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Cat blogging Did you know cats blog? Lots of pets do but there are a particularly large number of cats online blogging. Sounds kind of strange. I have two cats who blog. My friends think I need to get out more. However, like many online cat bloggers, I find that it's a great use of creativity. I started my original blogspot blog about my kitten Gemini to keep myself writing. I wanted the daily exercise of writing to practice my grammar and spelling to write regular articles for my websites. I wasn't getting a large number of readers but I discovered others who were writing from the viewpoint of their cat. They had huge numbers of readers. So I changed. I began writing from Gemini's viewpoint. I left the blog on my website, My Siamese, as a blog about cats, rather than by cats. However, it didn't get many comments. The one written from my cat's view was getting three or four comments a day. More importantly, it was getting seen. So I switched the other blog to my cat's viewpoint. It too gets seen and read. Most of the cat bloggers find that writing from their cat's viewpoint a great way to stretch their creativity. I think writing from the cat's viewpoint allows us to write about a subject that we love, our cat. It creates an immediate character. The events that happen can be just a diary about the daily events, told from a different viewpoint. Isn't that a great therapeutic benefit? We have cats who are on their own amazing race. The race is set up where other cat bloggers send a postcard to this cat and then he goes to your city for an adventure. Another cat is a diva. She regularly converses with the stars of the day and comments on the foibles of the rich and famous. Other cats talk about more mundane lives. My own Siamese is planning a presidential run in 2008. We'll see how far she gets in blog-land. At any rate, cat lovers seem to enjoy blogging from the cat's viewpoint. Even the diaries on are more generally written from the cats view. I'm not sure the percentage of cats on Catster who have diaries, but since I've been a member, the listing of cats increases by one to two hundred cats a day. That's a lot of people who love their cats. Should your cat blog? I don't know. Do you need a creative outlet? Do you want to meet likeminded people? It might be a way to get out there and expand your horizons

Bonnie Koenig works as a licensed acupuncturist when she isn't blogging about her cats. Her cat

website is and is devoted to EVERYTHING Siamese.

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==== ==== If You Love Kitties, Come Check Out Our Site: ==== ====

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If You Love Kitties, Come Check Out Our Site: