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WELCOME Since I was little the experience of places has fascinated me. I find sites of various kinds with their diverse characters and atmospheres captivating. A site can impress and be filled with energy. It can also express tranquillity and security. Moreover, that one site can bring joy and creativity. I knew it was these environments that I would be a part of creating. Not only places that people want to return to and maintain themselves in, but also to discover and feel that they can be a part of. I want to form those places, that will give energy to people in both my vicinity. and for teh next generation. This feeling follows me through every project I engage in at school, at work or in an internship. In this portfolio I show a selection of projects from my six years of study.The largest part is from my last year of my master degree in Landscape architecture at SLU Alnarp, Sweden. Whit this selection I hope to show who I am as a landscape architect and convey the feeling I carry with me every day. My ambition is to create a better and more dynamic place in present time and for future generations. 0768-999101

Amanda Stridsberg, 19890308, telefon nr: 0768-999101, Torekovsgatan 23, 21439 MALMĂ–,, LinkedIn:



2015-2017 2015

Landskape architecture master program, SLU, Alnarp

2012- 2015 2011 2010

Urban planning, bachelor, Malmö University

EXPERIENCE 2016-2017

2016 2016 2015 & 2016

Geographic information system for planning, Lund University

social geography and

Technical Preparatory, Blekinge technical University


Mother tongue





Norwegian Good

Design theory, Malmö University

SOFTWARE Landscape architecture. During the recent semester i´ve worked with multiple projects at Lund Municipality, Park.- and nature office, I´ve mostly worked as a project manager for my own projects. Project planning into CAD, material selection and design. Landscape architectuer intern, Park- and nature office, Lund Municipality Landscape architecture intern, Planning Office, Kristianstad Municipality Student employe at VA-SYD Malmö.

AWARD WWF Award- During my Bachelor the course Urban Integration got an award from WWF innovation and cooperation- from word to action.They gained this award because of our evaluation work of Sofielund Agency. This work formed the basis for the future work of the EU project CitiSpyce, where researchers and practitioners in 10 countries working to investigate how social innovation can be used to reduce inequalities in cities. The Year book - During my bachelor year my work got the privileged to be published in the annual Yearbook at Malmö University. This because of our well thought through design, planning and layout in the work with City centre of Lindängen.

Adobe; Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign Autocad Google SketchUp, V-ray Officepaketen ArcGIS DP-water

CHARLOTTENLUND KYRKOGĂ…RD In the Master course Digital Landscape Visualisation, the main project was to create visualisations of the upcoming Chalottenlund graveyard in Norway. Main theme was to create an comprehensive plan of the graveyard and to visualize the spatial characters and qualities at site. With this in mind I tried to answer to the theme by showing the spatial hierarchy, the spatial structure and the character of the overall site. I have conduct a comprehensive view of the site in my point of view and tried to visualize how the different rooms in Charlottenlund graveyard relate to each other. How the small and narrow rooms relate to the big open space, and how the big open space relates to its surrounding landscape. In my visualizations I have also tried to enhance the contrast between these different rooms and put them in a context to each other to explain the sites complex and comprehensive character. At the same time, I tried to visualize the qualities as cornerstones of the site and try to enhance them. The topography, position in Trondheim and the Nordic nature.







LUFTKASTELLET- DESIGN PROJEKT, COMPOSITION AND MATERIALITY The course Design project- Composition and Materiality is an intimate study of design where compositions of different materials in form, colour, texture and other characteristics comprise the medium. The task was to create a design proposal of Luftkastellet that is situated by the coast in MalmÜ. The design proposal is characterised by high complexity in interface situations between the function, forms, ages and expressions of different materials.The main components of the proposal are the expression and interaction of different materials. The materials origins and function-related characteristics. But also the materials relations to cost and how the materials durability and maintenance will change over time. With this demands in regard the design proposal should be a Marine education centre that should appeal to everyone. But with a strong hand from the buyer; don’t change to much! The following is a small selection of the analyse and presentation from our proposal.

QUALITIES AT SITE Colors, materials, industrial heritage, topo- graphy, atmosphere, view etc. CHALLENGES AT SITE weather, climate change, accessibility

MATERIAL The material on site today: Larch, concrete, vegetation, steel and limestone. We added more of the existing materials and the only new material that are added is glass.

SHAPES - Enhance the organic shapes in the landscape - folow the waves - Use hard material but with smooth shapes - Work with the topography - Enhance the plan aestetics - Enhance the playfulness at site

CONCEPT OCH CONCEPTMODEL - MERGE The new added elements will merge with the existing landscape and interplay with the immateriality of place. OUR STRATEGY - keep - Reuse - Not interfering - Enhance the qualities


FLEXIBLE AREA AND ROOFED CLASSROOM - Water lab, demonstration area and exhibition space - Connection indoor/outdoor - Connection water, education & play - Different ages

AMPHITHEATER - Outdoor classroom - Resting and sun bathing - Fishing

- Different opportunity of resting places - Ramp - Path for walk instead of transport area with bike - Possible to use the existing stairs - Connection to cafeteria - Merging into the landscape - More places along the jetty - View

CAFETERIA - Welcoming entrance - Connecting to resting places


BIKES CARS - Small hills that creates curiousity - Bike stand that are submergred - Spatial experience and better view - Flower beds - Reminding of foam in the water/waves


In the Master course - Exploration into landscape architecture the task was to construct an installation in the landscape laboratory in Alnarp, Sweden. We were assigned the Betula forest that has a clear formation of a cubic shape surrounded by agriculture land. The Betula Utilis “Doorenbos� creates the cubic shape and a pillared hall with their high and white strains. The task was to break the cubic shape and the spatiality at site. We chose to introduce the red balloons to create a new room in the room. To create a new dimension and bring something new to the room. The red colour was amid for generate contrast to the white strains and the bright green crowns.

12 HOURS - ISRAELS PLADS One part of the course Design project – Composition and Materiality was to analyze a site. The aim for this assignment was to capture a site with words and produce 6 pictures, three digital pictures and three sketched pictures. This was supposed to be done during 12 hours. My choice was the square Israel’s Plads in Copenhagen, Denmark. I choose this site because of its well thought trough design with the material, lightning and vegetation.This square is planned with conscious and the design is in interaction and coherence with its surroundings, Torvehallerna and Ă˜restads Park. Here is a smooth merge between the green organic park and the meeting with the hard city. The Square generally consists of concreate surface that has the pattern of a grid spread over the area. The Hard concrete surface is folded and has the appearance of a floating above the ground. This because light is added and directed underneath the elevated square, which creates and enhance a floating and lighter in its appearance. Still the concreate surface is hard in its appearance but it is also compensated by its many organic shapes and forms that are added to the square. In one way the organic shape is introduced within a merged by in folded green from the park that wanders into the square as a series of cut-outs in the concrete surface. The green cutouts are trees that is spotted out into the square that decreases and fades out the more it reaches the hardscaped city. The choice and work with the materials, lightning and vegetation go hand in hand in this design.

NYGATAN At the moment I’m on an internship at the plan office in Lund municipality. Here I have three different projects that I work with. One is a start-up there I introduce new greenery in the urban city. One street in the central of Lund is selected and together with the residents on the street i will try to create a more attractive street for them and for the ones passing by.

Amanda stridsberg landscape architect portfolio  
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