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Department Master Syllabus Camden County College Blackwood, New Jersey Course Title: Computer Animation I Course Number: CGR-241 Department/Program Affiliation: Computer Graphics Date of Review:

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Date of Last Revision: 10/24/08

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Credits: 3 Contact Hours:

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Prerequisites: CGR-111 Co-requisites: None Course Description: This course introduces animation techniques as they apply to computer-assisted animation, with particular emphasis on two-dimensional animation. This course will also survey traditional and computer animation history, techniques, and terminology. The student will learn basic concepts and skills of sequential electronic imaging, frame-by-frame animation, creating storyboards, and principles of motion and continuity. Lectures include demonstration of software used in assignments and class discussions of state-of-the-art animation. All Computer Graphics classes now include in-class lab time. Course Student Learning Outcomes: (Cognitive, Psychomotor, Affective Domains) Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

Explain the history of animation. Explain the laws of visual perception. Outline and explain the element of effective visual storytelling and how it applies to animation. Demonstrate sequential electronic imaging and frame-by-frame animation. Demonstrate familiarity with equipment (hardware and software applications that will be shown in class). Identify key terms that apply to traditional animation and two dimensional computer animations. Demonstrate storyboard creations for animation productions. Make critical judgments of their own work and others based on usage of software programs, design skills, and proper hardware usage.

Course Outline: Some of the subjects that will be covered will be: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

Computer animation overview. Computer hardware and software for animation. Film theory as it applies to animation. The types of traditional animation Motion control animation. Computer-assisted cell animation. Concepts of shots, scenes, and sequences. Computerized two-dimensional animation.

Course Activities: (A brief sentence or two about the format of the course, certain requirements, etc.) The classroom activities will include formal and informal lectures where new material and assigned problems will be explained. Students will have the opportunity to contribute to the discussion and ask questions about the material. “Hands-on� work on the computer will be done during class and outside of the regularly scheduled classroom hours. Assessment of Student Learning Outcomes: The student will be evaluated on the degree to which student learning outcomes are achieved. A variety of methods may be used such as tests, class participation, projects, homework assignments, etc. (There must be some evidence that the learning outcomes have been achieved.) Course Materials: Textbook(s): If textbook is required, the titles will be assigned first day of class. Supplemental Materials:

CHR-241 Master Syllabus  

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CHR-241 Master Syllabus  

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