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AMA Queensland offers a comprehensive range of services to support members including workplace relations advice, professional development opportunities and a variety of resources to assist you in practice and with your career development.

Through our exclusive network of corporate partners, we provide you with access to expert professional advisors, valuable information to assist your decision-making, along with substantial discounts and special offers.

R E P R E S E N TAT I O N , NETWORKING AND COMMUNITY BENEFITS The AMA Queensland committees and AMA Queensland Foundation provide members with the opportunity to actively drive change and contribute to a healthier Queensland.

Maximise your membership

Maximise your membership by regularly visiting our website for information on the latest conferences, training programs, social events, advocacy work, resources and award updates. Join us on Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and Twitter to ensure you are always up to date. It is also vital you keep us updated with your current contact details including phone, mobile, email and postal address to ensure you receive the most up to date information and important communications.

G E T I N V O LV E D The only person who can maximise your AMA Queensland membership is you. Attend conferences and events, join a committee or talk directly to us about issues you would like to see AMA Queensland address for its members. The more involved you are, the more you will get from your membership. Have a burning issue you would like to discuss? Contact us on (07) 3872 2222 or email

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President welcome 4

President welcome

Thank you for your support of AMA Queensland. AMA Queensland strives to ensure the state’s healthcare system is equitable, accessible and supported by the highest-quality clinicians. We are a united voice that works to protect the rights and interests of medical practitioners so they can continue to provide high-quality care with peace of mind. Your membership is a vital step to supporting the profession and ensuring we are able to continue our critical advocacy work – without which our voice would be lost or drowned out. At the heart of AMA’s advocacy is a desire to make doctors’ jobs easier and more effective in order to collectively achieve optimal outcomes for our patients. Rolling back medical role substitution, promoting sturdy, well-informed medical leadership and equipping doctors to meet the demands of peer review and modern practice are some of our aims this year.

G E T I N V O LV E D Take full advantage of your AMA Queensland membership by attending our discounted events, participating in committees, and learning more about the special benefits available to you as a member. We rely on the energy and ideas of doctors to move us forward as an organisation. AMA Queensland members are encouraged to offer their feedback and thoughts on our advocacy, public

campaigns, event offerings and corporate partnerships. AMA Queensland works to support you, and your input is always welcome so we can tailor our offerings to suit the changing needs of our broad profession – whether general practitioner or specialist, salaried or visiting, private or public practice. While occasionally our needs as individual doctors will differ, there is far more that is common and unites us all.

S TAY I N F O R M E D AMA Queensland constantly works to bring members innovative professional development opportunities, social events, conferences, campaigns, and resources. To stay up to date on the latest information and upcoming events, visit our website regularly and make sure to connect with us on social media. Regular updates from the President and communication through AMA Queensland publications, including Doctor Q, Online News, and Events & Training, will keep you informed of our vital member advocacy, services and

events to support you at each stage of your career. You also receive a subscription to the Medical Journal of Australia as part of your membership to keep you informed on the latest in clinical practice. The AMA doctorportal website includes a jobs board, free member CPD tracker and a regularly updated clinical, health service delivery and medico-political articles providing you with a range of comprehensive tools and information to assist you in practice.

YOUR MEMBERSHIP DE TAILS Your membership confirmation letter is your proof of membership and is your key to access AMA Queensland’s full suite of member benefits. Your membership letter also documents your membership number, so please keep this on hand when you contact the AMA Queensland team and for logging in to doctorportal or the AMA/AMA Queensland websites.

I hope the Association and our collective efforts enhance your enjoyment of being a doctor. Please take full advantage of the benefits of being a loyal member of our nationwide professional association.

Kind regards,

Dr Chris Zappala AMA Queensland President

President welcome


Professional benefits AMA Queensland offers an extensive range of events, training and professional development opportunities to help you stay at the forefront of your profession. Our high-quality and wideranging publications keep you up to date with the latest news, events and key issues on the AMA Queensland policy agenda and we offer easily accessible resources to help support the everyday running of your practice. We also offer guidance, advice and assistance on a comprehensive range of issues encountered in the public and private sectors.


Professional Development


AMA Queensland Workplace Relations Team Australian Salaried Medical Officers’ Federation of Queensland (ASMOFQ)

ADVOCACY RESOURCES AND SERVICES AMA List of Medical Services and Fees Doctorportal AMA Queensland Bookkeeping and

Administration Services AMA Queensland Workplace Relations Manuals Contract templates Medical Benevolent Association Queensland(MBAQ) AMA GP Desktop AMA Queensland Award Subscription Service Queensland Doctors’ Health Programme (QDHP Pty Ltd) Mentone Educational MJA Bookshop


The Medical Journal of Australia

UpToDate AMA Queensland website Social media President and member updates Doctor Q Online News Events & Training


AMA Career Advice Hub Doctorportal Jobs Doctorportal Learning MJA CPD Points AMA Speciality Training Pathway Guide

Workplace relations advice and support AMA QUEENSLAND WORKPLACE R E L AT I O N S T E A M AMA Queensland members have access to industrial and workplace relations assistance for both the public and private sectors of the medical profession. Services available to members include, but are not limited to:

Advocacy and representation for workplace disputes and grievances; Workplace relations training and development; and Advice on: Private practice management including starting and exiting private practice. Employment contract terms and conditions. Workplace incidents, allegations and disciplinary matters. Award and legislation interpretation and application.

