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AMAZING RESULTS thank you The Children’s Institute has been part of our community for more than 100 years. And the next 100 years will be even more amazing. We are so very grateful to everyone who has donated money, time or services that allow us to help children with special needs reach their greatest potential. To us, you are truly amazing.

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Our Mission The Children’s Institute of Pittsburgh is dedicated to promoting the quality of life for children, young people and their families by providing a specialized continuum of services that enable them to reach their potential.

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Community Benefit


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The Hospital

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Dear Friends of The Children’s Institute of Pittsburgh, In 1902, a badly injured child needed help and care. The Children’s

FY 2012 Community Benefit Statement

Institute — then the Memorial Home for Crippled Children — came into being in response to that child’s need, and he not only survived; he thrived and grew into productive adulthood. More than a century later, that same pattern — need, response and results



— still guides our work. We identify a significant community need; then, through The Hospital, The Day School, and Project STAR, we respond with services that use today’s best practices — and we produce results that greatly benefit kids and their families. Working in an uncertain healthcare environment and a still-fragile


$5,261,233 Charity care and certain other community benefits at cost

economy poses major challenges, but we are able to achieve our mission through careful planning and stewardship — and extraordinary support from individuals and organizations in the communities we serve. We are enormously grateful to be able to respond to so many important community needs and to be able to produce such amazing results. Sincerely,

Michael J. Hannon

David K. Miles, MEd, MPM

Chairman, Board of Directors

President and CEO



Just ask the Desmore family of New Orleans.

Our family-centered approach leads to exceptional satisfaction. 6 | AMAZING RESULTS | 2012 ANNUAL REPORT

The family had struggled for years with 7-year-old Allison’s Prader-Willi Syndrome and was in crisis when they brought her to Pittsburgh. Dad Alan returned to work while mom Holly and baby Claire, 15 months, stayed at Heasley House, The Children’s Institute’s courtesy facility for families. Claire’s developmental delays required therapies the family had postponed to come to Pittsburgh — but The Children’s Institute staff knew the postponement wasn’t beneficial, so they arranged treatment. Claire was diagnosed, treatment was initiated — and soon the tot who hadn’t been close to walking was zipping around with her tiny new walker. Meanwhile, Allie’s treatment team diagnosed her with several serious conditions in addition to her Prader-Willi Syndrome. “No doctor back home had done that, but here they did — and they knew how to help,” says Holly.

Before Allie’s discharge five months later, it was clear that, although she had greatly improved, the family would need help caring for her — so staff partnered with Holly and Alan to advocate vigorously for the care. That level of family-centered care isn’t accidental — it’s a century-old tradition recently formalized to ensure that every child and family receives services that are expert, collaborative and respectful. “A lot of places talk about family-centered care — but The Children’s Institute makes it happen,” says Holly Desmore. “There’s no place else like it in the world.”

– Holly Desmore

On average

of families would recommend The Hospital at The Children’s Institute. This score is considered excellent among children’s hospitals.

of parents are satisfied with , The Day School s services.

of Project STAR families and client agencies would recommend Project STAR to others.



With treatment at The Children’s Institute, Vanden is now happily eating and drinking a good portion of his meals. Little Vanden Bickar, 14 months, was nourished only through a feeding tube. He had refractory epilepsy and developed further problems that left him unable to take a single sip or bite. Vanden was referred to the region’s most comprehensive Functional Feeding Program

Health issues left little Vanden Bickar unable to take a single sip to drink or a tiny bite to eat.


— at The Children’s Institute. The program offers inpatient and outpatient options, and Vanden needed the intensity of inpatient treatment. A multidisciplinary team — physicians, nurses, speech/language pathologists, physical and occupational therapists and nutritionists — evaluated the toddler and developed a treatment plan. (Behavioral psychologists are part of the team when appropriate). Treatment began with techniques to work on Vanden’s lip closure and on the skills involved in moving food around in the mouth and chewing it. The team — including Vanden’s family — also worked on Vanden’s motor skills, some of them related to feeding issues and some because prior hospitalizations had led to developmental delays.

In Uncompensated Care FY 2012

Gradually, as the team worked with Vanden several times daily, he began to be able to take liquids, and eventually solids, by mouth. And by his discharge eight weeks later, he was happily eating and drinking a good portion of his daily calories. Today Vanden is an outpatient at The Children’s Institute’s Bridgeville satellite. His mom, Alissa Bickar, says, “The program has been extraordinary, with great communication and family involvement. Vanden is exceeding expectations, and we can’t thank The Children’s Institute enough.”


Improving Swallow Studies Often a first step in diagnosing feeding problems is a “modified barium swallow study,” a radiology procedure that shows a child’s swallow as it happens. At The Children’s Institute, the studies are child-friendly: the child is acclimated to the room beforehand, family members are

present to give the child the food containing the barium, and the studies are done via a “C arm” that can be positioned around a high chair in which the child sits comfortably. It adds up to relaxed kids that remain relaxed during the process — and successful studies.

Hospital Earns Rare Accreditations

Healing Injured Young Brains

The Hospital at The Children’s Institute has received three coveted accreditations — and a compliment — from CARF, the independent international Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities. Accreditations include: Comprehensive Inpatient Rehabilitation Pediatric Specialty Program (there are only 32 in the country; no other in Pennsylvania); Inpatient Brain Injury Rehabilitation Pediatric Specialty Program (seven in the country; no other in Pennsylvania); and Outpatient Rehabilitation — Single Service Pediatric Specialty Program (38 in the country; one other in Pennsylvania). CARF has also praised the Center for Prader-Willi Syndrome, a Children’s Institute of Pittsburgh Center of Excellence.

Ivory Heard, 20, suffered a traumatic brain injury in a terrible auto accident. Months of treatment in acute-care hospitals saved her life, but Ivory was still nearly comatose, unable to respond, breathing on a ventilator and being fed through a tube. Her next-step alternatives: a nursing home — or The Children’s Institute. Her family chose the Center for Acquired Brain Injury Rehabilitation, a Children’s Institute of Pittsburgh Center of Excellence, whose intensive treatment and rehabilitation program was created to help people like Ivory get their lives back. Over Ivory’s five-month stay, physicians, nurses, physical and occupational therapists, speech/language pathologists, psychologists and nutritionists worked intensively with her, aided by her loving family. By the time she was discharged, Ivory was walking with assistance and her personality was shining through. Today she continues to make progress through outpatient therapies and looks forward to returning to school. Her mom, Kelly, says, “We made the right choice: The Children’s Institute was the only place for her to be.”

Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities

RND and “Tough Love” Fifteen-year-old Kenna was in excruciating pain. Her doctors in Texas were unsure how to treat her reflex neurovascular dystrophy (RND) — so they referred her to the Pain Rehabilitation Program at The Children’s Institute. RND is marked by disproportionately severe — even excruciating — pain following an injury. Paradoxically, successful treatment involves intensive physical and occupational therapies that exercise the affected areas. Psychological counseling and biofeedback help patients manage stress. Over her eight-week stay, Kenna improved remarkably. “We had a wonderful experience there,” says Kenna’s mom, Vicki Faust. She smiles and adds, “The therapists do ‘tough love’ in a nurturing and effective way.” While many patients benefit from an inpatient stay, some families in the region said they want their kids to continue in school while receiving treatment. In response, The Children’s Institute launched a new late-afternoon scheduling program. Begun at the main Squirrel Hill campus, the late-afternoon scheduling model is so successful that it will expand to the Norwin Hills satellite later this year.

The Hospital at The Children’s Institute of Pittsburgh is of only 20 freestanding pediatric rehabilitation specialty hospitals in the country. And the only one in Pennsylvania.


Using the Mind to Control the Body Biofeedback, in which the mind is trained to control body functions that are normally involuntary, can be a powerful treatment tool. It typically involves linking the patient to a computer — through sensors on the fingers or head — and having the patient practice focusing his or her mind to control objects on the screen. Biofeedback sounds like magic, but it works as patients learn to control their heart rate, breathing, skin conductance and even brainwaves and brain blood flow. Biofeedback is often used with patients who have RND and with others who’d benefit from learning relaxation techniques to manage stress and pain. In the Autism Service, biofeedback is used to help young patients increase their attention and focus. Most patients succeed at biofeedback — and most enjoy the process.


Experience That Works for Kids

Helping Kids Breathe and Grow

For therapists at The Hospital at The Children’s Institute, education + experience = expertise.

Most good healthcare institutions can manage the medical care of kids who depend on ventilators to help them breathe — but The Children’s Institute offers more: it helps the kids catch up developmentally. Three-year-old Svana McCool of Brookville is a chubby-cheeked child born with significant health problems. One of her surgeries left her on a vent and deconditioned enough that she couldn’t even hold her head up or grasp objects. Svana came to The Children’s Institute, and over a two-month stay, excellent medical and nursing care plus intensive physical, occupational and speech/language therapies helped her become a playful little girl again, even able to toddle around with a portable vent. Along the way, her family members learned the at-home care for her complicated equipment. “The staff was patient and wonderful with us,” says mom Rachael McCool. “We’re so glad we went there.”

Average length of inpatient stay, in days


Physical Therapists

Occupational Therapists

Speech/Language Pathologists

28 Therapists

29 Therapists

44 Pathologists

18 Doctorate Degrees

1 Doctorate Degree

3 Doctorate Degrees

8 Master’s Degrees

23 Master’s Degrees

36 Master’s Degrees

8 Specialty Certificates

6 Specialty Certificates

3 Specialty Certificates

Example: Pediatric Certified Specialist (there are only 40 in the state).

Example: Certified Brain Injury Specialist

Example: Neuro-developmental Treatment

220 Years Combined Experience

310 Years Combined Experience

360 Years Combined Experience

Helping Kids Recover from Concussions The Children’s Institute’s Outpatient Concussion Management Program treats children and young people from preschool through college age. Drawing on the expertise of the Hospital’s Center for Brain Injury Rehabilitation, a Children’s Institute of Pittsburgh Center of Excellence, the multidisciplinary team helps patients cope with symptoms that can be both physical (for example, headaches and balance problems) and cognitive (for instance, inattention). The team works with patients and parents to structure a safe return-to-activities schedule, and, when appropriate, advises patients’ schools about necessary curriculum modifications. The ultimate goal: to help the patient regain his or her optimal level of function as quickly as possible.

Outpatient medical and therapy services are also offered at three satellite sites in Wexford, Bridgeville and Norwin Hills.



The Day School at The Children’s Institute is individualizing technology, enabling our students to be more independent. A student at The Day School, Brent has severe cerebral palsy that necessitates the use of a wheelchair. His most effective and controlled motions are with his head. “Learning to manage leisure is important for everyone, but it’s not easy for young people with significant disabilities,” says Cheryl Fogarty, EdD, Chief School

When most teenagers boot up their MP3 players, it’s no big deal. But it’s a very big deal when Brent Smalstig,19, rocks the house.


Administrator. “So, particularly as our students get older, we focus on helping them move toward independence in leisure.” Brent had become adept with his augmentative communication device, making selections by inclining his head leftward onto a padded switch. The reliable but slow process involved scanning through multiple options; that took time, but it let Brent converse by choosing what the computer would say for him. Then a new-generation device offered more capability. So Brent’s teacher, the school’s lead physical therapist, the staff rehabilitation engineer, and Pitt’s Rehabilitation Engineering Department — a longtime research partner — collaborated to figure out how to help Brent use the device for his leisure. They outfitted Brent with a high-tech

marvel: a tiny sensor that can adhere to his forehead, and on his device a little camera that sees where the sensor is pointing. It took a lot of painstaking practice, but now Brent looks at his device’s screen and moves his head, making a selection simply by pointing the sensor at whatever he wants — for instance, Springsteen’s “Glory Days.” Brent’s device can also read e-books, and soon the staff will load his favorite videos. Kathy Smalstig, Brent’s mom, says, “Being able to entertain ourselves is a lifelong skill. The Day School wants Brent to have the quality of life his father and I want for him, and they’re caring and Students in expert enough to help The Day School him achieve that.”


Using Technology to Go Back in Time Have you ever wished you could easily identify the triggers for a child’s sudden behavior? Teachers at The Day School are working on doing exactly that. In some classrooms for students with autism, The Day School is piloting “behavior imaging” technology. When a puzzling behavior occurs, the technology records it — and, when the teacher hits a button on a remote, the system’s buffering capability shows not only the behavior but also what occurred in the minutes before it. “Seeing what preceded the behavior helps us understand the cause,” says Cheryl

Fogarty, Chief School Administrator, “and that understanding informs ongoing intervention and treatment.” The use of behavior imaging technology is also being explored in the professional development of teachers and others working with children who have autism. The videos can also be shared with the students’ families and physicians, demonstrating behaviors better than words could.

School Districts Provide Feedback

New Curriculum Moves Ahead

The Day School’s new District Advisory Panel brings representatives from ten southwestern Pennsylvania school districts together twice a year to provide feedback about The Day School’s programming and services and to make recommendations about future activities. The purpose of the Panel is to help ensure that The Day School provides students with education and skills relevant to the communities in which the students live. Each school district provides the funding for its students who attend The Day School — so it’s essential to include representative districts’ input about both current and future programming and services.

