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by Rev. Basia Christ, PhD


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by Sheryl Wolowyk


by Raven Blair Davis DECEMBER 2014 VOLUME 1 ISSUE 1

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Letter from the Publisher Amazing Women: Business - Empowerment - Lifestyle - Entertainment magazine is for the courageous, fearless, innovative, confident, savvy woman who wants more out of life and is determine to get it. She's a mom, wife, sister, niece, cousin, aunt, or grandmother who loves and enjoys her life and intends to live it to the fullest. Recognizing her dreams and visions can be her reality; she is willing to go the distance to make it happen. She is in charge and can design her life anyway she wants - because she indeed is amazing! She realizes challenges, setbacks, and adversities will be a part of her journey to success and is determined to push past her disappointments, struggles, and challenges because she knows true success can only come from obstacles. Whatever she experiences will build her character and helps her become the woman she truly is. Amazing women continuously strive to achieve. Success depends on making decisions, having self-discipline, and not giving in to the first hurdle. You will be surprised at what you are capable of achieving; this is what separates the successful from the unsuccessful. This is what makes us the Amazing Women we are.

RavEn Blair Davis Publisher Powered by Raven International Media Producer and Founder of Amazing Women of Power, positive programming radio network Subscribe NOW by clicking on the link below to receive your next issue FREE: magazine

Amazing Woman is committed to inspiring our readers monthly to get more life out of living and more living out of life. We're sincerely, hoping when you indulge yourself in each monthly issue you will find great reading, informative resources, and you receive what you need when you need it. You'll find articles about self-care and how important it is to exercise, eat a healthy diet, relax, and take care of yourself emotionally and physically. When our bodies and mind are in union, we can feel and be healthy and fit. You'll read stories of amazing women and their successes, stories of strength, endurance, faith, love, and forgiveness that will empower and inspire you to be the authentic woman you pride yourself in being.... no matter what! You'll discover incredible business strategies tips and formulas for success that, when implemented, will elevate your life, business, finance, health, and career goals. We encourage you to read the information, stories, and strategies and take inspired massive action and so you can have the life you deserve. Amazing Women magazine is here to uplift you when you're feeling down, to encourage you when you need that extra push, and to educate you when you require knowledge. This is our first of many issues. We, like you, will be evolving, learning, growing, and would be delighted to hear from you - the amazing leaders who are the amazing women who were our inspiration for creating this magazine. "Our Goal is to Help You Reach Yours"

Raven Blair Davis December 2014 Amazing Women



Amazing women BUSINESS

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Sheryl Wolowyk


Published by Raven Blair Davis, Raven International Media Editor-in-Chief, Creative Director Rev. Basia Christ, Ph.D. December 2014 Amazing Women




Amazing Women December 2014


op Challenges Facing “Expert” Entrepreneurs


ver read a biography on a well-known, successful Entrepreneur and think, “They must be lucky?” You wouldn't be alone.

Most people believe those who have achieved their dreams and “made it” are cut from a different cloth than the rest of us. They're more talented, more driven, more able ...and they deserve more. It's an unfortunate way of thinking. If you believe success only comes to a select few, and only because they are “lucky” or “better than” others are setting yourself up for failure.

By Sheryl Wolowyk manufacturers and other entrepreneurs don’t face. These obstacles can be huge; they could stop you in your tracks. Overcome them, and everyone will be reading stories of your success. I'll show you how to land a steady steam of potential clients, and keep it flowing no matter what... The key to turning your prospects into profits... And, finally, increasing “LTV," an acronym that means big money for your business...

People who are successful didn’t get there because of innate talent or luck. Most didn't have a breezy, straightforward trip to the top, despite what you think.

Getting (And Keeping) a Steady Stream of Potential Clients Success usually happens when people overcome three major challenges in their businesses, challenges ‘expert’ entrepreneurs or what I call, Expertpreneurs® face. Expertpreneurs are entrepreneurs who make their living sharing their knowledge and expertise. Examples of expertpreneurs include consultants, coaches, authors, and speakers. Expertpreneurs have unique challenge retailers,

Probably the most vexing problem for any Entrepreneur is lead generation - getting and maintaining potential clients' interest in your products or services. All it takes to generate a steady stream of prospects is consistent effort to draw them in. A system you develop to get your message in front of your target prospect, so they think of you first when they need help with what you specialize in. December 2014 Amazing Women


BUSINESS Many Expertpreneurs rely heavily on JV and Affiliate relationships to make this happen. They team up with other Entrepreneurs to cross promote products, seminars, courses, etc. This is all well and good, to a degree. However, if you rely solely on those relationships to generate leads, you risk distilling your positioning and focus as an Expertpreneur. Ultimately alienating your prospects and clients.

It also needs to be related to your area of expertise so it positions you as a trusted advisor and demonstrates your insight and knowledge. You wouldn’t share eight tips for packing light on your next holiday if you were a financial planning expert. The information can be in the form of a report, ebook, podcast, video, checklist, or something easy to access and consume. Over time you should develop many lead magnets on a variety of topics and in a number of different formats to appeal to different preferences. For now, let’s get you started on getting the first one done. After you've finished creating your lead magnet, next create a targeted landing page on your website (which you absolutely must set up) to attract and capture the contact details of potential leads. This page would address fears, problems, frustrations and hopes, dreams, and aspirations the lead magnet addresses. The landing page will also have copy that encourages the prospect to opt-in (by giving their name and email address) for your “lead magnet.”

The first thing you must do is identify who your target prospect is. What are their fears, frustrations, and problems? What are their hopes, dreams, and desires? How can you give them what they want? Find out where they hang out. Do they prefer social media? Email? Forums? Perhaps they don't use computers at all. Once you've compiled this data (and you should take as much time as you need to get it together – it will affect a multitude of decisions you make in your business from here on out), you are ready to put the beginnings of a lead generation system in place. Your critical first step would be to create free content of value called a “lead magnet," addressing those points you researched. A targeted piece providing valuable intelligence your prospects want, to entice them to your website and join your list. An example would be offering seven Hollywood tips on getting a flat stomach or techniques on how to cope with the loss of a loved one. Whatever it is, it doesn't have to be in-depth; it just needs to pique their curiosity, appeal to their self-interest, and provide value. 8

Amazing Women December 2014

Leads who “raise their hand” to receive that lead magnet become your prospects. You also have to be persistent in getting your face in front of your target market. Hang out where your prospects hang out. Speak at events. Go to networking meetings. Attend conferences and trade shows. All of this effort will pay off when you have a steady stream of leads coming in, just waiting to spend money with you. Then it's your job to take what you did to attract those leads, convert them into prospects, and create an automatic system from that process, tweaking it along the way to maintain and increase the flow of leads to your website.

Turning Prospects Into Clients Once you have your lead magnet, you're putting yourself in front of your target market, and starting to generate prospects. Now it's time to turn them into paying clients! First, set up an effective marketing funnel. A marketing funnel is the path of communication you take each lead through to ideally turn them into a paying customer. Your lead generation system and your lead magnet are the first steps. Once they've given you their contact information to the lead magnet, you have to follow up.

Your best bet is to develop an email series congratulating them on their download, that encourages them to consume it (by providing reminders about valuable tools or resources within your lead magnet), builds a relationship with your new prospects, and ultimately leads them to offers for your

would think you're a nut if you did. That's because you haven't developed a rapport and built a relationship. Creating a strong marketing funnel and consistently providing free, valuable strategies and tools does that for you. When you share valuable free content, your prospects will reach a point where THEY want to buy something from YOU. They will practically beg for an offer, much like the partners in a long-term relationship waiting for a proposal. If you’ve been meeting your prospects' needs, addressing their problems, or helping them reach their aspirations, they’ll want to continue the relationship. Become that Expertpreneur for your prospects, and you will be amazed at how your profits soar.

first product. If you do this well, there's a good chance they'll buy! However, an effective marketing funnel isn't the only element to converting prospects to clients. You need consistently to provide free, valuable content for them to consume. Have you noticed how many free publications I offer on my Expert Elevation website? There's a blog, a newsletter, my radio show, and my Expertpreneur TV show. All provide valuable tips and strategies for Expertpreneurs to succeed in building an Easy, Simple, and Lucrative business (My E.S.L. Way). Education-based marketing, as I call it, is the cornerstone of building a relationship as an Expertpreneur. When you provide valuable solutions for your prospects' “top of mind” problems, they get to know, like, and trust you. You become relevant and important to them. It positions your expertise, transforming you into an authority in their eyes. They believe because your free communications are valuable, your paid products will be even better! This will bring their resistance to your first offer way, way down. The key to understand is you never want to bombard your prospects with offers right away. The temptation for many Entrepreneurs, no matter the industry, is to get excited when they get a prospect. So they bombard them with offers right after the first connection. If you were on a first date, would you propose? Even if you really liked the person and thought they might be "the one," you likely wouldn't take it that far on the first date. They

Retaining Clients Longer The prospects you've worked hard to attract have finally become your clients. Through your consistent educationbased marketing, effective marketing funnel, and persistent pursuit of new leads, your business is booming. Now, it's time to get those clients to stick around as long as you can. Many businesses only think about the short term when trying to attract customers. They generate leads well, and maybe even convert effectively. However, they assume those clients will just stick around. Ignoring your average "customer life cycle" (how long they remain a client) and your average customer lifetime value (LTV – How much a client is worth to you over time, on average) is suicide for your business. Yet many Entrepreneurs aren’t even aware of these financial metrics in their business. These numbers are critical for understanding how effective your retention strategies are; the level of engagement and loyalty you have with clients; and even how much you can afford to spend on marketing. The longer your customer life cycle, and the higher your LTV, the more you can spend on marketing to attract more clients. This affects how much money you earn each year and ultimately for how much you can sell your business. The good news is by having a well thought out marketing December 2014 Amazing Women


BUSINESS funnel, you already have a strong system in place to keep following up with your clients, and continually remind them of new, free content you're creating. This will keep them in tune with your business and on the lookout for more products and services. The funny thing is, that's where many Entrepreneurs miss a golden opportunity. They don't have any more products for their current customers to buy! As an Expertpreneur, it is vital to develop a “product ladder” that works for your client base. A product ladder is simply an ascension of products that provide solutions to your clients as they stay with you longer. For example, I could break this very article into three separate products, or more. The first would help you define your ideal client and figure out where you can find them. It would focus entirely on prospect research. (Which I actually have, right here.) Once that problem is solved, what's the next step? The second product would show you how to best reach those leads to get them as prospects. Creating a lead magnet, setting up your landing page, and creating your first marketing funnel. I also have a product for that. Finally, the third product would be how to turn your prospects into paying clients. Getting them to buy their first product, encouraging them to not return it, and leading them down the path to making another purchase. And of course I have a product for that. By solving one major problem per product, you allow for two things: One, your client is able to focus on one thing without getting confused by too many ideas. They'll be able to get the most out of what you offer. Two, you will be able to make more products that tackle other issues. Allowing you to create a perfect product ladder for your business. And increasing the “LTV” of each customer you get.

