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FALL 2012

A Fire Service to be Proud of

Leduc County 101, 1101-5th Street, Nisku, AB T9E 2X3 Phone 780-955-3555 Toll-free 1-800-379-9052

“Within two or three minutes I have my plan A, plan B and plan C,” says Captain Rob Csolle incident commander lead of the Leduc County Fire Service’s Vehicle Extrication Team. “During the competition, just like in the real world, we don’t know what the accident will look like. I look at the scene, assess the situation, and see how we’re going to get the individual out of the vehicle.” On September 6, the vehicle extrication team which boasts six members from the volunteer fire service based in Nisku, practiced one last time before the 28th annual North American Vehicle Extrication Challenge which was held in Enfield, Nova Scotia. Fire chief Darrell Fleming, explains how the competition works, “the first pit is called a limited pit. It’s a road rescue simulation. They have 20 minutes to remove a live patient from the vehicle. The reason they call it limited is because the team can’t use any heavy hydraulics, just special techniques and some hand tools. The next pit is the unlimited pit. It’s the same challenge as the first pit, but this time they can use the “jaws of life.” The last challenge is called a rapid. It’s typically a single vehicle accident with something obstructing the team from getting at the patient right away. In the rapid, the patient goes from being stable to unstable about three minutes into the challenge and the team has another seven minutes to


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remove the patient using any means possible. The techniques are invasive but absolutely necessary. They pop doors off, cut roofs off, anything to get that person out. In the first two challenges, the teams are judged on command and control, safety of the patient and rescuer, techniques used to rescue the patient and patient care and handling. On the rapid challenge, patient care isn’t judged because the team is focused entirely on removing the individual from the vehicle. When asked about what the Leduc County Vehicle Extrication Team’s competitive advantage is, Fleming doesn’t hesitate, “it’s the team work. The hours and hours and hours of training. Each member has well over 300 hours of training to get to this competition.” At the competition, Capt. Rob Cscolle had reason to be proud of the team under his command. The team won second overall, edging out 12 other teams from across North America, including teams from New York, Texas, and eastern Canada. The team also won third place in the rapid extrication challenge. Cscolle is noticeably pleased when he speaks about the team under his command, “They drop everything at a moment’s notice when they train and respond on behalf of the County’s fire service. It’s a huge sacrifice. They are taking time away from their personal lives in order to do this. They do it all in the hopes that taking time away from their family will allow them to give back to their community instead.”


Retired Chief bestowed with Royal Honour Retired Leduc County Fire Chief, Bob Galloway, received a royal honour in Ottawa on September 8, 2012. Galloway, who has been the fire chief in Leduc County for 24 years, received a Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee Medal from the Honourable Minister of State, Gordon O’Connor. The medal was awarded to Canadians who have made outstanding and exemplary contributions to their communities or to Canada as a whole. Though Galloway has retired as fire chief, he isn’t slowing down. Galloway continues to be a vital part of the County administration where he has embarked on a new role as Director of Emergency Planning.

A New Chief Darrell Fleming, a long time member of the Leduc County Fire Service, and the former deputy fire chief, began his tenure as Leduc County Fire Chief on October 1, 2012. Fleming is now in charge of six fire districts in Leduc County. Fleming has 55 firefighters working under him in the Nisku and New Sarepta fire stations.

Recruitment Video wins Platinum Award

Bob Galloway (left) receives the royal honour in Ottawa from the Honorable Gordon O’Connor

Leduc County Organizational Meeting On Tuesday, October 16, 2012 the annual Leduc County Organizational Meeting was held. The purpose of the yearly meeting is for all councillors to confirm their terms of office and undergo the selection procedure and appointment of the Leduc County Mayor. The selection of a Mayor is by secret ballot and the voting procedure requires a majority vote from council. Division four councillor John Whaley was nominated and appointed Mayor for the upcoming year. Mayor Whaley will lead until next fall when the 2013 municipal election takes place.