This year, The Day School continued creating its own curriculum focusing on assessment. The components of standardized assessment instruments are often not detailed enough to reflect the incremental developmental progress of students with significant disabilities. Without that detail, it’s difficult to determine whether progress is being made and what the “next steps” should be. The Day School has adapted standardized assessment instruments and developed its own literacy screening tool. By color-coding the steps in each student’s progress, teachers, parents and school district representatives can readily see the gains students make each school year. The Day School plans to make the entire new curriculum available to other schools when it’s complete.

Number of school districts from which the students come

Special Olympics For the first time last year, The Day School hosted its own Special Olympics track and field meet. More than 50 students competed in both regulation and adapted events. The large parking lot at The Children’s Institute was transformed with lane

markings, cooling tents, daises for medalists, refreshment tables, judges’ perches, areas for spectators, and (of course) an Olympic torch. The event earned rave reviews from kids, families and staff.

Patients seen this year in the Autism Service




700 kids, ages 10 through 21, are still in foster care or group homes across Pennsylvania. 18 | AMAZING RESULTS | 2012 ANNUAL REPORT

How Zach found a “Forever Family.”

The tidy Hermitage home of the Long family looks typical: three kids and their friends zooming in and out, laughing, grabbing snacks and talking about school. But the Longs are unusual because the oldest child, 14-year-old Zach, is the newest addition to the family. Zach — an outgoing kid with a great smile — was adopted through the Older Child Matching Initiative (OCMI) — a

statewide program with which Project STAR works to find “forever families” for older kids who are traditionally less likely to be adopted. Terri and Jonah Long had two younger kids — both adopted — but wanted a larger family. Terri met Zach, who had been in foster care in Johnstown, at a special matching event — and they clicked. Terri smiles as she recalls, “Jonah was working out of town. I called him and said, ‘I think I’ve met our son!” After discussion with each other, Project STAR and the agency responsible for Zach — plus a lot of thought and prayer — the Longs arranged for Zach to visit for a weekend … and he’s never left. Today the Longs are a close, happy, multicultural family. Zach is delighted with his role as big brother to Allie, 7, and Trenton, 4 — and the younger kids are crazy about him. But across Pennsylvania, 700

kids, ages 10 through 21, are still in foster care or group homes waiting for their own forever families. If you have room in your home and your heart to consider adopting an older child, contact Russ McCurdy at Project STAR at 412.244.3083 or


Family Visitation Center Gets Rave Reviews Project STAR’s new Family Visitation Center, part of the Center for Family Visitation, a Children’s Institute Center of Excellence, is receiving high usage — and great reviews. The Center’s purpose: to provide a homelike space that families can use for their court-ordered supervised visitations. Two adjacent houses on The Children’s Institute’s Squirrel Hill campus were

remodeled and joined to create the new facility. In Allegheny Resource families trained County, many and ready to foster or visitations now adopt a child take place in office settings. But Walter H. Smith Jr., PhD, Integrated Program Initiatives Manager for the Allegheny County Department of Human Services, says, “Families working to recreate or support bonds do best when the setting encourages ordinary activities like preparing something to eat or sitting on the couch reading a story. “We believe the Project STAR Family Visitation Center is an excellent model. It raises the standard, and one of our goals in the future is to find ways to support what The Children’s Institute does around visitation.”

Program Helps Parents and Teens “We’ve learned a lot about ourselves as well as our children.” That’s a father talking about Teaming Together with Teens (TTT), a program in which Project STAR partners with Beaver

County Children and Youth Services. The purpose: to help parents and their teenage kids experiencing conflict learn mutual understanding and to help parents learn to respond productively to teens. Two groups — with teens facilitated by CYS and parents facilitated by Project STAR — meet every other week over a meal. Typical meeting topics include anger management, bullying and social media safety. Between meetings, Project STAR caseworkers spend time with parents in the family home, working on family-specific issues. Kristin Lee, Project STAR Permanency Specialist and TTT Program Director, says, “Many families simply need to brainstorm and problem-solve while for others we recommend additional supports.” Some families self-refer to the program, and some are referred by CYS. In TTT’s first year, just ended, 93% of parents reported that their participation helped them feel better prepared to handle their teens’ behaviors; 68% reported improved use of non-aggressive consequences when teens didn’t follow rules; and 67% increased rewards for teens who complied with rules.

Medical Foster Care Saves Kylie Kylie was a very sick baby. Hospitalized since her birth in New Jersey, and with parents unable to care for her, she was brought to Pittsburgh for treatment at Children’s Hospital of UPMC — but she couldn’t be placed on the list for a

multi-organ transplant unless a foster family could be found to provide the Children placed complicated medical with loving care she needed. foster families Project STAR stepped in — and asked the Schnupp family of Brighton Township to step up. “We were blessed with five healthy children and wanted to help a child who wasn’t so healthy,” says Mike Schnupp. So while Kylie underwent treatment and multiple extensive therapies at The Hospital at The Children’s Institute, Mike and his wife Amie learned how to care for Kylie, who went home as their foster child. The excellent healthcare in the hospitals and at home, plus lots of love from her foster parents and siblings, produced remarkable results: The Schnupps adopted Kylie, whose health improved enough that she no longer needs a transplant.

Backpacks, Haircuts, Boots and Bieber Basic services are vital to help families survive — but sometimes it’s the “extras” that help them thrive. That’s why Project STAR offers two special programs with support from generous donors. This was the second year for Starting Fresh Leads to Success which helps kids from Project STAR families start school with the confidence that comes from new clothes, backpacks and haircuts. A very generous anonymous donor underwrote this year’s expenses. In partnership with STAR 100.7 radio and its big-hearted listeners, the annual Holiday Gift Drive once again brought joy to dozens of Project STAR families who might otherwise not have had a Christmas. Kids were delighted by gifts ranging from Elmo and underwear, Families strengthened by to Bieber and boots. all Project STAR services in all locations



Creating Knowledge

Sharing Knowledge

Children’s Institute Researchers Develop New “Best Practices”

Staff Members Lead in Professional Development

Some people are surprised to learn that The Children’s Institute, a relatively small organization, has a research program that is robust, comprehensive — and successful. Long a collaborator with researchers at universities and colleges, The Children’s Institute launched its own program two years ago. A highly respected research manager, Roxann Diez Gross, PhD, joined the staff, and The Children’s Institute’s own Institutional Research Board (IRB) was formed. An IRB is a formally structured committee, regulated by the US Department of Health and Human Services and the Food and Drug Administration, that carefully evaluates proposed research projects with close attention to legal and ethical issues. The Children’s Institute’s research focus is translational — aimed at developing evidence-based “best practices.” Today there are nearly two dozen studies in the pipeline from design, to data collection, analysis and completion. Principal investigators are staff professionals collaborating


across a wide range of disciplines. The studies, which involve not only The Hospital, but The Day School and Project STAR, include, for example: the development of ways to reduce the occurrence of pressure sores in patients with spinal cord injuries; examination of the swallowing function in patients with Prader-Willi Syndrome; using collaborative robot play to improve the communication skills of students who have augmentative communication devices; and determining whether, and to what degree, family visitation is more productive in a homelike setting. Most projects are accomplished in partnership with other research institutions — for instance, University of Pittsburgh, Carnegie Mellon,

Duquesne, Chatham, Drexel and Slippery Rock — while some are fully independent. When studies are completed, Children’s Institute researchers share the newly developed knowledge through conference presentations, professional meetings and publications.

Members of the staff of The Children’s Institute continually share their professional expertise with colleagues in the region and across the country. Presentations at conferences and meetings, leadership in organizations that advocate and inform, and teaching tomorrow’s professionals are all activities that ultimately benefit kids and families everywhere. AWARDS HAP Achievement Award Presented by the Hospital & Healthsystem Association of Pennsylvania honoring excellence and innovation in healthcare for The Children’s Institute’s manager training program National Marketing Impact Award Presented by Children's Hospital Association to The Children’s Institute for its entry Philanthropy and Awareness Bloom Where Planted PNC's Community Achiever of the Month Award BOARD AND COMMITTEE MEMBER POSITIONS David Miles, MEd, MPM Hospital Council of Western PA, Board Member Children’s Hospital Association Education Council ABOARD’s Autism Connection of PA, Professional Advisory Council, Board Member Stacey Vaccaro, MPM, FACHE American College of Healthcare Executives, Western PA Chapter, Board Member

Sharon Dorogy, MEd PA eHealth Initiative Organization, Board Chair PA eHealth Collaborative Office, Stakeholder & Communications Committee Member Jane Keim, BS, OT Brain Injury Association of PA, Past President The International Pediatric Rehabilitation Collaborative, Vice Chair Pediatric Palliative Care Coalition, Past Steering Committee Member Helene Conway-Long, MBA, CFRE Association of Fundraising Professionals, Board Officer LEAD Pittsburgh, Board Member Karen Liljequist, MLIS, AHIP Medical Library Association, Professional Recruitment and Retention Committee Special Libraries AssociationPittsburgh Chapter, Employment Committee Chair

POSTER SESSION Scott Faber, MD International Medical Conference for Autism Research (Toronto, Canada), A Comparison Study of Inorganic and Organic Compounds in Children PRESENTATION (CONFERENCE, EVENT) Judy Conroy, MEd, C.A.P.E. Pennsylvania State Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance, Motivation For The Hesitant Swimmer With Special Needs Mary Denison, PhD, NCSP National Association of School Psychologists, National Convention, Self-Injurious Behavior in the Low-Incidence Population Sharon Dorogy, MEd Western PA Healthcare Information & Management Systems Society, Key Trends in the Healthcare Value Chain Expert Western PA Healthcare Financial Management Association, HIE: What's All the Buzz About?

Sharon Dorogy, MEd Cheryl Fogarty, EdD Cynthia Morelock, MS, CCC-SLP International Society for Technology in Education Annual Conference, Round Table Presentation, iPads: Birds of a Feather Scott Faber, MD Environmental Toxicity and Neurodevelopmental Disorders, Chemical, Metals and Autism, a Tale of Two Studies Nicole Garcia, MSN, RN Phelicia Goshea, RN, COTA/L Hospital Association of Pennsylvania, Comprehensive Unit-based Safety Program/ Central Line-Associated Blood Streams Infection Co-Hort Conference Roxann Diez Gross, PhD, CCC/SLP 0 HealthSouth Harmarville and Northern Speech Services, Interventions for Respiratory Disorders: Effects of Lung Volume Our Lady of the Lake Hospital (Baton Rouge, LA) and University Health System of Eastern Carolina and Northern Speech Services (Greenville, NC), Tracheotomy Tubes and Ventilators: What the Speech/Language Pathologist Needs to Know about Communication and Swallowing National Association of Long Term Hospitals, Physician Training Conference (New Orleans, LA), Breathing, Swallowing, and the Tracheostomized Patient: Turning Evidence into Practice

Maryanne Henderson, DO Sue Hersh, MS Sven Lynch, DPT, CBIS Jessica Sattler, OTR/L, CBIS Heather Ufberg, EdM, PsyD Beaver Valley Intermediate Unit, ABI – Pediatric Rehabilitation and School Re-entry Jane Keim, BS, OT Children’s Hospital Association Leadership Conference (Seattle, WA), Cultivating Clinical Leadership GUEST LECTURE Sharon Dorogy, MEd University of Pittsburgh School of Health Related Science Scott Faber, MD Autism Research Institute (Newark, NJ) Roxann Diez Gross, PhD, CCC/SLP Neuroimmunology Division, Dept of Neurology, University of Pittsburgh Katie Hartman, MA, CCC-SLP Prader-Willi Syndrome Association - Pennsylvania chapter meeting Karen Liljequist, MLIS, AHIP University of Pittsburgh School of Information Sciences, University of Pittsburgh Theresa Miller-Ferri, MPT, PCS Chatham University Marybeth Trapani-Hanasewych, MS CCC/SLP Rich Butler Duquesne University Stacey Vaccaro, MPM, FACHE Slippery Rock University



Shaping the Future The Children’s Institute of Pittsburgh will be a nationally and internationally recognized leader in the provision of family-centered care and coordination of services for children and youth with special needs and for any child needing rehabilitation services. The hallmark of The Children’s Institute’s legacy will continue to be an unwavering commitment to these children and their families.

The New Strategic Plan Today The Children’s Institute of Pittsburgh is a recognized leader in pediatric rehabilitation, the education of students with significant special needs and social services that build and strengthen families. The challenge, of course, is to ensure that the organization will still be able to serve kids and families tomorrow. How to do that? Through an energetic and meticulous strategic planning process that helps position The Children’s Institute to respond productively to challenges in healthcare, education and social services. The Children’s Institute recently completed “Vision 2016,” a strategic plan resulting from 18 months of intensive work. Led by the Board of Directors, and with participation throughout the organization — including families of young patients and students — the plan provides a detailed road map to a sound organizational future.

“Vision 2016” lays out four overarching strategic objectives: 1. Establish The Children’s Institute as the leader in innovative and integrated care and education delivery models for children and youth with special healthcare needs.

Each of the overarching objectives has associated sub-objectives, and the plan outlines the tactics and resources needed to meet the objectives. The Children’s Institute’s Board, management, and staff are now “working the plan.” We have created five Centers of Excellence and each is working to heighten its impact through the framework specified in the plan. • Center for Acquired Brain Injury

2. Establish and enhance “Centers of Excellence,” which adhere to a framework that includes expertise/best practices; continuity of care; family-centered focus; results/outcomes; knowledge sharing; research; advocacy; and external affirmation. 3. Provide comprehensive permanency and family support services.

