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Travel Europe this summer and enjoy your holidays in the elegant cities of Europe. There are many interesting places in Europe to travel. Some of the most beautiful places of Europe are Paris, London, Venice, Madrid, Frankfurt and Rome. There are many ancient buildings, architectural splendors and magnificent structures in different cities of Europe which are worth seeing. You can easily travel Europe as many airlines have come up with great offers of cheap air tickets. Though there are many beautiful places to visit in Europe, some of them which no tourist should miss to travel are The Roman Coliseum, Eiffel Tower, Acropolis, Tower Bridge, La Sagrada Familia, St. Michaeliskirche Church and Buckingham Palace. The Roman Coliseum is another interesting place in Europe to visit. This was originally a grand amphitheater with a seating capacity of over 50,000 people. You cannot afford to miss the opportunity to see this magnificent structure during your travel to Europe this summer. You can enjoy the view of Paris from Eiffel Tower which is one of the tallest buildings in the world. It is 984 feet high and is a famous landmark in the history of world architecture. You can travel Europe and visit Acropolis, located in Athens is another important historical site in Europe. You can have a look at Athens from here and enjoy the ancestral city with its ancient buildings. You can also see sites like Parthenon and ancient ruins of as old as 5th century BC. If you happen to visit London in your Europe travel then you have to see Tower Bridge. This has been built over river Thames and it is designed in such a way that you can view beautiful London from the walkways of the bridge. It will be really a thrilling experience for you to include Tower Bridge in your sight seeing list when you travel Europe. While you travel Europe for a summer trip you have to make a point to visit La Sagrada Familia. It is one of the most beautiful churches situated in Barcelona, Spain. It was designed by a famous architect Antoni Gaudi who died before completing the structure. You have to see the amazing architecture and innovative designs of it in your Europe travel and make your summer travel a pleasant one. You can have a panoramic view of Hamburg from St. Michaeliskirche situated in Germany. This would give an exciting experience of enjoying the beautiful sights of Hamburg. In your travel to Europe, you should definitely visit this beautiful church and enjoy your travel this summer. Buckingham Palace is the residence of British royalty. You cannot waste your Europe travel without seeing this beautiful palace where the Queen of England lives. You can get an opportunity

to visit the palace and see the rooms in it. However, you get this chance only in the month of August or September.

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==== ==== Hello from user. Hi For The greatest Prices on Travel to Europe check out our website ==== ====