THE AUSTRALIAN SALARIED MEDICAL O F F I C E R S ’ F E D E R AT I O N QUEENSLAND The Australian Salaried Medical Officers’ Federation Queensland (ASMOFQ) is our union partner. ASMOFQ is the only Queensland union run by doctors, for doctors. Together, AMA Queensland and ASMOFQ are dedicated to addressing concerns affecting you and the medical profession. While AMA Queensland focuses on policy, advocacy, research and education, ASMOFQ is dedicated to upholding your industrial and workplace rights at an individual, Hospital and Health Service (HHS) and collective level.

number of initiatives, including developing a log of claims when ASMOFQ negotiates your industrial agreement on your behalf, for example the Medical Officers (Queensland Health) Certified Agreement 2015 (MOCA 4), and Mater Health Service Collective Agreements. Your membership allows ASMOFQ to obtain better outcomes when negotiating Queensland doctors yearly pay increases, hours of work, allowances, penalties, leave entitlements, management of fatigue and vital financial assistance to meet your professional development obligations. Shortly ASMOFQ will commence consultation ahead of the MOCA 5 negotiations in 2017 and will visit hospitals around the state to seek your input on how your working rights and conditions can be further enhanced and protected. At an individual level, your membership provides you with access to ASMOFQ’s dedicated industrial officers who understand the complexities of your working environment. Members can contact the team to discuss an assortment of workplace issues. These issues range from asking for clarification on entitlements, assistance with accessing leave, understanding an overpayment of wages, resolving a conflict at work or navigating a more complex grievance process. As a member of AMA Queensland and ASMOFQ, you have unlimited access to confidential and tailored advice, including discussing a range of options that are available to you. Being part of AMA Queensland and ASMOFQ is an investment for your future. You cannot plan for when you might need advice, support or assistance at work. Being proactive and having membership prior to any issues occurring, ensures you will be supported by experts who are dedicated to getting the best outcome for you. Remember, the larger and stronger our member base, the greater our ability to influence workplace change and the health system in Queensland. P: (07) 3872 2222 or 1800 626 637 (outside Brisbane) E:

To ensure your voice is heard, ASMOFQ engages directly with you to obtain feedback on matters affecting doctors in the workplace. Members’ feedback also helps drive a

Professional Development


Advocacy AMA Queensland undertakes advocacy by working with government, healthcare providers and other stakeholders to campaign on behalf of doctors for a better health system for all Queenslanders. Much of AMA Queensland’s policy work is undertaken by our committees. Our committees work to develop policy and drive change in areas of special interest, including general practice, ethics, Indigenous health and doctors in training. Your membership gives you the opportunity to help set the agenda for important policy work like the Health Vision, and we encourage you to get involved, tell us what is important to you and what you want to see AMA Queensland work to change.

Resources and services AMA LIST OF MEDICAL SERVICES AND FEES An essential reference for those in medical practice, the AMA List of Medical Services and Fees assists medical practitioners in determining their fees. The AMA publishes the List of Medical Services and Fees annually to provide costing assistance and guidance. The AMA List of Medical Services and Fees is distributed as a printed book and is also available online, an essential resource for medical practitioners and practice management staff. The AMA List of Medical Services and Fees is available online through the members-only section of the AMA Federal website. Hardcopies are available by emailing AMA Federal on or by calling (02) 6270 5400.

List of Medical Services and Fees 1 November 2016


Professional Development

DOCTORPORTAL Doctorportal is AMA’s online platform of practical tools, resources, products, services and information relevant for medical professionals. Doctorportal is available to AMA members free of charge and features a searchable database to assist in referral services, online forums, a job board and news tailored especially for the medical profession, accessed in one convenient location. Doctorportal supersedes the hard copy directory and is far more accurate and up to date with member listings, as member listings appear live from our database. Doctorportal allows medical professionals to find, connect and share information with colleagues, no matter how remote their location. Members and non-members of AMA can use Doctorportal to:

Find colleagues and specialists for referrals with Find a Doctor, which displays current practice contact information available through the Medical Directory of Australia on a live map. Share thoughts and experiences via its public or private forums that only registered medical professionals can access. Access resources and content relevant to their specialty. Access current clinical and medico-political news including journals such as the Medical Journal of Australia and Australian Medicine. GPs can find information and resources specific to their needs, such as the AMA List of Medical Services and Fees, MBS Online, and the GP Desktop Practice Support Toolkit (which brings together all the forms, guidelines, practice tools, information and resources used by general practitioners in their daily work).

Members of AMA will be listed in the search directory with the AMA logo displaying on their entry. Non-members are listed without the logo.

AMA QUEENSLAND BOOKKEEPING A N D A D M I N I S T R AT I O N S E R V I C E S AMA Queensland Bookkeeping and Administration Services can assist your practice, committee, association, society or college with the following services:

Bookkeeping; Meetings and events; Membership needs; and Marketing and communications.

Find out today how our Bookkeeping and Administration Services can assist you. P: (07) 3229 5100 E:

AMA QUEENSLAND WORKPLACE R E L AT I O N S M A N U A L S The must-have reference tool for anyone involved in running a medical practice. Each user-friendly manual provides practical advice surrounding legislation relevant to your practice and guides you through everyday employment issues. Manuals available include the Work Health & Safety Manual, Employer Manual, Employee Policy & Procedure Manual and the Starting and Working in Private Practice Manual.