Rehabilitation • Center for Autism • Center for Family Visitation • Center for Prader-Willi Syndrome • Center for Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation

The end result of making the plan a reality will be that The Children's Institute will be able to do even more to benefit children and families.

4. Continue to develop organizational capability to ensure sustainability of the mission.


Financial Review


OF THE CHILDREN’S INSTITUTE During Fiscal 2012 service-related operating revenues increased approximately $2 million or 5 percent. All client-related reimbursements reflected no increase in payment for service. This was a direct result of the increase in client services, the majority of which was related to hospital outpatient activity. Because of this increase in client services along with expenses related to electronic health record implementation, operating expenses increased by approximately $2 million. Also, total assets decreased by $5 million as a direct result of investment activity correlating to the financial market involvement.

Facts and Figures (Thousands)


EXPENSE & REVENUE FY 2012 (Thousands)

FY 10

FY 11

FY 12





Other Operating Revenue





Net Assets Released from Restriction for Operations










Salaries and Wages





Employee Benefits





Other Expenses










Excess of Operating Expenses Over Revenue $












Operating Expenses 20,000

$18,048 $18,197

Total Net Expense: $41,962 Total Net Revenue: $39,020 15,000


Non Operating Gains (Losses)


Net Non-Operating Gains Excess Of Revenues Over Expenses


(Expenses Over Revenue) Assets

$7,057 $5,249

Total Current Assets





Other Assets





Property, Plant and Equipment (Net)











$3,293 $2,787







Outpatient & Satellite



The Day School



Project STAR

*Includes Net Periodic Pension Expense — Defined Benefit Pension Plan, change in fair value of interest rate SWAPS and miscellaneous.






Liabilities and Net Assets Total Current Liabilities





Long-Term Liabilities





Net Assets










NOTE: Some expense classes have been changed compared to prior years. Some numbers reported may vary from previous annual reports due to reporting adjustments.



Financial Review continued

The Children’s Institute Board of Directors, 2012–2013 STATISTICS

FUNDING SOURCE NET REVENUE Actual FY 2012 Medicare (5%)

FY 2012

Children, Patients and Families Served

School District (5%)

Commercial and Managed Care (27%) Medical Assistance (15%)

Outpatients Served (Therapies)


Outpatients Served (Physician Clinics)


Inpatients Served


Day School Students


Project STAR Children and Families




The Children’s Institute is supported, inspired and guided in many different ways by volunteer leaders who donate their time, expertise and personal resources.




Michael J. Hannon

Gregory B. Benckart Christina Cardoso Patricia Suzanne Chesko John R. Denny Carolyn D. Duronio Shawn Fox Holly Hatcher-Frazier, EdD Joseph E. Imbriglia, MD Jonathan M. Kamin J. A. Katarincic Jr. Ellen P. Kessler Allan MacDougall III James W. Marczak F. Brooks Robinson Jr. Susan Baker Shipley Merrill P. Stabile Nita Wadhwani

Nancy M. Armstrong Thomas J. Bachman Burnett G. Bartley Jr. Mary Florence Brown Mrs. Davis C. Burroughs Jr. Paulette P. Cantwell Henry C. Cohen N. John Cooper, DPhil Sandy W. Côté Ann H. Cutter George M. Egan Sheila C. Fine


J. Keefe Ellis Jr. Pamela W. Golden John K. Thornburgh SECRETARY

Lisa C. Fagan Uncompensated Care*


All Other (6%)

Government (42%)

Employees (excludes Temporary Employees) Staff and Contracted Physicians Volunteers

COMPONENT NET REVENUE Actual FY 2012 Other (2%)


Michele M. McKenney

*Charity care and government shortfall.




David K. Miles, MEd, MPM



Licensed Beds


Inpatient Average Daily Census


Maryanne J. Henderson, DO

Henry J. Gailliot Gus P. Georgiadis Lillian H. Goldsmith George C. Greer Paul A. Heasley Joan M. Kaplan Marcia L. Keehn Pradeep K. Khosla, PhD Eileen L. Lane Ann M. McGuinn B. Gordon Nelson III Barbara K. Nelson Maureen S. O’Brien

Judy G. Papernick James S. Pasman Jr. Ruth S. Perfido Patricia R. Rooney Jean McD. Scott Lea H. Simonds Ann E. Sullivan Harry A. Thompson II Ginny Thornburgh Jamee W. Todd James W. Ummer Farley W. Whetzel Susan C. Williams Margot B. Woodwell

Front row, left to right: Michele M. McKenney, treasurer; Michael J. Hannon, chair; David K. Miles, president and chief executive officer; Maryanne J. Henderson, chief medical officer; Pamela W. Golden, vice chair; Back row, left to right: Susan Baker Shipley; Shawn Fox; Patricia Suzanne Chesko; Jonathan M. Kamin; Nita Wadhwani; J.A. Katarincic Jr.; Christina Cardoso; F. Brooks Robinson Jr.; Ellen P. Kessler; Allan MacDougall III; Holly Hatcher-Frazier; Absent from photo: J. Keefe Ellis Jr., vice chair; John K. Thornburgh, vice chair; Lisa C. Fagan, secretary; Gregory B. Benckart; John R. Denny; Carolyn D. Duronio; Joseph E. Imbriglia; James W. Marczak; Merrill P. Stabile.

Project STAR (7%)

Outpatient & Satellite (13%)

Day School (31%)

Inpatient (47%)




amazingdonors FISCAL YEAR 2011 - 2012 Thanks to the kindness of our amazing donors, The Children’s Institute was able to provide services to over 5,800 children and families in fiscal year 2012. We gratefully acknowledge the individuals, corporations, foundations and organizations who together contributed funds in support of our amazing kids. The following is a list of donors who made contributions during the last fiscal year, July 1, 2011 through June 30, 2012. Donors of $100 or more are listed here.






Marcia and Si Keehn

In fiscal year 2012, The Children’s Institute

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Kelly Jr.

received support from 1,653 individuals and

Eric and Alice Neishloss

families, including donors who

Sandy and Edgar Snyder

provided support through their estates

Anonymous Donor

or trusts. Donors of $100 or more are listed

Pradeep K. Khosla, PhD

Melissa Drexler

Mrs. Kelly K. Massimilla

Jim and Carla Wilding

Mr. and Mrs. Lauren A. Ernst

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Morrison

Ms. Carolyn D. Duronio

Jim and Amy Mathieu

James and Judy Williams

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald W. Feiling

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence M. Muckle

Mr. and Mrs. Allan MacDougall III

Bill and Lorraine Egan

William McAlister Charitable Trust

Mr. and Mrs. John A. Wilson

Ms. Anna Fisher

Ms. Mary E. Mulhearn

Martha Lockhart Mason Trust

Mr. and Mrs. J. Keefe Ellis

Samuel A. McClung III

Anonymous Donor (5)

Curt and Kim Fleming

Mr. and Mrs. Nabil Z. Nasr

and Ms. Thespine Kavoulakis

Jan and Dennis McGlone

Peter Ellis

In Memory of Mary Mellon McClung

Mr. and Mrs. Martin G. McGuinn

Kathy and Wally Enick

and Cynthia McClung Stone

Richard D. Flinn

Kenny and Gordon Nelson

$500 – $999

Dr. Cheryl Fogarty

Michael, Liz and Tessa O'Rorke

below. For a complete list of

$5,000 – $9,999

Michele McKenney and Charles Cohen

Ms. Victoria Nimick Enright

James P. McDonald

Barbara and Marcus Aaron II

John and Char Fullerton

Ms. Bonnie Otis

donors, please visit

Charles A. Brooks Charities

Mr. Richard A. Mellon

Estate of Rose Noon

Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. McLean

Ms. Ann Averback

Bill and Annick Gallagher

Mr. Toby Page

Mr. and Mrs. Danny P. Brown

Jody Mulvihill

Lisa C. Fagan and James G. Wallace

Mrs. Ruth E. McLean

Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Baroffio

Mrs. Olive Lee Gilliand

Ruth and Leonard Perfido

Mr. and Mrs. John T. Chesko

Mr. Charles Polonsky

Mr. and Mrs. Alan H. Finegold

Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. Meyer

Mr. George Basara

Robert W. Glenn, Esq.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Pudlo

Alan and Susan Citron

Edward E. Rieck Charitable Trust

Mr. and Mrs. Evan S. Frazier

Rebecca and David Miles

Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey A. Baum

Lillian and Ken Goldsmith

Pullen Family

Louise Colteryahn Charities

Mr. and Mrs. David J. Schaefer

Esther and Stuart Glasser

Janet and Donald Moritz

Annette and Robert Becker

Estate of Albert R. Goldsmith

Mr. Daniel Ratesic

Judy and Ron Davenport

Mr. Joseph A. Sinclair

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Glenn

Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Murphy Jr.

Mr. Jack R. Bertges

George and Jane Greer

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Reichard

Ellen P. and Jack J. Kessler

Gretchen and Michael Smarto

Becky Gloninger

Mr. Satish and Dr. Shashi R. Narang

Pat and Donna Bianconi

Bob and Patti Gregorka

Mr. James H. Rich

Mrs. Paula M. Lockhart

Mr. and Mrs. John K. Thornburgh

Susan and Earl Glotfelty

Dylan and Zahra Nauhaus

Timothy and Deborah Bittner

Roxann Diez Gross

Mrs. Dorothy H. Richards

Mr. and Mrs. John R. McCartan

Anonymous Donor

Mr. and Mrs. James Gockley

Alice P. Olson

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald A. Blake

Ms. Carol E. Hackett

Mr. and Mrs. Henry W. Ryals

Pamela W. Golden

Jane and Jim Pasman

Don and Katherine Blenko

Jeanne Hanchett, MD

Mr. Sam Sarandis

$20,000 – $100,000

Mr. and Mrs. James L. Parker Mr. and Mrs. Frederick A. Quinn

$1,000 – $2,499

Luis and Stephanie Gonzalez III

Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Randazza

Cynthia Bognar

Hung-Wei Huang

Ms. Michele L. Schmid

Beatrice Eakins Endowment Fund

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Brooks Robinson Sr.

Mr. and Mrs. Pritam M. Advani

Mr. and Mrs. George M. L. Gould

Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Riordan

Ms. Romayne Botti

Mrs. Maureen O. Jackson

Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Schreiber

Estate of William J. Karolyi

Barbara and Herb Shear

Daniel Aloe and Debbie White

James Gregory, MD

Rockwell Combined Memorial Trust

Suzy and Jim Broadhurst

Christina Jennings and Guido D'Elia

Susan, Charlie, and Leigh Shanor

Maureen S. O'Brien

Ms. Naomi L. Siegel

Nancy and Henry Armstrong

Dr. Steven Hacker

Bette and Howard Rom

Chuck and Jill Brodbeck

Mr. and Mrs. John J. Kearns III

Mrs. Lea H. Simonds

Mr. and Mrs. William R.

Ms. Amy E. Haid

Dozie Babcock Sheahan

Deborah and Don Brodine

Brian and Emily Kelly

Gayle and Bill Simpson

Jean M. and John F. Hensler

Ribitha and Balu Shetty

Mr. and Mrs. David A. Brownlee

Mr. Marc T. Kennedy

Bobbie and Keith Smith

J. Randolph Hiller

Mr. Ray Shirah

Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Bryson

Ms. Margaret R. Kilner

Michael and Kimberly Sossong

Ovid D. Robinson Trust Ms. Ritchie Scaife

and Mr. Eric C. Cooper Anonymous Donor

Mr. and Mrs. John A. Staley IV

$10,000 – $19,999 Tilden Bennett and Pamela Handlovitch

(Bill and Kathy) Bauer Mr. and Mrs. David Billings

$2,500 – $4,999

Mr. Kevin J. Boroch

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hillman

Richard and Virginia Simmons

The Carr Family

Jill and Charley Knox

Mr. and Mrs. William C. Springer

The Charles M. Alexander Trust for the

Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Bozzone

Joseph and Nannette Hrycko

Sam and Linda Smalis

James and June Chamberlain

Mr. Jeremy Kulow

Clifford N. and Diane Stevenson

Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Bridges

Mary Beth and Dan Joscak

Hon. and Mrs. William L. Standish

Mrs. Sally H. Childs

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen D. Lackey

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Tessmer

Ms. Katherine Kameshka

Steven and Wendy Sternberger

Helene Conway-Long

Margery J. Loevner

Mr. and Mrs. John W. Testa

Benefit of Leland and Daniel Alexander

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Boyle

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory B. Benckart

Mr. Robert H. Brown

Carlos and Christina Cardoso

Mr. Ross F. Bevevino

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin J. Cain

Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Katarincic Jr.

