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Yesterday, I cried new tears for a situation Renewed in my spirit I saw my brothers being lynched The mothers crying The children seeking fathers Lights dimming As hearts anticipate the finish line Running towards demise Seeking days no more Over and over and over Loving tears rolling down brown cheeks Wiping away smiles And adding frowns I die in myself daily For what you have endured for me My suffering is light I seek you for my strength which is not boastful but easy I delight in knowing I am a direct descent Of everlasting Creativity Powerful tongues Mesmerizing character Enduring skin Captivating stories Magnificent bodies

Engaging movement Delightful dances Soul wrenching voiced, multi faceted , strong towered, full figured, full lips, fullness thereof , backs stronger than bricks, legs jump higher than thought possible and move quick as light Seemingly just as bright I am engulfed with what you have done And who you are Continuously I could never be at a loss of words Of gratitude and then there are not enough words to signify What I have to say for your giving spirits If I am strong I credit it to that which I’ve witnessed from you The tone was set before my arrival And history runs long We are different today Though I see you and I’m reminded Standing starts with one and we are to hold each other stronger


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