Creating the Ideal Business This may be a lot of information, but if you implement everything I've mentioned, your business will be in great shape. I realize there's a lot of work to be done. One article isn't 10

Amazing Women December 2014

enough to cover all of the details of how to put these pieces together. If you are interested in taking your business to the next level, check out my Income Acceleration Blueprint. It's for Expertpreneurs just like you who are looking to create a fool-proof system for generating clients and profits in their business. And it's free! By taking the leap and implementing these concepts and systems, you'll position yourself to have the Expertpreneur business of your dreams. Sheryl Wolowyk, the Income Acceleration Coach, is a speaker, coach, magazine editor, and marketing and lead generation expert. Sheryl is known for her strategic perspective on building businesses and her straight-talk on what it takes to be successful in business and in life. She inspires expertpreneurs™ to take massive action to build lucrative businesses and influential brands with her income acceleration system and strategic approach to business. Sheryl Wolowyk, CEO, MBA, Best Selling Author Expert Elevation: Business Coaching and Entrepreneurial Training: Executive Producer and Editor, ExpertPreneur Radio Show Editor and Publisher ExpertPreneur Magazine Founding Member of the XPrize Education Initiative Learn more about the X Prize on You Tube - "Making the Impossible, Possible” watch?v=cz24s85GVU0 Sheryl's LinkedIn Profile


ove-based Copywriting: How to Replace Fear With Love and Sell More

By Michele P W

Yes, those long sales letters DO work, which is why the Internet is littered with them and why they won’t go away. BUT, there’s a reason why they feel icky. It’s because much of traditional direct response copywriting is based on fear. People make buying decisions based on emotions. This means if you want to have effective direct response copy, it also needs to tap into people's emotions. You have a choice. You can choose to tap into fear-based emotions or love-based emotions. Fear-based emotions include fear, worry, guilt, and shame. Love-based emotions include love, respect, hope, and transformation. It’s up to YOU to decide on what you want..


ou know those long sales letters on the Internet where you scroll down for-ev-er looking for the price? You probably hate them, don’t you?

They can’t POSSIBLY work. No one reads them. No one really buys from them. And yet, you’ve been told, over and over by “gurus” and “experts” that if you’re an entrepreneur, you MUST use them if you want to grow your business so you can experience that elusive “make money while you sleep” thing. And you really, really want those results. But, you also don’t want that hype-y, sales-y, slime-y energy in your business. Yuck. (Please, tell me they don’t work.) Let me share some truths about direct response copywriting (which is what it’s called when you write those super long sales letters, nothing to do with protecting your intellectual property or putting a copyright on something).

(Feels good, doesn’t it? Knowing there’s a choice on what sort of business you can build?) If you like the sound of love-based copywriting and are wondering how you can integrate it into your business, keep reading. Below are five keys that can help you craft love-based copy to attract, inspire, and invite your ideal prospects to become ideal clients. 1. Do you know who you want to be working with (your perfect clients) or are you willing to settle for whoever will to pay you?

Get to know and work on attracting your ideal clients. I prefer ideal clients over target markets or niche markets because target markets and niche markets don’t go far enough. They focus more on the external, a description of who you’re here to serve. Go deep, feel who they are. Know what motivates them, what their values are, what moves them, what keeps awake. Know them like you would a friend. The good, the bad, and the ugly. December 2014 Amazing Women


BUSINESS 2. Is the copy respectful when it touches on pain or what keeps you awake?

There’s a lot of confusion fear-based copy is about using pain. That's not true. Pain is a part of life and it is also a part of growth. Suffering is different. It suffering takes place in our heads. Fear-based emotions take over to make the pain worse. Fear-based copy causes suffering. Love-based copy acknowledges the pain (because to not acknowledge the pain is disrespectful). Your ideal clients are in pain and to not talk about it is almost as bad as deliberately making it worse. Think of people who are sick and go to doctor after doctor only to be told their pain is “all in their heads." Love-based copy shares a solution where they can get out of pain if they so choose. That’s the difference.

3. Are you using psychological triggers to tap into love or fear?

Since copywriting is about getting your prospect to take action (such as clicking a link or giving you their your name and email or buy) it needs to tap into emotions.

One good way is to use psychological triggers.

Psychological triggers are deeply embedded inside us and connected to our survival instincts, such as finding a relationship, sex appeal, having enough food, having shelter, raising a family, knowing we’ll be taken care of as we age, and being in a community.

The FEAR of not having these needs met is strong enough to get people to buy. (And they buy to get away from fear more than they buy to move toward pleasure.) Which is why fear-based marketing works.

You have to use triggers; you need them to inspire people to take action. Rather than using triggers to make people feel fear, shame, guilt, or false urgency, instead use them to attract and invite your perfect clients to say YES to moving forward with you.

4. What is your “come from?”

We’re about to get a little woo-woo, but stay with me.

Embracing love-based copy requires a mindset shift. It’s difficult to do if you're stuck in fear or scarcity. But if you can be in the energy of love and abundance,


Amazing Women December 2014

it’s going to be much easier to write copy that attracts, inspires, and invites your ideal prospects to become ideal clients. You’ll be able to relax and be open to whoever is attracted, versus panicking and feeling like you need to arm twist folks into buying. 5. Are you writing to your ideal client as a friend or do you think of them as a “walking wallet?”

This is a continuation of the mind-set piece. To attract your ideal clients into your business that feels good to you and them, they want to feel special and NOT like they only represent dollar signs to you.

Know your ideal client like you do your friend because when you sit down to write to your ideal client, it’s like writing to a friend. Let your ideal prospects feel your passion and energy to help them get past what’s keeping them awake so they can sleep. When you do this, you move away from the fear-based emotions and into love-based. Doesn’t that feel soooo much better? What I’ve covered here is the tip of the iceberg. If you’re interested in learning more, check out my bestselling book Love-Based Copywriting: How to Write Copy that Attracts, Inspires and Invites Your Ideal Prospects to Become Ideal Clients on Amazon. You can also get my free love-based copywriting template by clicking here: www. Considered one of the hottest marketing strategists today, Michele PW has a reputation for crafting promotional materials and creating marketing campaigns that people love and get results. She is the owner and founder of Michele PW/Creative Concepts and Copywriting LLC, which has a client list that reads like the “Who’s Who” of Internet Marketing.” Creative Concepts and Copywriting LLC Phone/Fax: 877-754-3384 E-mail:

Click here to listen to Michele's podcast

Customer Service and Clients' Emergencies

away. Don’t act out of fear or run your business from the instinctual fight or flight mode.

In order to keep yourself productive and to not burn out your support staff, don’t respond to people who are loud. By Christina L. Suter Create a system that works for your business and your client that doesn't leave you wasting days. As a small business owner, I'm sure you know it’s not uncommon for customers to call with an urgent issue. Or Christina L. Suter is the founder and CEO of Ground Level Consulting in Pasadena CA. should I say, they call with an issue they consider urgent. Christina works with small businessowners to When this happens, what level of customer service do you improve business performance and work/life promise? balance. Focusing on the unique challenges If your business offers a quick turnaround, it's essential to incorporate a system around how you respond. How you handle urgent requests is based upon your branding and systemic systems. Your best course of action is to plan for urgent requests. They may never happen, but leave time for them. If you don't plan for the urgent what-ifs, you might find 50% of your time and tasks may be spent on emergencies or things not on your to do list. Leave at least an hour in your daily schedule to attend to emergencies. My job as a biz consultant is to be available and responsive to my clients. I know if I don't plan urgent matters into my day, my day can be hijacked by a client emergency and I’ll lose my day. Wha I do is have people leave a message when they have an urgent matter and when I have my next break, I answer them. I don’t allow their urgency to interrupt my time with another client.

facing small business owners, Christina helps clients increase profits, reduce management hours, and improve business quality and service. During her 20 years of successful small business experience, Christina has developed a variety of programs based on key fundamental principles for building and managing small business and meeting personal goals. Christina hasused her intrinsic understanding of essential business practice to help her clients triple business revenue, turnaround failing businesses, create consistent and predictable cash-flow, prevent unnecessary loss, increase gross sales, achieve financial clarity and mastery, and attain family/personal life balance.

Click here to see more: www.groundlevel-consulting. com/article/5703-customer-service-and-a-sense-ofurgency#sthash.bP0DadCR.dpuf

Stephen Covey suggests certain things are urgent and others are important. Let me add there are things that feel urgent but may not actually be urgent, hence, the sense of urgency. Something due tomorrow is urgent and something such as paying rent is important. The things that keep your business going are important; the things that may cause your business to close tomorrow are urgent. If something is urgent, but not important, don’t do it. Do what’s urgent first and then do what is important. Make a 'someday maybe' list for things that aren’t urgent or important, but you want to do some day. When it comes to your time, manage yourself and your client. Instead of responding right away to customers, note it needs to be responded to and get back to them as soon as you can. Determine what needs to be addressed right December 2014 Amazing Women



Go to for the details. When you get there, click on the audio to hear more about this incredible product.


Amazing Women December 2014


s that an Objection OR are They Bad Prospects? By Lynn Hidy


have a VERY important question to ask you: "Is that an objection OR are they a bad prospect?"

The other day I had an interesting exchange in one of my classes. In all the years I’ve been teaching Objection Handling, I’ve never run across this one before. One of the women INSISTED “that’s not my job” was an objection. We even had a conversation about the two options: 1. it’s really not my job. 2. I’m lying because I don’t want to talk with you. I’m not sure the answer matters, but I would have gotten behind the idea #2 could be viewed as an objection. BUT the first option, I can’t. The first option means you are targeting the wrong person! I’m not saying to never call that company again in a business to business sale, but you need to move on and find new people within the account. In a business to consumer sale, stop calling! Merriam-Webster defines an objection as “a reason for disagreeing with or opposing something.”  It’s not my job isn’t a disagreement, it’s a fact. December 2014 Amazing Women


BUSINESS Second, even though they didn’t hang up the phone when they gave you an objection, they did hit the release button in their brain.

A softening statement example is: Out of curiosity,

Here's a simple three-step process I teach and use to handling objections Step 1: Acknowledge the prospect has a valid point

Now it is your turn, create a script on how you will handle the top three objections you hear and never be stopped in your tracks again.

One of the top complaints about salespeople is we don’t listen! Change this perspective immediately by acknowledging you’ve heard the objection.

Once you are back into a conversation with your prospect, you will have a better chance to change their mind and move beyond the objection.

One of my favorite questions is, "Who is the focus of your current training program?"

Important safety tip: acknowledge and agree, are NOT the same thing. Step 2: Tell a story get the prospect re-engaged in the conversation We’re not talking about War & Peace; a few sentence story will do the trick. You are elaborating on your acknowledgement and allowing the prospect to see themselves inside the story… and, therefore, inside working with you. Step 3: Ask a question to turn on the prospect’s brain The question you ask is NOT to sell the prospect on anything EXCEPT on continuing the conversation. You’ve re-engaged them with your story, now it's time for them to turn their brain back on and the only way to get that to happen is by asking a question without an automatic response! To make yourself sound conversational, use a softening statement at the beginning. Need an example? We’re going to use, “I already have a vendor” for sales training so you can see what it might sound like. Acknowledge: It’s funny you should say that, all of my customers worked with other people who were doing training for them when I first called. My story for sounds like this: Most sales teams and organizations have ways of training their salespeople. Sometimes it is an internal resource others use people from the outside. What I find most often is that my off-kilter approach is different from what the salespeople are used to hearing. The people who are most engaged are “good” and looking to be FANTASTIC. That audience tends to be missed by remedial focused programs. 16

Amazing Women December 2014

Lynn Hidy, TeleSales Specialist, Coach, and Trainer, is here to take you from being good to fantastic in sales! Your first sip when you tune in will be our quote of the day, followed by Lynn’s off-kilter style to improve a target sales topic. It’s all about being able to take ACTION for improvement when you’re done, so we’ll give you a TeleSales Twist on the subject and final gulp with a book recommendation. Don’t be surprised if there is a special guest on to allow you to hear the topic from the sales expert who owns it. To learn more about Lynn, visit: Listen to Lynn on: Finance, Business, Careers & Jobs Thursdays at 12:00 pm & 6:00 p.m. CT

5 Tips for Your Home Business Success


Promote yourself. You're an extension of your business. If you are selling an energy boosting product, don’t show up sluggish and tired to a networking event. Have business cards, pen, calendar and promotional materials. Don’t have marks on your business card. Have a simple, catchy 30-second commercial. Speak to five new people at networking events and not to people you know. Show off your business: email signature, t-shirts, bags, window decals on your car. Use social media that best serves you… promote, promote, promote.