Ann Ebbert Sullivan

Wendy MacKenzie and Alexander Cortesi

Ms. Tammy L. Tice

Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Carr

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Calihan

Mrs. Mary Ann Casey

Mr. and Mrs. W. Jeffrey Keim

Dick and Ginny Thornburgh

Mary and Walter Curley

Joseph and Diane McNally

Ms. Sandra R. Tomlinson

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Chait

Sheila and Milton Fine

Mr. and Mrs. Guy E. Cleborne

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy B. King

Dr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Tremont

Mr. and Mrs. John R. Denny

Dr. and Mrs. Ron Mignella

Jack and Joan Diederich

Mr. and Mrs. Fred W. Flury

Ms. Bridgid E. Cody

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Kossman

Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Turcsanyi

Jan and Kia deVries

Mr. and Mrs. Ernest L. Miller

Mr. and Mrs. Steven G. Elliott

Mr. L. Martin Hurbi

Judy and Michael Hannon

and Ms. Tracy Quinn-Hurbi

and Thomas B. Long Jr.

Eileen J. D'Appolonia

Mr. and Mrs. Craig Leiderman

Mr. and Mrs. Sunil Wadhwani

Tina deVries

Mr. and Mrs. John F. Miller

Mr. and Mrs. George A. Davidson Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. H. Lewis Lobdell

Mr. and Mrs. Rodd Werstil

Mr. and Mrs. Walter J. Dollard

Sean Montgomery, MD

Dr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Imbriglia

Mr. Clint Hurdle

Mr. and Mrs. J. Christopher Donahue

Catherine and Mark Loevner

John R. Whitaker

Beth Dubyak and Louis Towchik

Mr. and Mrs. Thatcher Montgomery

Mrs. Cindy Ingram

Mr. and Mrs. John H. Jackson III

Andrew and Nancy Drazdik

Mr. and Mrs. Leonard J. Marsico

Bruce and Barbara Wiegand

Sylvia and Norman Elias

Ms. Fay Moraif




Kathy and Joe Tosh Mrs. Lenora J. Vasey


Mr. Thomas N. Canfield and Dr. Patricia H. Canfield

Tondalaya Hampton

James P. Mondzelewski, MD

Ms. Tabitha H. Riggio

Mrs. Jacquelin G. Wechsler

Ruth Bechtle-Pierce

Mr. and Mrs. John E. Brownell Jr.

Mr. Robert J. Hanley

Ms. Gwendolyn Y. Moore

Philip and Lorrie Roberts

Mr. Zachary Weiss

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher T. Becker

Ms. Diane C. Buchan

Virginia H. Volponi

Paulette Cantwell

Mr. David Herring

Ms. Cynthia Morelock

Mr. and Mrs. F. Brooks Robinson Jr.

Mr. Richard P. Wilkes

David and Barb Benedict

Dr. and Mrs. Gibson P. Buchanan

Ms. Amy Weber

Patrick Carfagna

Ms. Rebecca E. Hirsch

Mrs. Beatrice E. Morrison

Mr. Nicholas G. Rock

Mr. and Mrs. Albert H. Wyckoff

Paul G. Benedum Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond W. Buehler Jr.

Gisela and Konrad Weis

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew J. Carl

Mr. and Mrs. Bruno A. Holnaider II

Locky and Lisa Nimick

Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Rockar Jr.

Mr. Howard S. Yoder

Ms. Carla Bergamasco

Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Buerger

Mr. and Mrs. Norman B. Weizenbaum

Bill Caroselli and Dusty E. Kirk

Mr. and Mrs. David G. Holzworth

Mrs. Nancy L. Olcott

Mr. and Mrs. William Roemer

Anonymous Donors (4)

Ms. Denise Bergey

Mr. Gregory J. Burgman

Ms. Beverly W. Willner

Dr. Chester Chorazy

Rick and Beth Hosking

Mr. J. Lee O'Nan

Richard and Debra Rua

Mr. Randy L. Jackson

Mr. and Mrs. James E. Ostrowski

Luisa Rylott

Mr. Jimil B. Wilson

and Dr. Anna Chorazy

Mr. Elias Betras

Ms. Kathryn Burgwin

$100 - $249

Ms. Laura Y. Bibel

Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Burke

Roberta A. Wolowski

Gerard and Louise Cipriani

Ms. Caitlin E. Jones

Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Perriello

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce D. Sachnoff

Ms. Arlene Abbondanza

Mr. and Mrs. Henry R. Biedrzycki

Dr. and Mrs. John A. Burkholder

Mr. Eric M. Wright

John and Karen Cooper

Michael and Janet Karpa

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey A. Petro

Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan M. Schmerling

Dr. Steven Abo and Dr. Holly Swartz

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Bigley

Ms. Diana L. Burton

Ms. Nancy Yoshikawa

Mr. John C. Crogan Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. John Kells

Betty and John Philips

Stephanie and Michael Schneider

Harry and Carol Adelsheimer

Mr. and Mrs. Paul F. Bildstein

John and Lisa Bush

Mr. Joseph G. Zyra

Ann and Louis Cutter

Mr. and Mrs. R. Drew Kistler

Mr. and Mrs. William C. Porr Jr.

Mr. Herbert L. Seigle and Ms. Robin

Lawrence N. Adler, MD

Mr. and Mrs. G. William Bissell

Kayla Bush and Monet Murphy

Anonymous Donor (7)

Mr. and Mrs. Cyrus Daboo

Mrs. Amy M. Kuntz

David and Linda Profozich

Mrs. Maria Allen

Ms. Christine R. Bissert

Dr. and Mrs. Sidney N. Busis

Mr. Richard C. Daley

Eileen and Nicholas Lane

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Prokopik

Steven H. Sell

Mr. and Mrs. David A. Allerton

Mr. Matthew J. Bittner

Ms. Dawn Butler

$250 – $499

Carmen and Frances D'Ambrosio

Susan Oberg Lane

Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Queenan Jr.

Ms. Barbara M. Shadle

Ms. Amy E. Andersen

Ms. Kristen Bjorklund

Michael F. Butler

Mr. and Mrs. Alan L. Ackerman

Mr. and Mrs. John P. Davis III

Bruce R. Lang

Ms. Joyce Ramsey

Mr. and Mrs. Mathias R. Shaner

Ms. Patricia M. Andersen

Pastor Bill and Linda Blacksmith

Ms. Donna M. Carmen

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Angerman

The Staff of The Day School

Dr. and Mrs. Steven Latulippe

Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Redlinger Sr.

Marlene and Art Silverman

Bill and Susan Andrews

Mr. Thomas H. Blackwood

Carol and James Cassel

Ms. Chelsea J. Angle

Ms. Elizabeth B. DesCombes

Reverend and Mrs. Thomas C. LeClere

Dr. and Mrs. Robert W. Reiter Jr.

Robert and Janet Skees

Ken and Dottie Ardell

Mr. and Mrs. George M. Blair

Mr. Michael J. Castillo

Gerry and Samantha Balbier

Jeff and Joan Dierdorf

Paul and Susan Lieber

Gerda Reyersbach

Robert and Elizabeth D. Smith

Jane C. Arkus

Mr. and Mrs. H. Vaughn Blaxter III

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Caughey

Mr. Thomas J. Balestrieri

Mr. David Dorko

Ms. Elsa Limbach

Mrs. Susan A. Snow

Mrs. Jean F. Armstrong

Ms. Eva Blum

Ms. Roxanne L. Chalich

Marshall and Karen Balk

Mrs. Rachell H. Dorsey

Ms. Emily Jane Linn

Mr. Dale A. Stein

Ms. Lynn Armstrong

Ms. Myrna Blume

Mr. and Mrs. Allen H. Chan

Mrs. Edith Catherine Bashline

John and Lucy Douglas

Louise B. Lytle

Ms. Carol Lynn Tabas

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Armstrong

Ms. Francesca M. Bonadonna

Cheyenne Court Neighbors

Mrs. Margaret Beattie

Ms. Micaela Scott Dudley

Ms. Paige M. Mahaley

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Taylor

Mr. Michael Aronson

Kent and Nancy Bowers

Ms. Susan Chikalla

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher J. Becker

Mr. David Duncan

Louise and Michael Malakoff

S. Lynn Taylor

Mr. Louis P. Astorino Jr.

Ms. Anne E. Bowes

Child Family

Mrs. Alice Beckwith

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen K. Evans

Lauren and Hampton Mallory

Gail Taylor

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Athey

Mr. and Mrs. William E. Boyd Jr.

Mr. George Childs and Dr. Miya Asato

Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Beeman

Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Fagan III

Mr. and Mrs. James Marczak

Ms. Carmen M. Tener

Mrs. Ann W. Austin

Kathy and James Braham

Dr. Paula Ann Chorazy

Mr. Curtis Beeson

Mr. Eli S. Fisher

Mr. and Mrs. John C. Marous III

Barbara and Robert Thaw

Harry and Mary Ellen Austin

Mr. and Mrs. S. Richard Brand

Chuck and Mary Beth Chrissis

Stephanie and Tom Flannery

Ms. Diane M. Marzula

Mr. David Thornburgh

Eugenia Avery

Dr. Ewa Brandys

Ms. Sharon L. Christiano Mr. Albert D. Christmann

and Ms. Brenda Batenburg

J. Bernstein

Mrs. Daniel H. Benckart

Mr. and Mrs. Hans G. Fleischner

Dr. and Mrs. David M. McConnell Jr.

Dennis and Michelle Tilko

Mr. and Mrs. Harry C. Avery

Lori Ella Brenner

Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Bohr

Lee and Isabel Foster

Dr. and Mrs. Richard McHugh

Spencer and Wendy Todd

Mr. Timothy M. Babbert

Mr. and Mrs. Terence Brophy

Dorene T. Ciletti, PhD

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Bozic

Mr. and Mrs. Shawn Fox

Mr. David P. McSorley

Mr. Russell J. Tucker

Mr. and Mrs. David E. Barensfeld

Dr. and Mrs. Arnold S. Broudy

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ciriello

Mr. and Mrs. Fitzhugh L. Brown

Ms. Chakira George

Ms. Christina Medica

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Vaccaro

Mr. and Mrs. Blain S. Bargo

Mitchell and Ronda Brourman

Margaret E. Clark

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew W. Buck

Jane N. Gilbert

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Mellon

Ms. Donna M. Verone

Ms. Laurie Barksdale

Carol R. Brown

Dr. and Mrs. Bernard H. Cobetto

Patricia and Charles Burke

Mr. and Mrs. F. Charles Goodwin

Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Mellon

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Wainwright

Mr. Michael Barnard

Amy and Eric Brown

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick H. Colen

Dr. and Mrs. Charles N. Bush

Joan Gulley and HR Leadership Team

Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Minervini Sr.

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony C. Walla

Ms. Eleanore Barovitch

Mr. and Mrs. Jason Alan Brown

Margy Coll

Mr. George F. Cahill

Mr. and Mrs. Alan R. Guttman

Miss Elizabeth Ann Momich

Tom Walters

Mr. and Mrs. Brian R. Barrett

Tom and Lee Brown

Jean Connell





Mr. K. Glenn Cornman

Mr. Laurence F. Ellis

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Gordon

Ken and Mary Hupe

Mr. and Mrs. Cole Leppold

Ms. Margaret M. McManus

Suzanne Nolan

Bill and Nancy Rackoff

John and Susan Cosgrove

Judith Englert

Mr. Stephen T. Gorman

Dr. and Mrs. F. G. Hurite

Mr. Terry Lerman

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. McVeigh

Philip E. and Antoinette Norton

Ms. Jennifer Ann Raleigh

Mrs. Susan Ann Couchenour

Mr. and Mrs. William J. Falavolito

Ms. Rita J. Gould

Drew and Stacy Hurt

Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. Lesako

Dr. Amish Mehta and Dr. Amy Mehta

Mr. and Mrs. Emmett J. Nury

Mr. G. Scott Rantovich

Ms. Hanley B. Cox

Dan and Nancy Fales

Mr. Adam Graswick

Mrs. Gladys L. Husted

Mrs. Shirley K. Lewellen

Mr. and Mrs. S. Prosser Mellon

Ms. Christine O'Brien

Grace Ratajeski

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce A. Crane

David and Rebecca Fallgren

Ms. Y. Patricia Graves-Helvy

Buzz and Mary Lou Hutchison

Ms. Karen Liljequist and Mr. Rick Lawes

William and Virginia Merchant

Mr. Ron Ocheltree

Mrs. Marilyn Rattner

Ms. Jane A. Crompton

Ms. Michele Ciara Farrell

Dana and Richard Green

Janet R. Inghram

Robert and Carolyn Liljequist

Robert G. Mialki

Ms. Barbara Oldenburg

John and Ann Rayne

Ms. Diane L. Curry

Larry B. Fingeret

Janet and Gary Grysiak

Annette and Sean Isgan

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Limbach

Dr. and Mrs. Richard J. Miggantz

Caroline O'Nan

Ms. Jeanne Rheaume

Kimberly and Andrea Damin

Mr. James K. Finkel

Mr. and Mrs. Louis A. Guarino Jr.

Mr. Stephen Ivol

Mr. and Mrs. H. Kennedy Linge

Mr. and Mrs. David H. Miller

Jerry and Mickey O'Neill

Nick and Mary Riazzi

Eugene T. Danko, MD

Mrs. Lois K. Finkel

Ms. Marianne Haffey

Mr. Douglas A. Jones

Dr. Rodney C. Lipman

Mrs. Doris Jane H. Miller

Mr. and Mrs. James J. O'Neill Jr.

