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How To Do Alexa Setup on Echo Devices

Alexa, Can you play me a song?

It feels really good when Alexa replied in a very sweet voice and agree to all the commands you give to it.

But the problem here is that there are many people who have Alexa at their home but they are not able to listen to her voice. You may be

surprised that how could that possible but this is the truth. And the reason behind that is the ​Alexa setup​.

Yes, plenty of people don’t know how to set up Alexa on echo devices and that is the reason why we are providing you this informative article.

Follow each and every step sequence wise and in the given manner to solve the issue of Alexa setup.

Important steps for Alexa setup

1. Download Alexa app: This is the very first and the basic step. What you should do first is to download the Alexa app from the play store or app store to your device. Remember that you should have ios 11.0, android 5.1 and OS 5.3.3. 2. Setup the Echo device: After the Alexa app gets successfully download to your device then it’s time to set it up. First login into the Alexa app with your Amazon ID and password.

Note: In case you are facing any kind of difficulty while login into your Amazon account or forget your password or any other issue, then without thinking so much you can call on our helpline numbers.

USA/Canada: +1 888-949-4666 and

UK: +44 800-041-8324

1. Plugin into Alexa: Take out the wire of the Alexa and insert it into a power source. If you will see a yellow light then congratulations your Alexa is ready to use. But wait till the light turns orange. 2. Connect the device with wifi: This is a very easy and important step in the Alexa setup. Don’t forget to connect your Alexa with the wifi available wifi network. 3. Start talking to Alexa: Once you have successfully completed the above steps then it’s time to hear from Alexa. And do so you just ahve to say the wake word “Alexa” and Alexa will revert you back. You also have the option to change the wake word. 4. Start using your Echo device: You can smile now as you are done with the Alexa setup. Start using your Alexa by saying its wake word. You can give command standing in any corner of the room as the echo device has 7 inbuilt microphones. You have the option to do a number of things with your Amazon echo like calling your friends, checking out the weather or traffic in your area, listen to songs, etc. 5. Connect your Amazon echo with speakers: Now open your Alexa app and select smart home from the app menu. Search for the nearby speakers and get connected. You can also use certified Bluetooth

speakers that are designed to work with echo devices for better experience.

Alexa Helpline service

Although the above steps are enough to help you to set up the Amazon Echo device in case you have to face any kind of difficulty then you can call our helpline numbers.

Our technician will pick the call and asked for the problem, tell them everything in detail and they will solve your problem in no time.

From day to night, from Monday to Sunday, call them anytime you feel comfortable they are 24*7 available for you.

Call toll free ​Alexa Customer Service​ number USA/Canada: +1 888-949-4666 and UK : +44 800-041-8324.

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How To Do Alexa Setup on Echo Devices  

In this PDF you will get to know the full information about how to do Alexa setup on Echo Device.

How To Do Alexa Setup on Echo Devices  

In this PDF you will get to know the full information about how to do Alexa setup on Echo Device.