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The Mekong River flows through southeast Asia through Thailand, Cambodia, China, Laos, Myanmar, and Vietnam. The California-based river cruise line, Ama Waterways, features several different cruise options for the Mekong River as well as river tours throughout Europe, Russia, Burma, Africa, Vietnam, and Cambodia. The cruise line also features several different themed cruises as well.

RIVER CRUISES VS. OCEAN CRUISES When people think of cruises, they often think of ocean cruises and forget about the possibility of taking a leisurely ride down a major river. Ocean cruises are fun, but check out some of the benefits of river cruises: •

You get to see the shore everyday

You get more time on land to see the local sights

There aren’t any waves, so you’re less likely to get seasick

You don’t have to take a smaller boat to shore

You’re dropped off right in town


Also, with river cruises, you get to participate in more on-shore events as well at off-shore events. On the 7-night "Vietnam, Cambodia & the Riches of the Mekong" trip with Ama Waterways , you will experience culturallyimmersive activities both on- and off-shore. All on-shore excursion are included in the ticket price, though you do have the option of only taking the cruise and not participating in the on-shore activities.


The tour guides for the trips are lively and speak perfect English. They lead the tours onshore and provide information about local traditions, religions, and historical events. In order to travel from sight-to-sight, passengers will either walk, use local small boat transportation, or even use oxcart or trishaw rides. The events are seamlessly planned so that there is break for lunch on board the cruise ship before another afternoon activity before diner.


There are a few different boat options for the Mekong River trip. The AmaLotus holds 124 passengers and the La Marguerite holds 92 passengers. Over 90% of the guestrooms come with balconies and the rooms start at 226 square feet. On the boat, passengers will have access to a sundeck with lounge chairs, a bar, a garden deck, and a full-service spa as well as a fitness center and a gift shop. The entertainment varies, but a few examples of what you can expect are a crew talent show as well as a Khmer folkloric dance performance by children from a local Cambodian orphanage.


Breakfast and dinner are both served buffet style and they feature a mixture of Western and Asian foods. Dinner is a sit-down meal that consists of multiple courses and dishes. Though Western food is available, be ready to taste some of the local fair prepared by native chefs. On-shore, you may also be able to sample some of the local foods as well as fruits and veggies which are sold in the local markets and towns.

START PLANNING YOUR TRIP NOW! Cruises run all through the year, so you have plenty of time to plan your trip. Check out the different ships and locations available and enjoy your ride up the Mekong River!


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