Dylan Kowalski

Dr. Holly W. Davis

Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Finkel

Mr. Christian Hagen

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Jones

Michael and Sally Litrun

Mr. and Mrs. Errol Miller

Mr. and Mrs. Terrence O'Neill

Jim and Mary Risbon

Joan Clark Davis

Mr. Charles M. Fischer

Edward Halferty

Mr. John M. Jubas

Diana Lozinger

Mr. and Mrs. James C. Miller

Dee Jay Oshry and Bart Rack

Thomas and Lisa Ritchie

Mr. and Mrs. John P. Davis Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. John M. Fischetti

Mr. and Mrs. Herb Halsband

Hannah and Marvin Kamin

Mr. Carlo Luciano

Mr. and Mrs. John E. Miller

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene O'Sullivan

Carol Robinson and Jeffrey Markel

Lawrence C. Deihle

George D. Fish and Kathleen A. Sullivan

Mr. William Hamilton

Sam and Joan Kamin

Mrs. Annette Lutz

Bernero Family

Mr. and Mrs. James R. Padden

Stephen Robinson

Sister of Delta Delta Delta

Dr. and Mrs. Bernard Fisher

Mr. and Mrs. John Hanasewych

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Karpa

Mr. Jeremy J. Madeja

Ms. Donna Mintz

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald L. Panczak

Mr. Roger Roble

Debra L. Demmler

Mr. and Mrs. James A. Fisher

Honorable Janet Harner

Ms. Mary E. Kearns

Ms. Athena Patrinos Mahramas

Mr. and Mrs. Ron Mintz

Susan and Jeffrey Parker

Jane Roesch

Deborah Desjardins

Col. Eugene Fitzsimmons

Mr. and Mrs. John D. Harper

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Kern

Donald and Dana Manges

Wendy and Bryant Mitchell

Ms. Theresa A. Parker

Mr. Ronald C. Rogos

Mr. Robert R. Mitchell

Ms. Audrey L. Parlagrego

Beth Rom

Mr. Charles Pasco

Mr. and Mrs. Terrance Roman

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald D. Flach

Mr. and Mrs. David Hart

Ms. Kelly L. Kilgour

Mr. and Mrs. William A. Marquette

Mr. and Mrs. David James DeWitt

Ms. Ann P. Flaherty

Ms. Kristen L. Hartmann

Juergen and Julie Kloo

Mr. and Mrs. Bernard S. Mars

Mr. and Mrs. James DiAndreth

Eric and Kathryn Fogle

Mr. and Mrs. David B. Heaton

Joe and Marcie Knittel

Mr. Nicholas Marshall

Dr. Michael Mokotoff

Mr. Michael Pata

Robert and Gene Dickman

Mrs. Christina C. Friday

Mr. William D. Heinricher

Mark and Ginny Koenig

Mr. and Mrs. William Martin Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony P. Mollish

Robert and Donna Paul

Irwin Dobrushin

Dr. and Mrs. Abraham W. Friedman

Mr. Robert J. Heiple

Mr. and Mrs. John S. Koodrich

Donald F. Mason

Mr. and Mrs. George Monezis Jr.

Dr. Bin Peng

Mr. and Mrs. Gale V. Dobson

Mrs. Carolyn L. Funk

Mr. Ransom R. Heller

Mr. and Mrs. Donald C. Korb

Mr. and Mrs. Mark E. Mason

Ms. Mary S. Monroe

Mr. Rajeev Peshawaria

Mr. Mark J. Dominici

Mary Anne Gailliot

Ms. Jane Cieslak Hellmann

Mr. and Mrs. F. Gordon Kraft

Mrs. Sharon Rahaw Mastorovich

Mr. and Mrs. J. Kenneth Moritz

Ms. Chelsea R. Peterson

Mr. Matthew Donner

Edward and Laurie Gallager

Mark and Connie Heppenstall

Blaire Kramer

Jeffrey and Linda Mates

Mrs. Sylvia Muckle

Mr. and Mrs. John A. Petrovich

and Michael Gunzenhauser, PhD

and Ms. Linda J. Fleming

George and Sharon Dorogy

Ms. Christina Gassette

Ken and Pam Herdman

Elaine and Carl Krasik

Mrs. Helen F. Mathieson

Mrs. Barbara Mullen

Mr. and Mrs. James C. Pfahl

Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Drummond

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Gaydos

Jim and Beth Hergenroeder

Ms. Lucy A. Krut

Sarah and Barry Mayer

Ms. Judith A. Mullin

Mr. and Mrs. Mark H. Pfiffner

Mr. and Mrs. Scott H. Dudley

Mark and Annie Gensheimer

Mrs. Betty K. Hess

Mrs. Theresa M. Kutruff

Patricia and Paul Mays

Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Munhall

Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Pinsker

Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Dunn

Mr. Keith C. German

Beth and Douglas Heuer

Mr. and Mrs. J. Landsbach

Marc and Michelle McAndrew

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Munion

Mr. David W. Plank

Ms. Pamela L. Dusch

Mr. William F. Gladora

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Hock

Stan and Ina Lane

Mrs. Nancy McDonald

Mrs. Elsie M.B. Murray

Mr. and Mrs. William R. Plank

Mr. and Mrs. John J. Eckenrod

Leon and Marilyn Gleser

Carol Hoffman

Mr. Christopher V. Lang III

Ms. Linda M. McGee

Mr. and Mrs. Albert C. Muse

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Pomposini

Ms. Ruth Eckman

Mr. William E. Goehring

Janet C. Hoffman

Mr. Christopher W. Lang

Mr. and Mrs. James Cooke McGough

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Mycka

T.J. Dardet Preston

Mr. and Mrs. John Edelman

Ms. Macy Goh

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Hoge III

Ms. Quynh T. McGuire

Ms. Karen S. Navarra

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Prizant

Herman and Bonnie Edwards

Zola H. and Steffi B. Gold

Mr. and Mrs. James G. Holland III

Mr. and Mrs. Arnold H. Lazarus

Mrs. Patricia A. McKaveney

Mr. John C. Nelson

Ms. Erin Prosser

David J. Egan

James and Sharon Goldberg

John and Coleen Holzinger

Ms. Natalie Lee

Edward S. McKenna

Robert and Linda Nelson

Ms. Mary K. Quinlan

Anne and George Egan

Linda and Edward Goldston

Mr. and Mrs. Morris S. Horvitz

Stanley and Nancy Lehman

Mr. Ronald J. McKenna

Mr. Michael L. Nienstedt

Mr. Daniel P. Quirk

Ms. MaryLou Einloth

Mr. and Mrs. Louis Goode

Ms. Elizabeth M. Humes

Mr. Bijou N. Lendo

Moddy and Dave McKeown

Mrs. Theresa L. Nimick

Ms. Brooke D. Racicot


and Ms. Christine M. Langston




Ms. Jane Roney

Bill and Kathleen Simpson

Ms. Phyllis M. Timmins

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Wentling Jr.


Clearview Federal Credit Union

Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield


Mr. and Mrs. Clifford R. Rowe Jr.

Laurie and Paul Singer

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Tohey

Mr. and Mrs. Edwin R. Werner

We gratefully acknowledge the 134

Fountainhead Foundation

Sigma Phi Epsilon

Everest Software, LP

Mr. Robert H. Ruben

The Sirinek Family

Mr. and Mrs. Pete Torres

Ms. Jennie Rebecca Wheeler

corporations and organizations that

Hefren-Tillotson, Inc.

Nancy and Farrell Rubenstein

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory C. Siuciak

Janice A. Toth

Farley and Josh Whetzel

supported The Children’s Institute in

Northwest Savings Bank

$1,000 - $2,499

Franklin Regional High School

Findings LLC

Daniel and Simone Rubin

Wallace and Patricia Smith

Mr. Timothy Townsend and Christine

Mr. and Mrs. Emerson White

fiscal year 2012. Individual gifts received

Oxford Development Company

Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity

Mr. and Mrs. Richard K. Rubinoff

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen V. Snavely

Ms. Cynthia Traficante

Mr. and Mrs. John D. Whiteford

through United Way chapters and the

Packaging Specialists

Beta Theta Pi Fraternity,

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Ruppel

Leslie and Richard Snow

Alexis Tragos

Mr. and Mrs. James B. Wholey

Combined Federal Campaign are

Simpson & McCrady LLC

Mr. and Mrs. George R. Rusnak

Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Snyder

Employees of Tri Rivers Surgical

Ms. Barbara L. Widdoes

represented in this grouping. Donors

Tamco, Inc.

Mrs. Martha Russell

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur B. Sonnenklar

Mr. Marvin B. Wikes

of more than $100 are listed below.

Turbie Twist, LLC

Abby and Reid Ruttenberg

Mrs. Joy Spang

Mr. and Mrs. Dominic Tristani

Ms. Carol A. Williams

Mr. Michael Salina

Mr. and Mrs. Alan W. Speaker

Alice Troup

Miss Eleanore E. Williams


$2,500 – $4,999

Mr. and Mrs. John T. Salley Jr.

Lucia and John Spicuzza

Ms. Barbara Kern Truel

Mr. John C. Williams Jr.

CMU Greek Sing

3 Rivers/Pennsylvania West Combined

Associates, Inc.

Mrs. Sally G. Santman

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. St. Clair

John and Priscilla Turcik

Susie and Tim Williams

PNC Foundation

Shawn Scannell

Mr. Aaron St. Julien

Mr. and Mrs. Peter D. Usher

Miss Frances Wilson

United Way of Allegheny County

Dr. Alice L. and Mr. Thomas

Mr. Merrill P. Stabile

Kep Vadnais

Mr. George Michael Wilson III

Mr. and Mrs. James A. Vamossy

Mr. James E. Wilson

A. Schaeffer

and Dr. Miroya Monsour

Federal Campaign


G. X. Clarke & Co. Integrity Design R.I. Lampus Company

Delta Tau Delta, Delta Beta Chapter

Sigma Alpha Epsilon PA Phi

First Commonwealth Financial

Spaghetti Warehouse Restaurants

Corporation First National Bank of Pennsylvania

STAT Staffing Medical Services United Way of Beaver County

Allegheny County Bar Association

First Niagara Bank

United Way of Washington County


Gamma Phi Beta

Anonymous Donor

$10,000 - $24,999

Chaps for Charity

Kappa Sigma Fraternity,

Mrs. Virginia Schatz

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Stackiewicz

Mary C. Van Buskirk

Ms. Nancy Cunningham Wilson

Citizens Bank

Delta Gamma Fraternity, Beta Nu Chapter

Mr. Mark J. Schervish

Bernard and Rose Ann Stapinski

Mary Anne Vangenewitt

Janice Wirth


DiSalvo's Station Restaurant The Eaton Charitable Fund

and Ms. Nancy J. Shurlow

Gamma Iota Chapter Staff of The Children's

Student Council Fraternal Order of Eagles

Delta Alpha Chapter Kohl's Department Stores

$250 - $499 Bethel Park Printing, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Randall L. Stasik

Valentina Vavasis and Benjamin Speiser

Mr. and Mrs. Mark J. Witt

Equitable Gas Company LLC

Melvin M. Schiff, MD

Mr. Vincent Stawinski

Sybil P. Veeder

Mr. and Mrs. John N. Wittekamp

Farmers and Merchants Bank

Mr. Vaughn D. Schmid

Norman and Blyth Steere

Mr. and Mrs. John W. Viehman

Ms. Brehan L. Wolff

Mr. Daniel J. Schnorr

Fran Steger

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Waldo

Dr. and Mrs. Sidney K. Wolfson Jr.

Fraternal Order of Eagles Grand Aerie

Paragon Asset Recovery Services Inc.

Kiwanis Club of Squirrel Hill

Russ and Carol Schoemer

Miss Lisa M. Steinbugl

Ms. Nadine M. Wallace

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Woodings

Greensburg Beverage, Inc.

Pitt Undergraduate Finance Club

Mt. Lebanon Junior Women's Club

Carolyn and Frank Schwarz

Ms. Marlena H. Stevens

Tracy and Kevin Walsh

Mrs. Bernice Worthington

Kennametal Foundation

PPG Industries Foundation

Pabco Construction

Professional Golf Management

PFE Fire and Safety Corporation

Mr. and Mrs. Lance T. Shaner

Dority & Manning Facilities Survey, Inc.

MML Capital Partners

The George Washington University

Ms. Patricia Walter

Ms. Joanne Yakshe

Neishloss & Fleming Inc.

Dianne and Murray Shapiro

Mr. and Mrs. Scot R. Stevens

John L. Wandrisco

Tanya Yolton

Pittsburgh Stock and Bond Association

Student Society of California

Kelley Sheehan

Matthew and Sandrina Swider

Mr. Charles A. Warden

Mrs. Carol M. Young

PNC Financial Services Group, Inc.

University of Pennsylvania

Thomas E. Sheehan

Mr. James F. Tanner

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence E. Wargo

Mr. and Mrs. Ledlie W. Young Jr.

Spirit Halloween

Sigma Chi Alpha

United Way of Butler County, Inc.

Mary Beth Shimko

Mr. Lawrence Tarr

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin J. Warrick

Kathleen and Joseph Zajicek

Steel Dynamics Foundation, Inc.

Timothy J. Tremont, DMD, Ltd.

United Way of Camden County

Susie and Neal Shipley

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Tassone

Ms. Joyce Waslosky

Mark and Connie Zaremsky

Trib Total Media

Trustmont Advisory Group, Inc.

