proper power is a must. Fire tv support confirms that since the device cannot draw enough power from a USB – A port on a TV, included power adapter is a must to fire up the TV. The device also needs some amount of free space to run the apps and services. A fully clogged device might not perform as expected. Hence, free space of 4GB minimum should be there.

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How To Solve The Network Issues Faced By Amazon Fire TV?

Fire stick has been showing some issues which are reported on Fire stick help. As the users suggest, the issues are related to wireless network connection. The device is showing error related to the wireless network connectivity and is dropping the connection. This issue is not limited to a single user but to multiple users. There has been some development in this case after troubleshooting. While users tried uninstalling apps, that is not the case. Other apps in the background do not affect Amazon Fire TV as much. There have been some diagnostics which are posted on Amazon Fire TV Support. The diagnostics include plugging the device out, power cycling the wireless network and then plugging in again. Other methods include connecting the device to the TV HDMI port and not in any HDMI extender. Similarly, users have reported that the moment they unplug the device, the network worked fine. However, the device plugged in clogs the network. The rationale can be that it is downloading some kind of update in the background. The best way to deal with it is to plug into a high-speed network and let the download happen. Try again after that and the device might work.

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Amazon fire tv drop connection issue  

We believe in providing the finest way to connect kindle fire to TV for getting the best entertainment on your big screen. If you ever get i...

Amazon fire tv drop connection issue  

We believe in providing the finest way to connect kindle fire to TV for getting the best entertainment on your big screen. If you ever get i...