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J~~u~ry 30; i'9~:


Student spotlight

Dante starting off the year with a ban

Veronica Reeder

Pacesetter Bll$iness Manager

.... ,.,::;.'7;\,. ", :' Hakim (the wise) Dante Abdul-Mateen (servant 0 fthe strong) is the first student spotlight of 1992. Hakim has an average of 2.5 and is a member of AAMS here at school. Out of school Abdul-Mateen is a member of Top Teens of America sponsored byThe Knights ofSt. Johns, and he is on the Youth Advisory Board at his mosque. On November 21, 1991 because of misprints in the history books about Muslim beliefs, Hakim

invited YusufSaleem, Director ofSis­ ter Clara Muhammad to Bowie High to help educate students. Attending this presentation were students from Mrs. D'Michalis, Mrs. Hosey, and Mrs. Dwyer's history classes and members of Young Brothers In Ac­ tion ( YBIA). There was a write up in the Muslim Journal about the presen­ tation. For those of you who are into jazz and listen to WPFW 89.3, you may have heard him. Hakim is a Co-host on a local radio show called "Pass It On." The show is produced, directed, and hosted by teens. Its focus is on teens. Dante recalls an interview with Ray Charles as being


one of the best shows he has done. Hakim credits his grandparents for many of his accomplishments. "My grandfather has had the most influ­ ence in my life because he is a strong, positive, black man in my community as well as a provider for his family. As for my academics I would have to say that my grandmother has influenced me the most." Abdul-Mateen's future plans are to attend North Carolina A&T. He plans to major in broadcast­ and is striving to be a sports broad­ caster. Hakim has some positive words for everyone, "Do the best you can in life."

'l'he Answers to December Issue~cavenger Hunt

Melissa Borwne Features Editor

'Jf1h~ lRlJ{d~$ This is a scavenger hunt to be done only in your spare time. Can you tell who or what am I? If you can, here's what you do; Put your name, questions and answers on a sheet of paper labeling it SCA VEN足 GER HUNT, put Q and A in the unclassfied box in the front office or give it to Mrs Mullan in room 225. Liz Petty or Melissa Browne. Answer as many as you can. Your name, picture, a brief quote in the January Pacesetter and a Waxie Maxie gift certificate will be awarded to the winner. REMEMBER if there's more than one pupil with the right

answers only the one that submitted their paper first will win: Pacesetter Editors and Writers are not eligible to participate in this hunt.


SCillV<tllilg<tr Hlilllilt wllo or wllillt AM JJ ? 1. You talk to me every day, before you go on your merry way. I am in every classroom in the school.

WHATAM I? The Flag

2. You read me once a month, in apart of me each year I have a lot of private

WHATAM I? The Pacesetter

me. You press all the right buttons on me. If time nms out, you can save me for later. Before you leave , the class my Boss says "Hasta 3. In room 122 is where you'll fmd Lasagna." me. I grow in the summer and spring WHATAM 1 & WHO AM I? and in the winter you won't fmd a The computer and Mr. Baker thing.

WHATAM I? Artificial Plant

6. In room 125 is where you'll find me. I take you where you want to 4. In room 244 is where you'll fmd go. Only the wealthy can afford me. me. I help you cook your food. I come He's not one to cook dinner; his in all shapes and colors. I also hold favorite quote is ''I'm A Winner." your dirt and your unwanted water.

WHAT AM 1 & WHO AM 1 Mr. A and his Porche

WHATAM I? Flower pot with dirt

jokes to share. 5. In room 206 is where


G t1J t1J d lu elk

h WInner .. I"""'" Drum roll P1ease,"and te s ......... !

The winner for the December issue of the scavenger hunt is Patunia Harvey. All in all, Pat had five of the answers correct and was the flIst one to submit ,her answers to the features Editor. Pat's favorite color is skyblue and her Favorite teacher is Mrs Kornbau. The one and only thing Pat loves best about

Bowie High is being a senior. And I personally agree with her 100% The second winner of the scavenger hunt is Dawn Garris. Dawn who's also'a senior 'got three and a half of the question correct. To Patunia and Dawn. I want to thank you for your effort Thanx. MeIissaBrowne Features Editor.


Features 5


Mary Ann Mitchell

Pacesetter Staff Writer .