Winchester Thurston School

Ms. Jennie Shoemaker

Mr. and Mrs. James A. Taylor

Ms. Marjorie Zeller

United eWay

UPMC Health Plan

Ms. Jill Siegfried

Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Thomas

Lenora Watson

Mr. and Mrs. Seymour A. Sikov

Mr. and Mrs. Harry A. Thompson II

Jim and Beth Webster

Mrs. Dorothy K. Zikos

$5,000 - $9,999

$500 - $999

Bob and Julie Silverman

Michael and Betsy Thompson

Ms. Melissa Weiner

Mr. and Mrs. Stuart M. Zolot

The Bank of America Charitable Foundation

Alpha Kappa Delta Phi

Mr. and Mrs. Steven B. Silverman

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Thornhill

Mr. Aaron Weisberg

James and Catherine Zora

The Bank of New York Mellon

Chief Oil and Gas LLC

Ms. Erin M. Simpson

Ms. Paula P. Thrasher

Michael and Gerri Weiss

Anonymous Donor (26)

CentiMark Foundation



and Mr. Scott D. Swansinger

of Western PA

Littles Shoes Merck Partnership for Giving

and Mr. Charles J. Brown

Mr. and Mrs. William E. Zener

PNC Bank Rotary Club of Hampton Township

$100 - $249 Allegheny Conference on Community Development American Society of Highway Engineers - Pittsburgh AMAZING RESULTS | 2012 ANNUAL REPORT | 39



Ariba, Inc.

United Way of the Greater Triangle

Clara Bell Morgan Shea Trust


The Rust Foundation


C. Schick, Mr. and Mrs. Ken Schwab, The

Naomi Kathleen Caughey

Bethel Artist Guild

Unity United Church of Christ Youth

Melvin "Bunny" and Edna M. Cooper

Kelly Family Fund

Bruce D. and Treasure Sachnoff Charitable

The Children’s Institute gratefully

Sirinek Family, Ms. Brigit S. Sterling,

by Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Caughey

BLT Contracting, Inc.


Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney PC

Valley of the Sun United Way

Cooper-Siegel Family Foundation

Love Family Foundation

Scaife Family Foundation

George and Ada Davidson Family Fund

The Jeffrey B. Markel and Carol L. Robinson

Chad Delier Scanlon Memorial Fund

Calvary Episcopal Church

Wabtec Corporation

Central Elizabeth Lions Club

Washington Elementary School PTA

Chi Chi of Alpha Chi Omega

Anonymous Donors (2)

Cohort 80 The Design Alliance Architects Edward M. Goldston Investments

FOUNDATIONS The Children’s Institute is grateful to

Edward Marc Chocolatier

the 87 foundations that made grants

FHF Group, LLC

in fiscal year 2012.

Healthy Lungs Pennsylvania Herbert Halsband Properties Image First Medical Wear Ingomar Middle School Jan Lee Hypnosis Kaufman, Hall, & Associates, Inc. Keystone Paralyzed Veterans of America McKnight Women's Club

Barbara and Marcus Aaron Fund of The Pittsburgh Foundation The Alan L. and Barbara B. Ackerman Foundation C. Menges and Helen D. Alexander Fund of The Pittsburgh Foundation Allegheny County Medical Society Foundation

Fund of The Pittsburgh Foundation

of The Pittsburgh Foundation The Robert C. and Gene B. Dickman

The Curtis I. Kossman Foundation

Philanthropic Fund of the Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh

Family Foundation

through the Community Foundation of

James McCandless Charitable Trust

Esther E. Severn Foundation

Assurant Foundation

J&M DiDonato Family Foundation Walter J. and Joan M. Dollard Charitable Fund

through The PNC Charitable Trust Grant Review Committee John R. and Margaret S. McCartan

Eden Hall Foundation

Charitable Fund of The Pittsburgh

The Fine Foundation


David S. and Karen A. Shapira Foundation The Rhoda and Seymour Sikov Philanthropic

by Mr. and Mrs. Chad Bender

Catherine Ciriello


Kirsten and Patrick Benedict

by Carol and James Cassel

by David and Barb Benedict

Bernard Cobetto

Kate Billings

Mrs. Bernard H. Cobetto

by Ken and Dottie Ardell


Joshua and Luke Blacksmith

by Mrs. Heidi Ann Conrad

R. P. Simmons Family Foundation

The McGuinn Family Foundation

B.K. Simon Family Charitable Foundation

McKesson Foundation

McKamish Fund of The Pittsburgh

Juliet Lea Hillman Simonds Foundation

Merck Partnership for Giving

The Springer Family Fund

Pfizer Foundation

Philanthropic Fund of the Jewish

McKesson Foundation

Staley Family Foundation, Incorporated

The PNC Foundation

Federation of Greater Pittsburgh

R. K. Mellon Family Foundation

Tippins Foundation


Nina Baldwin Fisher Foundation Evan and Holly Frazier Fund of

Morby Family Charitable Foundation, Inc.

Sunil and Nita Wadhwani Family

The Norbell Foundation

The Norman and Marilyn Weizenbaum

Pittsburgh Theater Corporation

James H. Beal Fund No. 2

Pleasant Hills Chrysler-Jeep-Dodge, Inc.

Beaver County Foundation

Quality Jewelry and Watch Repair

Bozzone Family Foundation

Roberts McGivney Zagotta LLC

Buncher Family Foundation

Saint Rose Catholic Church

The Burke Foundations

Sal Squad 82

Calihan Fund of The Pittsburgh

The Anne L. and George H. Clapp


Charitable and Educational Trust

Foundation R. Morris and Bessie Wolk Glick Memorial Fund of The Pittsburgh Foundation

Nat Hwilc Foundation


Thomas W. and Catherine G. Patterson

Philanthropic Fund of the Jewish

Fund of The Pittsburgh Foundation

Federation of Greater Pittsburgh

Pirates Charities

Louis S. and Sarah G. Wolfe Gift Fund

Henry L. Hillman Foundation

The Pittsburgh Foundation

The ZPR Family Foundation

The Gertrude and Philip Hoffman

Pittsburgh Penguins Foundation

Anonymous Donor

Philanthropic Fund of the Jewish

William K. Plunkett Memorial Fund

Federation of Greater Pittsburgh

Charles Polonsky Charitable Fund of

Joseph Horne Charitable Trust The Milton G. Hulme Charitable Foundation Inflammation Research Foundation Joy of Zaccheaus Foundation

The Pittsburgh Foundation The Quinn/Hurbi Family Fund

GOVERNMENT The Children’s Institute is grateful for support from the federal government.

The Donald and Sylvia Robinson Family Foundation The F B Robinson Family Fund

by Pastor Bill and Linda Blacksmith

Shelley Coleman-Casto and all OTs

Matthew Bladel

by Gerry and Samantha Balbier

Trixie Puff Charitable Foundation

Gamma Fund of The Pittsburgh

United Way of the Capital Region

The Pittsburgh Foundation

Mildred B. and Malcolm Goldsmith Fund

Pamela Chrissis by Chuck and Mary Beth Chrissis

Citizens Charitable Foundation

FISA Foundation


Chorazy, EllenTeri Kaplan Goldstein

by Mr. and Mrs. Adam C. Becker


Audrey Hillman Fisher Foundation The Dr. and Mrs. Bernard Fisher

by Dr. Chester Chorazy, Dr. Paula Ann

Julia Becker

Alea Bender

Raymond R. and Edna Gies Artz Fund

Teleplex, Inc.

The Bank of New York Mellon

Anna Chorazy

Cardinal Health Foundation

Pittsburgh 49ers

Citizens Charitable Foundation

Bank of America

Zane Barnett by Mr. and Mrs. Gale V. Dobson

Fund of the Jewish Federation of Greater

Weiner Family Foundation

The Charles M. Morris Charitable Trust

by Child Family

Federation of Greater Pittsburgh

Nimick Forbesway Foundation

Squirrel Hill Writers Group

Mackenzie Child

by Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Munhall

Allstate Giving Campaign

Peter and Mary Gabriel Family Fund


Tom Bachman

Westmoreland County

Armstrong-McKay Foundation


contributions of their employees, retirees and directors.

Scott Fund No. 2

PGT Trucking

Thomas and Patricia Canfield Gift Fund

Eric Chandler by Ms. Barbara Gold

Massey Charitable Trust

Anchor Fund


Ms. Lynne M. Welshons, Mr. and Mrs. Matthew D. Zupan

Philanthropic Fund of the Jewish

Paul M. Lesako Funeral Home, Inc.

Seeders and Weeders Garden Club

acknowledges the following 12 foundations and corporations that match the generous


by Mr. and Mrs. William N. Andrews

Human Services

Elaine J. Cornman

Alex Brown

by Mr. K. Glenn Cornman

by Anonymous Donor, Eric and Kathryn Fogle,

Simone Costa

Ms. Joyce Waslosky and Mr. Charles

by Mr. Robert Macy

Brittany Antosik by Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey L. Brady Sr., J. Brown Mr. and Mrs. Terence Brophy, Mr. Gregory J. Burgman, Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Cannon,

Alexander Brown

Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Cheeseman, Ms. Eileen

by Amy and Eric Brown

Cochrane, Mrs. Wendy Covato, Mario and

Amber Bufalini

Terry DeIuliis, Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Farkal,

by Mr. and Mrs. William J. Falavolito

Mr. and Mrs. Scott A. Gibson, Mrs. Nina M.

Joshua and Shannon Bunting

Helbling, Jo Ann and Janet Kolesar, Beth

by Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Dunn, Steven H. Sell

Muehlbauer and Family, Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Novelli, Mr. and Mrs. Donald F. Pritchard,

U.S. Department of Health and

by Anonymous Donor Mara K. Andrews

Jennifer Catanese and Blake Stanton by Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Stanton

Ms. Gina Ricciardi, Mr. and Mrs. John T. Salley Jr., Ms. Margaret Scalise, Ms. Roberta AMAZING RESULTS | 2012 ANNUAL REPORT | 41



Teachers, therapists, and aides

Benjamin Grysiak

Michael Landay

Ann and Martin McGuinn

Zachary Ochs

Roman Salamon

Harry Thompson II

Valerie Wolk

at The Day School

by Janet and Gary Grysiak

by Ms. Janet Schindler

by Mr. and Mrs. John D. Harper,

by Mrs. Kelly K. Massimilla

by Ms. MaryLou Einloth

by Anonymous Donor, Michael

by Ms. Arlene Wolk

by Dr. Michael Mokotoff

Mary S. Hackett

Stephen Landay

Pittsburgh Theater Corporation

Our Grandchildren

Frederick Sherman

and Betsy Thompson

Scott Woodmancy Jr.

Carol and Kurt DeHaven

by Ms. Carol E. Hackett

by Ms. Janet Schindler

Thelma C. Mitchell

by Betty and John Philips

by Mr. James H. Rich

Dick Thornburgh

by Saint Rose Catholic Church

by Mr. Roger D. Loop

Michael J. Hannon

Maria Lyn Murray Lasiter

by Ms. Phyllis M. Timmins

Dana Panczenko

Susan Shipley

by Mr. William Hamilton

Delta Gammas at CMU

by Anonymous Donor

by Mrs. Elsie M.B. Murray

Michael Mokotoff

by Rose, Mike, Michael, and Dana Panczenko

by Catherine and Mark Erickson

Peter L. Thornburgh


by Ms. Nancy Cunningham Wilson

Skylyr Hart

Rick Lawes and Karen Liljequist

by Jay and Julie Mokotoff,

Judy Papernick

Lance Shirah

by Mr. David Thornburgh

Mary Arovits

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Mokotoff

by Harry and Carol Adelsheimer, Gail and

by Mr. Ray Shirah

Maya Torres

by Ms. Gail A. Neft and Mr. Richard Callet

Charles Weisberg

Linda Shooer and Ted Osial

by Anonymous Donor, Mr. and Mrs. Pete Torres


by Ms. Christine R. Bissert

Stacey and Kevin Vaccaro

by Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth F. Raymond

Nathan Snyder

by Lawrence Vaccaro

Sylvester J. and Gertrude W. Baker

Nicholas Dominici

by Mr. and Mrs. David Hart

by Robert and Carolyn Liljequist

by Mr. Mark J. Dominici

Kurt Harvey

Brenda Levin and Stephen Kuznetsov

Monica and Jody

by Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Indovina Jr.

by Mr. and Mrs. Gerald L. Panczak

Loretta Pasinski

Gavin Lynch

Michaele Lyn Murray

by Jan Lee Hypnosis

by Kimberly Currykosky

by Mrs. Elsie M.B. Murray

Aarush Patel

by Tanya Yolton

McCain Varley

by Anonymous Donor

Terrence and Elizabeth Mahoney

Christopher Nitkiewicz

by Mr. Swadhin Patel and Ms. Smaranika Naik

Nicholas Snyder

by Dr. and Mrs. William A. Varley

Evelyn Baraky

The Pirates Charities

by Tanya Yolton

Allie Veres

by Dr. Cheryl Ann Fogarty Mary Bittner

Patrick Donahue

by Mr. Todd E. Lacock, Mr. and

by Saint Rose Catholic Church

Mrs. George Monezis Jr.