C O N T R A C T T E M P L AT E S Ensure your employment contracts are compliant with the most current legislation. AMA Queensland’s Workplace Relations Team provides employment contracts for practice support staff, nurses, scientists, operational staff and doctors.

Professional Development


MEDICAL BENEVOLENT A S S O C I AT I O N Q U E E N S L A N D Medical Benevolent Association Queensland (MBAQ) - Financial Assistance for doctors. The Medical Benevolent Association of Queensland (MBAQ) was founded by members of the profession in 1967 with the sole objective of financially assisting medical practitioners in times of crisis. If you or anyone you know in the medical profession is in financial difficulty, we encourage contacting the MBAQ. MBAQ is a not-for-profit organization comprised of voluntary medical and other professionals and welcomes donations. To receive an application form for financial assistance or for more information, please contact the MBAQ Coordinator on (07) 3872 2222, email or visit:

AMA GP DESKTOP The AMA has developed the GP Desktop, a one-stop shop for commonly used practice support tools for general practitioners. GP members are reminded that the AMA provides this free resource which brings together in one place all the forms, guidelines, practice tools, information and resources used by general practitioners in their daily work. The GP Desktop has links to over 300 commonly used administrative and diagnostic tools, saving GPs valuable time. The toolkit provides members with:

Online practice tools that are accessible and/or can be completed online; Checklists and questionnaires in PDF that are available in PDF format and can be printed; Commonly used forms that are available in PDF and can be printed; Guidelines (relevant administrative and clinical guidelines); Information and other resources (relevant reference materials); and State and territory specific tools such as forms for WorkCover, S8 prescribing, etc.

AMA members can access the GP Desktop on the doctorportal website once signed in: or in resources section of the website once logged into the AMA federal website (www.

500+ administrative and diagnostic tools for GPs GP Desktop Tool 10

Professional Development

AMA QUEENSLAND AWARD SUBSCRIPTION SERVICE An ever-changing system can make it difficult to ensure compliance with current legislation. AMA Queensland’s Award Subscription Service delivers updates and changes direct to your inbox as they happen. These updates include the latest changes on rates of pay for administration and nursing staff, increase in allowances, amendments to award provisions and common issues found with the health industry awards. As an award subscription member, you will also receive additional discounts to workplace relations training and manuals.


Queensland Doctors’ Health Programme

QUEENSLAND DOCTORS’ H E A LT H P R O G R A M M E – Q D H P P T Y LT D Queensland Doctors’ Health Programme (QDHP) - Advisory Service for Doctors and Medical Students For nearly 30 years, the Doctors’ Health Advisory Service Queensland has been providing leadership in Doctors’ Health, supporting and assisting medical colleagues. DHAS(Q) would like to introduce their new organisation – the Queensland Doctors’ Health Programme (QDHP) which commenced in June 2016. Queensland Doctors’ Health Programme provides a free, independent, confidential, colleague-to-colleague advisory service for doctors and medical students. The QDHP service is operated by experienced general practitioners and the help line number (07) 3833 4352 is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. P: (07) 3010 5729 E:

M E N T O N E E D U C AT I O N A L AMA members can receive great discounts from Mentone Educational on premium teaching materials, sourced globally for their quality and durability to support your medical training. AMA members can take advantage of a 10 per cent discount on all products from Mentone Educational such as:

Premium quality models – Mentone offers Germanmade anatomical models designed to aid medical education. These quality products come with warranties of 3-5 years but most medical professionals keep these items for life. Anatomical charts – Mentone’s anatomical charts aid medical learning and are especially useful for medical students to support their studies. Medical skills training – Mentone offers a large range of skills training products from suturing to injection training which will greatly assist medical students, and professionals, to refine their skills.

This offer only applies to online purchases for AMA members. To receive the offer, members can log into the AMA website and on the Mentone Educational page of the member benefits you will find the discount code. You simply click on the link to Mentone Educational website and shop by adding your items to the cart. Upon checkout there will be a section to ‘Apply Coupon / Promo Code’ and this is where you apply the AMA discount

with the unique code. Alternatively members can contact Federal AMA Member Services via phone on 1300 133 655 or email to receive the discount code or any other information. Student members can take advantage of a 10 per cent discount on all products from Mentone Educational, including anatomical charts and models, and training support tools. They need to simply quote the student code when ordering online. AMA student members are also offered a special introductory offer of $50 discount on all orders over $250 when using the discount code. To obtain the student discount code simply log into the AMA website and visit the Mentone Educational page of the student member benefits. Alternatively you can email or call AMA Federal member services team.

MJA BOOKSHOP The MJA Bookshop sells a wide range of Australian medical texts and is the exclusive Australian distributor for American Medical Association publications. AMA members are entitled to a 10 per cent discount on all products at the MJA Bookshop. Browse the Bookshop here: http://www.

Professional Development


News and information THE MEDICAL JOURNAL OF AUSTRALIA The Medical Journal of Australia (MJA) is Australia’s leading peer-reviewed general medical journal. Published twice a month, with double issues in January and December, the MJA covers all the important issues affecting Australian healthcare, publishing the latest Australian clinical research, evidence-based reviews, clinical practice updates, authoritative medical opinion and debate and developments within the humanities with respect to medicine. The MJA is provided as a free subscription to AMA members and is available to you in hard copy or online via www.doctorportal.