Follow up. Have systems so you can connect with new people who show interest within 24 hours. Send email marketing with pre-written messages automatically when you add a new prospect into your database where you track the stages of your relationship with them. Listen for what the new lead is asking or wanting. Have your calendar ready for appointments. If you have open spots, call the person you just met and fill the space. Bottom line here: Follow-up=$$$


Don’t get discouraged. A top reason a home based business fails is because the owner gets discouraged and gives up. Reach UP. Speak with those who you aspire to be like, not the ones not doing the work. Think about with what you struggle and learn about it; don't dwell on it. Focus on what you do best. Make sure your busienss compliments your strengths. Stay current of what is happening in your industry to stay ahead of your competition.

By Sutra Borgeson

What does it take to have a successful home based business? It boils down to 5 simple things. It isn’t a secret, but many times when I coach business owners, the following Business-focused Fundamentals are forgotten: 1.


Know your schedule. Planning your day is the most critical aspect. Work diligently like you have to punch a time clock and keep the boss happy. Set your hours and let everyone know. Identify five things you must accomplish daily and complete them in order of difficulty. You are freshest in the morning so use energy to conquer the hardest tasks first. It's okay to take care of one personal matter, but don't let it take over. Keep emailing to a minimum. Read and reply two times daily. Stay focused on "Money Makers," tasks that generate income: calling customers, interviewing new team members, attending a networking event, etc. Leave your desk. Allow one day weekly for administrative duties…meet people, close deals, and schedule shows. Dress the part. When you work for a corporate employer, you don't go to work in your pajamas? Get dressed and promote your product, especially if you own a business that sells makeup, jewelry, clothes, shoes, etc. Take appointments as early as 9:00 a.m. each day. Dress like a successful business owner, not like you just came from the gym? Dressing the part extends to your briefcase and calendar.

Sutra Borgeson is a Business Coach & Consultant, specializing in Home Based Business, Entrepreneur, Networker, Speaker, Author, Executive Producer and Talk Show Host of "Work Can be Fun." Contact Your BFF Sutra, LLC for your FREE 30 minutes consultation and get back to those Business Focused Fundamentals holding you back from your dreams and aspirations. Sutra has more than 20 years of experience in business and working from home achieving top leadership levels in well known direct selling companies. She uses her experience and knowledge to coach people who want to be successful. or email Mention Amazing Women Magazine for a special gift valued at $299.

December 2014 Amazing Women




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Steps for a Dynamic Wealth Building System

Recipe: Opportunity + Knowledge + Dynamic Wealth Building System + Massive Action = Massive Success!!! Step 1. Connect with mentors who have a Dynamic Wealth Building System, people who have generated millions of dollars in business sales. More importantly, those who can provide a system to allows you to leverage their knowledge and create distribution. With a Dynamic Wealth Building System you could be putting thousands of dollars into your bank account the first month you put the system into ACTION! Step 2. Do not make excuses. Get started now. To implement a Dynamic Wealth Building System, be decisive and take MASSIVE ACTION. Rid yourself of the negativity around you. EXPECT to be successful. You must have a Dynamic Wealth Building belief system for success. Shift your belief system to one that always expects the best in all areas of your life (Phenomenal Faith, Family, Friends, Finance, Fitness and Fun). Expect the best. Hoping is wishful thinking. When you expect things to happen, and apply Massive Action, and they will! Step 3. Apply "The Dynamic Wealth Building System” through the action of Faith others have named the “Law of Attraction." “Now Faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not scene.” “Whatever a man sows that shall he also reap.” “As a man thinks in his heart so is he.” Whatever you focus on expands in your life. What you think about consistently increases the strength of the attraction; what you think about with strong emotion, increases the pull and power of the attraction. Remember “Faith without works is dead.”

By Joe Louis Burroughs Step 4. State your Dynamic Wealth Building System Goals in the Positive! Wrong Example: I want to be rich. Right Example: I want total financial abundance and prosperity for myself, my family and others! Develop a vivid picture of what you want. Imagine that Dynamic Wealth System Image in your mind's eye three times daily. CHARGE it with positive emotion to magnetize it. Step 5. Develop an action plan for success. Write the vision; make it plain on tablets, so he may run who reads it. Develop a "Stick to it"...don't quit...don't stop attitude. Stay focused...believe in the system. Stay the course. Exert selfdiscipline, a bull dog tenacity and persistence. “Knowledge as a mere ornament may bring a certain amount of selfsatisfaction to all who possess it, but it's useless to others until it is put into action Once your action plan is in place, wash, rinse and repeat; and brace yourself for a lifetime journey of success! WIN BIG! Joe Louis Burroughs (From the Battle Field to the Kitchen Table) Network every Friday at 1230 CST, social media or go to Joe was motivated to start a business by a client who was heading to war in 2003. This client had $41,000 in debt and the wrong kind of life insurance. A Primerica Representative met with the client and doubled his protection for half the cost. The representative took the savings and, with other resources, eliminated his debt in 18 months. His wife was relieved, they were able to buy a home, and establish substantial savings. The client completed three combat tours and retired from the US Marines. The client I'm speaking of is Joe. Joe was inspired to start a business and speaking platform. At that time in his life, he was searching for a chance to improve his family's quality of life. “Entrepreneurship allowed me to be my own boss, work as many or as little hours as I chose and enjoy an unlimited income potential — all while helping families achieve their financial goals.” “My purpose has changed my life!” Interested in getting paid what you are worth? You can follow me on the Amazing Women of Power Network.

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hat are the 5 Things You Do to Make Life More Difficult? By Kim Fuller

1. No vision, no plan


ometimes in life, we make things more difficult for ourselves without even knowing. With a few key adjustments, we can be on an easy (well, easier) track for change.


Amazing Women December 2014

Step one in any change process is being aware of what you want. If you don’t have a vision of what you want, you can’t even begin to construct a plan for change. It’s like getting on a bus and just riding. It may seem interesting at first, but if there’s no destination, there’s no point to getting on the bus. You won’t know when to get off (unless the driver says so, of course). Much time is spent just sitting around with no focus, no plan, and no objective. Thousands of people get on and off with clear intentions on where they are going and what they plan to see and do. They have a destination, they mapped out their

journey, and they brought along items needed for the trip. You, too, can find a destination and get there. You just need a little guidance on how. “You are not here by mistake. Around the world and down through the ages there has never been another you, and there will never be another you. The miracle of your existence is now in your hands. You are here for a purpose. You have something only you can give to the world. Take the time to consider what that is. How many people does it take to make a difference? Dan Zadra & Kobi Yamada

2. Waiting for “it” to happen or change The only bad action you can make is inaction. This reminds me of a joke my mother told me years ago: A man wanted to win the lottery (don’t we all?) so he could be rich and have enough money to give back to the community and donate to those less fortunate. He asked God every single night before bed, “Please, God. Let tomorrow

finally be the day.” God heard the man’s prayers and was silent until one night when God said, “I’ve heard your prayers every night and am thankful that you would want to give back. And even though I do work miracles, you’re going to have to help me out a little and actually buy a lottery ticket.” Basically, waiting for “it” to fall out of the sky and into your lap is a waste of your resources and precious time. Make a move. Do something. The only error is non-movement. If you create a plan and take action, change will follow.

3. Being discouraged by the barriers We all have barriers that keep us from our goals. But it’s learning to identify them and work through them that will help achieve those goals. We all must learn not to be discouraged by the barriers that we have. I learned through my own growth process that one of my barriers to success was being able to ask for help. After my husband died, and as much as I thought it was hurting my pride and self-worth, I broke down and asked my friends and family for help and support. Knowing when to ask for help is a wonderful thing, but I thought that I was asking too much of everyone. At one point, I remember apologizing to my friend for being too needy. She smiled and replied, “your friends and family love you and they love to help you. It’s our pleasure.” Deep down, I knew that. But I needed that reassurance because I lived under the unhelpful belief that it is not okay to ask for help. I asked and I received. And I’m thankful for it. For you, write

what barriers you’ve had in the past, so you know what to expect in the future. You won’t be blind sided and you can use the list to work toward your goals.

4. Thinking that you will get around to it when you feel like it At times, we think we’ll do what needs to be done “starting tomorrow” or just whenever we felt like it. If that were the case, nothing would ever get done. We do things because they need to be done, not because we always want to do them. The same goes for our goals. Think of them as things that always need to be done. And when you don’t want to do them, create a system that includes positive reinforcement of little successes to motivate you to start your process of change and continue that change until your goal(s) is achieved.

I recommend hiring someone who has done what you want to do, or is able to help you get there due to their expertise and/or experience. Get out of your own way. Many businesses and ideas fail because of lack of support. Find someone who will motivate you whenever you’re feeling discouraged or hit a plateau. I repeat, get out of your own way and stop letting yourself quit because you don’t think that you can. Of course, you can. Now get on with it.

5. Not investing in yourself One of the biggest mistakes people make is not investing in themselves. Almost every successful person you can think of has had some kind of coach, mentor, trainer, etc. who they looked to for support and advice, above any friend or family member. When I was an intern and making plans to be a life coach, I realized I needed to hire a life coach, someone who knew exactly what I wanted to do and how to evolve into the person I wanted to be. Since that first person, I have hired different coaches and experts along the way to keep me moving through the process and help me create systems to stay accountable.

Kim Fuller, Life Coach, is founder of Fuller Life Concepts, Inc. life coaching for solo parenting Moms who want to make more money, have more freedom, and experience more fun. She is co-author of Mommy Divas on the Move: 16 Successful Secrets for Mompreneur where they share never before told, raw and uncut, behind the scenes stories from leading women in business. For more information about Kim, go to

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One's Life Purpose:

Understanding Why

opinion. Let them have it and move on - just don't buy into it, and you're going to be okay. In reality, the more self-compassionate you are the more likely you will be compassionate toward others. Brain research demonstrates we have been constantly assigning significance to our own lives. We're making the story of our life up as we go.

