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you and me Five years of infatuation Isn’t that hard to believe Chasing behind you like a little puppy Expecting you to supply all my needs It was easier when I was younger In my twenties it was indeed But in my thirties I am stronger And realize you weren’t what’s best for me The journey we took was mad important I learned a lot along the way The time we spent was short together And was in quest for longer days In spite of meager triumphs The destination feeling cold Our days will be the young ones With no chancesof growing old Bitter is not how I’ll remember The good times is what we had I needed to know that we were lovers Yet it was only in my past The past-it is essential The opposite, I’ve yet to achieve But, I can look back and not ponder And, know at one time it was you and me

kashan fields ©

you and me  

you and me kashan fields ©

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