Harounis the son ofRashid Khalifa. the Shah of Blah, who is a professional story tellerin the saddest of all cities, a city so sad that it has forgotten its name. One day the Shah of Blah opens his mouth".but no fantastic, elaborate story comes out. A terrible squawking noise is the only sound thattakes its place. Haroun's mother, Soraya has left them to run off with Mr. Sengupta. It seems as though Rashid's fantastic stories have gotten him into trouble with the misses and she, put out with him, decides that she will be happier with a man who is .more sensible and serious than happy­ go-lucky and nonchalant. Haroun must save his fa­ ther by returning to him his Gift of

Gab. To do it he has to visit another dimension. He visits the happy city of Gup (where it is always light) and the horrible land of Chup (where it is always dark) with his accomplices. They are the mad bus driver Butt, a water genie named Iff, fish named Goopy and Bagha, and Mali the giant gardener. Does the Shah ofBlah get his Gift of Gab returned? Will Soraya comeback to Rashid? Youmustcheck this book out to find the answers. Haroun and the Sea of Sto­ ries is a humorous adventure novel that anyone who loves fantasy and Never-never land should read. Bril­ liantly written in colorful and inven­ tive text, Salman Rushdie keeps his audience interested throughout the tale with imaginative puns and rhymes. He has truly created a new-age classic fairy tale.

What does 92'

mean to you? Jenn Stapleton Pacesetter Staffwriter

Jan.uary 30, 19.92:

The greatful dead is back! !!!!

Richard Kane Pacesetter Staff Writer

In the late 1980's, the Grateful Dead seemed to go into a more progressive. and modern music phase (at least for them it was). They actually had their own top-forty hit from their '87 album, "ill the Dark". Now during the 90's, in their post-Mydland era, the Dead have left the recording studios and returned to what they do best: live performance. The last three new releases have all been live concert recordings. These are "Without a Net", "One from the Vault", and the most recent of these releases, "Infrared Roses". Although "Infrared Roses" is a live recording, it is different than the other live recordings in that it does not consist ofregurgitated versions of

older songs. The album is an arrange­ ment of instrumental soundscapes, performed live in concert by the Grateful Dead. The album attempts to capture the structureless musical environment (often refered to as "Time & Space") which takes place in the second set ofevery Dead show. For those who are not ac­ quainted with the Dead's instrumen­ tal excursions, it is best described by producer Bob Bralove as "a musical adventure where composition and performance are one". It also can in some aspects be compared to the soundtrack for TV's Twilight Zone series--which also happens to have been done by the Grateful Dead. The album consists of four clusters of various musical themes, :-ach containing three different soundscapes. The album contains 58 min. and 32 sec. of music. The CD is

Hey! Look! It's 1992! What does that mean? Stop writing 1991 on your papers, just when I got used to it too. What else does 1992 mean? Another year for the P.G. goverment to, how shall Isay it... screw us over more by cutting the school budgets even more while they give themselves a raise. Another 52 Thursdays to watch 90210. Three hundred and sixty six (give or take a few) more days until the next New Year's party (and hangover, if you drink), three hundred and sixty six more days to break your resolutions and make new one's. What else does -1992 mean? Let's ask some Bowie High students:

an ADD recording-which means, an Analog Digital Digital (if that makes any sense). But whatever it may h!, its sound quality is superb. The soundscapes and melo­ dies are performed and composed without rules or predeterminations. There are eerie melodies like the title cut, "Infrared Roses," and morbid jazz sounds in "Apollo at the Ritt." Also included is the music of the piano keys ofBruce Hornsby with "Silver Apples of the Moon" and the pounding rhythmatic drums in "River of Nine Sorrows" and "Speaking in Swords." There are also the mellow harmonies with Garcia, Weir, and Lesh as in "Magnesium Night Light." The album can be a great asset to both the Dead fan, the instru­ mental music appreciator, and the person with a taste for the odd and different.

M icheUe Condry (12). "Graduating! And starting my own life a\1 from Bowie!! Far away from Bowie!!" Tracey Trabue (12)- "Graduation, college." Tara Bennis (12)- "Decision making, fright, sadness." Patunia Harvey (12)- "MY LAST YEAR AT BOWIE!!!"

