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If you are a cat person it is almost certain that at some time you will start acquiring some cat collectibles. These may be in the form of cat shaped ornaments, pictures or even cats on stamps. It is just as likely that you will have started your collection by accident as family and friends buy you cat related gifts for Christmas or your birthday. This is of course another problem for someone who is classed as a "cat lover" by their nearest and dearest they will nearly always be given cat related items. It is easy to test if you fall into this category, take a look at your last set of birthday cards, how many feature a cat in some form? If it is over half, then as far as your family and friends are concerned you are a cat lover. There is little point in fighting it so what you need to do is decide what type of collection you would like to build up. If you collect cat ornaments there is such a wide and varied selection available it will be best to specialise. This could be a particular make of ornaments or a specific breed of cat. A very inexpensive range of comic collectible cats is the Colour Box range. Theses small ornaments do not take up much space and can build up into an attractive collection. Companies such as the Franklin Mint often produce cat related limited edition ornaments and decorative plates. Back at the turn of the twentieth century in the UK Crested ware used to be very popular. These were ornaments produced in a wide variety of shapes usually which with the crest of a town or city on them. There are many examples of cat shapes and these can still be bought for a reasonable price and could form an interesting collection. Some of the leading makers of crested ware included Goss, Arcadian and Carlton. Around the time of the First World War picture postcards were very popular and there are many collectors of these cards today. Possibly the most popular cat cards and the most expensive are the ones depicting the work of Louis Wane who was a well-known illustrator of the time. Collecting old cat postcards does have the advantage that they do not take up much space and they do not need to be dusted. For anyone wishing to start a collection of cat related items there is a big choice out there. Collecting can be fun but do specialise or else your collection could get out of hand.

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==== ==== If You Really Love Cats, Come Visit My Site And See What We're Up To! ==== ====

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