By Lorena Douglas Reality is quite subjective. When Your accurate potential is an existing possibility that should be cultivated and nurtured. We all have a motive for being born. You are not a random accident. Yet, a lot of people usually do not recognize how we see our self is a big determinant of whether or not we pursue a greater vision. Among the most significant impediments is a lack of self-compassion. I say this really is a little known secret because I found a long time ago that people take pride in saying they are compassionate regarding others, but they almost invariably leave themselves out of the equation! What about you? Aren't you a human being? Why do not you deserve respect and consideration? A lot of people let their internal critic to berate them and, in fact, there's this tacit belief running that humility equals self-deprecation. I like to remember this quote: “A lot of the conflict you have in your life exists simply because you're not living in alignment; you're not being true to yourself.� Often people presume narcissism is meant by self-love. It doesn't; narcissism is based in fear, not love. One may be entirely insecure and self-loathing and act narcissistic and self-centered. Additionally, narcissists are delusional. Some may delude themselves into believing that God/ Spirit/The Creator made them better than many others. That is their 22

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we don't feel loving about our self, our time is spent by us - our life staying active to avoid our feelings, or pursuing material trying to please others. When we feel good about whom we are, recognizing human beings are growing, and we drop the need to pretend that individuals have it all together, we come from our heart that is bona fide and can take off our mask. There is nothing wrong with loving others. We have been engraved with sympathy and empathy. Empathy, including self-empathy is strong and it is being analyzed within the realm of neuroscience in areas dealing with stress, low self-esteem, and low confidence. Emotional Intelligence Why low EQ? If you're feeling apprehensive, others can pick on your state of energy and never trust you or not understand why they feel uneasy around you. It's challenging to be interested in others about what is wrong along with you, when your head is full of sound and clutter. The inclination is to go into self-protection mode, therefore, leading to inauthenticity and dearth of empathy for others. You can't evaluate because you are too preoccupied with your negative ideas and feelings, how others feel. We are able to expand into our true potential and live our goal to a higher

level when we believe we deserve it. That is the trap, although I am aware many people think that it is. You are valuable as you exist. That which you accomplish is a separate problem. You are far more likely to develop the clarity and fire to achieve your life goal and potential that is accurate when you practice the little known secret of self -compassion.Check it out. Begin to build your body, your mind, and spirit and you won’t regret it. Rena is known as a catalyst for sparking that light inside of you, and awakening the sleeping giant within you. She shares life experiences, wisdom and a listening ear to help you overcome obstacles you may face in today's economy. Life Coach Rena D can assist you with dedicated support and empower you to overcome obstacles in your life, achieve clarity, take action and optimize self-balance to realize your possibilities, your purpose, goals and dreams. To learn more about Lorena, visit:

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he Ritual of Loving Yourself

Love Yourself, Forgive Yourself, Be True To Yourself. How you treat sets the standard for how other's will treat you. Steve Maraboli

By Mary Smith More

It is hard to be happy when someone is mean to you all the time. Christine Arylo

You may have hurts, emotional pain, and short comings, learn to accept yourself regardless of what others say. Focus on your positive qualities, and admiral traits. Let go of the harsh judgements, comparisons to others, and self-hatred. Learn to see yourself as a soulful and divinely inspired person you are. Be gentle with yourself.


was an only child for 10 years. I always felt love and approval from my family and friends. Back in the day old people would tell me good things my future and inspired me to do and be my best. I thought that everyone's world was the same as mine. I learned later in life, circumstances and experience in their lives made their view different. There were three men that were instrumental in me knowing it was alright for me to love me. They treated me special and everything I did was great. Looking back I know that was just encouraging a child. Those three men were my dad, Earl Smith, my uncle Leon, and my dad's best friend. Lester Campbell. If your life's journey was not one filled with love and encouragement, forgive those who had the power to make it better but didn't. Remember this, too, shall pass. Have you been unloved or shown love in unhealthy ways in your life? Here are some tips on loving yourself first. 1. Be kind and nice to yourself. 24

Amazing Women December 2014

2. Be the love you want.

Spend more time focusing on self-love. Try loving and positive affirmations, nourish your soul through a love-kindness meditation or spiritual practices that help you feel compassion and love toward yourself. Infuse your day with self-love or the peace of positive affirmations. Try to be in that place of love throughout the day.

3. Give yourself a break.

You're not perfect, you don't have to be on top of your game everyday. Eleanor Roosevelt said, "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent." Be willing to embrace your imperfections and

excuse your bad days. Don't set such high standards for yourself emotionally and mentally. It's normal to feel sadness and pain and to hit some low points in life. Don't stay there get a routine to raise your love levels or vibrations. Allow your self to embrace then let it go, release those emotions without getting stuck there. 4. Embrace yourself.

Are you content being alone by yourself without feelings of anxiety, fear, and judgement? You may have to go within and seek solace in yourself to be comfortable in your skin. Practice moments of alone time and be aware of how you treat yourself. Embrace solitude and allow yourself to be mindful of your thoughts, feelings and beliefs about yourself. The process of self-discovery can happen through clinical therapy or counseling. This healing process can help you discover who you are and what your obstacles to loving yourself are. In the periods of your self checking, silent mediation, journaling and sharing your feelings with supportive friends may help you be more aware of who you are. The

this email and texting society, take your time to tell someone thank you. I am thinking of you, you are special to me. It has the boomerang effect. Karma, you reap what you sow, be the change you want to see. It cost a little, but makes someone else very happy.

self-love in the state of serving others. The love you're sharing with others in the form of service will help you feel more love and fulfillment in your life. You will realize you don't need someone else to feel complete any longer.

What do I give thanks for in my private life during my gratitude session? I Will save that for my next article.

Being of service, when you think about kindness towards others, you open the door to divine love. Giving to others is a gift of love, you can often give yourself which brings yourself more love. When you're being kind, considerate, compassionate and giving of yourself, your soul will rejoice. You have reached the highest level of

Mary Smith More is your host for Christians Destined to Reign radio. It is a light to guide God's people back to His Kingdom. We are a generation full of doubts and worries. We are the ones destined to reign, motivate and teach them to excel in their work for the Lord. Listen to Mary on Sunday's Spiritual, Family & Children Day at 11:30 am and 5:30 p.m. CT.

process of loving yourself starts with understanding your nature. 5. Be Grateful.

When you're grateful for the things you have, no matter how small they may be, you will see those things instantly increase. "If the only prayer you say is thank you that would be enough" Meister Eckhart. Every day I hold a gratitude session and sit quietly with my eyes closed and think why am I grateful. Leave that session so fulfilled. The simple act of being thankful for the people and things that my creator has placed in my life makes a big difference in my life. It reminds me of the positive things in my life. Because it turns I bad things into good things. Had A hard day at work, be thankful you have a job in these economic times. Your car is old, right be thankful it gets you where you need to go. Be Grateful for the challenges that come your way, you can learn from these obstacles and they make you a stronger person. Because it reminds you what's important. It is hard to complain about the little things, when you give thanks for your health, your life, waking up in the morning having another opportunity to get it right. Because it reminds you to thank other's. The simple act of saying thank you to someone can make a big difference in that person's life. Calling them, writing them a short note or thinking of you card, stopping by to say thank you, in

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Answering the Call When Opportunity Rings By Linda Allred Have you ever met someone who seems like they're waiting around for opportunity to strike? I have, but here's the secret you and I know already know they somehow don't — even if opportunity came up and hit them right in the nose, they wouldn't know what to do with it. They would be just like the dog that spent all its time chasing the car, only to find out when he caught it there's not a darn thing he could actually do with it. Don't let this happen to you. Be proactive and put yourself in the best position to both attract opportunities. Take full advantage of them once they've arrived. Prepare yourself to answer the call whenever opportunity strikes by focusing on attitude, aptitude, and magnitude. 1. Attitude. The right attitude can make the difference between


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attracting good luck and missing an opportunity. Stay positive about the future and curious about the world around you to open yourself up to all of the potential opportunities that are out there. 2. Aptitude. Instead of waiting around for the opportunity of your dreams to strike, prepare yourself for when that moment comes by educating yourself about the field in which you're looking to succeed. 3. Magnitude. Creating a better future for yourself requires an investment. Figure out the time and resources you're willing to invest in your future opportunities. Make a commitment and stick to it. With a positive attitude, a focus on your aptitude and an understanding of

the magnitude you're willing to invest, you'll be ready to invite opportunity life any time it rings. It's never the wrong time to invest in your future. Whether you're looking to explode your professional potential, improve your health and happiness, or eliminate the subconscious limiting beliefs holding you back, now's the time to take the exciting first step. Empower yourself by taking my complimentary Living WellAssessment at www.LivingWellAssessment. com where we'll discover the positive and productive steps you're already making towards improvement, as well as the untapped opportunities and adjustments you can make to experience improved results. You never know, today may just be the day opportunity comes calling. Make sure you're ready to answer when it does! Linda Allred, The Bad Habit Belief Breaker/ Certified Hypnotist Expert & Best Selling Author To purchase Linda’s best-selling book, Answering The Call, go here Call 225-275-2451 CT or email Linda@ today! FaceBook – LindaVAllred.


ehavior Change 101: The Anatomy of Habits


re there some things you’ve been wanting to change about yourself, perhaps for a long time? Every time you think about how does it feel? You don’t need to kick yourself or be demoralized. There are many things that make behavior change a struggle, the first being that we may not know the fundamental process of creating permanent change. Outlined here are the basic rules of creating permanent change. They have the potential of creating a “No Wonder!” response and giving you a path to habit-change success. One day Julie decided she wanted to stop drinking coffee. She woke up the next day and made a pot without even thinking and was halfway into her first cup before she noticed. Rule 1: Good Intentions Fade and Are Superseded by Routines. Just like you set an alarm to wake up in the morning, the minute you decide to make a change, set up a way to remind yourself of your decision when you get back into the daily routine. Julie put the coffee pot away and gave all the coffee she had on hand to a

By Sherry Prindle neighbor. She got up the next morning sluggishly forcing herself to get ready and out the door. At work she was frazzled, stressed, and disconnected. At her morning break, she poured a cup at work like she always had. Rule 2: Life is a Dance; It’s in the Choreography. What is the pattern, what exactly you do as a part of the behavior you want to change, when you engage in it (times or situations) and why? Every time Tim sighs, Sally starts wondering why he keeps working there if he’s so unhappy, then she gets angry and stops smiling. When Sally stops smiling, Pat thinks she’s mad . . . In other words, there is a trigger and a predictable set of actions that follow it. Discovering the pattern is the first step toward breaking it. Procrastination could be part of a whole self-motivation ritual we are an unconscious participant in. It was break time. What was Julie supposed to do, after all, it wasn’t called coffee break for nothing? She decided not to take a break but couldn’t concentrate on her work; she needed something to occupy her hands and satisfy her craving so she could think.

