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Dear Jen, I am writing to recommend Amanda Risius for the internship position at your company, Bozell. Amanda began interning with my marketing company, Social Stylate, in July 2013 and we cannot stress how much of an asset she has been. From creating quality content for our blog, to optimizing our client’s floral design website, to creating a stunning invitation for a client’s event, Amanda has proven her ability to work hard and deliver incredible results. When we gave her the task of growing our social media followers, she did so, by 20%. When we asked her for ideas on client campaigns or branding, Amanda delivered insightful thoughts and detailed strategies that blew us away. Due to our location (outside Philadelphia), Amanda had to work remotely, which can be difficult for both the employee and the employer. However, I never had to worry about a lack of follow through. Amanda completed every task promptly and efficiently. I cannot articulate how impressed we have been with Amanda’s creativity, eloquence and professionalism. She shows a strong passion and understanding for marketing and we are excited to see where life takes her. If you need any details or more insight into our experience with Amanda, please do not hesitate to contact me at All the best, Lauren Golt

Social Stylate

Amanda Risius Recommendation Letter