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What is love? Love is a feeling That should flow thru your body Like the blood in your veins Love is complete~ In its existence And does not require explanation Love is Christ Who died for you before you even know anything about him or yourself Who loved you in spite of you and who you are destined to be or not to be Love is a mother That dedicates her body to allow you to come into this world Love is a father that lay with your mother to create you Love is your siblings as they grow into adults with you by their side Love is a grandmother that gives as much as she can just to see you smile Love is a grandfather wise beyond his years that sits back and revels in the fact he got to meet you while he was here Love is an uncle or an aunt that treats you as well as they treat their own and is fair in their dealings with you at all times at their home

Love is your friends that encourage you to be the best that you can be Love is patience Because it teaches you to wait Love is kind and if it is not then it is clearly not love Love is me Love is you To be loved Is a privilege to us all Show love in your actions and in everything that you do. Love I love you kashan fields Š 02-02-2010