Rule 3: You take the action because it meets a need. Figure out what the payoff is for doing the thing you want to change, so you can continue to get the need met. One theory is that what smokers really want is a chance to get away and breathe deeply and systematically. Going to a bar may not be about drinking at all; it may be a necessary after-work ritual. Snacking may be a calming mechanism. Struggling through another day without coffee, Julie had a big presentation to give and needed a pick-me-up. She felt uneasy going in front of others without the alert feeling the caffeine gave her, and the warm, steamy sensation as she drank it grounded her. Rule 4: Motivation comes from pain and pleasure. Psych yourself up by thinking about the pain staying the same has caused, is causing, and will cause in the future if you don’t change (Anthony Robbins uses a process he calls the “Dickens Pattern” to get “leverage” on yourself. While you are in the process of changing, only the negative aspects of the change make themselves evident. If you also look at the positives, how much better you’ll be when you have achieved the goal, and December 2014 Amazing Women 27

EMPOWERMENT remind yourself of the pain of staying the same as well as the pleasure of making the change, motivation can remain strong. After Julie’s presentation went well, she decided to abandon her goal; “I’m entitled to one vice,” she thought. Remorse set in afterward, but at the time the pain of staying the same did not outweigh the pain of changing. Rule 5: You can’t stop a habitual behavior; find a replacement instead. The behavior meets a need, remember, but the replacement may be something completely unrelated or there may be multiples. Try several replacements until one feels doable. Julie realized that she always sat down and read with her coffee, which allowed her to ground and reflect in the morning, so she brought back the reading but without the coffee. At work, she read that eating an apple would make you more alert than drinking a cup of coffee, so she always


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brought two small ones to work. For stress, though, it was the warmth of the cup and the liquid going down that created a reassuring sensation, so she did find a replacement liquid that felt but didn’t taste good. She still felt a strong desire for the original habit of drinking coffee. Rule 6: Resistance stays strong for 21 days while your subconscious is retrained. After three weeks, you will notice the new behavior starts to become automatic and you’re on your way toward achieving a permanent habit. The survival mechanism is wired such that we do not completely change our way of being for an isolated incident. Twenty-one consecutive days is the magic amount of time it takes to prove to the subconscious mind that the new behavior is to be permanent. You will still feel inclined toward the old behavior, but the resistance is much weaker and the new behavior is beginning to feel right.

Sherry Prindle conducts Life Coach Certification classes and has delivered over 3,000 corporate training seminars and 400 keynotes in 40 topics over 15 years across all 50 states and 6 countries in 3 languages. She has an M.A. in Business and Linguistics from the University of Texas at Arlington and a B.A. in Communications and International Relations from William Jewell College in Liberty, Missouri. She lived in Fukuoka, Japan for four years and Moscow, Russia for three years successfully working as a multilingual television and radio personality. Find her by her name on social media and at

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It's Never Too Late to Realize a Dream By Florence R. Rickards "The greatest achievement was at first and for a time a dream. The oak sleeps in the acorn; the bird waits in the egg; and in the highest vision of the soul, a walking angel stirs. Dreams are the seedlings of realities." -- James Allen I have devoted over 30 years of my life to assisting thousands of people and organizations to create a vision, achieve their goals and create a richer, more fulfilling life! My purpose in life is to help people become all they are meant to be! The coaching programs I offer provides an opportunity to discover the dreams of your own heart. Things you may have never thought were possible. Whether it is work, family, finances, relationships, or health. Knowing how to access those dreams are what my Coaching programs are all about. Programs that will help you discover and then harness that power so you can really deliver the dreams of your heart. These programs work if you work them! For decades clients have experienced results beyond their wildest imagination. So, if you are interested in finding out more about Dream-Building, try it on, test it out, read on, and see for yourself. For starters, it matters not if you have tried and failed or, if you allowed your dream to die, because it is never too late, and you are never too old. It does not matter how hopeless it may seem, how old, how poor, how many times you have failed, how terrified, how educated or uneducated, you are. How can I say that with such confidence, such certainty, you might ask? Well, I can say it with such confidence and gus to because of the incredible life I have lived, the overwhelming odds, circumstances and challenges I have faced and overcome and the thousands of other people I have witnessed to do the same. I know that to succeed in life, you’ve got to be in the game!! You have to be up at bat. To become a Babe Ruth, you have to have a lot of strikes at the ball and you have to be willing to strike out! In 1923, when Babe Ruth broke the re¬cord for most


Amazing Women December 2014

home runs in a season, he also broke the record for highest batting average and he also struck out more times than any other player in Major League Baseball. Each and every one of us is being called to greater aliveness - to our greatest self yet to be. Just as a blade of grass will push through the cement to reach the light, you are being pulled toward your greatest self yet to be! Feel the pull. Pay attention to your longings and your discontents. Pay attention to the situations that have you feeling stuck, or hemmed in. They are telling you something! Like the blade of grass, you are being called to greater aliveness. You have a dream within you! And, there is a power within you that is greater than any circumstance or condition you may be facing. That power within you is there to help you realize your dream. There is something that you are being called to do that only you can do. You are a one of kind, never to be repeated again in the history of the universe, unique combination of talents, skills, abilities, interests, attributes, characteristics and ways of being in the world. And just as the acorn has within it everything required to become an oak tree, You have acorness within you. The question is, "will you become an oak tree?" Will every acorn become an oak tree? No. Only the acorns that are in the right environment and that

receive the right support and nourishment become oak trees. Your dreams are no different. They need the right soil, sun¬light, fertilizer, nourishment, support, and encouragement. So pay attention to your longings and your discontents. As Maya Angelou (1928-2014) said, "Love life. Engage in it. Give it all you've got. Love it with a passion because life truly does give back, many times over, what you put into it." Benjamin Franklin said, "many people die at age 25 and aren't buried until they are 75." Too many people are not really living, they are just going through the motions. Most of us have been trained as small children that conditions and circumstances determine how we shall live. It's the voice that says, "who do you think you are?" or "you don't have what it takes", and so on. We all have those voices, it is just that some "let them have us." One thing I know for certain is that we have an end date, one last breath. What I consider to be one of life's most important questions is, "Will you die having not done that one special thing that you were called to do - that one thing that you spent your life wishing you could do but kept telling yourself all the reasons you couldn't do it? Henry Ford said, "whether you think you can, or think you can't you are right." So don't let your paradigms stop you from realizing your dream!

DREAMBUILDER Program Florence R. Rickards Are You Ready to Eliminate Self-Sabotage, Fear, and Uncertainty?

Ready to CREATE a life you LOVE? I have a proven success system for igniting the fire of the dream within you, “so that you can jump-start the results you want and create a life you LOVE living!” or call: 250-868-1101 for a COMPLIMENTARY Dreambuilder Strategy Session

My Story of Survival: Overcoming a Stroke

a similar episode happened the day before and I recovered.

The causes of strokes have many facets.

what the doctor said. I was too out of it to comprehend or retain it.

Shortly into my usual morning walk with my dog, everything changed. I became confused and scared about what I was feeling. I had a sinking feeling I could not control. The earth became blurry; the sky spun slowly. I knew I had to reach for solid ground to touch while keeping my beautiful, sweet dog, Benji, by my side. I slowly sank to the ground. My mind began to wander. I felt dazed and confused.

It was a long, grueling recovery, yet I was determined to make a difference in this world. I always loved comedy, laughter, and things which make me smile. Now, more than ever, I love to laugh. I want to help others achieve happiness and gratitude for life and its surprises.. How I choose to live will make things happier and better for myself and those who I love.

I promised Meg I would go to the doctor later, but she wasn't having and called an ambulance. They took me to the hospital for which I am thankful. The rest was a blur; fortunately, Parish

etc. High blood pressure is known as a "silent killer." Most people don't have symptoms until they have a stroke or heart attack. I learned three things: 1. Before I can help anyone else, I have to take care of myself first.

By Tracey Doctor was soon at my side. She understood 2. I cannot do everything alone. Be

When I realized what was happening I frantically reached for my phone. I could not remember my daughter Parish's phone number, a number I had dialed many times. I panicked, cried, and prayed for help. I hoped someone would come, but no one did.. As I lay there, I comforted Benji. I remembered my friend Meg had programmed numbers into my phone the day before as we had coffee. I desperately tried to dial her number, but the numbers were blurry. I closed my eyes and prayed. I hit the keys without looking until I was successful. I asked her to hurry to the front of our apartment complex; I was on the ground and needed help. She came quickly and helped me up. I felt I would be fine if I could get to my apartment and freshen up, since

willing and welcome help. 3. Know stroke symptoms, such as sudden weakness on one side of the body. My friends and family rallied around me and I now know how many people really care: my daughter Parish, sister Raven, and nephew Blair, my son Rasheen, and EX-Husband Melvin, all had sleepless nights worrying and praying for me.

Strokes can take your life instantly and are not to be taken lightly because it's so debilitating. The causes and symptoms aren't always the same. I made a strong recovery due to the amazing God I serve. Important things to remember :  Life is precious. Enjoy every moment. Begin and end each day in thankfulness, prayer, and gratitude.  Be your own advocate at the doctor's office, hospital, and rehab center. Ask questions, learn as much as you can. If you can't, ask a friend or relative to help  Don't put off going to the doctor. If you can't afford to go, at least get your blood pressure and glucose checked which are free at grocery stores, pharmacies, health fairs, senior apartment complexes,

Tracey Blair Doctor Tracey has more than 15 years of experience in holistic life coaching .Her passion and goal is to educate support and empower women from all walks of life. She is committed to helping women fully realize their own potential and God given talents, and to strive for there excellence in whatever they desire to fulfill by creating emotional balance and exploring various natural ways to reduce and limit stress in their everyday lives so they remain focused and empowered. For more information, call 713-575-0078 or write

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earning Patience in This Lifetime


ou may be wondering. "What does jumping out of an airplane have to do with learning patience?"

It does tie in, but first, you have to learn a bit about my life. I have this memory as a baby of getting extremely upset when I couldn't walk the first time I tried. I had no patience to keep trying and failing. I wanted it now - and I wanted it covered in chocolate. 32

Amazing Women December 2014

By Rev. Basia Christ, Ph.D.

This has been the theme of my life. My childhood was one frustration after another starting as a small toddler who threw fits because I kept falling. I remember kicking my bike several times for its cruelty of throwing me to the ground time after time after time when I tried to mount it. My knees were constantly bandaged. I was finally able to stay on the bike for a few minutes; however, wobbled down the sidewalk while the other kids jumped on their bikes as I had seen the Lone Ranger, the

Cisco Kid, and other well-known cowboys do back in the day in the movies and television.

grades to see if they were doing well - or not.

I realized early I had no patience.

Holidays became more fun after I had children. However, this raised the bar of the level of waiting.

Things other children seemed to master effortlessly, like tying their shoes (I still have problems keeping my shoes tied), putting my hair neatly into a pony tail and having the rubber band stay in all day were constant reminders I was different.

I waited for sales on items they had listed on their Christmas wish list. I waited for them to go to bed to wrap and hide the presents. I made their Easter baskets and waited for a good time to help them color their eggs so I could hide them before Easter morning along with their baskets.

I accepted this fact, but this did not mean I was happy about being impatient.

On Halloween, I waited for them to come home after trick or treating with their friends (once they were old enough to go on their own) so I could ration their candy so they would not eat it all at once.

Not at all. As I matured, I had to wait even more ... For my turn to take a bath (I was one of six children and in the middle)...To have my hair done (my hair was long and, as I mentioned earlier, I was not good with this task)... To have my clothes ironed and starched (yes, I'm that old)... In line for my turn to throw a ball in gym class... To go to the bathroom (we children had to raise our hands and hope the teacher would acknowledge us in time)... To give an answer after raising and waving my hand because I knew it... For the doctor and dentist when I went to their offices for my appointments (why is it they want you to be there ahead of time, but you end up waiting for the doctor anyway?). Wait. Wait. Wait. For every moment I waited, I have had anxiety, stress, and frustration attached to it. I cannot tell you how many times I've been told, "Patience is a virtue."