Great to be a- Live Amy Metzger Centerspread co-editor

Live, what, who? Huh? Not many ofyou know what the heck I'm talking about. Well, Live is a new band from somewhere who has just released a new album called "Mental Jewlery". Their music is sort of a cross between R.E.M. and possibly Peter Gabriel. If you like their stuff then you '11 like Live. It has been said that they are a couple of young guys with short hair who run around without their shirts on. This is true. The songs on the album are so full of raw energy it just makes you want to get up and dance or move or at least do something. The group

seems to have their heads together. Most of their lirics pertain to environ­ mental and social problems. Consid­ ering that some of the song titles are : "Operation Spirit"( The Tyranny of Tradition), "Mother Earth is a Vicious Crowd", "10,000 Years"(Peace is Now); I would say that they have their minds in the right place. They seem to know what they're talking about. My personal favorite is "Operation Spirit" which talks about challenging traditions and a kind of Ralph Waldo Emerson mood. 1 also like "The Beauty ofGray" which talks about how the color 0 f someone's skin should not interfere with their lives. To quote Live from the "Beauty of Gray", "This is not a black and white world, to be alive the colors must swirl."

All about theKeyClub their students to events and field trips held throughout the year. Some things the Key Club What is Key Club? Well, contributes to the community it's not what it sounds. They do not throughout the school year include makekeys. What they are is a service holding monthly bake sales, planning a Faculty vs. Seniors sporting organization. that does good things events(this year's was a volleyball for people. Last year, for instance, they bowled for Cystic Fibrosis, and game in which the faculty luckily won did a "Know to Say No" program at 2 games to 1), and setting up for the Bowie elementary schools. The Key public library's yearly Haunted House. When asked how the Key Club also participated in 'Beautiful Club contributes to the education of Bowie Day,' by helping in the Bowie High's students. Laura Mathis. cleaning up of the Allen Pond area. co-president, said. "The Key Club If you are a returning stu­ teaches students to show compassion dent this school year, you may have noticed that the booster club shed has for the needy. and take pride in the been painted. With the leadership of school & community." Officers ofKey Club include Sophomore Cheryl Clemens the Key Club was able to repaint it over the co-presidents Joanne Archer and Laura' Mathis; Julie Kader. secretary; And summer. Key Club &tarted out this Stephanie Laird, treasurer. year by giving each member of the also has representatives for the Senior class. Michele Montague, and for the school staff a survival kit, which was full of supplies that should break the Junior class, Steve Keeling; As well as Sophomore representative Brian tension of over-teaching. The Key :::lub will continue to help out the Durant. and Freshman representative Reig Center, and Bow~e High's spew, Kate Jones. And last hut not least Mrs Durelli as ·the, club :advison :ial~ed<i~partment with cl).apero~g, Steve Keeling

Pacesetter Staff-Photographer


Kenny Campbell

Pacesetter Staff Writer

Teacher spotli

Mr. Warren was aflIstyear math and science teacher here atBowie during the flIst semester. He taught a,lgebra, general math, and earth sci­ ence. Mr. Warren graduated from the University of Rhode Island and immediately started teaching at Patchogue-Medford High School in Long Island, New York. but he left after a year. 'There were several of reasons why I moved to Maryland,

Don't worry Mr. Warren


warmer weather and a lot of relatives in southern Delaware and North Caro­ lina." Mr·, Warren was an assis· tantcoach of the 9-1 I.V football team and an assistant coach for track. "I enjoy coaching because I like working with kids with determination such as the Bowie students." Senior track captain Ellie Parrilla stated, "It's nice having a younger coach to relate to us on a one on one basis while still giving us ad­ vice." Mr. Warren played football and ran track in high school, and he earned a scholarship. In college track "nil field he excelled as a two time

captain. a four time New England champion in the sprints, and a mem­ ber of the all Eastern track team. He left college with four school records under his belt. In his spare time Mr. Warren likes to listen to music, pref. erably Shaba Ranks, Public Enemy: and the X-Clan. He still likes to work out and keep in shape. He enjoyed his brief stay here. "I like working at Bowie High School. The staff has made my adjustment smoother, and I have a good report with my students. " Unfortunately Mr. Warren has to leave Bowie High due to bud­ get cuts. He will be greatly missed.



What's new for 92'? in Entertainment.

Steve Keeling

Pacesetter Staff-Photographer

1991 is over, bilt there are some things that will never be forgotten. There may even be something exciting in entertain­ ment which will never leave your mind, no matter how hard you may try to forget. One of those unforget­ table incidents, perhaps, is Pee­ Wee Herman's public exposure of his genetilia at a porno-theatre. After being publically hwniliated on several accounts, Pee-Wee ap_ peared on the 1991 MTV Music Video Awards in September. Then we can't forget those entertainers who died in 1991, including' conCert-promoter Bill Graham, actor/comedian Redd FoX)(, flamboyant singer/song­

writer Freddie Mercury, and Star

Trek creator/producer Gene

Roddenberry .

