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Communism: Society’s Salvation. By Amar Punchhi Long gone are the days where social classes were finite and orderly. Now, society has become a large messof filthy rich factory owners that have a monopoly over the lives of the poor working class. New means for production have allowed factories to create cheaper goods that can be produced in greater numbers and more efficiently than ever before. This combined with new transport technology allowing for faster, shipping and distribution and various countries relentless race for profit, one asks them self “What has happened to humanity?”

for a classlesssociety where means of production and property, among other things, are commonly owned by society as a whole. Resources, wagesand other items of production are distributed equally among the peoples of society. While many believe communism to be a new, revolutionary idea, it is in fact been present for generations. Communism has in fact been present since the hunter-gather societies. Many Greek philosophers spoke about the various economical and political advantageswhen implementing socialism as a form of government. In an interview with Karl Marx, the co-writer of the recently published Communist Manifesto, he said that “Communism is the riddle of history solved, and it knows itself to be this solution.” A bold but empty statement, some say. However, as I asked Marx more about communist ideas, he told me that he was infuriated by the conditions in factories, especially in the caseof children. As per his Communist Manifesto, he demands child labor completely abolished and free public education for all children.

As the gaps between social classesin Britain continue to move apart, people are beginning to believe that a free market may be more harmful than good. With social classesslowly spreading out, the upper classesare gaining more power over the lower classes.Some of these upper classeshave taken it As I grew interested in to a point where they are the political aspect of taking advantage of them. this system, I asked Furthermore, this Marx to elaborate on the constant tension between use and effectivenessof Looking to the future: Karl Marx and these two parties causes communism. “Well, we Friedrich Engels more chaos than is solved can in general divide by the capitalist system. In society into two short, this capitalist society may collapse on parties,” he claims. “The first is the ruling class, itself. the bourgeoisie, and the second is the working class, or the proletariat. There is constant Two new revolutionary thinkers have applied struggle between these two classes.The tension their ideas of socialism to a new system, springs from the richer bourgeoisie taking Communism. Essentially, the theme of advantage of the poorer proletariat.” Just like communism is equality. This new regime calls

in society today, he explains. “The only thing that breaks this tension is revolution that springs from the proletariat rebelling against the bourgeoisie. However, once the bourgeoisie are put out of power, society slowly rotates back into the capitalist regime, which they aimed to abolish in the first place. This process repeats itself in a vicious cycle.� Horrible as it seems, Karl Marx says that communism will bring equality to societies acrossthe world. It will destroy the power of the bourgeoisie and will exterminate this vicious cycle.

powerhousessuch as Liverpool and Manchester, whose death rates were around one in 32 and in some years one in 29.

I asked the other co-writer, Friedrich Engels, the man who wrote the very first papers which initially spawned The Communist Manifesto, about his ideas on the current Capitalist regime and its place in society. In response, Friedrich Engels spoke to me about The Condition of the Working Classin England, in which he detailed the affects of capitalist, or profit driven lifestyle, on the working class. This includes diseases,factory conditions and the total results of industrialization. Becausethe capitalist regime causesa huge demand for profit, factories with modern machinery were established in order for goods to be produced, as it is cheaper and more efficient than having craftsmen work on these goods by hand. While this may seem to benefit the total population, most people work in these factories, where conditions are very poor. In our interview, Engels laid out some interesting statistics. Many factory workers died becauseof the monopoly of the capitalist factory owners. In medical casessuch as smallpox and measles, there were four times as many deaths than in the countryside. The death rates in the cities with the largest amount of industrialization were much higher than cities where industrialization was not as prevalent, and were also higher than the national death rate average, where one in around 45 people died. Thesecities included major industrial f_the_Working_Class_in_England_in_1844

Communism may be the revolutionary idea that is the key to terminating the corrupt capitalist regime, bringing equality and justice that society has been longing for. Bibliography _Manifesto munism#Karl_Marx Patterns of Interaction Textbook

Communism: Society's Salvation  

A pro-communist article sit during the Industrial Revolution.

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