U P T O D AT E UpToDate is an evidencebased, medical-professional authored, online resource that assists professionals and medical students make clinical decisions. It incorporates the latest medical findings, the best available evidence and practical recommendations for patient care. With an individual subscription to UpToDate members can:


Increase their knowledge with access to more than 10,500 clinical topics covering more than 20 medical specialties; Get a broad overview of a condition or drill down to specific treatment recommendations;

Professional Development

Answer clinical questions quickly from anywhere with UpToDate mobile apps; Access a select drug database and drug interactions tool; Provide patients with information they can take home to help make more informed decisions; and Improve the quality of care you provide your patients.

Doctors in training and medical students can purchase a one-year subscription for USD $169 — a saving of USD $45 off the regular trainee new subscriber rate, or extend their subscription and pay only USD $318 for a two-year subscription.* Professionals can purchase a one-year subscription for USD $439 — a saving of USD $75 off the regular professional new subscriber rate, or extend their subscription and pay only USD $849 for a two-year subscription.* To take advantage of this offer, you can log in to the AMA website to access the UpToDate page where there is a link that will take you automatically to the UpToDate website. You can renew an existing subscription or join on the UpToDate website, and the AMA discounts can be applied here. For more information, also visit: E: P: 1300 133 655


AMA QUEENSLAND WEBSITE The AMA Queensland website is your online portal to the most up to date information about your Association. It is an informative resource centre and gives you access to exclusive member only content, allows you to manage your membership online and is home to a wide range of tools and resources for you to utilise. Look out for the mobile-friendly refreshed website coming shortly in 2017.

Important industry issues or events often arise that can directly impact members or the profession as a whole. We regularly issue member or President updates via email and video, to highlight key information or developments that will impact members and their working environment.

ONLINE NEWS Online News is our fortnightly email newsletter that keeps members informed with the latest news and information about the medical profession, our crucial advocacy support along with exclusive opportunities and offers through our network of corporate partners. With an easy-to-read format, Online News ensures members have all the latest news at their fingertips.

DOCTOR Q Our flagship publication, Doctor Q is the premiere publication for doctors in Queensland. Issued quarterly, Doctor Q contains a diverse mix of articles, lifestyle information, special offers, member profiles and detailed interviews with your key industry representatives. Doctor Q is an exclusive AMA Queensland member publication and is available to you in hard copy or online.

Online News is a great way to share and receive information with fellow members and colleagues. Contributions are welcome to membership@amaq.

SOCIAL MEDIA Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and connect with us on LinkedIn. Join the AMA Queensland online community and get up to date on the latest news and events as they happen, network with colleagues and discuss topics of interest.

EVENTS & TRAINING AMA Queensland offers a wide range of conferences, training and networking events, and these are listed in the monthly Events and Training online publication.

Professional Development


Events, training and professional development AMA Queensland offers an extensive annual program of accredited conferences, training programs, seminars and free member networking events throughout the state.

To register for an event or for more information visit the events calendar at or email

Many of our short seminars and professional networking events are offered free of charge to AMA Queensland members. Selected short seminars are also filmed and made available free to members in the member-only section of our website.

Is there an event you would like to see added to our program? Suggestions can be emailed to membership@ or phone our General Manager, Member Relations and Communications on (07) 3872 2248.

AMA CAREER ADVICE HUB A medical career path can be difficult to navigate. Whether you are an intern just out of university or a senior practitioner considering a career change, the AMA Career Advice Hub can help you find your way by providing information on medical career pathways, different career options, interview skills coaching and resume reviews. Visit the AMA Career Advice Hub for more information. P: (02) 6270 5483 E:

DOCTORPORTAL LEARNING Doctorportal Learning is a free resource to AMA members. It is a state-of-the-art, mobile friendly, CPD learning management system specifically designed for Australian doctors. Developed with the busy doctor in mind, Doctorportal Learning provides a one-stop-shop for registering, completing and managing medical professional learning that meets all of your CPD reporting requirements. Doctorportal Learning enables you to:


Whether you’re seeking a new position, looking to expand your professional career, or looking to recruit staff to your practice, Doctorportal Jobs can help you. Doctorportal Jobs is a job board dedicated to medical professionals. AMA members receive discounts on employer advertising within the site.


Professional Development

Track your CPD points and progress in one place; Create your personal learning profile by linking your college(s) and scope of practice; Understand your CPD requirements for the Medical Board of Australia (MBA) or up to 16 different specialist colleges, depending on your practice; Access anytime, anywhere your enrolled self-paced online learning, remembering where you left off last time, so you don’t have to start all over again; Automatically update any completed Doctorportal Learning CPD to your CPD activity record; and Download and print your CPD summary to meet your CPD reporting obligations.

A M A S P E C I A LT Y T R A I N I N G PAT H W AY GUIDE With over 64 different medical specialties to choose from in Australia, making the decision to specialise in a speciality can seem daunting. AMA members now have access to a new resource –to assist in making decisions about which specialty pathway to follow. We know that concerns about length of training, cost of training and work-life balance are important factors in making these decisions information on the new site will help here too. This valuable web-based guide allows AMA members to compare up to five specialty training options at one time. Information on the new website includes:

MJA CPD EVENTS Join your colleagues at MJA live CPD seminars. Each seminar brings together a panel of experts to address challenging issues on a clinical topic. Every MJA event is an accredited CPD activity offering 40 category 1 RACGP QI & CPD points, and 30 ACRRM PDP points. Other college fellows are able to selfreport the six hours of structured learning for each event and each participant receives a certificate of attendance. AMA members are entitled to a discount of $79 off the registration cost for MJA CPD events. Events are currently offered in major cities around Australia. To find out more, please visit

College responsible for the training; An overview of the specialty; Entry, application requirements and key dates for applications; Cost and duration of training; Number of positions nationally and the number of Fellows; and Gender breakdown of trainees and Fellows

Please note current information within the guide relates to 2016 requirements. Information will be updated to reflect 2017 requirements shortly. To find out more, visit au/careers/pathway For further information,, please contact the AMA Career Advisers Annette Lane and Christine Brill on 1300 133 665 or email: careers@ama. Let the AMA’s specialty training pathways guide help inform your career decisions.