In the rock world, many things have happened in the last year. New albwns were released by Van Halen, Guns 'N'F'N' Roses(2), R.E.M., Grateful Dead(3), Nirvana, Rush, Skid Row, Jesus Jones, and Yes, among others. There were also big record deals signed by Michael Jackson, Aerosmith, and the Rolling Stones. Box sets became popular with big re­ leases by Yes, Led Zeppelin, Bob Dylan. Rod Stewart, and JimiHendrix. Some bands who turned big this year were Seattle's 'Nirvana', <'Queensryche', and the British band .~ Jesus Jones'. In the movie field Di­ rector Terry GilIiam('Monty Py_ thon & The Holy Grail') made a comeback with 'Fisher King' starring Robin Williams and Jeff Bridges. Other big 1991 releases include: 'Prince ofTides'; 'Cape Fear'; 'Point Break'; 'Termina­ tor 2'; 'Silence of the Lambs'; 'J.F.K.'; 'Bugsy'; 'What About Bob?'; 'Robin Hood- Prince of Thieves'; 'The Addams Family'; 'Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey'; 'Hook'; and 'Doc Hollywood'. I know I did not cover everything entertainment-wise in 1991, but we have limited printing space in this finely-established newspaper we so-reluctantly call

Plaid Vintage , Hair Anywhere Condoms


The Common Wealth


Furlough days




5th. column

9:30 club Chick & Ruth's Bowie High Track Slackers X-Loves Stretch Pants Aloe Plants Gucci Timberland Queen Latifa Prince Begging for a C



Original Gangsters < Wearing Hats Mitochondria



Big Earrings

Jenny Jones


The carpet in the Sr. lounge Body piercing Stupid list's that people base their lifestyle on Red Hot Chilli Peppers Democrats Re Sleeping for a week in Feb. AIDS Awareness 99.1 WHFS "Super-Wack-Funky" Giggles Wearing coals in school Victoria Secret Perfume NortJ:1.ern Exposure 'C""""t~",ll ('!"'",I:io

W OSft......;... '"

Plain Trendy No Hair Bowie More Kids & S.T,D.'s




Longer School Year


Vanilla Ice

Reggae Trax d.c. space McDonald's Bowie High Football Workaholics New Romances Tights Winnabegoes Benetton Riders MCLite George Micheal Taking aD Sweat Self-concienceness Phonies

Combing Hair

Floppy Disks

High School


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Michael 1. Fox


Being your own-person

Donny Osmond



Paying Teachers


105.1 WAVA "Cool" Silence Heating the school Claiborne Anything haviJ:lg to do with Beverly Hills 90210


J.{ ..v;n""

Tnh In'MI"e" Mnnp.v

Athlete spotlight for this month is Kim Dunn

Wrestler's Making the Pinfall

Liz Petty

Pacesetter Editor in Chief

The Bulldog wrestlingtearn is having a much better season this year than last year. The Bulldogs seem to be more enthused about wrestling than in the years past. On January 7,1992 Bowie met the Oxon Hill ,Clippers. Bowie won30·2S. Jason Minor, Mike Gillis, and Rumsey all had pins. Todd Smith, Scott W ascav age, Warren Powell,and Guy Davis all won their matches: On January 10·11, the Bulldogs participated in the Hagerstown tournament. Bowie did extremely well. Warren Powell placed first at the tournament. Chris George came in second, Scott Wascavage. third, and Todd Smith placed forth. Davis, Brock Vim Valkenberg, and Gerry Montgomery all placed eighth. On January IS, 1992, Bowie beat Duval4S-}S. Jason Mi­ nor, Todd Smith, and Warren Powell had a forfeit. Jerry Mongomery lost 2-7. Brock Van Valkenburgh got pinned in 3:09. John Rideout was pinned in 2:20. Vinnie Scalise won 4­ 3. Mark Parry lost 5-10. Scott

Wascavage was pinned in 2:21. Guy Davis won 10-4. Young Song was pinned in 1: 11. Mike Gillis was pinned in 2: 14. Bowie beat Gwynn Park 55· 11 on January 22, 1992. Jason Minor pinned in4:35. Chris George won 11-2. Jerry Montgomery pinned in3:53. Todd Smithpinnedin3:36. Van Valkenburgh won 5-4 and Scalise lost 4-2. Rideout tied 9·9 and Warren won 9-0. Wascavage had a forfeit. Parry pinned in 3:54 and Young pinned in 1:51.



