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Douro River Valley

New Destination for Ama Waterways In 2013, Ama Waterways started two new river cruises to Portugal and Spain.

Both cruises are along the Douro River in Portugal and the occasion was celebrated with the launching of a brand new ship, the AmaVida.

The Douro River valley is a gorgeous part of Portugal, filled with vineyards and picturesque cities and villages.

Set Sail For Portugal

There are two cruises available on the Douro River through Portugal and Spain. They are the Enticing Douro trip and the Port Wine & Flamenco voyage.

The Enticing Douro trip is 10 nights, and the Port Wine & Flamenco trips lasts a full 13 nights.

On both trips, you’ll stop in at a variety of ports including: • Vega Terrón • Régua • Bitetos • Porto • Lisbon

Douro River Itinerary

You can check out the extended itinerary for the trips on AmaWaterway’s website, but there are a few highlights worth mentioning.

Both tours stop in Lisbon, one of Europe’s most breathtaking cities. In Lisbon, passengers will see various different historic buildings as they tour the city. Passengers will also get to tour Porto and Madrid. Both of these cities are filled with historical architecture as well as exciting on-shore adventures. In addition to this, Madrid is the capital of Spain as well as its largest city.

Onboard Amenities

Passengers also have the option of just taking the river cruise and not participating in the on-shore activities.

However, life onboard the ships is just as lively and exciting as the adventures on land. Passengers will experience: • • • • • • •

Fine dining Spacious cabins Free Wi-Fi Ship to hotel transfers Non-smoking environment Themed dinners Musical performances

On-Shore Adventures For passengers that wish to explore the culture on land, there are plenty of stops and opportunities for site seeing.

Passengers will be able to tour places like the Jer贸nimos Monastery in Lisbon, the 12th-century Romanesque church of San Martin in Salamanca, and other selections of Baroque architecture around the region.

Passengers will also spend several days on land prior to embarking. These days will be spent on more in-depth tours of Lisbon, Salamanca, and Porto.

Historical Sights

Portugal and Spain are full of historic landmarks. Throughout both trips through the Douro River Valley, passengers will see Baroque styled churches, oldfashioned villages, shrines, pilgrimage sites, and more.

Besides historic sites, passengers will also have access to museums and cafes as well. During the on-shore activities, you’ll be able to taste the local wines, eat traditional local food, and mingle with the people.

Explore the Cities

At times, passengers will even have several hours to freely explore cities. Feel free to take this time to take pictures, talk with the locals, eat local foods, and just generally enjoy the beautiful landscape.

In some of the more modern ports like Porto, you’ll also have access to shopping and other attractions.

Make Your Reservations Now

Check out beautiful Portugal and Spain through AmaWaterways this year. Experience exciting tours, historic architecture, and the adventure of a lifetime!

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