Professional Development


Commercial benefits AMA Queensland represents more than 6,000 doctors across all disciplines and specialties offering support and exclusive benefits to doctors in all aspects of their career and personal lives. AMA Queensland takes care of our members – and through our exclusive network of corporate partners, we provide access to expert advice, timely information and resources, free member seminars and substantial commercial benefits and discounts.


American Express BOQ Specialist Doctors’ Health Fund MDA National Medical and General Risk Solutions (MGR) William Buck Chartered Accountants


Macquarie Private Wealth TressCox Lawyers

LIFEST YLE AND TRAVEL Wine Direct AMA Travel Queensland The Qantas Club Virgin Lounge Hertz Lexus Corporate Program BMW Corporate Program Volkswagen


Commercial benefits

Finance and insurance


AMA branded AMEX cards are available to members. These cards have additional benefits that a standard AMEX card does not offer, such as reduced annual card fees, free supplementary cards, 0 per cent interest balance transfers, introductory

distinctive banking products and services including:

BOQ SPECIALIST BOQ Specialist provides financial solutions specifically designed for doctors. They invite you to find out more about their innovative range of

DOCTORS’ H E A LT H FUND Doctors’ Health Fund is a restricted private health fund originally created by the AMA in 1977 to serve the medical community. Now part of Avant Mutual, thousands of doctors trust Doctors’ Health Fund for better cover, better extras, and better value health insurance. Doctors’ Health Fund stands alone as the fund created and ultimately owned, by doctors. With the emergence of shareholder

Credit cards; Motor vehicle finance; Home loans up to 100 per cent; Fixed rate home loans with 100 per cent offset; Equipment and fit-out finance; Professional overdrafts;

interests at the expense of quality cover, there has never been a better time to join Doctors’ Health Fund – a trusted, preferred provider of AMA Queensland. Why choose Doctors’ Health Fund?

Our Top Cover Hospital pays medical benefits up to the AMA list of services and fees. Your doctor does not have to participate in any medical scheme for you to receive the AMA medical benefit. We have an extensive range of contracted private hospitals throughout Australia as a member of the Australian Health Service Association (AHSA).

points offers, free flights and travel insurance. Offers vary depending on the card. AMA AMEX cards benefits and sign ups forms can all be found at the dedicated AMA AMEX website, available to members only:

Commercial property finance up to 100 per cent; Self-managed super fund lending up to 90 per cent to purchase a residential or commercial property; Goodwill and practice purchase loans; and Deposit facilities - call and term deposits.

All our hospital covers include Australia wide ambulance cover for BOTH emergency and medically-necessary ambulance services. On our Total Extras, you receive unlimited 100 per cent paid dental check-ups and access to our health management programs. We provide our members with greatvalue extras, we have no preferred health providers, so you have freedom of choice in the provider to treat you. Our member satisfaction rating has been over 95 per cent four years consecutively. Claiming is fast and

Should members require assistance in relation to AMEX benefits, please contact member services: P: 1300 133 655 E: memberservices@

Simon Moore


P: (07) 3018 8114 M: 0439 062 692

Catherine Stewart


P: (07) 3018 8139 M: 0417 591 745

easy with our mobile claims app, our online member services to manage your cover and quick access to our expert specialists over the phone. Membership benefits available for your family and colleagues.

Call us today on 1800 226 126, or join in 10 minutes at Private health insurance products are issued by The Doctors’ Health Fund PTY LTD, ABN 68001417527 (Doctors’ Health Fund), a member of the Avant mutual group. Cover is subject to the terms and conditions (including waiting periods, limitations and exclusions) of the individual policy.

Commercial benefits


Preferred Medical Indemnity Provider

M D A N AT I O N A L MDA National is a premium Australian Medical Defence Organisation that supports, protects and promotes more than 42,000 medical practitioners, students and insured’s across the country. We provide national support, backed by our local presence, with dedicated staff located in our Adelaide, Brisbane, Hobart, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney offices. MDA National offers extensive professional indemnity and broad practice indemnity insurance. More than medical indemnity, we also provide: 24-hour medicolegal support; specialty specific information; pertinent Member publications comprising case studies and practical advice; a wealth of claims management expertise; Member Online Services for convenient access to medico-legal and policy information at Members’ convenience; advocacy on key medico-legal issues shaping contemporary healthcare; and education which we believe is unrivalled in Australian medical indemnity today.



Medical and General Risk Solutions (MGR) is a specialist insurance broker focused exclusively on the medical industry. We help doctors and practice owners navigate the complex risks in running a modern day medical practice by putting in place risk management strategies and the right insurance program to protect their assets, liabilities and reputation. We have offices in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sydney and represent clients Australia wide including many AMAQ members.

