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1,000 Words:

...a collection of random photographs and journal entries recorded during the time covered in this chapter.

2-26-04 Well, I’ve got my flight date from NOBA a few days ago (leaving for Japan on the 7th of April). It’s all starting to seem more real and I’m beginning to have doubts... I’ve got a real cushy job at Gary's right now. I hardly have to work at all and it leaves me plenty of time to draw. But I have no life and I need a change. On my days off I sit inside and draw and watch movies. I need to get out in the world... and this seems like the only way. I’m well aware of the irony in moving to a whole different country where I don’t know anyone and can’t even speak the language to be more social. But that is just how messed up my situation is. You’d think an on-line dating service or something would be easier... but I’ve got to make everything difficult. ^_^! 4-6-04 I’m typing this in the Ramada Inn, in San Francisco. I just finished a nice dinner of Chicken and Shrimp, which cost more than I can really afford. But since it will probably be my last real U.S. meal for a while (and there were no other restaurants within walking distance), I’m relatively guilt free. ^_^! Tomorrow I will get on a plane and fly out to L.A. and from there it’s a (12+) hour flight to Osaka. (Will I get an Exit row, or at least an isle seat?). Once I land in Osaka I’m supposed to meet a NOBA representative who will then take me to a hotel for the night and then to the Foreign Personnel (to register with the Japanese government) and my apartment in, Suzuka the following day. I’m pretty excited about everything, but right now all I can think about is the long plane ride. :(


Year in Japan-Year One (preview)