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Amaze’N Kids Crèches Static Crèche Brochure

Introduction Welcome to Amaze’N Kids Crèches! “Where inspiration abounds and hidden treasures are seen…” We are a childcare agency and crèche service providing childcare solutions; from our babysitting service to mobile crèches across London and the Surrounding Areas. At the heart of our services at Amaze’N Kids is our Static or Fixed Crèche Service. We believe that all children should experience some form of access to childcare provision, whether it be structured or flexible. Often today, you will not hear much about crèches as they are more of a flexible service solution compared with many other childcare providers present - For example; Nurseries, PreSchools, Nannies, Au-Pairs, and Childminders. Flexible childcare will not suit everyone, however providing as many childcare options to families give them the opportunity to assess their own needs and requirements of what is best suited for them. You will learn how practical and beneficial it can be using a static crèche service; whether you are a parent looking to place your child in our care, or a business client looking to provide childcare services to your customers, staffs, or guests. We can be of service to you!


About Amaze’N Kids Crèches Amaze’N Kids Crèches was started with the vision to provide on-the-go, affordable, reliable and flexible childcare solutions to all of our service users. From the childcarers caring for the children, to the families and business clients using our crèches; we wanted to create a streamline service and wonderful experience for all our satisfied customers. The Amaze’N Kids team includes hardworking and dedicated professionals from all different backgrounds that are very passionate about childcare. We take the welfare and security of our children very highly, and therefore only provide professional, qualified, and experienced childcarers to provide a nurturing environment for the children in our care. It is our company’s core values to ensure customer satisfaction is met. Our childcarers will ensure that all children in our supervision receive the best in excellent care possible in a loving and safety environment. Every member of the team is always willing to go the extra mile to deliver beyond expectation, and deliver on satisfaction to all our customers. Our ethos at Amaze’N Kids Crèches is: Be More – Stand Out – Be Different. We not only want to stand out for our crèche services, but also to instil in the minds of our children that it is their right to shine and make a difference in this world!

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” ― Ralph Waldo Emerson


What is a Static Crèche? A static, or sometimes known as a fixed crèche is a childcare centre which provides supervised care, security and play to children on fixed and stationary premises. This is usually a building where the children are dropped off and collected at the crèche, and can stay for however long the crèche service is provided and required for. Unlike other structured childcare provisions; crèches provides more of a pay-as-you-go and drop-in service which is much more flexible than a nursery or preschool. With a static crèche you can decide on when you want to use the service and how often, without the need to be penalised or the paying of huge deposits and fees in advance. While there are different forms of childcare like babysitting and nannies; what is great about a crèche is the endless opportunity for children to socialise, mix, and form new friendships. In that kind of environment a child’s learning and development progresses as they learn from others. Not everyone has the convenience of bringing a nannie or sitter into their home. Parents and carers sometimes prefer the chance and flexibility to travel with their children and drop them off at a childcare centre on the way or where they are based. This is one of the great freedoms of having and using a static crèche service.

Who Would Suit Using Our Static Crèche Service?         

Businesses Charities Families/Individuals Training/Educational Companies Corporate Companies Government Departments Hospitality Providers Religious Organisations Plus many others…


Benefits To Using A Static Crèche Service There are many benefits to using a static crèche service and this of course does depend on whether you are a private or business customer.

Private Customers If you are a parent or carer using a static crèche service, this will have many benefits for you and your family’s needs with…  Flexible Childcare - Book anytime and as often as you like.  Emergency Childcare - For those last minute plans and arrangements.  Quality Time - Having the chance to spend more time with your children, especially preschool children.  Breathing Space - It is always important and valuable when you can take some time out for yourself.  Affordable Pricing – No more having to pay huge fees and deposits in advance for childcare. You can just pay-as-you-go.  Socialising - Your child does not have to miss out on mixing and making new friendships.  Development - Your children can still learn educationally through play and other such activities.


Business Customers As a business customer, whether you are a company or self-employed, big or small, new or old, there are benefits to having access to a static crèche service for your business needs and clientele with…  In-House Childcare – Providing childcare on your premises for your customers can increase productivity to your business.  Crèche Size - Our static crèche can be of any size according to your needs and requirements. We can cater from as little as 10 children right up to 50 children. The service can be prebooked, pay-as-you-go and/or a drop-in service, it is entirely up to you.  Outsourcing – Enlarging your resources and services. Growing your team without actually expanding your initial core team members. So even if you are the only person running your business, you have a full team behind you to support you with your business needs.  Happy Customers – When a customer’s mind is at rest, this will allow them to be more relaxed with you and your business services. It is all about trust, and when a customer know you have them and their little ones interest at heart, this will build a long lasting relationship with your business and increase staying power. This is customer service going the extra mile!  Flexibility – Depending on the nature of the business provided, ad-hoc childcare may be required. This could be emergency childcare or just a drop-in service. Allowing customers to use the crèche as and when it is required will assure the customer that they can rely on your services when it is needed the most, even at the very last minute.  Working Partnership and Relationship - Our crèches can be of any size to accommodate your business needs and requirements. We work with you to develop the right crèche service for your business. If you decide to opt in for our static crèche service and you feel this would be of interest to you and your business, please do get in touch with us. A member of our team will be in contact with you to discuss your business plans and requirements so we can help and be of better service to you and your business.

