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By Amanda Tonks & Kerry Legge

Tony Tuatara’s Search for a Sport

Tony Tuatara sat on his rock, wondering what to do. “I have an idea”, he said to himself, “I might try a sport or two”.

I might try a sport or two!

First he tried surfing, with his friend Mark. But he got put off when he saw a huge shark!

Next mountain biking with Tom and Drew. But he hit a rock and off he flew!

He hit the slopes with his friend Ted. But found it too cold “I’d rather be home in bed”!


“Maybe I’ll try diving, and flying through the sky”. But when he got up there he thought “this is far too high”!


“Now this is the sport for me”, Tony said, “something I love to do” “Playing rugby on the field There’s mud, grass and the All Blacks too”!

Tony Tuatara's Search for a Sport  

Tony Tuatara wants something fun to do

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