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Paul Arden, in his book ‘It’s not how good you are, it’s how good you want to be’ discusses, ‘those who fail at school are not interested in facts; or maybe the facts are not put to them in a way they find interesting.’ I condone with the latter. In school, I remember to have digested facts, known facts. It was about accumulating information from a text book and legally spitting it

out to acquire the necessary grades. It never did work for me. Everything I heard, saw and did, fed my visual intelligence and contributed to realizing my niche area, a ‘Visual Communicator’. It fuels my vision to remember the attention to detail, to see design everywhere and gather inspiration from all around us.



After years of contemplation, I have realized, my aim is to be a ‘Thinker’ and a ‘Visual Communicator’ in the area of Graphic Communication and Motion Design. In these areas, I would like to focus on Graphic Design, Typography, Motion Graphics and Art Direction (Set Designing). This would deal with approaches to solving visual problems and experimenting innovative techniques to communicate effectively to a broad audience. I have prepared a set of five objectives which will serve as an index to understand the nature of this essay. They are: To highlight my ‘area of practice’ To ‘research practitioners’ who specialize in them To ‘analyze and contextualize’ their work To compare and contrast their ‘influence’ in my work To highlight my ‘career goal plans’

To begin with, a definition of my area of practice will be presented. I have perceived that my area of practice would revolve around Graphic Communication and Motion Design. Graphic Communication refers to the process of creating and organizing materials such as words and images to convey an idea or a message. Motion Design consists of graphic elements which create the illusion of movement to convey an idea or a message.


Key Terms

Graphic Communication encompasses a plethora of specialisms. Through my involvement with this area, I have gained exposure in several areas on a superficial level. I have been intrigued by the process of formulating ideas and incorporating technology to see ideas develop shape and form. Graphic Communication has opened a window to society, culture and values. Through these resources innovative ideas are derived. Similarly for Motion Design, I am amazed by the visual impact that can be generated by the illusion of movement. Fusing ideas with cutting edge technology, renders the impossible possible. I continue to explore different horizons by which breathtaking effects can be achieved. At present, I am working on Kinetic Typography which deals with the movement and interaction of text fused with sound.

I am influenced by several practitioners in the area of Graphic Communication. To name a few, Abram Games, Alan Fletcher, Bill Bernbach, Milton Glaser, Stefan Sagmeister etc. Now, I would like to discuss two key practitioners and key aspects of the their work will be analyzed. The first practitioner is Abram Games and the second practitioner is Stefan Sagmeister. They share two common factors; originality and their own signature style.


Practitioners Fig 02

Fig 01 In fig 01, a poster design for Air Mail by Abram Games. He executes this piece using the airbrush technique. The concept uses an interesting approach to communicate, using Image as Text. To elucidate, the placement of the envelope represents alphabets ‘A’ and ‘M’ which is cleverly displayed.

(Air Mail, 2009)

In fig 02, a poster design for Lou Reed’s album, by Stefan Sagmeister (1996). His images are highly thought provoking and leaves the audience pondering. The lettering on his face renders personal experiences from his life. Stefan’s work fuses image, typography, and using objects as Letterforms to commnicate.

(Twillight Reeling, 2009)

Having discussed the work of two practitioners, now it is important to consider the impact of their work in my area of practice. Here are examples from my folio that demonstrates this. Currently, I am working on an attempt to develop my own signature style and develop acclaim for it before 2015.


Fig 03 In fig 03, a poster design I created for a new British Television Series which is currently in Production. I am working as a freelance designer in collaboration with a photographer and students from Birmingham School of Acting. I have incorporated an image manipulation technique which uses mixed form of media such as 2D and 3D elements. I have concentrated on attention to detail and used stark colors. Similarly to Sagmeister, I am trying to create images that provoke the audience and leave them to ponder over. I have been offered the opportunity to deal with the post production of the videos as well.


Personal Work


Fig 04


In fig 04, is another poster design for a fictitious horror film. I have implemented a similar technique to my previous example. The idea revolves around adding detail, my own signature style, evoking high octane thrill and leaving the audience pondering. Scrutinizing the image, you will notice a formation of a face within the image. This represents a second level of anticipation. I was influenced by Andy Hillman and Stefan Sagmeister.

Personal Work

Next, I would like to discuss my second area of practice which is Motion Design. I shall highlight two practitioners and key aspects of the their work will be analyzed. The first practitioner is Laurent Brett and the second practitioner is Kook Ewo. Both of them have cultivated their own visual signature and technical approach. It is due to those underlying factors which have motivated me to generate a personal signature style.


Fig 05 In fig 05, are an array of screen grabs from Laurent Brett’s opening credits for the film Sky Fighters. He has applied intricate detail, using mixed media by fusing 2D and 3D elements. Holistically it is the attention to detail that has captivated me.


(Sky Fighters, 2009)


Fig 06


In fig 06, are random screen grabs from Kook Ewo’s end credits for the film Silent Hill. He has incorporated 2D titles against a 3D background. I am fascinated by the technique, the limited usage of colors and the dynamic composition in every shot. The overall effect is phenomenal. As a process of learning technical skills, I have set myself a task to create a similar piece of work.

(Silent Hill, 2009)

Having discussed the work of two practitioners, now I shall consider their influence in my area of practice. Here are some screen grabs of a couple of Motion Design clips from my folio. At present, I am trying to acquire the necessary skills in order to create sophisticated designs. Towards my final negotiated project, I would like to execute my ideas using After Effects (industry standard software) as one of my major tools.


Fig 07 In fig 07, is a motion design clip which I recently created for a university promo. Through reading tutorials from the internet, reading magazines and gathering inspiration from other practitioners, this motion design clip was achieved. To view the entire clip, visit my website:


Personal Work


Fig 08


In fig 08, is another example of a promo. In this case, I have experimented with different graphical elements based on a floral theme. This is a similar technical approach to Silent Hill created by Kook Ewo but on a smaller scale. To view the entire clip, visit my website:

Personal Work

Having discussed the influence of practitioners in both area of practice, I would like to conclude the essay by highlighting my career plans.



My goal within the next five years (2015) is to have:

My goal beyond 2015 is to have:

• experienced recognition for my style of work over the internet and in acclaimed design magazines such as Computer Arts, Baseline, Wired etc

• launched a design consultancy equipped with cutting edge technology specializing in Graphic Communication and Motion Design

• experienced recognition as a freelance designer specializing in Graphic Communication and Motion Design

• a team of global Thinkers and Visual Communicators in my consultancy dealing with approaches to solving visual problems and experimenting innovative techniques

• exhibited and screened my folio at exhibitions and design festivals in UK • experienced placements at UK’s top design consultancies, specializing in Graphic Communication and Motion Design such as Apple, Onedotzero, Prologue Films, Scripted Reality etc • achieved design awards from renowned competitions such as D&AD, RSA, YCN, ADAA etc

• experienced working in association with Multinational Organizations such as Apple, Onedotzero, Prologue Films, Scripted Reality etc

Picture Credits


Brett, Laurent (2009) Sky Fighters [Accessed: 22/04/2009] Ewo, Kook (2009) Silent Hill [Accessed: 22/04/2009] Games, Abram (2009) Air Mail [Accessed: 25/04/2009]


Sagmeister, Stefan (2009) Twilight Reeling [Accessed: 27/04/2009]

Area of Practice  

Area of Practice

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