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Special thanks to Donny Phillips of Atlanta Flooring for donating his October annual host event for the DMA to GMC-Duluth.

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Duluth Merchants Association

2006 OFFICERS JENNIFER INGALLS President RICHARD DALUGA Vice President ALISA WILLIAMS Secretary JOHN MONK Treasurer BOARD OF DIRECTORS Pam Adams 770.564.0876 Richard Daluga 770.366.4561 Laura Heck 770.814.8984 Jennifer Ingalls 770.490.0812 Marion Maloof 770.923.1111 John Monk 770.495.8900 Thom Mash 770.689.2600 Lois Martin 770.813.1033 Joyce Mell 770.232.2987 Frank O’Brien 678.542.2004 Terry Palmer 404.502.5531 Chitra Parikh 404.262-2600 Chuck Raynor 770.418.4929 Derek Whitesmith 678.957.8030 Alisa Williams 770.476.3434 Mark Williams 770.441.0945 The Gab-RRR is a monthly publication of the Duluth Merchants Association. Back issues are available at Database, Printing and Distribution: Dennis & Carol Keller Accent Mail Service 678.473.4643 Photography: Laura Heck Heck Design Group Phone/Fax 770.814.8984 Newsletter Design: Terry Palmer QuickCREATIVE 404.502.5531


DEAR DMA MEMBERS, If you missed our September General Meeting on Tuesday, September 12, 2006, at Century Security Bank, you will need to make a point of stopping by their brand new bank on State Bridge Rd. in Duluth. Not only a great location, but also, Century Security has a beautiful, state of the art facility. Nancy Foo, Vice President and Gary McClung, President, & staff presented to our members a pleasant evening, including a tour, digital presentation on a flat screen, great munchies and drinks. Century Security Bank joined the DMA just two months ago and are already active in our association. Thank you so much. We are proud to announce the updated website. With gratitude and appreciation, Pam Adams, board director and web diva, is responsible for the revisions, updates and maintenance of our website and we thank Pam sincerely. It has been so amazing the consistency of visitors to monthly general meetings this year. Their feedback has been so positive that they become a member…and that is a compliment to all of you who contribute, host, meet and greet at the meetings to grow our association and community. Lets keep the momentum going!!!! The Fall Festival is upon us, September 30th - October 1st, an event you do not want to miss! The October General Meeting is being hosted by Gwinnett Medical Center. Past board member, Sunny Ramsay, is volunteer coordinator and will host the meeting. As you know, Donny Phillips, Atlanta Flooring, generally hosts the October meeting, and, graciously turned over their meeting, to GMC, to celebrate the opening of this new hospital facility…please bring a guest and join us in this exciting evening. Sincerely, Jennifer Ingalls DMA President





Visit the city’s website at for more info on events taking place in Duluth.

On Sale Now “Educating Rita” Red Clay opens its doors October 10th, as the preview performances at Duluth's newest venue get underway. Agnes Harty and Eric Brooks two Atlanta favorites who will star in Will Russell's 'Educating Rita' will be the very first professional actors to tread the boards of the theatre.


Box Office (at Main Street venue) (770) 622 1777. Downloadable season ticket forms are also available at the web site and may be mailed or faxed to the theatre the fax number 770 622 1799. Ticket Prices range from $22.50 - $32.50.

Movie begin at dusk on the Town Green

Halloween on the Green CASPER Saturday, October 28


Spotlight Congratulations to Ron Harris, owner of The Soda Shop Deli and Dairy Bar on completing his first Olympic distance triathlon. This was Ron's third triathlon this summer, but the longest distance he has completed to date. The race started with a 2/3 mile swim, followed by a 24 mile bike, and finished with a 6.2 mile run. Ron's final time was 2 hours and 18 minutes and he finished in the top half of all competitors.

really proud of gives you a since of pride and allows you to enjoy your life and going to work each day. Ron has two more races planned this summer before attempting a half marathon this October and hopes to complete an Ironman Triathlon within two years. That's a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, and a 26.4 mile marathon.

Ron started training for triathlons last December when he was looking for an outlet to relieve stress from the long hours he puts in at The Soda Shop, and after loosing interest in skydiving after his twin daughters were born. Having a hobby that you are DMA-Gab-RRR






In order to encourage DMA members to get to know other DMA Members and their businesses, we have created this special member offer section. If you are a member and can make a special offer for other members, you may submit it to Gabrrr@duluth Questions? Call Gab-rrr Editor Terry Palmer @ (404) 502-5531.

