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Wholesale real estate investing is all the buzz right now and rightfully so it should be. These types of investors make the residential real estate world work. In this overview you're going to learn exactly what wholesale real estate investing is and you're going to learn the steps involved so you can decide for yourself if this is a strategy you should pursue. Let's get into it... In it's simplest form someone wants to sell a house and someone wants to buy a house. As a wholesaler you bring the two together and profit from the deal. This type of business exists and these types of transactions take place all day long on any and all goods you see in a retail store, we're just apply the same concepts and strategies to real estate investing. Instead of dealing with small items you would find in a store we're talking about real estate. The ante is upped and the profit is huge and the money you can make from one successful wholesale deal can be life changing. Here's How It Works As a wholesaler you're usually looking for properties in distress, a property that your average homeowner isn't going to want to buy and live in. The competition is low and the sellers motivation is high because the property has become a burden. For whatever reason it may be the house has been neglected and the seller needs the house sold so they can move on with their life. Working with these types of sellers is where you want to be. You're not going to be able to wholesale a house where the seller is in no hurry to sell and they're looking for full retail price. Through your marketing and advertising efforts you come across this type of property after conducting your research to see what the property is worth after it's fixed up you negotiate with the seller a purchase price. This is done after you've taken into consideration the fixed up value of the house, the estimated repairs, the purchase and your wholesale fee (we'll cover this in a second) You sign a contract showing your intentions of buying the property and also locking up the property so no one else can buy it and take the deal away from you. As Low As Possible!

Of course you want to buy as low as possible because the lower you buy the more you'll make when you turn around and wholesale the house to a house flipper - someone who's in the business of buying, fixing and flipping houses. Now that you have this property under contract you show this property to house flippers. These are the investors you as a wholesaler need to network with. They have the cash and the experience in buying, fixing and flipping houses. They will pay you a wholesale fee and then you bring them to the seller and present them as one of your house buying associates. They purchase the house from the initially agreed upon price with the seller and the house is sold and you get paid. They look for your type of deals all the time and will pay you a wholesale fee for bringing them these kinds of deals. This wholesale fee isn't some small fee like $250 but is in the thousands. Depending upon the circumstances as each property is different you can expect to earn $5,000 $10,000 - $20,000 or more on each and every wholesale deal. The more potential profit there is in the deal for the house flipper the more you'll make. Here's Exactly What You Do Here's the overview of real estate wholesaling... 1 - Market for and find properties in distressed conditions 2 - Evaluate your deals and conduct your research 3 - Negotiate and secure your deals with a contract 3 - Collect your wholesale fee by assigning your right to buy to the house flipper

Join me as I uncover the secrets of how you can get started today with little to no risk, money and investing experience and how you can make $5,000 - $10,000 - $20,000 and more every wholesale deal. You can learn the secrets of Wholesale Real Estate Investing by visiting my tell all wholesale investing website where I'm giving away a free Success Plan that covers everything you need to know about wholesaling your first house in 30 days or less.

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==== ==== Looking for discounted California properties? Please visit: ==== ====

An Overview of Wholesale Real Estate Investing  

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