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ROCK NEWS Don Lothario has a new opponent “Axel “ Sims”, ”, the young man is the current mayor playboy “of of the sims zone”. zone Do you ever thought have more than two womans in the same time and make babies with all them in the same moment of your life? Maybe, you don’t and it’s normal, it would be weird or even irresponsible. Axel will be dad, congrats! The point is that it’s more ore than one belly waiting for a baby of this man. Axel tell that to everybody with pride-on-voice, pride what is being unusual. “I’m I’m gonna be father!”” is what Axel wrote on his facebook’s wall. After, married with Amanda Soul (40) and had the very talked romancee with Amanda Cousen (18), Axel has been dating with different girls who apear pregnate and they ensure that the baby’ss father is Axel Sims.

«The The only reason for he worked on ROCK NEWS was his married with Amanda Soul» ROCK




ROCK NEWS talked with Ritha Sims (Axel’s sister) “His His current girlfriend is Angelina (a young model, 21), I think he made love with another two girls and it made them pregnate (…) I guess that he had a crush with Urbanna (young actress and model, 22) and I think ink that her baby is of Axel !”. Ritha is an actress of InvisibleSerie with Urbanna. Axel’s Axel current girlfriend is Angelina, but the weird thing is that he has a photo kissing Urbanna on the lips. What’s wrong with this guy? Another point is his job, no one on knows what he does, he already worked on ROCK NEWS magazine, but not anymore “The The only reason for he worked on ROCK NEWS was his married with Amanda Soul” Soul said an Axel’s friend. About the kissingkissing photos on Facebook with different girls, Axel said “I had amazigne moments with that girls, so, I’ll not delete that memories!”. ”. Do you think that Axel will be a good father?

Axel Sims  

What is wrong with this guy?

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