Marketplace M e m b e r

t o

M e m b e r

Landscape & Garden Services

LaCazuela Mexican Restaurant

Let us Help You Beautify Your Surroundings

La Cazuela Mexican Restaurants a known “good old” favorite of Duluth residents is approaching 20 years of life. We are pleased to inform our customers that we remain committed to you as it was on the first day. Best fajitas, best margaritas, best value for your dollar is only a few titles that we have earned over the years.

At BIG JIM’S, we not only cut your grass, prune your shrubs and make your lawn weed-free — we are also able to provide that beautiful plant for your home, patio, deck, office, waiting room, foyer, etc. — in fact, for any place you want to beautify and make more attractive and healthier. (Plants give off oxygen and are very beneficial to your environment — where you live, sleep &/or work.)

Check our website to get an update on us, and don’t forget that we can come to you for small gatherings, luncheons, social or any event.

Come visit BIG JIM’S GARDEN CENTER, 3209 Main Street, Duluth — just down the street from Taylor Park. We have many plants for you to choose from, and, of course, trees & shrubs for your yard.

Please contact Mr. Richard Daluga at (770) 366-4561 for any event that we can book for you at our restaurants or at your place (AYP). It will be enjoyable!

We are running a special sale this week where you can save money, as well as enrich your environment and make your life more satisfying!!

Coming soon we will be presenting our new menu and Gift Cards all focused on taking better care of our customer needs, and all lovers of Great Mexican Food.

COME VISIT BIG JIM'S and SEE FOR YOURSELF We’re here to help you icates Gift certif le for b are availa ays. d li o the h

Carlos Rodriguez Owner


Richard Daluga Retail Catering Manager

(770) 476-0816

Linking Technology to Business Growth BizLynks' mission is to help businesses realize significant profit growth by empowering them with the knowledge needed to increase their productivity through the effective use of technology. In addition to our professional web design and hosting services, we provide high-quality technical education through one-on-one and group coaching, teleseminars, workshops, and instructor-lead software training. Contact Pamela Adams, your Technology Coach, to schedule a technology analysis for your home office or business today.

DMA All-in-One Web Site Plan Only $300 during the month of October Regular price $575. Save $275 when you mention the DMA Gab-rrr It's no longer enough to have a business card and brochure. You must have a website. Why, because your clients expect it! Special offer includes a 3-page web site with text navigation and 1 logo or graphic. Also includes 1 year domain name, 1 year hosting, and 1 25MB email account



Contact your Digital Diva today! Pamela Adams, (770) 564-0876 Visit all of our great sites:


Welcome New


Have You Recently Joined the DMA? We’d like to get to know more about you and your business! Consider being the focus of our New Member Section in the Gab-rrr. If interested, send a short article about your business to and we’ll publish it in the next newsletter!

Calendar 2 0 0 6 DMA meetings

Most Meetings begin at 6:00pm on the first Tuesday of each month (although this can vary). Locations vary monthly. Dates subject to change.

JANUARY 10: Enhancing Health FEBRUARY 7: Maloof Chiropractic MARCH 7: Gwinnett Community Bank APRIL 4: Accent Mail MAY 2: Gwinnett Nissan JUNE 6: Duluth Fine Wine & Spirit Superstore JULY 11: The Printing Trade Co. AUGUST 1: Duluth Fall Festival SEPTEMBER 12: Century Security Bank OCTOBER 3: Gwinnett Medical Center- Duluth NOVEMBER 7: Houston & Company, CPAs DECEMBER 5: Red Clay Theatre

Fine Art Frames Fine Art Frames is celebrating 10 years as a Duluth merchant! They are located in Duluth Station between Publix and Pepperoni's. Fine Art Frames is your art and custom framing solution. They offer complete custom framing, design and art procurement services for your business and home. They are recognized for excellence in custom framing, conservation, design, selection and craftsmanship. Over the last year they have converted the shop to a state-of-the-art framing facility. Their expert staff can help you design the appropriate framing for your piece whether it is art, a document, diploma, or media article about your business. In addition to traditional custom framing they can plaque items for durability and they offer hinged frames that can be used for items that need to be changed out often. Their state-of-the-art Picture It First visualization software can help you visualize what your final piece will look like. By viewing the design-using Picture it First you can feel confident in your final design choice. This system also allows them to design at their site and email you the design choices so you can view them at your convenience. In addition they have also acquired a state of the art computerized mat cutter that allows them to cut virtually unlimited shapes and designs!

As some of you may know, DMA Board Member and frequent Gab-rrr contributor, Chitra Parikh was in a car accident on her way to the DMA meeting at Century Security Bank. She had some scrapes and bumps but is recovering well we’re happy to say. Chitra - we look forward to seeing you again soon!

Let them find the best solution to fill your art and framing requirements! Duluth Merchants Association members receive 20% off their custom framing order.