While they were in high school, I waited for them to go to their proms so I could see them in beautiful dresses and a tuxedo. Since none of my children went to prom, I waited for naught. I still had the big wait about which to dream. I waited for them to get married so I could see them in a beautiful white dress or tuxedo. I had no idea it would be such a long wait to see any of them walking down the aisle. However, the wait is over (yea!). Kirsten got married on June 21, 2014. She waited until she found the right person and I'm so happy She did. Marc is wonderful and they are happy they both waited (she turned 41 two weeks after they were married and he turned 42 shortly thereafter).

I have other virtues, like loyalty, compassion, empathy, kindness, but patience had always eluded me.

Looking at my past, each time I became impatient for something to happen, I would take action and make it happen - whether it or I was ready or not.

As I became an adult and had children, my patience wore even thinner.

This has caused many disasters in my life - or so I thought at the time.

Kirsten, my daughter, was born in 1975; Elke was born in 1976, and Thor was born in 1977. I had years of changing diapers and waited for them to be potty trained.

For example, I didn't wait for Mr. Right and married the first man to ask me. It wasn't a happy marriage, but then, I did get my three beautiful children.

Now I had three children plus myself to wait at the doctors for various appointments for shots, examinations, and illnesses. I waited until they were all in school until I could have a moment of peace. I worked three jobs and went to school. It would be a long time before I had peace in my life, but it was worth the wait.

I didn't wait for the perfect job and took anything so I could support myself and my children. I was not happy with any of the jobs I had early in life. And so my life went. I would get impatient, do something detrimental to my life just so something would happen, and it caused heartaches.

I waited to speak with their teachers. I waited for their December 2014 Amazing Women


LIFESTYLE It wasn't until I was in my early 60s and found a new path - a path to spirituality - that I finally got it. I began meditating and asking God for guidance whenever I felt the urge to jump or make an impulsive decision. One day, I learned the real meaning of patience. I was meditating cross-legged in the yoga position with my dog, Belle, lying on the floor next to me. Suddenly, I felt so angry because something I had wanted for a long time was not happening. I wanted my book to be published. I had been working on it for five years and still hadn't found an agent who could sell it. After all the time and effort I put into it, I was ready for it to happen. I threw up my fist to the heavens and shouted, "God, why isn't this happening? A loud voice, so booming Belle jumped up and started barking at the ceiling, yelled back, "God, has His Own Calendar!" I fell to the floor as if every ounce of frustration left my body at once. I fell asleep and when I awoke hours later, Belle was still at my side, snoring. This happened three years ago, yet I remember every moment as if it happened two minutes ago. That day I finally got it. Throughout my life I may have thought I was ready for it to happen, but I wasn't. Since I have let go and let God guide me, I have discovered patience really is a virtue. When I'm stuck in line and waiting, I take these precious moments and live in them. I speak with people standing next to me. Sometimes I make them laugh or listen to their troubles. Instead of waiting for an agent or publisher, I have been writing From Ash to Flame: Women Rising for almost eight years and will self-publish and launch it on December 1, 2014 (although I had for the past year, still holding out for a great agent or publisher). I finally accepted the path God has shown me. It 's a wonderful book that needed to cook and simmer until I was ready to write it - until I learned the 25 life lessons each woman taught me and two I learned while on my spiritual journey. 34

Amazing Women December 2014

One of the lessons was to let go of fear, hence the reason I jumped from a plane. I've been afraid of heights my entire life - and now I'm not. I also learned about love. And power. And drive. And honor. And faith. And truth. And risk. And choice. And intuition. And humor. And peace. And altruism. And promise. And joy. And commitment. And self-image. And courage. And freedom. Oh yes,. I also learned patience. Click here to see the video of my jump to raise money for victims of sex trafficking:

Rev. Basia Christ, M.Div. has a Ph.D. in Transformational Counseling. She has written for Today’s Woman, Beach Cities Style, and Empowering Women magazines and the OC Register. She believes we are all connected and donated her kidney anonymously in November 2010. Christ advocates for human trafficking victims through presentations at churches and has been a CASA (court-ordered special advocate) for a foster child through Orangewood Children's Foundation. She is available for presentations on human trafficking, gender equality, and living kidney donations. For more information, call (949) 690-1257 or email Lsten to my show "Speaking from Spirit: Become Who You are Meant to Be: on Sundays at noon PCT on the Amazing Women of Power Network, powered by Raven International.

Book Launch December 1, 2014 Click here to order a Kindle edition or print copy Read Basia Christ's inspirational spiritual story as she went from being suicidal in 2005 to becoming an altruistic kidney donor in 2010. It all began with God’s challenge of “Why not you?” Spirit guided her to interview 26 extraordinary women from around the world so she could learn valuable life lessons. The book also contains a workbook and valuable resources to help readers "rise from the ashes."

The women are:  Jan Turner, Minnesota  Erin Runnion, California  Fauzia Assifi, Afghanistan  Marilyn van Derbur, Colorado  Isabel Losada, England  Trisha Meili, New York  Laurie-Ann Weis, California  Ngawang Sangdrol, Tibet




 Mariane Pearl, France  Mukhtar Mai, Pakistan  Erin Brockovich, California  Fauziya Kassindja, Togo  Judge Zakia Hakki, Iraq  Marian Fontana, New York  Sibel Edmonds, Turkey  Denise Brown, California  Dr. Cloud Scout Lee, Hawaii  Fran Drescher, California  Wangari Maathai, Kenya  Tracey Moore, California  Niemat Ahmadia, Darfur  Patricia Wenskunas, California  Azam Kamguian, Iran  Fatima Sadiqi, Morocco


Christ, Ph By Rev. Basia

 Peggy O’Neill, California  Somaly Mam, Cambodia

A wonderfully inspirational gift for someone you love ... and yourself. December 2014 Amazing Women



3 Ways to Avoid Stress During the Holidays By Bonnie Terry Holidays are a time of joy, but they can also be a time stress. The kids are excited about being out of school, you're excited about having time with family, and relatives are excited about sharing the holidays with you. Excitement can be a double-edge sword. Kids can often get bored or restless. Holiday preparations and shopping get in the way of family time. Preparations for holiday gatherings are also stressful. I always look for ways to reduce holiday stress, especially with kids and guests coming to dinner. Try the following 3 things to reduce holiday stress: 1. Breathe, Breathe, Breath

I know this sounds silly, but stopping to really take in a few deep breaths throughout the day will help your body relax. You will even feel your shoulders relaxing as you are exhaling. You want to do a deep belly breath. Inhale to a count of 4, hold it to a count of 7, and then exhale to a count of 8. Dr. Andrew Weil states, “This 4-7-8 breathing reduces stress, anxiety, and blood pressure.”

2. Make a Plan

Sit down with your kids and make a plan for the holidays. Your kids need to be part of the holiday activities. When they help out, they feel a sense of pride and belonging. This also takes some of the holiday burden off of you! Plan the movies you want to be sure to watch over the holiday. Plan your cleaning schedule, too – and the kids can help out!

Activities to include Activity 1 (K-6th grade): Make place mats for the table – here is easy way with leaf rubbings. First, go outside and collect a variety of fall leaves, next, place them under a sheet of paper one at a time ,and then rub over the paper with a crayon to get the impression of the leaf on the paper. This activity improves visual discrimination, as well as 11 other areas of learning. 36

Amazing Women December 2014

Activity 2 (6th grade – 12th grade): Have your kids cook one of the items on your holiday menu: for example, in making cranberries from scratch, the kids will need to measure the cranberries, water, and sugar. This activity not only gives them a feeling of accomplishment, but also has them working with math skills such as measurements and fractions, as well as improving 11 areas of perception including memory skills and form constancy. Activity 3 (8th grade-12th grade): Have older kids help make the menu or even shop the ads for the best prices. 3. Move Your Body – Exercise Activity 1: Take a hike with the family, and reduce everyone’s stress! Exercise increases overall health, pumps up endorphins, improves mood, and can even be a meditation in motion! As a family, there are many types of hikes you can do. For example, you can take an ‘Incher Hike”, where everyone looks for as many things they can see/find that are only an inch long. Take a hike or on cross country skis or snow shoes if you are in snow country. Activity 2: Go roller skating or ice skating Activity 3: Go on a family bike ride, play soccer, or shoot some hoops. Three ways to reduce family stress: 1. Breathe, breathe, breath (and have your kids breathe, breathe, breathe too! 2. Make a plan together where everyone participates. Remember, many hands make light work! 3. Move your body, and have the whole family move their bodies too! Bonnie Terry, M. Ed., BCET is the best-selling author of Family Strategies for ADHD Kids, School Strategies for ADHD Kids, Five Minutes to Better Reading Skills, and the Awaken the Scholar Within Programs. She is internationally recognized as the leading dyslexia and ADHD expert and the founder Bonnie Terry Learning. She is also the host of Learning Made Easy Talk Radio. For more information go to www.bonnieterrylearning. com.


ove for Your Life

Disclaimer: This article is for information and educational purpose only and is not intended to replace professional medical/health care advice. How you use the information from this article is entirely your responsibility. Prior to starting any type of wellness, exercise or eating program, check with your licensed physician or health care practitioner.


ina was a typical worker who spent too much time sitting and not moving enough. Each morning, she grabbed a cup of coffee, sat down at the computer and didn’t get up again for hours. By lunch time she was famished so she grabbed anything fast like a sandwich, pizza or bag of chips so she could get back to work. She was so focused on her work she forgot to drink water or move. When she finally looked up she was stiff and tired. The pain down her right leg was worse and her head hurt. Even worse, Tina realized she hadn’t accomplished as much as she intended. How could she work so long and so hard and still not reach her goals? Unfortunately, Tina is not unusual. She is a composite of most workers who sit too much and move too little, and that’s the majority of the modern workplace where sitting is the new normal. Does Tina’s story sound familiar? Do you sit too much and move too little daily? Are you feeling the results with stiff, achy legs and joints? Is your mid-section expanding and the weight is piling on? Are you feeling lethargic and tired often? Do you eat whatever is fast and near by and forget to drink enough water? If so, welcome to a class of millions of others who are a part of a growing epidemic; people who suffer from physical issues because of sitting too much and moving too little. Maybe you have heard too much sitting can be bad for you. With the latest health and wellness overload online, it could seem like the latest fad. However, there is increased research that confirms sitting too much and moving too little is a detrimental lifestyle in the long-term.

