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2nd year web authoring assignment coded own website based on interests

wrote HTML, Javascript and JQuery designed elements to suit subject upload using FTP software cyberduck [Link here]





illustrate all created with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop wacom intuos tablet for digital painting and sketch final university project, exhibited at COFA Annual 2013

for my love of British comedy & sardonic humour

1. Dylan Moran 2. Have you ever seen a human heart? 3. How to be a goth in summertime 4. Richard Ayoade

logo minimal logo design based on my own portrait used on my own business cards contrast to my detailed works

limited colour palette

type t y p o g r a p hy a s s i g n m e n t created with wire coathangers photographed then edited in PS

graphic poster design assignment || based on constructivism

unexpectedly unpolitical || limited colour palette combination of graphics, photography and text

other commission || Thom Yorke poster design assignment || poster for single “Bohemood� personal || infographic on my design process

contact Amanda Thai 0451 96 2322

portfolio // amanda thai  
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