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Computer Animation 2 – CGR 242 Room 102 - Professor Figueroa Class Blog:

Project 1 •

Project Requirements: o

Each student will be required to create a “Mini” Environment with ATLEAST 3 Normal Mapped Surfaces: 

To Start the project you will need the following: •

5 reference photos of props you would like to include in your scene.

2 Thumbnail sketches of your scene.

An Asset list for your scene.

And a 1 Paragraph description of your scene.

Production Process: •

After you have collected resources you can use the book to see how to set up your scene. o

You could use a floor plan or a blockout.

Once you have the scene blocked out for scale and proportion you can start modeling your high poly surfaces and objects for Normal Map Projection.

Your Normal Mapped Surfaces could be for example; a wall or floor, a detailed environment prop like a dumpster, door or window, sign or building facade.

Try to finalize one asset before moving on to the next.

Adding final details to your scene. •

Using chapter 9 in the book look at ways to add life and realism to your scene.

Create trash or broken pieces of objects to show wear and tear.

Taking a Final Render. •


All objects in the scene should have clean “Game Ready” Geometry but don’t skimp on the details.

High resolution Render and it will be turned in with your Project Submission.

The Project is Due Week 6 at the start of class for Critique.