William Buck Chartered Accountants understands that medical practitioners and leaders face a unique challenge; running an efficient and successful business while offering the best quality of care for their patients. You need a partner who understands these unique industry issues and can help you through the financial and business implications.

MGR was formerly AMA Queensland Insurance Solutions. We have changed our name to reflect our growing medical client base which extends from Hobart to Cairns. We are able to advise on all aspects of your practice or personal insurance needs. We have a team of qualified insurance brokers ready to provide you advice and the right insurance solution.

As a doctor owned mutual since 1925, MDA National is part of the medical profession and we remain true to our Member focused heritage of genuine engagement and prudential financial management. Members tell us they value our support, expertise and service.

Contact Chris Mariani or James Warwick to arrange an obligation free consultation.

See what our Members say about us at or call 1800 011 255 for more information.

P: 0402 042 116 E:

P: 1800 011 255


Commercial benefits

Chris Mariani P: 0419 017 011 E:

James Warwick P: 1300 883 059 F: (07) 3871 4900

William Buck Chartered Accountants is the preferred accounting, taxation, audit, insolvency and superannuation advisory service providers to AMA Queensland. They have extensive experience working with health professionals and businesses at all levels; from salaried medical practitioners to principals of small and medium sized practices or group and corporate practices.

Benefits include: Complimentary consultation for commencing practice, contracting or IMG; Complimentary establishment of the necessary registrations including ABN, GST and PAYG; and Complimentary review of structures and investment entities.

Paul Copeland E: paul.copeland

Angela Jeffrey E: angela.jeffrey

Julie O’Reilly E: julie.oreilly P: (07) 3229 5100

Professional services

M A C Q U A R I E P R I VAT E W E A LT H Our partnership with AMA Queensland provides you with a free one-hour initial consultation and exclusive AMA Queensland member rates. Services and benefits available to you as an AMA Queensland member include:

Portfolio and strategy review. Zero brokerage fees. Your managed direct portfolio of investments owned by you (not a unit trust) diversified across Australian and international

shares, property, fixed interest, shares and infrastructure. Retirement and financial planning advice to ensure your investment and retirement goals and strategies are aligned. Strategic asset allocation advice, implementation and management to manage your investment risk. Access to new ideas on investment products and services based on Macquarie’s award winning research (with more than 220 analysts in 28 countries). Independent research on 400+ wholesale managed funds. Initial public offers (IPO). Term deposits with 12 banks and financial institutions. Direct international shares.

of AMA Queensland, this partnership provides you with legal assistance and support, both individually, for your business and your staff.

TRESSCOX LAWYERS TressCox Lawyers is a national firm, with more than 100 years’ experience representing medical practitioners in various areas of health and aged care law. The Health and Aged Care Services Team can help guide you through the increasingly complex operational, legislative and policy framework. TressCox can provide you informed legal advice on litigious, disciplinary and commercial issues at all levels. With considered legal advice TressCox can assist you to operate a commercially viable business that complies with the health services industry’s unique and ever changing regulatory environment. As a member

Contact Ross Noye or Warren Acworth for a free one hour initial consultation now - go to and click on the Macquarie logo to send a message.

Ross Noye P: 0438 779 955 E:

Warren Acworth P: 0410 516 099 E:

TressCox Lawyers will provide AMA Queensland members with an initial consultation by phone or in person at no cost (up to 30 minutes).

Take advantage of this benefit with advice from highly qualified lawyers on:

Setting up your practice, including buying a business, business structuring, contracts and advice on restraint of trade clauses Running your practice, including IR & Workplace Safety, employment, service, and locum contracts and corporate governance Group practice issues and bringing in additional owners including

Self-managed super funds - still the most tax effective investment structure.

partnership, shareholder and buysell agreements Selling your practice including helping to get ready for sale, workout and earn-out arrangements Resolution of disputes about restraints, contracts (including building contracts and shareholder agreements) and debt collection Regulatory issues including investigations by the OHO, AHPRA and Medicare Australia Your personal matters including buying, selling and leasing property and estate planning

Katharine Philp P: (07) 3004 3536 E:

Commercial benefits


Lifestyle and travel

WINE DIRECT This boutique wine provider offers AMA Queensland members exclusive offers including Wine Concierge, whereby Wine Direct will locate a specific wine for you and offer their best rate for that product. Other benefits include:

Exclusive monthly wine offers; Member invitations to member wine tastings; and Special access to limited, specialty wines.

If you would like to take advantage of these special offers, please visit www. or freecall 1800 649 469.


Commercial benefits

AM A TRAVEL QUEENSLAND Enjoy the personalised services of AMA Queensland’s very own travel provider, AMA Travel Queensland. Benefits available to members include personalised holiday or conference bookings, discounts off domestic and international packages and cruise holidays, discounted travel insurance and service fees. Conditions apply to the discounts mentioned, please inquire prior to booking. P: 1300 262 885 (1800 AMA TVL) or (07) 5556 7222 E:

THE QANTAS CLUB AMA Members are entitled to great discounts on Qantas Club Membership. AMA Member Rates (inc GST)

Joining fee: $240 (save $140) One year membership: $390.60 (save $119.30) Two year membership: $697.50 (save $227.50)

To join and receive the above discount, contact the Qantas Lounge directly on 13 11 31 and quote the Corporate Scheme number (CSN). The CSN can be found on the AMA Federal website in the member only section (requires your member login).