Emily Droder

Bailey Heaton

by Kathryn Droder

by Mr. and Mrs. Edward Smith

Owen Egan

Thomas W. Hiddleston

by Ms. Judith G. Arnowitz, Mr. and Mrs. Louis

by Saint Rose Catholic Church

by Mr. and Mrs. Mark Glenn

by Mrs. Janet E. Comby

D. Cervi Sr., Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Crowe,

Michael Oberschelp

by Nemschoff

Addie Soave

by Tanya Yolton

Keefe Ellis

Maddie Hurdle

Ms. Margaret Hamm, Mr. and Mrs. William D.

by Anonymous Donor

Eric Pirollo

by Mr. and Mrs. Larry Pomposini

Carrie Vitko

by Ms. Hilary Feldman, Ms. Gail A. Neft and

by Mr. Martin V. Latta

Larkin, Ms. Bessie Ann Leger,

Dylan O'Brien

by Robert M. Byers

Jake, Rachel and Ryan Stackiewicz

by Ted and Johnna Czekaj

Mr. Richard Callet, Miss Eleanore E. Williams

Mr. and Mrs. Robert N. Matha, Mr. and

by Quality Jewelry and Watch Repair

Jack Potts

by Mr. and Mrs. Frank Stackiewicz

Jack Vogel

Braelyn Boehme

by Tanya Yolton

Calvin Stayduhar

by Jack and Joan Diederich

by Staff of The Children's Institute,

Tanner Potts

by Mr. and Mrs. Rocco Volpe

Sunil and Nita Wadhwani

by Tanya Yolton

Audrey Steigerwald

by Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Redlinger Sr.,

Allison M. Bosner

Dr. Cherpes, Dr. Smith,

by Tanya Yolton

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Swider

by Mr. and Mrs. Gregory A. Bosner

and the staff of the Prader Willi unit

Jane Steigerwald

Cynthia K. Watson

Mabel and Richard Boyd by Ms. Marianne Boyd

by Peter Ellis Scott Faber by Mr. and Mrs. Stuart M. Zolot

Josh Hurley by Ms. Jane A. Crompton

Fred Fall

Emmett Hurt

by Ms. Minda R. Fall

by Drew and Stacy Hurt

Mrs. Peter D. Usher, Ms. Cecelia R. Zunic Tressa Manno by Helen and Don Berman, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence M. Muckle, Mrs. Sylvia Muckle

Davanna Feyrer by James and Doris Feyrer

Connor R. Jackson by Mrs. Maureen O. Jackson

Joey Maxim by Ms. Erin Prosser

Emmett Fitzgerald by Mrs. Katherine Rutherford

Evelyn B. Kelly by Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Kelly Jr.

Sunie McCallen by Saint Rose Catholic Church

Holden McMahon Gerlach by Susan and Earl Glotfelty

Angelina Kodic by Mr. Petar Kodic

John F. McCluskey by Ms. Lois E. McCluskey

Ryan M. Goldstrohm

Jonathan Krsul

by Mr. and Mrs. William K. Wood

by Anonymous Donor

Carissa McComas by Ruth McComas

Himanshu and Radhika Grover

Dylan Lampus

by Ms. Phyllis M. Timmins

by R.I. Lampus Company

Cristin McCormick by Anonymous Donor

Ms. Roya Kousari

by Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Carr

by Tanya Yolton

by Lenora Watson

Nancy and James Pudlo

Chet Stofman

Norman Weinstein

Mark Brodie

by Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Pudlo

by Ms. Carol Lynn Tabas

by Mrs. Marilyn Rattner

by Mrs. Helen A. Epstein

Samantha Rayl

Marilyn Stolar

Jeri Ann Williams

Harry L. Brown

by Ms. Barbara Oldenburg

by Ms. Janet Schindler

by James and Judy Williams

by Ms. Eleanore Barovitch, Staff of The

F. Brooks Robinson

Ann Ebbert Sullivan

Christopher Wolfendale

by Mrs. Marjorie C. Greenberger

by Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Beeman

by Mark and Annie Gensheimer

Charlie Rom

Rachel and Marcus Thaw

Kim Wolfendale

by Bette and Howard Rom

by Barbara and Robert Thaw

by Ms. Alice L. Ronk, Mr. and

Children's Institute, Dr. Chester Chorazy and Dr. Anna Chorazy, Mary Beth and Dan Joscak, Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Rajkowski, Mr. and Mrs. John A. Wilson

Mrs. Scott P. Smith 42 | AMAZING RESULTS | 2012 ANNUAL REPORT




Dale Bullock

Rebecca Lynne DeHaven

G. McGuinn, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Brooks

Nina Gorman

Mr. and Mrs. James A. Fisher, Mrs. Marjorie

Dino Iasella

Henrietta Spear Laughlin

Thomas W. and Catherine G. Patterson

by Andrew and Nancy Drazdik

by Anonymous Donor

Robinson Sr.

by Debbie Gaertner, Mr. and Mrs. Michael

C. Greenberger, George and Jane Greer,

by Anonymous Donor

by Mr. and Mrs. George M. L. Gould

by Thomas W. and Catherine G. Patterson

Annalouise Burkhardt

Sara DeRenzo

Aurelia Ferraro

P. Gaertner, Mr. Stephen T. Gorman

Healthy Lungs Pennsylvania, Mr. and Mrs.

Gary Jesionowski

Mary Irwin Laughlin

Fund of The Pittsburgh Foundation

by Dr. and Mrs. Richard J. Miggantz

by Mr. and Mrs. George M. L. Gould

Joseph E. Petruska

by Dr. and Mrs. Richard J. Miggantz

by Mr. and Mrs. Carl Bollinger,

Laura Graden

Henry R. Hilliard Jr., Ms. Elizabeth M. Humes,

Brother-in-law of Julie Burland

Frank F. Donnelly

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen G. Stayduhar

by Margery J. Loevner

Mrs. James Hunter, Mr. and Mrs. Donald

by Staff of The Day School

by Mrs. Daniel H. Benckart

Ben Fiorina

Jacqueline Greengarten

by Dr. Cheryl Ann Fogarty

Cynthia Buzzard

Paul E. Downs

by Mr. and Mrs. James C. Pfahl

by Dr. and Mrs. Richard J. Miggantz

Josephson, Reverend and Mrs. Thomas C. LeClere, Catherine and Mark Loevner, Love Family Foundation, Ms. Stephanie A. McBride

Eleanor Joscak

Marshall S. Levy

by Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Halchak

by Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Boyle, Buchanan

by Mrs. Lois G. Levy

Henry Posner

Ingersoll & Rooney PC, Ms. Michele Ann

Sandy Lewandoski

by Jean M. and John F. Hensler

Fiorillo, Miss Eleanore E. Williams

by Mr. A.R. Lewandoski

Merle Potter

Colleen Joyce

Tony Lewandoski

by Mr. and Mrs. Louis Goode

by Adrienne and Martin Slomberg

by Mr. Richard T. Calhoun

by Marie Downs-Deasy

Gerald Fosbaugh

John Guido

Muriel O. Cahill

Elizabeth C. Ebbert

by Anonymous Donor

by Patient Care Services Department

by Mr. George F. Cahill

by Mr. George Childs and Dr. Miya Asato,

Linda Fox

Lorraine Hall

Mr. and Mrs. David H. Miller, Mr. and Mrs.

by Mr. A.R. Lewandoski

William Rago

Evelyn Caplan

Ms. Carol E. Hackett

by Mary Beth and Dan Joscak

by Mr. and Mrs. Richard Okraszewski

Albert C. Muse, Mrs. Theresa L. Nimick,

Bernardo Kaliman

Joseph T. Limbaugh

by Dr. Cheryl Ann Fogarty

by Ms. Arlene Wolk

William Eckels

Eric Frampton

Rayseun Hall

Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Off, Mr. J. Lee O'Nan,

by Dr. and Mrs. Richard J. Miggantz

by Mrs. Daniel H. Benckart

Patricia Reddinger

Roy Cochrane

by Colleen and Mark Eckels,

by Mr. and Mrs. Mark J. Witt

by Anonymous Donor

PNC Bank, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Brooks

Mabel L. Kamens

Abigail Mamrose

by Anonymous Donor

by Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey L. Brady Sr.,

Ms. Maryanne Vitale

Doris Friedman

Danny Hartland

Robinson Sr., Ms. Mia Casey Sachs, Seeders

by Ms. Betty Lawrie

by Dorrine Mamrose

Mary Reisler

Mr. and Mrs. Terence Brophy, Mr. Gregory J.

Amelia Ellenberger

by Ellen Calig

by Anonymous Donor

Michael and Leocadia Karpa

Mary Mellon McClung

by Ms. Gail A. Neft and

Burgman, Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Cannon, Mr.

by Anonymous Donor

Fred Friss

Lloyd Hergenroeder

by Michael and Janet Karpa

by Mr. Samuel A. McClung III

Mr. Richard Callet

Donald A. Klein

Marilyn McKenney

by Ellen Calig

by Mary Beth and Dan Joscak, Jody Mulvihill

and Mr. Stan Nowack, Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. McVeigh, Mr. and Mrs. S. Prosser Mellon,

and Weeders Garden Club, Mr. and Mrs. Alan W. Speaker, Mrs. Amy R. Spear, Mr. Merrill P. Stabile and Dr. Miroya Monsour, Hon. and

and Mrs. Robert B. Cheeseman, Ms. Eileen

Joseph Emanuele

Cochrane, Mrs. Wendy Covato, Mario and

by Mark Emanuele Roofing Contracting, LLC.

Anna Frost

Richard Hersh

Donna Falgione

by Dr. and Mrs. Richard J. Miggantz

by Mr. Lawrence Tarr

by Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Baurle, Mr. and

Peggy Garland

Alec Hillegass

Mrs. Robert J. Beattie, George and Sharon

by Gayle and Bill Simpson

by Jan and Kia deVries, Roelof and Leslie

P. Veeder, Mr. and Mrs. Patrick W. Weber,

John E. Knepp

Roger Morgan

Evelyn Gartman

deVries, Tina deVries

Gisela and Konrad Weis, Ms. Martina Wells,

by Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. Evans, Joan Gulley

by Dr. and Mrs. Sidney K. Wolfson Jr.

by Aileen and Richard Hersh

Audrey Hilliard

Farley and Josh Whetzel, Ms. Barbara L.

and HR Leadership Team, Mr. and Mrs. John

Edward Gladora

by Ms. Amy E. Andersen, Anonymous Donor,

Widdoes, Susie and Tim Williams, Mr. and

J. Kearns III, Mr. Thomas S. Kunz, Mr. and

by Mary Beth and Dan Joscak

Mr. and Mrs. William R. (Bill and Kathy)

Mrs. John A. Wilson, Mr. and Mrs. Robert

Mrs. M. James Popp, Mr. and Mrs. William

Bauer, Annette and Robert Becker, Mr. and


E. Rosner, Ms. Joanne Yakshe

Mrs. George M. Blair, Mr. and Mrs. H. Vaughn

Zackary Hinish

Lynn Anne Kuffner

Blaxter III, Ms. Linda Bloom, Mr. and Mrs.

by Ms. Leota M. Cashman, Mrs. Theresa

by Mrs. Bernice Worthington

Thomas E. Boyle, Mr. and Mrs. R. Michael

M. Kutruff, Mrs. Shirley A. Mercer

George M. Lang

Conley, Mary and Walter Curley, Mrs.

Jason Hostetler

by Bruce R. Lang

Terry DeIuliis, Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Farkal, Mr. and Mrs. Scott A. Gibson, Mrs. Nina M. Helbling, Jo Ann and Janet Kolesar, Beth Muehlbauer and Family, Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Novelli, Mr. and Mrs. Donald F. Pritchard, Ms. Gina Ricciardi, Mr. and Mrs. John T. Salley Jr., Ms. Margaret Scalise, Ms. Roberta C. Schick, Mr. and Mrs. Ken Schwab,

Matthew D. Zupan F. Berryman Collins by Mrs. Daniel H. Benckart John Rinehart de Holl by Mrs. Marjorie C. Greenberger

by Jim and Beth Hergenroeder Mrs. William L. Standish, Mr. and Mrs. Scot R.

Dorogy, Joe Falgione, Ms. Elizabeth J. Hand, Ms. Janice Hefner, Dr. and Mrs. Peter Karsten, Carol and Milton Manes, Mr. and Mrs. L. Robert McAfoos, Ms. Gail A. Neft and Mr. Richard Callet

The Sirinek Family, Ms. Brigit S. Sterling, Ms. Lynne M. Welshons, Mr. and Mrs.

by Mr. Terry Lerman

Jennie A. Farrell by Ms. Michele Ciara Farrell Anita Fellner by Mr. and Mrs. John D. Harper, Jean Anne

Martin J. Gladora by Ms. Gail A. Neft and Mr. Richard Callet Stuart Goodman by Sandra and Lee Goodman

Hattler, PhD, Mrs. Cindy Ingram, Mr. and

Elizabeth B. Dickey, Jack and Joan Diederich,

Mrs. W. Duff McCrady, Mr. and Mrs. Martin

Mr. and Mrs. Roderick M. Douglas, Sylvia and

Stevens, Rob and Katherine Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. Harry A. Thompson II, Dick and Ginny

Evelyn Klemp

George Moore

Thornburgh, Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Toker, Sybil

by Mr. Martin P. Klemp

by Ms. Gwendolyn Y. Moore

by Dr. and Mrs. Richard J. Miggantz Louis A. Nicolai by Andrew and Nancy Drazdik

Florence and Tom Nimick by Charlie and Shane Appel

Robert G. Lang

J. Huesdash

by Bruce R. Lang

Norman Elias, Ms. Victoria Nimick Enright,

Florence L. Nimick by Wendy MacKenzie and Alexander Cortesi

by Becky Gloninger

by Andrew and Nancy Drazdik


Edith Netzer

Claudia Pasco by Mr. Charles Pasco




Fraternal Order of Eagles Aerie 699

Mary Ellen Meyer

Ms. Tracey Weber

MSL Associates

Whole Foods Market

Stacy Remensky

Daniel Silverman

Shanta Wadhwani

Carol L. Walters


by Mr. and Mrs. John D. Remensky

by Dr. and Mrs. Richard J. Miggantz

by Allegheny Conference on Community

by J. Randolph Hiller

Every year, The Children’s Institute receives

Ida Silverstein

Development, Alpern Rosenthal, Mr. and Mrs.

