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rock bottom synopsis one song away from a major record deal,

25-year-old, singer-songwriter jake delong begins to neglect his three-year relationship to girlfriend, brooke. Brooke leaves Jake heartbroken and lonely. A trippy and surreal journey leads Jake down a path that will change his lyrics and his life forever.

cast and crew

cast Molly Dougherty………….............………………….Brooke Luke Gunn……………………...................……...Jake DeLong Sean Liang…………....……...….Sound Board Operator

crew Dan Griffin ……………....…...........………………..Director Alex Hadden………………......….…….Writer/Producer Ben Soldate…………….................…..Sound/Composer

actor luke gunn

actor molly dougherty

Aspiring actor Luke Gunn has had a passion for acting since he was 11 years old. “My interest in theatre and acting began when I was in London with my parents. I was 11 and my mom took me to a production of “Phantom of the Opera” at Her Majesty’s Theatre. I was completely blown away by the atmosphere, the feel of the theatre and the amazing spectacle and music,” he recalls. Luke has progressed from small community theatre productions to playing the lead in both film and theatre projects. At Elon University, in North Carolina, where Luke will receive his BFA in acting, he has performed in a range of shows from “Macbeth” to more contemporary work like “It’s a Snap.” With 10 years of guitar experience and 12 years of piano experience under his belt, Luke is able to portray a wide array of characters. His versatility opens the door for his goal of wanting to work on both film and stage. He says, “I think it’s better to not think of these art forms as opposite ends because what matters in the business is being versatile and taking the jobs you can get.”

While taking an acting for non-majors class her freshman year at Elon University, Dougherty realized that her dream of becoming an actress was something she could attain. Molly plays Brooke in the short film, “Rock Bottom.” A senior at Elon University, majoring in acting, Molly has participated in both theatre and film work. She has been a part of five Elon productions, including “Dog Sees God,” where she played her favorite role yet of Marcy. Molly’s favorite part of acting is the emotional release for the actor and the audience. She says that when the actor really connects with and emotionally invests in a role, the audience goes through the emotional catharsis with them. In the future, Molly hopes to be working in Los Angeles as a television or film actress. This summer has been Molly’s first time learning about working on camera. She is also the writer and producer of another short film, “olive” chosen for the elon in la program.

director dan griff in

writer/ producer alex hadden

Ever since Dan and his three siblings began making films together at a young age, he knew he found his home behind the camera. Together, they created films (one as long as an hour) that took years to make. Now, Dan is taking that amateur interest and making it a professional reality.

Raised in Massachussets, Alex is currently a student at Elon University, in North Carolina, where he a media arts and entertainment major. He is also pursuing a minor in business administration.

Dan is a huge fan of serialized television drama and this is what he someday wants to work on. At Ashland University, in Ohio, where Dan will enter his senior year in the fall, he has had the chance to work on many projects.

What made Alex want to become a filmmaker? “It was ‘Star Wars episode 1, The Phantom Menace,’” he recalls. Alex looks to classic movies like “The Godfather” and “The Big Lebowski” for inspiration because of their intense emotional scenes and lasting impressions that they leave.

From a young age, Alex has had an interest in filmmaking. He aspires to one day own his own

He was show-runner, writer, director and editor for the sitcom Web series “Adjusting Focus.” Working on this show instilled his love for serialized drama. He enjoys providing audiences with an

production company. His most recent project, “Beyond Superman”, came to life this past summer and was accepted into the “Light Room Showcase,” a film festival in Charlotte, North Carolina.

on-going story that can last for years, rather than a film adaptation that ends after just one

At Elon University, Alex is the DJ and sound board operator for WSOE 89.3, a student radio station and in 2010, they awarded him “Best New DJ of the Month.” In addition to his duties with the radio station, Alex works on the campus game show, “WinStuff,” where he operates on screen graphics for live-to-tape shows.Currently, Alex is interning at Scout Productions, in Hollywood, where he is doing script coverage and editing casting tapes.

screening. Along with “Adjusting Focus,” Dan has been able to work on other projects, including a popular fan music video for the band “Brand New.” He has also worked with WRDL Radio, in Ashland, and Ashland University TV2. This summer, Dan has been an intern at Trailer Park, an entertainment marketing and content agency. He is a member of the student Ashland Film Group, where he is its leader and co-founder. Dan is the only non-Elon student participating in the Elon in L.A. program this summer. He has enjoyed interacting with talented peers and receiving helpful criticism from both fellow students and professors.

Alex says that he created the idea for “Rock Bottom,” by basing scenarios around the trippy

realization scene where the main character finds his true inspiration for writing his music. He wanted to use “drugs as a metaphor for real human emotion,” because it shows a struggle between reality and the main characters intense, deep emotions.

sound/ composer ben soldate

Ben Soldate, a senior at Elon University, in North Carolina, has been playing music his

entire life. He began with the violin in first grade and transitioned to the piano in third grade. When Ben was junior in high school, he began playing the guitar. After two years of playing the instrument, he began writing songs. One project that Ben is particularly proud of was for his band, Phoenix Highway. He engineered and mixed the EP for the music group. Ben doesn’t have a set routine when it comes to writing music, but he does feel strongly about “free writing” when it comes to lyrics. “Whatever pops in my head, I write on paper,” he explained. Ben’s particular music style is very eclectic; he enjoys country, jazz and rock among other genres. He says, “I gravitated towards rock for Rock Bottom because it feels better with the emotional content.” He believes that rock is an angst-filled rebellion against society, which connects back to the story of the film. When writing the music for Rock Bottom, Ben brought director Dan Griffin and producer Alex Hadden’s vision of a Radio Head sound to life. He based the sound of the song off their album “The Bends.” Ben was excited about this project since the very beginning. “I jumped at the opportunity to write original music and I thought the idea for the movie was great,” he recalls.

production notes

The silence on set is suddenly broken by a quick joke made by a cast or crew member. The laughter subsides and cameras are rolling again. Repeat. On the set of “Rock Bottom,” a harmonious mix between humor and seriousness is found. Actor Luke Gunn playing the role of Jake, stands in front of the recording microphone and sings a lyrical serenade to his friend and actor Sean Liang. “Sean, oh Sean, this song is for youuuuuuuu.”

“Good,” director Dan Griffen says, adding, “Now this time, take a deeper breath before you begin.”

They are getting shots of Jake singing in the recording studio where in post production they will add the correct words to what Luke is mouthing. When the scene is over and the inhale and exhale has been perfected, everyone giggles over the song Luke has created on the spot and they take a rest in the recording studio lounge. Actress Molly Dougherty walks in through the Jungle Room recording studio doors and she is greeted by exciting welcomes. The crew begins to set up. Alex Hadden changes lenses. Dan places props on the counter. Ben Soldate adjusts his boom mic. Luke rests on the couch strumming his guitar. Molly plays make-up artist for Sean, touching up his nose. Everything is ready. Silence on set.

Alex presses record. Alex presses stop. Laughter fills the room before silence on set is called once again.

director dan

actor luke

griff in and

gunn waits for


the director to

producer alex

call “action.�

hadden review shot list.

alex hadden

actor sean

shoots a scene

liang preps

between luke

for role as

gunn and molly

sound board



"Rock Bottom" Press Kit  

The official Press Kit for the short film "Rock Bottom." Directed by Dan Griffin. Written/Produced by Alex Hadden. Sound/Composition by Be...

"Rock Bottom" Press Kit  

The official Press Kit for the short film "Rock Bottom." Directed by Dan Griffin. Written/Produced by Alex Hadden. Sound/Composition by Be...