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Moving May.... Hello All, Well I don’t know about you all, but it has been a bit of a roller coaster ride getting through the last few months and trying to make a decision in which is the best way for me. I have been trying to decide whether I needed to continue with my shop or not. The upstairs have been telling me to get on with writing my book but I can’t do everything. I have taken days off to meditate on the situation, I have made my mind up and changed it again on many occasion, but not feeling right about anything. Even my guides would not step forward when asked, so I realized there was something I was overlooking in making my decision. I was trying to make the decision on what was best for my business and not what was best for me. As many of you know I do not have the best of health, so working from home suits me best, it also makes juggling the kids as a single parent some what easier. Once, I had realized this the decision was easy, there was no decision really, as I have to do what is best for me. I know this is right when I do get the chance to write at home it feels right, (excuse the pun) and as now my guides have step forward again, so this is a double confirmation. So with this I am informing you that Mystic Moon is continuing but not from its current location. I am still available for readings either at my workshop studio at home or even can come to you. The courses and workshops are running as normal and we even have the on-line shop now. The workshop studio will be set out as the shop too, so when you come along you can stock up on all your favorites too. I know that there are a lot of you out there who are also struggling with direction and trying to make a decision. So, if this applies to you, try looking at it from another angle and see if it helps. Also spending time in nature and enjoying this great weather is a wonderful way to ground you and see things in perspective. Sadly, recently I heard about a young boy of 11 called Harrison, he has Hodgkinson’s Lymphoma and is currently receiving treatment. I have already set up some healing circles for him, but if any of you also do healing please could you send it to him and his family. Thank you x

TV NEWS: Mystic Moon is on “The Hotel” Some of you may have seen a glimpse of me on TV last Sunday. But there will be more to see in supposedly ion 22 May, as I was filmed at the Damson Dene last summer doing one of my Angel Events. It is on Channel 4 on Sunday evenings 8 till 9 pm. I am really hoping they will show me in light it was intended, and hopefully it will give more people information on how helpful working with their Angel can be.

Moving Forward: Mystic Moon is still offering… Don’t forget just because the shop is closing, nothing else is changing with Mystic Moon. Amanda is still available for readings both Angel and Psychic; she has recently been quoted as one of the best Angelic Mediums. You can either come to the studio, or she can come to you. You can even get a reading for FREE with the Angel Parties. Shop on line at

Courses/Workshops: Book early as filling fast Angel Awareness - All day Sunday 22 May 21 August Angel Awareness – 3 X Thurs 7 till 9 7 July (starting) How to read your Angel Oracle Cards 16 June For more information please see website: or call: 015394 43270

Healing with Kathy: Reiki and Aromatherapy Massage Kathy is still available at the workshop studio or can come to you with her Reiki and Aromatherapy massage.

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