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This is a catalogue of original fine artworks and surface patterns. It is also a visual essay of a recent compulsion of mine.

I will draw The Ink Blobs all day if I can; mostly I have to save it as a reward for after I’m done ‘work’ work.

Over the next several pages are experiments in markmaking applied to paper, canvas and wood; each is a unique and handcrafted pattern informed by nature and visual design theory. But at first, they were The Ink Blobs. I didn’t know what they were, and I couldn’t stop making them.

I’ve shared The Ink Blobs with a handful of friends, and they were very kind to suggest to me that The Blobs might look good on dresses, scarves, teapots, yoga pants, and so on. I immediately started teaching myself to make seamless surface patterns as a handy rationale for making more.

On most days, my work as an illustrator and creative director involves making things that look like things. If a client wants an airplane, I draw an airplane. I enjoy my work, and it lets me hone hard skills and use my imagination in equal parts. Last year, though, I designed personalized invitations for my wedding, and though I intended to draw pictures of pinecones on them (oh man, do I love pinecones!), I just started drawing blobs. Now it is all I want to do.

I continue to do studies with a variety of mixed media materials, and these turn into a variety of fine artworks that could hang in homes, offices, galleries and public spaces which might benefit from a little extra nature inspired beauty. And now here we are. I hope you like what you see in this catalogue. Feel free to contact me if you are interested discussing or aquiring any of my original artwork. All the best, Amanda Marie Schutz

TO SEE MY L ATEST WORK AND S T U D I O P ROC E S S : // @amandaschutzie

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