By Consuelo Meux, Ph.D. A Few Fast Facts Research conducted over 18 months from 2009-2011shows people spend on average 5 hours and 41 minutes per day sitting at their desk in a typical work week (www. htm). One survey found people spend up to 12 hours daily sitting in front of computers or watching television. Add another seven to nine hours spent sleeping totaling up to 21 hours of being sedentary daily. Other research shows exercising after sitting for a long time will not undo the damage. In 2002, the World Health Organization (WHO) reported a sedentary lifestyle increases all causes of mortality, doubles the risk of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and obesity, and increases the risks of colon cancer, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, lipid disorders, depression and anxiety ( release23/en). The American Heart Association (AHA) says more than onethird of U.S. adults (35.7%) are obese. Plus, one out of every six people, or 47 million Americans have metabolic syndrome, a cluster of the diseases that could lead to heart disease, heart attack and possibly death. This is serious evidence of an out of control problem and influenced largely by making sitting a new lifestyle. It’s not a fad and the problem won’t just go away. The good thing is you can something about this; start moving more. Why Most People Don’t Move Enough There are many reasons why you might not get enough physical movement or exercise. One reason could be exercise is not a part of your regular schedule. Another reason is there might not be an opportunity to move as much as needed. According to the American Heart Association (AHA) people are less active due to technology and better December 2014 Amazing Women


LIFESTYLE mass transportation which makes it more difficult to create an active lifestyle. Plus sedentary jobs, where you have to sit to work, have increased 83% since 1950 while physically active jobs make up only about 25% of the workforce. For some, the problem is not knowing how to start or being overwhelmed by conflicting information, and one more reason might be that you just can’t. Maybe you work where you can’t get up and move when you want, or perhaps there are physical conditions keping from moving much. No More Excuses Everyone has to start somewhere. Even if you have been sitting too much for years, you can always begin to make healthy changes in your life. One of the first keys to making changes is to become aware of your current behavior. Reading this article gives you new facts about the effects of not moving enough on your health. But to make a difference, you have to do something about it. Start by becoming consciously aware of what you are doing now.

and excess weight I thought it was good to stay seated for hours at a time working on projects. I tried to eat healthy and would take a walk every once in a while. But when I got a bad health report from my doctor, it was time to get serious. The doctor could only do so much; it was up to me to make the changes, just like it is up to you to make changes in your life. The point is movement is vital for your health. Exercise releases endorphins in the body that changes your mood while energizing the body. It relieves stress, boosts metabolism, helps with weight loss and triggers an overall sense of well-being. Remember, if you don’t move you feel tired and you feel tired because you don’t move. So if you’re ready to start making changes in your life, here are a few tips to get you started. Don’t forget however, you should check with your doctor before starting an exercise program or changing your eating habits. This is particularly important if you have a medical condition or take medications.

For instance, before I found out that sitting too much for too long could be a contributing factor for my lack of energy

Martha's Mommy to Mogul Carrot Soup for the Holidays Ingredients: • • • •

3 cube(s) chicken bouillon cube 8 cups water 2 tbsp balsamic vinegar 1 large uncooked Spanish onion(s) chopped not too finely • 2 tsp garlic powder • 2 tsp onion powder • 1 tsp black pepper Contributed by:Martha A. Sanchez, The Mommy to • 1/2 tsp ground nutmeg Mogul Coach - • 1 tsp ground cinnamon • 4 tbsp sugar • 2 pound(s) uncooked carrot(s) to cut into small pieces, baby carrots preferred to keep cooking time down Cooking Instructions: Place all ingredients in a cooking pot and bring to a boil. Add more nutmeg, cinnamon and sugar to taste. Then lower heat to a simmer and cover pot. After 15 minutes, check that the carrots are tender. Puree carrots with a little broth in a blender and pour back into pot until all carrots are pureed. Leave some onions without being pureed to give the soup some consistency. Stir and heat to desired temperature. Serve and enjoy! 38

Amazing Women December 2014

Steps to Get Moving Understand the difference between physical movement and exercise. Physical movement is any type of activity you do that moves the body such as standing, walking, moving around, and so on. Exercise is a more structured, planned activity that continues for a certain period of time. The purpose is to burn calories, build muscle or both.

exercise into your daily life, you can start traversing the negative effects of sitting too much and moving too little. Be conscious of your behaviors which could be detrimental to your health and start at a pace that works for you. In upcoming articles we’ll cover topics such as strength training, exercising while sitting down, and eating more whole foods for overall better health.

A goal should be to have a combination of both physical movement and exercise as a part of your daily schedule. To begin, start by scheduling more regular physical movement into each day. One quick, easy thing you can do is stand.

Consuelo Meux, PhD. is a Master Clarity Coach/Consultant, Certified Health & Weight Loss Coach, Member of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP), author, entrepreneur and creator of the Move & Eat for Your Life programs. Get your free “7 Day Challenge to Build a More Confident Life!”

 Set a timer to remind you to stand up every hour. Do

stretches, clean your work area, make phone calls, lift your legs.

For more information, go to www.

 Stand up often. Instead of waiting an hour, set the timer

to stand up every 30 minutes. Stretch, touch your toes, do some push-ups against the wall.  Stand up and start moving. At least each hour, walk to

another room, walk up and down stairs, walk outside for fresh air or stand in place doing leg lifts. What if you can’t stand? Do as much physical movement as possible. Add some basic cardio exercise. One of the best, easiest, and cheapest cardio vascular exercises for is walking. It gets the heart rate up which builds the heart muscle and helps burn body fat. Start slow, walking about 5 minutes at first. Work up to 30 minutes at a time for the best results. By taking simple, easy steps to bring movement and

Resources: Dunstan, D., Barr, E.L., Healy, G.N., Salmon J., Shaw J.E., Balkau B., Magliano, D.J., Cameron A. J., Zimmet P.Z., Owen N. (2010). Television viewing time and mortality: the Australian diabetes, obesity and lifestyle study (AusDiab). Epidemiology and Prevention. Jan 26;121(3):384-91. Retrieved October 6, 2014 Office workers spend too much time at their desks, experts say. (2012) British Psychological Society (BPS). Retrieved October 10, 2014 Physical Inactivity: A Global Public Health Problem Retrieved October 6, 2014 Reshma Prakash (2002). Physical inactivity a leading cause of disease and disability, warns WHO. News Release. Retrieved October 6, 2014

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Good Pain vs. Bad Pain

discovered my true calling as a wellness coach for women in their 50’s. I help my clients identify the good and bad emotional pains they may be going through.

By Kim Acedo Just as pushing through “good” physical pain allows the "Transformation at mid-life offers unparalleled opportunities for a rich, meaningful second half of life." ~ Kathleen A. Brehony When I was a personal trainer, I was aware of the physical pain my clients were feeling when they were working out with me – although some would say otherwise! On a client’s very first session, I would explain the difference between “good pain” and “bad pain." This was important to those who had never exercised. I would describe the feeling your body gets when you push yourself through your workout. Maybe you’ve felt “good” pain, a “burning” feeling in your muscles that’s uncomfortable so you will want to stop. However, I let my clients know I will most likely push them to finish the repetitions I assigned them. The reason I push them is because this is when the body makes the most progress toward their desired results. If you stop when it starts to get uncomfortable, your body swon’t improve. Your body needs to be challenged in order to change. “Push through the good burn and finish strong!” I would say, which would be followed by a dirty look or an occasional eye roll… I would then describe “bad” pain, which is a different pain – a pain you don’t want. Sometimes “bad” pain is easily recognizable. For example, bad pain could be where an injury occurs and you blurt out “OUCH!” Other times, bad pain can be a slow, chronic irritation, often in the back, hips, knees, or feet. This pain doesn’t scream “OUCH!” but it may utter “Ugh…” a lot. The best way to detect these two types of pain is to stay in tune with your body during your entire workout. When you feel good pain, try to push through it because it will make your body (and mind) stronger. Conversely, when you experience bad pain, you should stop immediately and assess the situation. While there is good and bad “physical” pain, there's also good and bad “emotional” pain. This is where my focus lies now. My personal training days are over now and I’ve 40 Amazing Women December 2014

body to become stronger, in the same way, “good” mental or emotional pain, such as making the right decision for you even if you don’t feel “ready," is going to push you, stretch you, and move you out of your comfort zone where the greatest progress occurs. “Good” pain always brings out the best in you.

When you are tuned into areas where you may be experiencing “bad” mental or emotional pain, like in areas such as guilt, resentment, or unhealthy relationships with others or yourself, that’s when it’s important to stop immediately and assess the situation before you continue on. Just like when you experience bad physical pain, you want to take care of the matter right away, rather than continuing to do the same things over and over that are not serving you in any way. If you don’t, the “injury” could get worse and loom on which will cause you even more distress in the long run. I hope you are ready to incorporate more “good” pain into your life so you can live the healthiest, happiest life now and for the years to come. I encourage you to assess your own journey as it is currently and honestly reflect on these three questions:  Do I have currently have more “bad” or “good” mental, emotional, or relational pain in my life?  Where can I eliminate some “bad” pain that’s holding me back from growing?  How can I incorporate more “good” pain in my life that is surely uncomfortable, but I know will stretch and move me out of my comfort zone where the real growth lies? Kim Acedo believes a healthy life is a life you’ll love! Kim empowers women in their 50’s to build confidence, resilience, hope, selfmotivation, and make lasting changes to their health and well‐ being. She and her clients work together to get “unstuck” and discover goals and strategies based on their core values, strengths, and motivators in order to bring about the healthy lifestyle they desire. Kim has a Master’s degree in Exercise Science and is a Certified Health & Wellness Coach. Visit her website to download her FREE guide and 3-part video coaching series under “I’m Ready to Transform:"

Winding Up and Taking Stock

By Boni Oian

This is the time of the year we can really acknowledge everything we are thankful for. However, sometimes that’s hard. If we have had a sudden loss or if we are watching loved ones suffer with physical or emotional pain. Sometimes it’s just because we have more obligations than we have time. So let’s wipe the slate clean and get back to the basics. We don’t always get along with our siblings or see eye to eye with the boss. We can still be grateful that we have siblings and that we have a job. With so many of us losing our relatives for one reason or another, we can be thankful that we still have people that know us and care enough about us. So what if they still push our buttons. That’s really a gift too. If they are pushing our buttons, that means we still have parts of us that don’t know that they are loved and wanted. These buttons are connected to things that maybe we did or said that we regret and it still haunts us or makes us feel uncomfortable. Let’s get rid of them now in a fun way. Take a deep breath, close your eyes and feel way down inside of yourself. Round up all the parts of you that are afraid, hurt, frustrated and feeling unlovable. Gather them all into a basket under a huge hot air balloon that is red and heart shaped. Once they are all in the basket, pull the cord that sends the red heart balloon into the sky. Wave goodbye and blow them kisses as go for a fun adventure to the land of milk and honey where they have nothing more to do than to play and be nurtured. Now feel the gratitude take their place in your body! Wow, now you have space for all the wonderful things about winding up the end of the year. Go back through your calendar and see everything you have done the entire year. You have accomplished so much. Acknowledge and be grateful you have been able to do so much. Think of all the people who came into and left your life in the past 12 months. And the people you serviced lovingly. Feel good about what you have accomplished rather or not you received a "thank you" from them. Take stock of all that you have learned month by month. It’s amazing the growth we have gotten by doing the simple things of going to a birthday party, helping out a neighbor, working at the community garage sale and listening to a

friend whose mother died. Feel how that feeds your heart, knowing you were there for them. Add in all the things you did for yourself even if it was times you took a bubble bath. Maybe you started a new diet, exercise program, or took classes you wanted. Those little things add up although I know you have more on your list. Once you have acknowledged what you have done for yourself and others, consider what you want to take into the New Year and what you want to leave behind. Let’s start with you. If you want to fill a jar with rocks, put the important rocks in first. You are the big important rock. Make a list of what you want to do next year. It might look like this:  Read at least 5 of the 12 books on my night stand  Once a week schedule in a bubble bath  Call a different friend once a week  Book one lunch date a week  Meditate daily  Connect with one sibling every 2 weeks  Send my siblings or people I think as sisters something monthly, even if it’s a post card  Try a new hairstyle  Commit to drinking an extra glass of water daily  Call or email people just to tell them I love them  Sit and do nothing for 30 minutes every other day. This isn’t about being perfect, it’s about planning for your future. ‘Most people’ plan what they are cooking for dinner but never plan for what they want their life to look like. It’s time you move out of being ‘most people’ and become the exception to the rule. If not now - when, if not you – who. Boni has been teaching people how to Claim their life for 30 years. She teaches people how to access their Akashic Records and self hypnosis made EZZZZ. She lives in the Texas hill country and has students world wide. To learn more, visit: http:// Listen to Boni on Monday's Empowerment, Inspiration and Motivation Day at 12:00 pm and 6:00 p.m. CT.

