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1. Open your dashboard.

2. Click on ‘Booking Calendar’ in ‘Quick Launch’.

3. The ‘Booking Calendar’ will be displayed. To book Bilik SAL, click the right arrow on ‘Bilik SAL’. Then click ‘Display only this Booking Item’ so that only the timetable for Bilik SAL is shown.

4. Click ‘Create Booking for this Item’ to start booking.

5. Click the ‘Booking Start & End’ arrow to set the dates and time of booking.

6. Select the start date.

7. Set the start time.

8. Set the end time. Click ‘OK’.

9. Click here to type in your name and class.

10. Click ‘Create Booking’.

11. You should see your booking for the right place, date and time.

Menempah Bilik  

Menempah Bilik dalam FROG

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