What Costs Are Involved? For business customers, Amaze’N Kids Crèches offer a range of affordable and professional packages designed to suit all kinds of budgets and requirements. Simply give us a call, email or visit our website and we will assess your requirements and provide you with a competitive quote.


What is included with a Static Crèche? What you can expect to receive with a static crèche service is: 

Qualified, Experienced and Professional Childcarers – All our staff has gone through a thorough vetting process and enhanced criminal background check before working with children. Amaze’N Kids Crèche Staff follow the guidelines on child to adult ratios as stated by OFSTED. This is what we use to work out how many staff will be needed for the crèche service on the day in accordance to the amount of children. The guideline is as follow: 0-2 years 1:3 2-5 years 1:4 5-8 years 1:8 9-12 years 1:10 First Aider – In every crèche setting, there will be at least one childcarer who is Paediatric First - Aid trained. This will give the parents and carers peace of mind that emergency care will be given as and when it is required. Toys & Equipment’s – We provide all toys and equipment’s required for the crèche service. All the toys are age appropriate for the children using the crèche, and the equipment’s has gone through safety checks to ensure they are suitable and functional to use. Safety – We take the safety of all crèche users very important. As well as conducting ongoing health and safety risk assessment of the premises used, we also have in place a security system to keep the children safe in our care. From drop off to collection, children are in a secured environment until their parent or carer collects them from the crèche. Risk Assessment - To comply with OFSTED and Health and Safety guidelines and regulations, a full risk assessment must be carried out on the venue or premises being used for the crèche service. We take the safety of all persons using the crèche; Children, Staff, Parents and Carers very seriously, and we want all service users to have an enjoyable experience with Amaze’N Kids Crèches. Insurance – Our crèche services with Amaze’N Kids are fully insured, and we have the appropriate insurance in place to cover for public and employee liability. Our insurance certificate is always displayed at every crèche we run. Policies and Procedures – Every static crèche have procedures which are understood and adhered to by all staff. These are available to you on request so you can fully understand what the staff will do in all eventualities.


As you can discover, having use of a flexible service can be beneficial for you whether you are a private or business customer. Considering the reality that many people today live in a fast-paced environment, the need for flexible, trustworthy childcare to complement this lifestyle is apparent, giving parents and carers the flexibility in child care to keep up with their busy lives.

Four Reasons To Choose Us Specialisation We specialise in order to stand out. Our most important attributes we aim to communicate through our company is RELIABLE – FLEXIBLE – VALUABLE. When you say Amaze’N (pronounced as Amazing), we want you to think of us as providing “Amazingly Quality Crèches”. That’s our heart! It is what we ultimately aspire to. Our goal is to create a wonderful experience with our static crèches that generates such an impactful first impression.

Extraordinary Experience We have a dedicated team who is ready to assist you with anything to do with your static crèche service, assuring that you’ll always have someone with real expertise to talk to about your crèche needs. We want the process from booking to delivery of service to be as streamlined as possible and a smooth transition for you. We have a team of experienced, qualified, professional childcarers ready and available to go when we receive the call.

Diversity of Skills Since we have a diverse mixed of skills, everyone has a different skill-set and knowledge to bring to the table. From our management and administration to the childcarers caring for the children, we all have something of value that we can offer so that Amaze’N Kids Crèches will be a valuable asset to you.

Quality of Service There are a lot of families and businesses out there struggling to find the right and trusted help and support for their needs. Our static crèches will give you an experience in a new and fresh way. Providing you peace of mind that your tiny guests are looked after in a secured, nurturing, and loving environment by experienced, qualified and professional childcarers who are truly service oriented, patient, and passionate about childcare.


To make a booking, obtain a quote or for more information… If you would like more information about our Static Crèche Service with Amaze’N Kids Crèches, please do get in touch with us at the contact details below. A member of our team will be more than happy to speak with you and discuss your requirements in more detail. You can visit our website and enter your details using the contact form. You can also call us on 0330 111 4268 or email

We look forward to hearing from you!


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Amaze'N Kids Creches provides a static fixed creche service for all types of customers. From private customers to businesses; our creches wi...

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