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If you have a long-haired cat, you know the problem that cat hair can be. The cat sheds it seemingly continuously everywhere she goes. Her fur gets matted in places if left untouched. Hairballs form more regularly as the cat bathes and removes hair. These problems, while quite annoying for you, can be addressed to some extent by following these tips:

Brush Often - It's much easier to keep your cat's fur soft and untangled if you brush her on a regular basis for short periods of time, rather than waiting until there's a huge tangle that will require serious attention. This should reduce shedding somewhat over time as well, as you will have removed hair that otherwise would have been left in other places.

Brush at the Right Time - While some cats (including mine) don't particularly like being brushed for very long, they do seem to tolerate it more when they are distracted. I've taken to brushing mine right after I feed her and she is busy eating. She'll allow me to brush her for several minutes, usually yielding a golf-ball sized clump of hair by the time she's had enough.

Set Boundaries - Reduce hair in unwanted places by clearly defining where the cat is allowed and not allowed to be. Reinforce by placing obstacles where the cat would otherwise sit. You can also spray a small area with perfume to deter the cat from going to that place again. Especially if done in the cat's younger years, she should be able to learn where she isn't allowed.

Following tips like these and your own ideas should help you solve the various problems that arise from your cat's excess hair. Good luck!

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How to Brush a Long-Haired Cat  

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