Last year Leduc County firefighters were asked to volunteer for a task that was a little out of the ordinary. The team was asked to star in the Alberta Fire Chiefs Association recruitment and retention video. The three minute video, shot over the course of several days at the Nisku fire station, was a huge hit with fire chiefs from across the province. Art director, Scott Steele, who works with the agency that developed the campaign, said “The [Leduc County] firefighters that took time out of their days to help on this project need to be commended for their patience and excellent attitude throughout the process.” Thanks in part to the quality of the firefighters work the recruitment campaign won a Platinum Award, higher than the bronze, silver, and gold categories, at the Summit Marketing Effectiveness Awards. The campaign was judged based on its ability to influence knowledge, attitudes, and beliefs. The inspiring video can be viewed on our website at

PUBLICATION MAIL AGREEMENT NO. 40858010 Return undeliverable Canadian addresses to: Leduc County, Suite 101, 1101 - 5 St., Nisku, AB T9E 2X3

Mayor John Whaley (R) being sworn in


Congratulations to Leduc County Scholarship Recipients

New Business Management Plan Approved

Going to post-secondary is a worthy goal, but we know school can be expensive, that is why the county has scholarships available to hard working students each year. This year many inspiring candidates submitted their application. Leduc County takes special pride in congratulating our 2012 scholarship recipients. There are still some scholarships available for this year. Students are encouraged to apply early.

Leduc County Council has approved a new Business Management Plan for 2013-2015 with the following 6 main focus areas:

2012 Environmental Scholarship

• Focus Area 4: Land Use, Planning and Growth

Application Deadline: January 31, 2012

The Agriculture Service Board awarded Jaan Koosel and Scott Villeneuve of Leduc County with the 2012 Environmental Scholarship in the amount of $1,000 each. Recipients provided a written submission explaining how their training and education will make a positive impact on the environment. • Jaan Koosel is enrolled in the Natural Resource Compliance program, in the School of Environmental Science at Lethbridge College. • Scott Villeneuve is enrolled in the Bachelor of Science in Engineering program at the University of Alberta. Congratulations! We wish Jaan and Scott the very best in their future endeavors.

George L. Saubak Memorial Fund Scholarship Application Deadline: September 1, 2012

Serena de Boer is a familiar face in the Thorsby community and for the last couple years could be found working at the Arctic Spas Recreation Complex in Thorsby. Taking some time to decide her career path, Serena made the decision to enroll at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology in the highly competitive Medical Laboratory Assisting program where she will gain practical experience in the areas of medicine and lab analysis. After obtaining Serena’s application for the $500 award it was clear she was the ideal recipient. The scholarship was created when Katie Dringenberg bequeathed Leduc County the sum of $20,000 for a scholarship fund for a student who attains his or her high school diploma in the western portion of the County and continues their education in the field of medicine. We congratulate Serena de Boer on all her hard work and we wish her much success.

• Focus Area 1: Economic Development • Focus Area 2: Regional Strategy • Focus Area 3: Partnerships

• Focus Area 5: Making Efficient and Effective Use of Taxpayers Resources • Focus Area 6: Excellence in Customer Service By focusing on these six areas, Leduc County will continue to provide the highest quality of municipal services to its citizens.

50th Anniversary 50 years ago, Louis St. Laurent was Prime Minister, the population of Leduc County was 2558 and the milk man still came by. In 2013, Leduc County will celebrate its 50th anniversary as a county. Preparations are already underway to ensure everyone in the County celebrates our proud history and our prosperous future. Celebrations will take place throughout the year and will culminate in a big event held at the Leduc West Antique Society venue in July 2013. While details of the celebrations are still being planned, you can already look forward to delicious food, great entertainment from local talent and Danny Hooper, as well as plenty of activities for kids and adults. As part of our celebrations, we’re looking back at our history and collecting stories, photos and more. If you have a great story or photo about history in the County from 1963 through til today, let us know by emailing or calling 780-979-2391.


Look for more information coming soon on our website, in the Pipestone Flyer and on our Twitter feed @leduccounty. We look forward to celebrating with you!

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Upcoming Scholarships The deadline is fast approaching for the Agricultural Service Board Bursary. Each year the Leduc County Agricultural Service Board provides two bursary awards of $500 each. These bursaries are for Leduc County residents (or children of residents) attending a post-secondary institution in an agricultural related program. A copy of the bursary application is available at: Applications can be submitted to the Agriculture Services Department at: Agricultural Services 1101 - 5 Street Nisku, AB T9E 2X3 Application Deadline: November 30, 2012 For more information please call 780-955-4593 or toll-free at 1-800-379-9052.

New Scholarships in 2013 Albert & Maria Rimer Memorial Scholarship In addition to our other scholarships, Leduc County will administer a new scholarship beginning in 2013. In memory of his parents (Mr. and Mrs. Albert Rimer), Mr. Bert Rimer has provided Leduc County the sum of $50,000 for an annual scholarship for a student who attains his or her high school diploma from Warburg High School and furthers their education in the field of Agriculture. Secondary consideration will be provided to those students entering the field of Health Sciences. Further details will be provided to graduating students of Warburg High school in 2013.

