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CONTENT AIESEC HCMC introduction .................................................. 2 Project introduction...................................................................... 4  General information  Program objective  Activities  Goal Intern’s working information .................................................. 6  JDs  Learning point  Working condition  Requirement HCMc introduction ................................................................. 8  Hot spots  Food


CONTACT Ms. Amanda Tran OC Exchange of Global Passport Email:

Ms. Vu Hoang Xuan Ha Project Leader Global Passport Email: 1

AIESEC HCMC introduction AIESEC Ho Chi Minh City (AIESEC HCMC) was established in 2006. For the past 7 years we have been facilitating youth leadership activities as well as international internships & volunteer experiences across Vietnam. AIESEC HCMC has more than 450 active members present in 20 top universities of Vietnam and over 2100 alumni working in leading local and multinational companies. We are supported by partners who want to support the development of youth and to access top talent through our global internship programmes such as Unilever, Suntory Pepsico‌


AIESEC Ho Chi Minh City


AIESEC Ho Chi Minh City (AIESEC HCMC) is the first local chapter (LC) of AIESEC in VIETNAM in 2006. As a very first member, AIESEC HCMC proudly provided the first exchange program for youth as well as hosted the first AIESEC Vietnam National Conference 2007 in Vung Tau City.

At Ignite Conference 2010, AIESEC HCMC was rewarded as the best LC of AIESEC in VIETNAM. During 2012, AIESEC HCMC LC proudly received • Business Development Award • Incoming Exchange Award • AIESEC GIP Incoming Award at Gala Dinner of Asia Pacific Exchange and Leadership Development Seminar in Japan • Best Exchange Performance LC of Quarter 3 2012 We continue to receive more awards in 2013 as below: • Business Development Award • Incoming Exchange Award • Outgoing Exchange Award OUR MISSION

AIESEC HCMC is determined “to provide young people with opportunities to nurture their dream and ambition, personal and professional development. These responsible young leaders from Vietnam and all over the world will contribute for social and economic development in Vietnam”.

OUR CULTURE AIESEC HCMC is famous for enjoying participation and living diversity. We have a dynamic environment created by active and enthusiastic involvement of individuals. We enjoy being involved in AIESEC. Furthermore, we seek to learn from the different ways of personalities, opinions and working styles represented in our environment. We respect and actively encourage the contribution of every individual. 3

Project introduction General information


Global Passport - nationalized iGCDP project, run by 6 LC in 3 regions in Vietnam. Main objective of Global Passport is to provide High school and University students with interactive course of English to improve their communication skills for personal development and career growth so that they can have a strong preparation to make impact on society. Applying for this TN - you will participate in Global Passport project with AIESEC Ho Chi Minh Local Chapter and deliver English communication course.


10 High-quality exchange experience

2 classes with 20 improved students



Program objective Empower and prepare for Vietnamese students with English communication skill, culture understanding and global network.

March - 2014 W3 Internpersonal skill


Matching and set expectation

April - 2014 W1


Intern's preparation for English course

Intern's preparation for realization

English communication skills Multicultural understanding

April - 2014 W3

May - 2014 W4



Delivering English communication course and activities for students ADAPT TO CHANGING WORLD


Intern’s working information Job Discriptions

Design and develop content for English classes and project`s events.

Additional activities: teaching English and organizing event for children at shelters Cultural exchange activities for Vietnamese youth

Ensure development of your student’s language skills. Participate in LC activities: orientation day, local committee meetings, project’s team meetings, promotion activities, culture activities

Represent your culture to Vietnamese youth: project participants, AIESEC members, participants of other AIESEC activities

Fill in AIESEC Global Community Development Program Feedback. (3 times)


Learning points

Working conditions

• Teaching skills

• Facilitating skills

Presentation and Public Speaking skills

• • •

Personal Workspace Internet Access Any Other 6 weeks home stay

Fast adaptation skills. Emotional inelegance

Fee 40$ No food

Learn about South East Asia and Vietnam. • Content designing and executing skills

Service fee

Leadership skills through exchange experience • Work in multicultural environment


Ho Chi Minh City introduction

Ho Chi Minh City commonly known as Saigon or by the abbreviations HCMC or HCM, is the largest city in Vietnam and the former capital of the Republic of Vietnam (South Vietnam).


Where to go

Ben Thanh Market  The largest market in Vietnam  Popular with tourists  Well-organized network  At the market’s entrance is widely regarded as the city’s chief land mark

Notre Dame Cathedral  A familiar landmark since 1880s  A delicate statue of the Virgin Mary in front of  Simple - a cool escape from the heat outside

Ho Chi Minh City museum  Housed in the former building of the Government of Cochinchina  Contains artifacts from the period of Communist struggle against the French and the Americans  Outside: a collection of military hardware

Reunification Palace  A 1960s monstrosity designed with the help of Soviet architects  Where important meetings were held during the war, some of the private quarters of the president and his family  A series of underground tunnels housing a telecommunications 9

Sleepless night on the “Street of Foreigners” in Saigon  The “Pho Tay – Saigon” common name of the area covering the streets in Pham Ngu Lao Ward, District 1, HCM City  The home to hotels, motels, restaurants, travel centers and travel services for foreign backpackers  Always fast and noisy, especially at night  The night in “Pho Tay” is colorful in lights and the colors of varied culture.

Cu Chi – Underground World  Population of about 350,000 but during the American War it had about 80,000 residents  To see what occurred in Cu Chi during the war  dig deeper – underground  The tunnel network of Cu Chi - its role in facilitating VC control of a large rural area only 30km to 40km from HCMC - more than 250km of tunnels in Cu Chi - a place of pilgrimage for Vietnamese school children and Communist Party cadres.

A Glimpse of Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam village  Located along the river system Vietnam Saigon Phu An commune's land of steel into the Cu Chi  Deployed from construction in 1991 - travel - restore and develop traditional craft, create jobs for local people  Complex of traditional handicraft villages, with an area of 22.5 hectares of Lowland Bien, located next to the scorpion canal, near the Saigon River 10


Ho Chi Minh city is one of "Top Ten Best Street Food Cities". Vietnamese cuisine has received some major street creed in recent memory (Anthony Bourdain's praise comes to mind), and a quick visit to Ho Chi Minh City's Ben Thanh or Binh Tay Markets explains why. The street food in Saigon embraces a mix of cultures, primarily the city's French colonial background with Vietnamese spices and ingredients. However, since hawker registration and street food health standards aren't as stringent in Vietnam, travelers should be careful to always choose popular, crowded stalls with high turnover.


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