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Project 1 

Project Requirements: o Each student will be required to re-create the environment with its main assets:  The Admin Building – The main building  The Ward – connected to the Damaged Corridor  Staff Housing  The Damaged Corridor  Outer Wall  Basic Sidewalk Structure  And Vegetation o In Addition each student will be required to build 3 additional assets to put in the exterior environment; these must match the overall style of the environment and be within reason. (Don’t choose something ridiculously difficult.)  You must have exterior assets that add depth and detail to your environment – Get creative! (i.e. lamp posts, fences, trash cans, mail boxes, park bench, signs, etc.)  You must compile an image reference library for all assets you want to build in your environment and get approval before you start each asset. o Project Due date will be week 4 or 5 at the latest. Project due date will be determined on overall class progress.


Prpject Requirements