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keith morris lecture Landor Associates, Sydney, Australia, 2008 Refreshingly classic; good poster design! Function, form and content all coming together delivered with humor! So pure, simple and conceptual for the topic at hand.Bravo! And bon appetit! Spaghetti type and sauce is relaxed and casual—the mood any lunchtime lecture should have.

a_b_ peace

& terror etc.

The Luxury of Protest, London, England, 2008 A_B_ peace & terror etc. The computational aesthetics of love & hate blends world politics with the aesthetics of computational data to create a powerful, pertinent and spellbinding view of the modern world.

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tension here. Type is solid and commands attention yet the image of PS Hoffman is turning his back to it.

interieurs Paprika, Montreal, Quebec, 2008

In 2008, Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Quèbec (BAnQ) dedicated an exhibition to the poet Paul-Marie Lapointe. Combining improvisation, social challenge and linguistic invention, Lapointe created amusing and innovative poetry. We were mostly inspired by his original work and by his constant effort to present words in inventive layouts.

Interieurs is a well—known Canadian publication, dedicated to design and architecture. Paprika was mandated to redesign the entire mock-up of the magazine and improve the presentation of the cover to reflect the artistic and design creativity within its pages

high 5 Identica, Montreal, Quebec, 2008 A wonderful object quality to this piece; an appreciation of the 3D nature of a book. Every detail is very well thought through. This feels fresh and light; a book that is more than a book—a piece of sculpture. The logo treatment is also clever and engaging.


The New York Times Simple and effective typogMagazine, New York, raphy and composition. The New York, 2008 space and distance create the

lapointe Paprika, Montreal, Quebec, 2008

american illustration 25

nike sportswear internal launch book

Air Conditioned, Santa Monica, California, 2008

Air Conditioned, Santa Monica, California, 2008

We love the rigor and simplicity, as well as the colorful composition of the objects in space. We love the mix of cultural figures with the visual. The exhibition has a contemporary context that delivers on modest means.

This internal communications piece was created to launch the Nike Sportswear brand. This book was used at global sales meetings and internal Nike events and helped set the creative and business direction for the new brand.

Print, New York, New York, 2008


Print magazine’s TYPE&FORM issue celebrated typography in all its various forms. The cover sculpture, created and designed by Karsten Schmidt, supported the feature article on kinetic typography. The phrase was built through generative design, executed into solid form through 3-D printing and then photographed, bringing it back to 2-D format. The end result looks larger than life but was actually only a few inches tall.

Blender, New York, New York, 2008 To create symbiosis in this popping portrait of T—Pain, we pumped up the colors of the typography in Blender Display.

FA 171.2 - Catalog  

Fa 171.2 - Catalog

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