Volunteers are the Root of Recreation in Leduc County Over the last 22 years, Leduc County has consistently provided funding to Rural Recreation Boards and provided library grants to support various community programs and events. Funding is provided to volunteer boards who then allocate the funds based on requests from local recreation groups. Typically the funds are distributed to support current recreation in Leduc County, but 2012 also saw funding used to reflect on the history of recreation in Leduc County. In June, generations of community members enjoyed an afternoon full of entertainment in celebration of the 100-year old Telfordville Community Centre. The dedicated volunteers of the Telfordville 100th Anniversary Committee ensured a memorable event was organized to celebrate the history of the area. With their continued commitment, the Telfordville Community Centre will continue to be a wellloved meeting place that is always filled with recreation, suppers, programs, and events. In addition to supporting community centres, Leduc County also provides support toward special initiatives. From 1953 to 2011 the Conjuring Lake Curling Club was the home of ‘The Strawpile’ located 13 kilometers south of Calmar. It was the place where many local residents discovered the sport of curling while visiting with neighbours. Although the rink was closed on March 13, 2011, the great memories experienced there continue to live on in a 183-page book created by Blake and Linda Bartlett, Allan and Lorraine Coles and Darlene and Al Vickers of the memory book committee. These amazing events, programs, and projects would not be possible without the passionate volunteers who make it all happen. While we are committed to supporting local recreational initiatives, we know that it is the dedication of volunteers from across the county who take the time to give back to the community and make it all happen.

Application Deadline: Fall 2013

Photo courtesy of Lorna Lowe, Pipestone Flyer


Upcoming Agriculture Workshops Firewood Workshop Acreage owners and landowners are invited to learn how to use firewood in their homes as well as how to establish a firewood business. Date: Thursday, December 6, 2012 • 6 - 9 p.m. Location: The Agriculture Services Boardroom, Leduc County Centre (Nisku) Cost: Free Tentative Agenda: • Harvesting trees for firewood • Firewood processing – cutting, splitting and drying • Storage • Equipment needed for a firewood business • Cost of firewood versus natural gas • Various wood stoves • Marketing of firewood products

Explore Horticulture Workshop You’re invited to explore the opportunities for direct market fruit and vegetable production. Date: Thursday, January 24, 2013 • 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. Location: To Be Announced Cost: $25 per person or $20 per person if you attend with 2 or more individuals. A local lunch will be provided. Tentative Agenda: • Trends and opportunities in fruits and vegetables • Marketing channels • Key production consideration • Cost of production examples • Producer experiences • Regional rules and requirements • Basics of business planning Participants will receive specific information and data, over $50 in print resource materials and connections to resources and support.

2012 Club Root Update Of the 827 fields that were inspected, 138 tested positive for club root of which 27 were from previously known fields. What is Club Root? Club Root is a soil-borne organism that is spread by spores in the soil. Club Root can negatively affect crop yield. The best way to prevent club root is to grow club root resistant varieties of canola, provide longer crop rotation time and make sure all of your equipment is as clear of dirt and soil as possible when moving between fields. If you suspect you might have club root in your canola field contact Agricultural Services at Leduc County at 780-955-3555.

FREE Water Well Workshop coming to Genesee Hall 450,000 Albertans rely on groundwater yet it is one of our most misunderstood resources We drink it, wash with it and clean with it. But we often forget to think about where it comes from. Imagine if you lost access to your water supply. For 450,000 Albertans who rely on groundwater this is a strong possibility. Few water well owners are aware of the depth, age and construction details of their well, making it challenging to know how to properly care for this valuable resource. The best way to protect your well is by educating yourself on the risks and how those risks can be avoided. Leduc County residents are invited to attend a FREE water management workshop from 6 - 9:30 p.m. on November 22, 2012 at Genesee Community Hall. The workshop, presented by the Working Well Program, with technical expertise provided by Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development, Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development and Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, will cover the following topics: • • • • •

Groundwater – how it works Water quality and quantity testing Well protection – protecting your well from contamination Basic well maintenance Water sampling – how to do it

Well reports will not be available for those who are not pre-registered. To attend any of these workshops, please pre-register by calling Heather Dickau at (780) 955-3555 ext. 3287 or visit for more information.