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ransformative Tips to Create Healthy Shifts Now


use the concept of a Touchstone frequently with clients. For some it’s a literal object that reminds them of a place they feel utterly free and flowing. Something they keep in their pocket or purse or on their desk. It might be a stone, a feather or a locket. It might be a bracelet--even something like those colored strings that are popular to wear now, but, instead of reminding you to support a global cause, which is great, this one supports the inner cellular you. We force our bodies to power through challenges every day. When we want to create a shift in our lives we often take the same power route.

Tip #1. Release that old “power through” habit the moment you go into that default mode You want to be in a different zone, a flow to access all your unique gifts. One daily assist to that end can be finding a Touchstone or even two. I generally don’t recommend using photos because that’s 42

Amazing Women December 2014

By Jeannine Wiest

sometimes a limiting imprint--a moment frozen in time. We want to get away from frozen and into flow. But it could be a favorite old sweater that hangs on a peg behind your office door that reminds you of a certain nourishing period of time. Or perhaps what resonates is a shell from a favorite beach. For one friend, it’s physically stopping off at a bookstore that centers her. For me it’s listening to a series of comforting Tibetan chants. I can replay them internally when I can’t listen to the actual mp3. I’ve listened to them so habitually that now just the process of recalling a chant changes my perspective instantly and puts me into a state where I can listen to my Inner Wisdom. On planes they say “Put on your own oxygen mask first before assisting others.” I encourage you to do that every day to keep your nervous system from going into overload. You can’t create shifts from overload. You create shifts from flow. So be on the lookout for something outward that resonates inward. Find a Touchstone. Refer to it often. Your nervous system will thank you.

Tip # 2. Mini Inner Reconnaissance Meditation This exercise involves showing up for yourself internally. In my Alchemy workshops we focus on the body’s Inner Wisdom above all else. You can introduce yourself to your Inner Wisdom by doing a version of a “Fantastic Voyage.”

If the first time you try this you don’t feel much of anything know that if you keep showing up for yourself with fresh eyes each day, the little you do currently feel will expand. Benefits will include laser-like perception and a wider physical and metaphysical palette with which to create your life.

Find a comfortable, quiet space to lie down. Become aware of your breathing and follow it for a few cycles. Imagine you can “see” inside your body. Look slowly around it.

Tip # 3. Talking to Your Organs (trust me here)

What’s there? Do you see a color or texture? Does it seem dry and desertlike or swampy and dark? Is it glittery or dull? Are you aware of an emotion floating. Just note it all. This is your body map. If you don’t like what you see inside, you can re-arrange or change it. Your fresh attention alone can shift the map. Start with your fleeting perceptions. Examples during this exercise might be: “Am I doing this correctly?” “Yikes, I forgot to call the dog sitter back!” “My stomach hurts.” “Gee, I didn’t realize my neck was so tight.” Embrace those thoughts without judgment. Just notice. Allow it all to pass in and out of your awareness. We are creating internal space for your unique healing process to bubble forward. This mini meditation is about unearthing trust in your body, wherever that is located. Now silently ask your body, “Where is fear today inside?” Wait for few minutes and see what bubbles forth. Again, we are allowing fear it’s space for the time being. When you feel ready ask, “Where is trust?” Place a hand softly on the first spot that comes into your awareness. Stay with the trust for as long as you can. Keep your hand on your “Trust” spot. Notice your breathing. Slowly bring your attention back to the room.

You can also build on tip number two and try this inquiry with an internal organ. In the variation you would do an Inner Reconnaissance for 5-10 minutes and when there’s a blocked area or an area that comes into your awareness you can imagine; what it would say to you, the tone of voice, the language, the feelings the organ has as well as the shape, the color and the needs it has. Are you on friendly terms with this organ or do you barely know it exists inside you unless there is pain? Know that it’s possible for you to change the relationship and shift your perception. Ask “Where is fear?” and see if an organ chimes in. Then try “Where is trust?” and see if an organ has something to share. If nothing shows up, know that you may still have set a ripple effect into motion. Just the act of regularly showing up in this detailed yet simple way can be a great beginning to set self-healing into motion. Noticing is healing. Creative noticing leads to alchemical body/mind magic. I invite you to make use of these tips in whatever way you feel called.

©2014 Jeannine Wiest, author of The Alchemy of Self Healing published by New Page Books a division of Career Press, Pompton Plains, NJ. EAN: 978-1601633439 List Price: US $15.99

When you first start to do this practice–that’s the trickiest time! It gets easier and simpler as you keep going. Ten minutes a day with a commitment of at least one month will connect you specifically to your energy blocks and your unique energy signature. December 2014 Amazing Women




he First Lady of Motown

By Raven Blair Davis

in Claudette Robinson's home, WOW! When I arrived, she graciously gave me the grand tour of her lovely home.


laudette Robinson is an original member of Motown's first group, The Miracles, and former wife of Smokey Robinson. I remember when I met Claudette the summer of 2007. I had only spoken to her a few times over the telephone. My intent was to have her as my special celebrity guest on Women Power Talk Radio. However, each time we


Amazing Women December 2014

spoke the instant connection between us told me that she was going to be more than a guest, we were going to be friends. One day I received an email confirming that a business event I was really interested in was going to take place in Los Angeles so I made arrangements to attend. After being there a few days, I decided to give Claudette a call to see if we could perhaps meet for lunch. She invited me to come and visit her at her home. Me,

I looked at the many photos albums and memorabilia. I even got to see one of the napkins her former husband, Smokey Robinson wrote one of his songs on. Later in the evening I met her son Berry who was named after the founder of Motown, Berry Gordy, her daughter Tamla, who was named after Motown's record label in which The Miracles recorded, as well Lyric, her granddaughter who sung so incredibly beautiful, You Are My Sunshine. What a voice she had and at such a young age. For me, this would indeed be one of my most memorable moments. It felt so surreal. Recently, I gave Claudette a call and asked for an 'on the spot' interview. It was no surprise when she warmly agreed and without any notice, the

interview began.

guitar player and me.

RBD: Claudette, some of the people who are reading this article are not aware that you were actually the first lady of Motown! Tell us about that.

RBD: Claudette, when I think back to the late 50's and 60's, I remember that there were a lot of artists who as an African American had to deal with the challenge of not being able to be on the cover of their own albums. Did the Miracles have to deal with that too?

CR: I'm sure that it probably is a surprise to many because of the timing of when I came to Motown, and actually I was the first female that was signed on to Motown records with a group called The Miracles. The Miracles were The first group signed on with Mr. Gordy as our manager. RBD: Do you recall how much you earned on your first job? CR: Our very first real, real, professional date was at the Apollo Theatre. We received $750 for the entire week. And I don't mean per person – for the entire group that was Smokey, Ronnie, Bobbie, Pete and a

not expecting it. We were actually performing there when Mr. Gordy and the president of the company, Bernie Ellis came on stage and presented us with the gold record. We were in shock. RBD: What songs did you sing lead on?

CR: You know, in terms of dealing with it, I didn't even think about it until later on. I think one of things that did happen is that many times the artists were not actually featured on the cover because that way, they were able to have their records played on the pop stations if possible.

CR: The first from our first album was "After All." There were several others but that was like the very first. I really was extremely shy and they wanted me to sing lead, but I just thought I was doing fantastic singing in the back ground.

RBD: The Miracles received a gold record in 1961. That must have been an amazing feeling.

RBD: Claudette, In 1965, "Going to a Go Go" was released. Is that when things begin to change for you?

CR: It really was. It was done at the Michigan State Fair and we were

CR: Yes, by that time I had several miscarriages and Mr. Gordy and

December 2014 Amazing Women 45

ENTERTAINMENT Smokey decided that perhaps this should be the end of my performing on the road because it was ruining my health. So my last performance actually was in 1965, but I continued to record all the songs with the group until Smokey's departure in 1970. I was leaving the group, reluctantly. It was not my choice. It had been so much a part of my life for so many years, I felt like it was something I should continue. I wasn't really feeling confident that I would ever have a child so I felt like at least I had a career, and if I went home I wouldn't have either one. RBD: Are performing?




CR: Bobby has a group that performs with him and on occasion the promoter may ask for me to sing with them. So I do go out on occasion – just a few times a year. It feels great. Wonderful. The people are so nice. RBD: What message could you pass on to people wanting to get into a music career? CR: If you have an inclination toward music, you need to learn everything you can about music. You need a complete package but you also need your education.

for "Shop Around". And a time when Smokey was ill with the first case of Hong Kong flu. We had to go out without him and I had to take over his lead songs. Many people didn't know who Smokey was so they just assumed I was Smokey. They were yelling, "Sing it Smokey!"

record companies do the same. They assist as many former artists as they can who have fallen on hard times, to get them over that hump so they can get back to living life again.

RBD: Is there any final thoughts you'd like to tell our readers?

CR: They can send any amount of donations to 100 S. Broad Street, Suite

CR: I would like for people to remember the Miracles as the first group that Motown signed on and for Claudette being the first lady and for us receiving the first million seller for Motown records. My greatest drive is our children. I have such a passion for children and what they're going to become tomorrow, and trying to make sure they have an opportunity to get the best education possible. Education is the one thing that no one can ever take away from you.

620, Philadelphia, PA 19110.

I just want to say that anything that happens for you, it's a true blessing and a gift. IT's not something that has to happen to you regardless of how talented you are. It's one of those things that you want to forever be grateful for, never take for granted, continue to pray on a daily basis and thank the Lord.

RBD: What's next? CR: A book, a biography and a pictorial. Also the next thing is the star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. RBD: What is your most memorable moment Claudette? CR: Receiving the first gold record 46

Amazing Women December 2014

RBD: How can we the listeners and the readers contribute to the foundation?

If you would like to hear the audio of this interview in its entirety, go to and look for the picture of Claudette then click on the player Former CNN / CBS radio personality Raven a.k.a. the Talk Show Maven, known by many as the Queen of Internet Radio Conversion is an award winning talk show host, a speaker, an author, celebrity interviewer, and founder of Amazing Women of Power Network, the world's leading positive programing network. Raven has over 30 years of sales expertise and has worked for some of the top fortune 500 corporations such as MCI and Cendant. She teaches business owners and talk showhosts worldwide how to Rock their business or radio talk... all the way to the bank by turning their conversations into cash... right from their kitchen table! Look forward to other Amazing celebrities in upcoming issues, such as: Actress Lindsay Wagner Talk Show Host, Montel Williams

RBD: Can you share a little bit about the Rhythm and Blues Foundation because I know you're very involved in it?

Actress, Fran Drescher (TV's "The Nanny")

CR: The Rhythm and Blues foundation is a wonderful organization that Mr. Gordy created, who donated 750 thousand dollars and asked other

Actor Ernie Hudson

Hip-Hop & Business Mogul, Russell Simmons Chilli from legendary sing group TLC Acclaimed Actress Jayne Kennedy Comedian Sinbad Actor Glen Moreshower and that's just to name a few... stay tuned!

December 2014 Amazing Women 47

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