Melissa Browne

Pacesetter Features Editor

The spotlight this month shines on Kimberly Dunn. Kim is one of Bowie~s fmest basketball players. Kim has been playing basketball for nine years. She has played on two all county teams. Also, she has been a varsity player for three years. She attends Mary­ land University's basketball Camp for girls, Her favorite teacher is Mrs. Blondin. Her favorite subject is French. Kim's favorite color is blue. She also as pet is a parakeet named B illy Jean. In her spare time she likes not only basketball, but also enjoys playing softball and football . The most influential teacher in Kim's life is Mr. Koffman becatL~e he made her realize h~ ,scholastic capability. She says he helped her to be all she can be. Kim's most memorable year at Bowie High is going to be the rest of her senior year, because she finally realizes how hard studying really is. A quote that Kim wants' every one to know and remember is. "Ev~ year is no~ hard as you

' ii

. . '; :.:~~


''',~., .. : " : ,,_,i,

Catherine, Nunnery (301 )262-8605

think it is ; because when you fmally get to your senior year the realization that your capabilities exceeds your action becomes appreant and that's when you'll be able to perform aca­ demically, socially and personally

with school and others." Kim plans to go to the Maryland University where she plans to double major in Political Science and International Studies with a minor in French.

January'· 30~ 1992'


Sports 10


Swimmer's SwimmingRight on Mark

Angela Baccala

Pacesetter Staffwriter

The Bowie High School Swim Team is back. The season began early this year with a relay scrimmage held on November 30 at Bowie State Uni versity and including Bowie, Roosevelt, Douglass and Gwynn Park's swim teams. Bowie's Head Coach, Dave Fusick said, "The times were very impressive. It's a good start to the season." At the scrimmage, the team came within two seconds ofour school record in the boy's 200 freestyle relay. This indicated that the boy's team could improve last year's record of two and five, and maybe have a win­ ning season. Indeed, at the Douglass meet the boy's team broke the 200 freestyle relay school record by three seconds. The boy's team, with cap­ tain Brad Schumacher, has more than doubled in size this year. (Last year's team consisted of only seven boys and has now boomed to a whopping 18.) The new size of the team has enabled them to compete in all three relays this year. The girl's team has also in­ creased in size. Sonya Tyrell, the captain o~ ~lt~lgirl's swim team, be­ lieves that, "We have a strong team, considering all the new girls." Last year's record was five and two, and this year's girl's team has also shown a lot of promise. Th ....

ro ••

,;~t ...............

' .. r._.. t


scheduled for December 7 against Gwynn Park, was cancelled due to the budget cuts. This, however, is the only way that the team has been affected by the cuts so far. The first meet, was held instead at Bowie State University ori December 14 against Northwestern. Bowie won. At the meet vs. Douglass on January 4, the boy's team won with an impressive 116 to 46, and the girl's team also saw victory with an equally im­ pressive 135 to 28. The Oxon Hill meet had been the focus of the season for Bowie Swim­ ming until the Roosevelt meet. Oxon Hill's surprise victory last year threw the team for a loop. This year, it was im­ perative that Bowie win the meet. Bowie swinuning again came through with a boys score of 90 to 80 and a girls' score of 105 to 65. Coach Fusick said, "It was a pleasant surprise to beat Oxon Hill!" At the Oxon Hill meet Brad Schumacher broke the 200 freestyle school record by seven seconds. The previous record had been set on December 6,1986, by Leigh Warner in the first year of Bowie High School swimming. Coach Fusik said that the tearn has seen some good times on the girl's 50 freestyle from Carolyn Vancoverdon. Todd Youngdall has been doing well with_100 backstroke and 100 freestyle. Craig Hebert is doing great in 50 freestyle, and he made Metro's at the meet vs. Oxon HilL Connie Dalton's been doing real well in 100 backstroke and 200 1M. Also doing great in 200 1M :.

~A~I: . . " I:lnn~n.

':&~'Tyrell dry land train for up coming meet

Jan 1992 Pacesetter  
Jan 1992 Pacesetter  

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