2012 Aster Yellows What is it? Astor Yellows is a disease which mainly affects canola, although wheat, flax, alfalfa and sunflowers can also be affected. The disease is spread by infected leafhoppers which are blown in from the United States on favourable winds. Like many areas across western Canada, this year, Leduc County agriculture was significantly affected by the migrating disease. What does it look like? In canola, Aster Yellows deform the pods and infected plants take on a purple tinge. Canola infected by Aster Yellows stands upright because there are no seeds to weigh the plant down. How does it affect crops? The yield loss associated with Aster Yellows varies and can be quite high. What can be done to help stop the spread? While spraying fields often with insecticide can have an effect on the level of yield loss, the costs associated with spraying are significant. *Article written with information from the Western Producer


It Takes a Solid Team to Keep Our Roads Winter Ready Deryld Dublanko knows what it’s like to be a coach. His son, Curtis Dublanko, is a star football player with the Montreal Allouettes. When he isn’t supporting his son and watching every play he makes, he’s busy coaching the county’s operations team. Dublanko is the county’s Operations Manager working out of the Nisku shop. Come winter, he is in charge of the winning strategy for making the county’s roads safe and drivable. Dublanko’s challenge isn’t insignificant; he’s trying to win the battle over snow and poor conditions on close to 2400 kilometers of paved and gravel roadways in the county. Dublanko’s plan starts with a good offense which relies on two team members who patrol the county’s roadways starting at 1 a.m. daily. The team notes the road conditions and makes sure that if they are in need of attention, the heavy equipment operators and snow removal equipment are called in by 3 a.m. Each grader operator is responsible for approximately 150 km of roadway and each plow operator is responsible for 60 km of roadway. “It takes each grader operator about 3 days to make sure their area is clear. If it’s snowing, or if the wind is blowing, what they clear begins to get filled up again in just a few hours. It’s a constant battle,” says Dublanko. “Our priority is always on main roads within the county. We need to make sure emergency vehicles can get through if they have to. We need to make sure people can get to work and kids can get to school. Only after we clear the roadways in the county do we get to tackle residential driveways.” When working on his defensive strategy, Dublanko employs the latest technology and science. Three foremen, whom Dublanko relies in different areas of the county, attend ongoing training to find out about the science of salt, sand, calcium and ice and how to best prevent icy conditions from occurring in the first place.

This Winter, Don’t take a Chance. Make sure you have an emergency winter car kit with you. Your kit should include: • Shovel and ice scraper • Crank or battery operated flashlight, with extra batteries • Sand, salt or kitty litter • Booster cables • De-icer (methyl hydrate) • Blanket • Bottled water and non-perishable high energy foods, such as granola bars, raisins and peanut butter • A first aid kit • Battery powered radio and extra batteries • Fire extinguisher (5 lb., A-B-C type) • Maps • Tire repair kit and pump • Extra clothing and shoes • Windshield washer • Flares

“The guys who are part of the snow removal program have to always be ready to go out and clear the roads in the county. All winter long, they’re basically on stand-by. Sometimes, after a bad snow fall, the plow and grader operators work for 12 - 14 hours straight, sometimes even longer. This winter, with 14 graders, 6 plows, 28 staff, 2 salt and sand storage depots, and his strategy to tackle the snow, Dublanko is confident he’ll win the battle over poor road conditions in the county.

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Leduc County Ski & Snowboard Experience Featuring the Chill Zone!

Tickets are on sale from January 21 to February 4 at:

There’s nothing better than skiing or snowboarding under the lights at the Rabbit Hill Snow Resort! Families are invited to enjoy the powder at this year’s Leduc County Ski & Snowboard Experience on Saturday, February 9, 2013 from 6 - 9 p.m. at Rabbit Hill near Devon, Alberta.

• Calmar Town Office

In addition to enjoying the crisp winter weather you can check out the Parks & Recreation Chill Zone where you can chill out and warm up. Chill out with some great dance music from a local DJ and warm up with free hot chocolate.

• Warburg Village Office

• Devon Town Office • Thorsby Recreation Complex • New Sarepta Agri-Plex

For more information, please contact Darlene at 780-955-6410 or visit us online at

Date: February 9, 2013 Time: 6 - 9 p.m. Location: Rabbit Hill Snow Resort (Just North of Highway 19 at 25512 Township Rd 510D). Ticket Prices: • Individual with rentals: $25 per person • Individual without rentals: $15 per person • Family: $110 for up to five family members ($25 for each additional family member) Note: Rental price and family rates includes ski or snowboard rental, helmet and a beginner lesson. Purchasing Tickets: Tickets are on sale from January 21 to February 7 at: • Leduc County Parks & Recreation Department 2nd Floor, Services Building, Room 240, 1103-5 Street, Nisku

Thorsby and Warburg Ice Plant Renovations Update Imagine an arena without ice in the winter. No figure skating lessons, no hockey games and no recreational skating. Ice rinks are the heart of Canadian communities and with help from Leduc County, the Thorsby and Warburg ice plant renovations were able to take place to ensure there would be a fall 2012 season. The Village of Thorsby Parks and Recreation Coordinator, Kelley Probe, emphasized that “in the winter, the ice rink is the hub. It is a gathering place for local families and provides an invaluable service to the community offering a convenient venue for fun and fitness.” Leduc County is dedicated to continuing partnerships with communities to ensure residents are impacted as little as possible when unexpected repairs or upgrades are needed. The deterioration of a facility is inevitable. That’s why Leduc County provides funding and staff resources to ensure the longest life cycle possible for facilities in our community. Not only will this save money in the long run, but it will ensure quality service is provided to Leduc County residents who rely on these recreational facilities.