VIRGIN AUSTRALIA LOUNGE The AMA has partnered with Virgin and is proud to offer its members significantly reduced rates to the Virgin Australia lounge. This great discount applies to AMA members and their partners are now entitled to these great rates. AMA Member Rates (inc GST):

Joining fee: $100 (Save $199) Annual fee: $300 (Save $100 per year)

Membership to the lounge begins on 1 February and is charged at a prorata rate. If members join in January, they will pay for 13 months so they don’t have to re-join again after 1 February.

How members receive this discount: To register for this discount members need to contact the Federal AMA office on 1300 133 655 or email and provide their velocity number, first and last name as they appear on their velocity membership card. If you do not have a Velocity membership number, you are welcome to join for free by visiting the Virgin Club Lounge. For more information on the Virgin Australia Lounge please refer to their website.

HERTZ AMA Queensland members can quote their CPD number to enjoy the following Hertz benefits:

Four per cent discount off the best available rate of the day; Contacted accidental damage offered to AMA of $1,650 (normal rate: $4,500); Regular promotions as advertised through federal and state publications; and Hertz 24/7 Membership (Gold Coast region only) - $50 credit to use next time you hire a car.

To secure these rates, please contact AMA Federal on 1300 133 655 or email

Commercial benefits


L E X U S O F B R I S B A N E G R O U P C O R P O R AT E P R O G R A M M E Lexus represents an incomparable driving experience and the Lexus Corporate Programme builds upon this by providing a service uniquely tailored to our corporate clients. It is with pleasure the Lexus of Brisbane Group continues to offer the Lexus Corporate Programme to AMA Queensland members on new vehicles across the entire Lexus range.

Features of the Lexus Corporate Programme:


Three year / 60,000km complimentary scheduled servicing1. Reduced dealer pre-delivery fee. Access to Lexus Encore Privileges Programme benefits. Complimentary Lexus loan vehicle for the duration of your service. Collection and return of your Lexus from your home or office. Complimentary interior vacuum and exterior wash. Four year complimentary roadside assistance through the Lexus DriveCare Programme2. Invitations to a range of luxury events and experience the Lexus lifestyle through Lexus exclusive events. Complimentary copy of Beyond by Lexus magazine delivered to your door. The Lexus of Brisbane Group and AMA Queensland partnership includes a few additional benefits:

Commercial benefits

Earn one Qantas Frequent Flyer point3 for every dollar spent on any new Lexus. Access to Lexus of Brisbane Group Airport Valet Service – providing collection and return service from Brisbane Airport4. Priority invitations to Lexus of Brisbane Group corporate events. Dedicated Lexus / AMA Queensland representative for all enquiries.

To find out more about the benefits offered to you as an AMA Queensland member, contact our dedicated Lexus of Brisbane Group representative Derek Klette today.

Derek Klette LEXUS OF BRISBANE GROUP SALES MANAGER P: 0419 723 937 E: *All information provided on the Lexus of Brisbane Group Corporate Programme is correct at time of print – December 2016. This information is not a complete statement of the Lexus Corporate Programme and must not be relied upon in isolation. It must be read in conjunction with the full terms and conditions which can be obtained from a Lexus of Brisbane Group dealer or 1. Complimentary scheduled servicing expires at 3 years or 60,000km from the date of first registration, whichever occurs first. Conditions apply. See your Lexus of Brisbane Group dealer for further details. 2.Lexus DriveCare is subject to as outlined in Lexus Owner Benefits terms and conditions 3.Lexus of Brisbane Group Qantas Points Program is applicable to Private and ABN buyers, who are a current member of AMA Queensland, on all new vehicles purchased between 1 January - 31 December 2016 and delivered by 31 January 2017. Please visit www. for terms and conditions. 4.Further information on the Lexus of Brisbane Group Airport Valet Service can be found at Terms and conditions apply. See your Lexus of Brisbane Group dealer for further details.

VOLKSWAGEN AMA members are entitled to a discount of up 10 per cent off the recommended retail price of new Volkswagen vehicles. Discounts vary depending on the model and may not apply to all models, please contact your dealership for further information on the discount structure. Take advantage of this offer that could save you thousands of dollars. To be eligible for this offer, AMA members need to have held their membership for at least three months prior to the date of picking up a new Volkswagen. Partners are not entitled to this offer. For more information, AMA members can contact the member services team on 1300 133 655 or via email to be provided with a letter confirming their AMA membership and eligibility of the discount.

B M W A U S T R A L I A C O R P O R AT E PROGRAM The BMW Corporate program is not simply about making it easier to own one of the worlds safest, most advanced driving machines; it’s about enhancing the whole experience of ownership. Benefits include:

Complimentary scheduled servicing for 5 years / 80,000km; Complimentary use of a BMW during scheduled servicing; Door-to-door pick up during scheduled service; Preferential corporate pricing; and Reduced dealer delivery charges and corporate finance rates to approved customers and a reduced rate on a BMW Driving experience course.

The above benefits apply to the purchase of a new BMW vehicle and only to the vehicle purchased. P: 1800 635 750 E:

Commercial benefits


Representation, networking and community benefits AMA QUEENSLAND COMMITTEES

AMA Queensland Council of Doctors in Training

AMA Queensland Council of General Practice

AMA Queensland Ethics and Medico Legal Committee



Representation, Networking and Community Benefits

AMA Queensland Committees Your membership gives you the opportunity to drive the agenda and shape reform through actively participating in a range of member-led committees at AMA Queensland. Make a difference to your profession and join one of the following committees.



