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Income changes in Manhattan IMPLICATIONS

By: Amanda Pusey

Methodology • In my research, I primarily use census data from the American fact finder website and Map Pluto • Create a joins with other non-spatial data THEMES • Generating geometry features • Thematic mapping VARIABLES • Mean household income data • Assessed value of land data in Manhattan • Proximity to subway station by 800feet

Purpose Where did this idea come from? • Development of a community land trust in East Harlem • Indicators for a potential location for a land trust to exist • Using the data as a resource for affordable housing

Source: [image of CLT goal]

Income comparison

• Goal: compare the change of income levels from 2000 to 2010 within Manhattan

• Result: East Harlem increase in income level s lower compared to other parts of Manhattan

Source: [Map Pluto]

Assessed land values • Goal: Identify assessed value of land price as it can inform housing trends

East Harlem

• Result: East Harlem and surrounding census tracks have low assessed values

• As an option for affordable housing, a housing land trust would purposely devalue the assessed value of the land

Source: [Map Pluto]

Proximity to subway • Mapping locations that are slightly at risk of being gentrified and located closer to subway lines

• 800 feet buffer

• Subway entrance location

Source: [Open Street Map/ CUNY GIS]

Ideal locations

Presentation gis 3  

I will be exploring, vulnerability mapping of places that are susceptible to gentrification in Manhattan according to their census tracks. M...

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