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I have been making art since I was a child. I would say that goes most people but a lot of people lose that drive to create or “don’t have the time.” I love creating things and using different mediums and techniques. Although I choose to make work of things that I enjoy I try to make art that will be welcomed by many. My art is not complex or abstact. There is no unlying messages or secret vendetta to my work, I keep it simple. I attempt to make visually appealing work. I make art that most people can relate to and understand. I don’t like going to art galleries and looking at cliche art or things that are abstact to the point of absurdity. When I start a piece I have a theme in mind but it usually ends up different after I have finished it. Whether that’s a productive way of working or not isn’t important because it always seems to work out for me in the end.

Amanda Sharetts

This is a vector image of a Dr. Pepper can. This was the first vector image that I ever did using Adobe Illustrator. It went through two rough drafts to become what you see here. The content of my work often consists of things that I like and this piece is not excluded.


This is a vector picture I created a few years ago. I designed it in Adobe Illustrator using a photograph of my friend Marilyn. For this project I attempted to make it look realistic. I added the plane to give the image more activity. Given my level of experience with Illustator at that time I feel good about the finished product.

Suess Land

I created this piece in Adobe Photoshop. It was my first attempt at using the program. When I designed this piece I didn’t really know what photoshop was used for. I pieced this together from found images and some of my own work. The background is a piece I did called bubbles in the sky and the Hot air balloon is from a photo I took. Although I didn’t use Photoshop as fully intended I still feel this piece is successful.

I work for a local promotions group in Las Vegas called RTYPromotions. The group promotes bands and puts on live music shows. This is the first flyer I created for them.

In my free time I enjoy making T-shirt designs. T-shirt graphics are easy to do and there are endless possiblities to make cool designs that would make interesting t-shirts. The top image is a T-shirt design I did with intentions of being produced in the future. I did this design because I am a big fan of Conan O’brien.

Animal Welfare is a big deal to me. I am a Vegan and an animal rights activist. I feel this design is proactive, simple and clean. I feel that it successfully expresses a message.

Trailor Wrap Design &

Morning Glory Restaurant concept

A few years ago the Engineering Department at UNLV held a contest for Graphic Dedign students. The department had a trailor that they wanted to have some designs put on the trailor. The top three are what I submitted to the contest and the bottom two are alternative ideas I had.

I designed the identity for a restaurant as if it existed. I decided the name and theme of this restaurant. I determined the look and feel to be similar to a breakfast cafe. “Morning Glory� was a restaurant that I created to cater mostly to Vegetarians and Vegans. I wanted the restaurant to be warm and friendly

Peter and Obama

I wanted to paint a picture that incorparated real and fictional characters. I chose Peter from the animated comedy “Family Guy.” I chose him simply because I enjoy the show. I also used Barak Obama the 44th President of the United States. I used him because he had all the news and media attention at the time. The dialogue between them is a play on Obama’s slogan “CHANGE We Can Believe In” and “Yes We Can.”


Charcoal and Pastels

Fruity Delight Color Pastels

Beautiful Brody Mixed Media

Ah Craps! Color Pastels

Punk Rockers

Charcoal and pastels

Punk Rock is a lifestlye/music/ fashion that has always had a sweet spot in my heart. I love the music above all. I did this piece in black and white charcoal. This is a small section of a larger picture from a CD booklet.

Screamer Acrylic Paint

Dali Fusion This drawing went through a transformation of sorts. I did this piece with charcoal, pastels, and a lot of eraser. Before this piece became a creepy portrait of myself with a maniacal mustache, it was a portrait I did of the great artist Salvador Dali. The first step I took with this drawing was piecing together two different pictures of Dali. When I complete the portrait of Dali I erased the entire face and drew my face in its place. I used the same expression and kept the mustache.

Hot Air Balloon

Digital Photograh manipulated


Black and White Photograph

Another Day, Another Dollar

Black and White Photograph

Knobby Balls

Black and White Photograph


Digital Photograph manipulated

Portfolio Book  

Dear Friends Please Look at My Portfolio and Leave Some Comments/Feedback. I would really appreciate it.

Portfolio Book  

Dear Friends Please Look at My Portfolio and Leave Some Comments/Feedback. I would really appreciate it.