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He glides into the scene Quietly loud Becausehe is now the subject On the lips of the he’s and she’s I see him I’m impressed Not in his Sunday best But the best I’ve seen For some time now I want to know him About his life The stories he’s lived Hear his voice Feel the strength in his hand shake And laugh about nothing & everything over coffee I don’t care what degrees he holds or doesn’t hold I want to hear that he honors his mother And treats her like gold I want to hear he loves children And can’t wait to be a father I want to hear about what he is actively doing And not what he is going to do I want to meet this man With him we can make beautiful Change minds/hearts/attitudes Perceptions Uneasiness Magnificent we will be Haters will cheer us on And renew spirits that this is possible for them, also This is a man that does not litter Writes poetry, is a man of renaissance He has traveled and is route to some other country, I’m sure Damn, I love him Guess,I better say hello

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