Dear Digital Diva: Last month you answered a question about exporting your addresses from Yahoo and importing them into Outlook. I have been using my AOL email for my business for years. I finally have a web site but I don't see why I should change my email address now. What's the big deal? -- It Ain't Broke Dear It Ain't Broke: I've said it before, and I'll say it again‌.why would you want to advertise for someone else! Using an AOL email address is just as credible for your business as a BizLynks email address (but if you want to advertise for me instead, I'd be glad to provide you with an email). Basically, you are missing out on possible revenue by not using one of the most economical advertising methods available for your company. You should work towards getting the word out about your web site in every way that you can and your email address is the most viral way to do it. What do I mean by viral? When you send someone an email from the email address that is provided through your web host, everyone knows that the information after the @ is a website. Many people are apt to just go check out your site from seeing your email address. This may be the first time that some even realize that you finally have a web site. Our email addresses are everywhere. Listed on other sites, forwarded to other people, etc. Remember the commercial, you tell two people and they tell two people and so on. That's viral marketing. If missing out on revenue or the possibility of generating more revenue doesn't compel you, how about the improved business credibility? Using your custom email address says that you have invested in yourself and your business and that you are taking advantage of the tools utilized by serious businesses. Whether it is true or not, it gives the impression that you are not a fly by night business and that you will be in it for the long haul; at least compared to a company that uses the free or ISP email accounts.

Dear Lovin' the Site: Thank you for the compliment. I am glad that you are enjoying the fruits of my labor. My websites are truly my children and I take pride in each and every one of them. And like kids, some take a little longer to develop than others. I have wanted to redesign the site for about a year but never had the spare time. The new logo (Thanks Laura and Terry) finally pushed me to make it happen. In addition to the new look and navigation, I especially wanted to convert the member directory page to a searchable database. In the past we have been very out of sync with the master database that is maintained by Accent Mail. Old members were still listed and a lot of new members were not. Now, the online directory is solely based on the master database. With this change, everyone will need to provide their update to to update their listing. I will obtain updates from the master database every month or so. We are actually working on providing a more aesthetically pleasing view of the directory as well so that the information does not wrap as it does in the current table format. My first goal was to get the new information and design live. Keep an eye out for the new directory display to change in the next month or so. We often receive emails requesting more information about the DMA. These inquires were usually generated from the web site contact form so it dawned on me that we needed to provide more general information. I added the Our Purpose page and included more content on the Membership Info page. You'll also notice the Gab-rrr Archives at the bottom of the Gab-rrr Online page. For those of you that lost a past Gab-rrr or gave it away to a friend, you can now view and print issues as far back as January 2004. One last thing, don't forget to add the new logo to your website and link back to us. Instead of having to copy and save the graphic first, you only have to copy and paste the HTML code that is provided at the bottom on the home page now. Or copy and paste the text in an email to the webmaster of your site. If you'd like a smaller or larger version of the logo, just contact me at

Lastly there are all other sorts of benefits that I've provided in past articles about how creating multiple email accounts with your domain can give your business even more credibility and the illusion of being a much larger company. It's all in how you manage it. You're absolutely correct, it ain't broke, but‌it could run more efficiently and get your further. The transition is not a difficult one, you just have to stop and do it. After you do, you'll wonder what took you so long.

Happy browsing!!

Ask the Digital Diva is brought to you by our webmaster, Pamela Adams, 770-564-0876. Send your questions to

Dear Digital Diva: I just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you for the redesigned website. I love the new look and the page links that pop-out make it easier for me to get to the past Gab-rrrs online. I'm probably one of the few


people that is still on dial-up so it saves me time from having to open other pages first. I'm a little web-challenged too so I never knew where to find stuff, now it all seems right there in my face. Oh, and the new directory listing. What can I say, it ROCKS! (Do they still say that?) - Lovin' the Site



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IS YOUR COMPANY MAKING NEWS? If it is, we want to spotlight you in the DMA Gab-RRR. If you have any significant news about your business: awards, big wins, new expansions, relocating, please e-mail them to Terry Palmer at

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call Jennifer Ingalls at 770.490.0812.

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THE NETWORK TABLE IS AVAILABLE! Yes, we want to invite all of you to bring your literature (in small quantities) about your products and services to our DMA meetings so fellow members can learn more about you. BUT, FAIR WARNING: at the end of the evening, you must take your literature with you, or it will be thrown away.

Duluth Merchants Association

Welcome to The Duluth Merchants Association! The DMA was conceived with the idea that as business people we can best accomplish together what no one could do alone. It is an association for members to participate in and improve the Duluth Community.