Jack Webb

hundreds of in-kind gifts ranging from toys

Girl Scout Troop 51407

Mr. and Mrs. Jason Myers

Ms. Nicole Williamson

by Estate of Rose Noon

David E. Barensfeld, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond

by Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Muckle

to wheelchairs. We are honored to accept

The Glimcher Group

Nemacolin Woodlands Resort

Mr. and Mrs. Ross Willoughby

each of these donations that provide support



Amy Yosko

for our amazing kids in very tangible ways.

Julianne Greece and Family

The Newton Family

Anonymous Donor (5)

Thank you to all of our in-kind donors.

Mr. and Mrs. Steven Greenberg

Ms. Mary B. Palfy

Ms. Sarah Grill

Mr. Swadhin Patel and

Richard A. Richards by Mrs. Dorothy H. Richards Mae Roberts by Ms. Eleanore Barovitch, Mary Beth and Dan Joscak, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Munion

Hope Elizabeth Stackiewicz by Mr. and Mrs. Frank Stackiewicz

W. Buehler Jr., Eileen J. D'Appolonia, Marilyn and Jim Davis, Mr. and Mrs. J. Christopher

Joanne Ross Wilder by Jeffrey L. Pollock, Esq

Donahue, Mr. and Mrs. John Edelman, The Ethel M. Stas

Tony Roknich

by Mr. and Mrs. Bruno A. Holnaider II

by Ms. Kiara Porter

Cynthia McClung Stone

Barbara Rudkin

Ladies Auxiliary

George Washington University, Daniel and

William H. Woodwell

Patricia Grealish, Mary Beth and Dan Joscak,

by Marcia and Si Keehn

Ms. Wendy Adams

Mr. and Mrs. John Hanasewych

Mr. Karl F. Krieger, Ms. Janet R. Markel and


Allegro Hearth Bakery

Ms. Lisa Hatfield

Peace Love and Little Donuts

Ms. Smaranika Naik

COMMUNITY EVENTS We formally acknowledge all of those who organized events that benefited

by Mr. Samuel A. McClung III

Mr. Barry Lhormer, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond

by Mr. Sam J. Sayegh

The American Sewing Guild

Beth and Douglas Heuer

Mr. and Mrs. Chris Pierce

our amazing kids. Below is a list of the

by Dr. and Mrs. Richard J. Miggantz

Audrey Sturm

D. Melcher, Robert and Donna Paul, PGT

Theresa Zadarko

Ms. Georgann Amrhein

Ms. Anne Hodapp

Pietragallo Law Firm

community events that were reported

Corey Salinetro

by Mr. and Mrs. George L. Bentley, Mr. and

Trucking, Pittsburgh 49ers, PNC Foundation,

by Mr. and Mrs. Francis C. Herman Jr.,

Mr. and Mrs. Donald C. Andrezjwski

Hope Worldwide

Pizza Hut-Canonsburg

between July 1, 2011 and June 30, 2012.

by Anonymous Donor

Mrs. Robert Bruder, Mr. and Mrs. Paul E.

Bill and Nancy Rackoff, Mr. and Mrs. Richard

Shaler Area Basketball Boosters

Diana, Dennis, and Jacqueline Arvay

Mrs. Dianne Humensky

Mr. Maxwell Pless

Dorothy Sampson

Buttenfield, Cheyenne Court Neighbors,

E. Redlinger Sr., Mr. and Mrs. Clifford R.

Mr. and Mrs. William R.

James Flower and Gift Shoppe

Ms. Kiara Porter

All Wound Up Yo Yo Club

Alyssa Kautzman

Prader-Willi Syndrome Association of PA

Annual Golf Charity Event

by Aileen and Richard Hersh Cookie Schaer by Mark and Cheryl Klein Samuel Schindler by Anonymous Donor

Ms. Sharon Giza, Mr. and Mrs. J. Landsbach,

Rowe Jr., Barbara and Herb Shear, Mr. and

Ms. Mildred M. Litsko, The Matesic/Plunkett

Mrs. Mark A. Snyder, Mr. and Mrs. John A.

Family, Ms. Christina Medica, Ms. Jeanne

Staley IV, Mr. and Mrs. James A. Taylor,

Monahan, Philip E. and Antoinette Norton,

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick W. Thieman,

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Padula, Mr. and Mrs.

Mr. and Mrs. Hal K. Waldman,

Michael Peduzzi, Ms. Kitty Rosenbayger

Mr. Charles A. Warden

Hermoine R. Zeilinger by Anonymous Donor Margaret Zener by American Legion Auxiliary Post #820, Ms. Lynn Armstrong, Mr. and Mrs. Brian M. Grublis, Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Hayhurst, Mr. Walter Hineman, Mr. and Mrs. Francis

Joanne E. Schoyer

and Ms. Linda Trinchero, Mr. and Mrs.

by Mr. Robert A. Schoyer

Stephen Sturm

Kickish, Mr. Scott Kugler, Mr. and Mrs. Martin Luffey, Mr. Robert Manning, Mr. and Mrs.

Arthur Scully

Joan Price Tanzer

Ronald Onderick, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph T.

by John and Barbara Goettlicher

by Mrs. Jacquelin G. Wechsler

Sestak, Mr. Timothy Townsend and Christine,

Mary Anderson Sheehan

Tom Theiler

Mr. and Mrs. William E. Zener

(Bill and Kathy) Bauer Bovard Elementary School Staff

Mr. and Mrs. Troy Keith

Project Sunshine

Ballhawking 2011

Kayla Bush and Monet Murphy

Laurel Medical Supply

Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Pudlo

Becker Twins Dodgeball Blast

Cafe Raymond

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Lavelle

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Quigley

Books for Brothers & Sisters

Casa D'Oro

Roberta and Larry Leas

Ms. Deborah Raymond

Brickman Company Raffle

CentiMark Foundation

Ms. Karen Liljequist and Mr. Rick Lawes

Red Mill Elementary School

Chakira George Senior Project

Gregory L. Cherpes, MD

Dale Lloyd

Mr. Kenneth Reichl

Chaps for Charity Bike Ride

Mr. Michael Chraska

Catherine and Mark Loevner

Joni and Frank Ricci

Charity ASSIST Raffle

Christ Temple Church

Janet Lukac and Family

Sarah Scott

Cigna Century Bike Ride

Ms. Geraldine Coffey

Peggy Mackin

Shady Lane School

Cayla Bush-Johnson and

CRH Catering Co. Inc.

Kelly Mainhart and Stacy McBurney

Ms. Erin M. Simpson

Ms. Jennifer Czap

Dorrine Mamrose

Ms. Dolores R. Solomon

CMU Greek Sing

Monet Murphy School Project

by Thomas E. Sheehan

by Ellen Calig Ms. Linda Doernberg

Jonathan March

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Stanton

Coalfield Classic

Ethan Shenk

Drew Tilko

George and Sharon Dorogy

Mr. and Mrs. James Marczak

Starlight Children's Foundation

Baker Elementary School/Denim Day

by Prader-Willi Syndrome Association of PA

by Dennis and Michelle Tilko

Andrew and Nancy Drazdik

Ms. Dana Mathews

Debbie Shipley Redfoot

William Trozzi

Drive Medical Design and Manufacturing

John Mazur

Gail Taylor

For Gio's Sake

by Anonymous Donor

by Dr. and Mrs. Richard J. Miggantz

Ms. Lisa Ducoeur

Mazzei Family

Ms. Maria Tozzi

Franklin Regional High School Student

Dee Silberstein

Rade Vignovic

DynaVox Technologies

Ruth McComas

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Uber

by Mrs. Millie Vignovic

East Liberty Presbyterian Church

McGinnis Sisters Special Food Stores

Verizon Pioneers

Emmanuel Baptist Church Youth Ministry

Mrs. Ruth E. McLean

Surriya Waheed - Life for Limb Loss


English Lane Nursery

Meat & Potatoes

Mrs. Barbara J. Warden

Highpoint Homeowners Christmas in July

by Dr. and Mrs. Richard J. Miggantz



Findings Christmas Party

Council's Annual Homecoming Dance From Kids to Kids




Kaplan Career Institute Events

Ms. Joan M. Kaplan*

Laps for Love

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene J. Klein

Littles Shoes/Merrell Trunk Show

Ms. Nancy L. Koss*

Mr. Penn Ken Pageant 2012

Mr. and Mrs. Allan MacDougall III*

We apologize for any omissions or misspellings. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this donor list, please contact Lauren Vermilion, annual fund and community outreach manager, at 412.420.2204 or

Named for our founder, The Mary Irwin Fraternal Order of Eagles

Mr. John H. Murphy Laughlin Society recognizes friends who

Paragon Asset Recovery Services Inc./

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Panczenko have designated The Children's Institute

Penny War

Miss Helen C. Paytok as the beneficiary of a planned gift.

Points for Pediatrics

Mr. and Mrs. William Plank* These donors are acknowledged for their

Pittsburgh Stock and Bond Association's

David K. Miles, MEd, MPM President and CEO 412.420.2398

Mrs. Gerda Reyersbach deep-rooted commitment to the future of

Monte Carlo Night

Mr. and Mrs. John Simmons* The Children’s Institute of Pittsburgh.

Ingomar Middle School/Staff Dress

Mr. Roland A. Watt*

Down Day

Mr. John R. Whitaker* Helene Conway-Long, MBA, CFRE Vice President, Institutional Advancement 412.420.2201

Joseph S. Azar, DDS Taste the Good Life

Dr. and Mrs. Sidney K. Wolfson Jr.* Elaine H. Berkowitz, DMD*

Tee it up FORE Tots

Anonymous Donor (2) Mr. Charles T. Conrad

Walk Miles for Kids' Smiles

*Charter Member

Mr. and Mrs. Louis A. Cutter* If you do not see your community event in this list, or you are interested in organizing a community fundraiser of your own, please contact Lauren Vermilion at 412.420.2204 or

Mr. Charles M. Fischer*


Miss Mildred M. Gerson* Writing Cosgrove Communications, LLC

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Goldsmith* Mr. J. Randolph Hiller*

Design Dymun + Company

Mr. and Mrs. John H. Johnston*

The Nimick Family Therapeutic Garden, which blazes with color in warm weather, was transformed into a winter wonderland for the first annual “Bright Spot on Shady” celebration. The free, family-oriented event — with entertainment and refreshments — provided hundreds of visitors with an East End alternative to the traditional Downtown seasonal lighting celebration.


Photography Josh Franzos John Sanderson Courtney Ferraro Anna Lee-Fields Kathy Krause Nathan Hogue



The Children’s Institute of Pittsburgh does not exclude, deny benefits to, or otherwise discriminate against any person on the grounds of race, color, nation of origin, religious creed, disability, ancestry, sex, age, sexual orientation or genetic information in employment or in admission to, participation in or receipt of the services and benefits of any of its programs and activities, whether carried out by The Children’s Institute of Pittsburgh directly or through a contractor or any other entity whom The Children’s Institute of Pittsburgh arranges to carry out its programs and activities. This policy statement is in accordance with the provision of Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the Age Discrimination Act of 1975, the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, Regulations of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services issued pursuant to the acts, Title 45 Code of Federal Regulations Part 80, 84, 91 and other applicable Federal, State, and Local Laws and Regulations. For more information about this policy, please contact Administration at 412.420.2400. For more information about The Children’s Institute, please call 412.420.2400 or log on to For TDD use, contact us through the Pennsylvania Relay Service. Voice: 1.800.654.5988 TDD: 1.800.654.5984.

The Children’s Institute is an independent, licensed nonprofit organization located in the Squirrel Hill section of Pittsburgh that is dedicated to promoting the quality of life for children, young people and their families by providing a specialized continuum of services that enable them to reach their potential. The Children’s Institute was designed specifically as a rehabilitation facility, and its administration and staff are committed to increasing accessibility for all persons. If you have accessibility concerns, please call The Children’s Institute at 412.420.2485.

The official registration and financial information of The Children’s Institute may be obtained from the Pennsylvania Department of State by calling toll free within Pennsylvania, 1.800.732.0999. Registration does not imply endorsement. The Children’s Institute is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization, contributions to which are tax deductible to the fullest extent permitted by law.

Annual Report - FY 2012