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007: Quantum Of Solace

1 – First we see one of the production companies of quantum of solace – MGM (Metro Golden Mayer). This could create high audience expectations as the prequel James Bond movie – Casino Royale was a massive hit and the top grossing Bond movie of that time and the audience would expect a lot to top or match it. It communicates the institutional information normally with simple graphics – nothing fancy. It also gives us MGM’s official website for further information. 2 – We then see the other main production company information - Columbia Pictures. Again the previous film Casino Royale was produced by Columbia Pictures so it again has high expectations. There will also be high expectations for the quality of action in the movie due to Columbia pictures producing a lot of successful action movies such as XXX, The Amazing Spiderman and Total Recall etc. Again no fancy graphics used, just the original simple logo with simple typography. Just below it also says Sony Pictures, which is Columbia pictures parent company, providing further institutional information. 3 – We can see an establishing shot in as the first shot in the scene. The establishing shot sets one of the main setting and the location of the movie. This usually happens in the opening sequence of any movie. We can gather some sort of idea from the setting of the establishing shot on what the genre of the movie is. We can see very large mountains in the establishing shot, and what can be connoted from mountains is that their roads have many twists and turns in them which could lead us to believe there would be some sort of car action chase scene at this point. The soundtrack playing in the background is also very upbeat and snappy, again could connote an action scene is coming up as this type of music is mainly used in action movies. 4 – We then see a long shot of the location of where the actual scene is taking place – a tunnel. Again this leads us to suspect that a car chase scene will be coming up as that is the only main connotation that can be gained from tunnels in a movie. The soundtrack at this point is now speeding up and the ambient sound of supercar engines can now be heard – which confirms its most likely an action or thriller movie. 5 – This is the first main scene in the movie, and we are thrown straight into the action – almost like a sucker punch. This is a typical convention for some action movies – especially James Bond movies (e.g. In Casino Royale you are thrown straight into a major fight scene for about 10 minutes). This again may cause Bond’s target audience and fans and also critics and reviewers to have high expectations of an adrenaline pumping opening action scene. This can also drop small hints of the narrative, for example, the main first scene is a large action car chasing sequence – this could connote that the whole movie may be revolving around cars like Fast and Furious. Although the movie starts with a big action sequence, it is still linear which means it is in chronological order which again is typical for action movies but some action movies such as Mission Impossible 3. 6 – Here the main character is introduced – Daniel Craig as James Bond (007) . A lot of people know that James Bond is the main character in the movie and franchise and also as Daniel Craig had portrayed him in the previous movie too. But he can also be recognised as the main character by the amount of time and shots he has in the opening scene. His face is also the only character that you can see clearly in the opening scene as opposed to the other characters which also lets us know he is the main protagonist or a character with major significance in the movie.

7 – This scene shows a major iconic reference in the movie. Any James Bond fan will know that almost every movie has featured Bond driving an Aston Martin. This happens a lot in opening scenes in a movie. For example, the Batmobile – there are many different version for Batman movies but people instantly recognise it due to its significance in the movie. A lot of movies have iconic figures or things that are mainly associated with that specific movie. 8 – We then see the famous Bond animation which occurs after the fight scene. A lot of movies feature this and is a well known convention. This can also tell us about the narrative, as we can see James Bond with a gun when the animation is beginning with a ripple of blood and the sun – the gun gives off violent connotations which could display how the movies is going to be action or thriller. 9 – In the last of the opening scene, we see some credits hovering over the animations. This is a very typical convention as the previous Bond movies has used this and a lot of other movies showcase their credits over animations such as the Spider-Man movies. Institution information is provided, cast information, costume and design information, directors and producers information etc. It is usually in order of importance or who gets paid the most. For example, Daniel Craig’s name comes up after the other production companies, as he plays the main role, displaying his importance and how much he probably gets paid compared to others working on the movie.

Quantum Of Solace Grid Conventions  

Grid Of conventions

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