The purpose of the AMA Queensland Council of General Practice (AMA Queensland CGP) is to formulate policy, drive medicopolitical change and provide high quality and timely advice to the Association in the area of General Practice. In 2016 AMA Queensland CGP has provided valuable input into the Association’s advocacy on issues of concern and relevance to the GP sector, such as Queensland Health’s Clinical Prioritisation Criteria and the Federal Governments freeze on the Medicare rebate.

The purpose of the AMA Queensland Ethics and Medico Legal Committee (EMLC) is to advise the AMA Queensland Council on matters of concern in relation to:

AMA QUEENSLAND COUNCIL OF DOCTORS IN TRAINING The AMA Queensland Council of Doctors in Training (AMA Queensland CDT) is our key junior doctor and medical student representative body, providing the Association with advice on matters of interest to this important part of our membership cohort. AMA Queensland CDT has been front and centre in developing a number of advocacy plans, including our submission on the future of Queensland’s medical workforce, our proposal for a Queensland Medical Education Training Institute and the annual Resident Hospital Health Check, providing a reporting benchmark on how hospitals are meeting the needs of doctors in training around the state.

Respect for patients and colleagues, standards of care, clinical research and teaching, the dying patient, professional conduct and complaints, the doctor’s role in society, and all health related matters;

Health consequences of existing or proposed legislation/regulations;

Consequences for the medical profession of existing or proposed legislation; and

Perceived or anticipated legal consequences for the medical profession, or potentially impacting on health outcomes, or any other information drawn to the attention of the Committee.

The EMLC has provided expert advice in the development of key pieces of AMA Queensland’s advocacy work, most notably our discussion paper on the Office of the Health Ombudsman and how it could be reformed to become a fair and effective regulator. To express your interest in joining a committee, email or call (07) 3872 2222.

Representation, Networking and Community Benefits





Public health campaigns AMA Queensland drives numerous public health initiatives to educate the general public and health care practitioners. Our campaigns are developed in response to the demand for health information within the community and cover a broad range of timely public health and policy issues. A recent campaign was Lighten your Load which encouraged the community to see their GP if they are struggling with weight issues. We

also deliver regular AMA Queensland Health Hubs at community markets around the state to provide basic health checks and encourage members of the public to see their local GP. Visit our website for more information on 2017 campaigns planned and how you can get involved:

AMA Queensland Foundation If you’re the sort of doctor who believes that just one person can change the world, imagine what 6,000 can achieve together. As a doctor, helping people is the very core of who you are. It isn’t a job – it’s a calling. Giving back and paying it forward is simply what you do all day, every day. Imagine then, what we can achieve if we all pay it forward for one united cause. The AMA Queensland Foundation is a charity unlike any other. Established by doctors, we identify gaps in the public health system and direct help to where it’s most needed. To do this, we call on the collective talents, resources and compassion of our 6,000 members across Queensland – doctors from every speciality and all career stages. Together, we reach those patients who for various reasons can’t reach your practice. Some of our proudest achievements include:


Purchasing a new street van that provides much needed food,

Representation, Networking and Community Benefits

emergency clothing, blankets and support to Cairns’ homeless population;

Financing scholarships to medical students experiencing financial hardship so they may continue pursuing their studies;

Supplying a new mini bus to the Red Hill Special Needs School to enable students to engage in learning activities outside the classroom; and

Our current project – fast-tracking ear, nose and throat surgery for some of Queensland’s most disadvantaged children living in remote towns who face logistical challenges accessing timely treatment.

Receiving no government funding, we rely on generous donations, bequests and corporate sponsorships to make the work of the Foundation possible. For more information on how you can help, please visit www. or contact the Foundation office on (07) 3872 2222.



Work Health & Safety Manual Employer Manual Employee Policy & Procedure Manual Starting & Working in Private Practice

Further 10% off on purchasing all 4 manuals


Partner with one of Australia’s most trusted not for profit organisations to handle the day to day management needs of your committee.



Managing seamless communication with your committee, board members, external parties and other key stakeholders.

Organising your meeting dates, venues, agendas, minutes, reports, and implementing committee tasks and projects.



Coordinating all venue logistics, programs, sponsor engagement, marketing and promotional material, travel, and budgets.

BOOKKEEPING Maintaining your finances, reporting, BAS compliance and audit obligations for your committee.

Handling member queries, renewals, production of newsletters, website updates along with database management.


(07) 3872 2222

W: E:

Do your practice accounts need a health check? As registered BAS agents, our team can provide assistance in a wide range of services to suit your practice needs.

BOOKKEEPING  Bank reconciliation, including reconciliation

of the practice management software

 Accounts receivable and payable  Monthly financial reporting and budgeting

PAYROLL  Staff and doctors’

wages  Locum doctor payments

 Superannuation  Payment


 Payroll tax

Our team has extensive knowledge of the Health Professional Support Services and Nurses Awards.



ACCOUNTING SOFTWARE SET UP  Including staff training and procedures

Contact us today! P: (07) 3229 5100 W: E: michelle.volmer@








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75% discount on your membership

No membership fee for one year



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Thank you to our corporate partners AMA Queensland would like to take this opportunity to thank our valued long standing Corporate Partners for their exceptional member benefits and financial support. Their ongoing support assists in providing the highest quality delivery of member events and services. Preferred Medical Indemnity Provider


Thank you to our corporaate partners

Thank you to our corporate partners


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