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UPCOMING EVENTS Making Summer Count in Leduc County From east to west, Leduc County Parks and Recreation offered many exciting events and programs this past summer. Designed to give youth a break from school, youth were encouraged to try new experiences to challenge them both mentally and physically. Events hosted throughout the season featured a variety of fun activities, including a bouncy house, face painting, balloon twisting, games, and even a magician. Each event gave local families the opportunity to get outside and have fun. The jam packed two months of programming motivated youth through crafts, games and sports to develop them socially, intellectually and physically. Extreme Adventure; Youth Leaders in Action is a camp unlike any other. Through an application process the top future leaders in the county were invited to experience a four-day adventure which included rock climbing, repelling and canyoneering. While camping at the Goldeye Camp in Nordegg, Alberta, youth experienced more than just outdoor activities. They also attended workshops that taught them the importance of persistence, growth, leadership and volunteering. In an inspiring four days, youth uncovered their inner leader. A plan for the 2013 Extreme Adventure retreat is already in the works for August 12 - 16, 2013. The retreat for youth aged 12 to 17 will take place at the Long Lake Centre near Athabasca, Alberta where youth will have the opportunity of a lifetime. For more details, please contact Andrea Oneski at (780) 955-3555 ext. 3268.

NOVEMBER Magic Workshop PD Day Camp Date: Thursday, November 1, 2012 Time: 10 a.m. - 3 p.m. Location: New Sarepta Agri-Plex Cost: $40 Ages: 7 - 14 This PD day camp will consist of crafts, games and fun! Following lunch, a magician will share his magic secrets and teach a few tricks to amaze friends and family. Participants will walk away with tricks, a magic wand and the knowledge to start their magic career. Board Development Workshop Date: Thursday, November 8, 2012 Time: 5 - 9 p.m. Location: Nisku Recreation Centre Cost: $20 (includes Dinner) Attention all societies, groups, and not-forprofits! This workshop will give volunteers the opportunity and tools to implement an action plan and move your group forward. Learn what it takes to create and develop an effective board.

DECEMBER Elf for a Day Camp Date: Saturday, December 1, 2012 Time: 10 a.m. - 3 p.m. Location: New Sarepta Agri-Plex Cost: $45 Ages: 7 - 14 Have you ever wanted to know what it’s like to work in Santa’s Workshop? Kids will have a chance to build and create hand-made gifts for their loved ones which will be wrapped and ready for Christmas. The New Sarepta Winter Festival Date: Saturday, December 8, 2012 Time: To be announced Location: New Sarepta Agri-Plex Cost: Free Family Event Get into the holiday spirit by taking part in the New Sarepta Winter Festival. Build and compete in a community gingerbread house competition, enjoy a wagon ride with Mr. and Mrs. Claus and meet some of Santa’s reindeer.

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For the most up-to-date information visit, or call Andrea Oneski at 780-955-355 ext. 3268.


Future Leaders Shine Bright in Leduc County

Genessee Heritage Park: A Hidden Gem that keeps getting Prettier

Leduc County Star of Excellence Award

Genesee Heritage Park, located 22 km North of Warburg on Highway 770 underwent some exciting new changes in September 2012. The three-week project focused on:

On August 28, 2012 the best and brightest stars of Leduc County Parks and Recreation programs were recognized. More than 80 people packed into Council Chambers to honour the 20 youth who display strong leadership traits and who are respectful, confident and display a positive attitude. Often these youth helped set-up crafts and show younger children great examples of volunteering and community leadership. Leduc County leaders and coordinators nominated the youth for contributing positively to the overall experience of the 2012 programs. In honour of their exceptional leadership abilities, Mayor John Whaley presented certificates to the following youth and encouraged them to continue being outstanding volunteers and leaders in their community: 1) Bryton Tollanaar

11) Parker Widney

2) Walker Hansen

12) Haylo LeBlanc

3) Tasha Young

13) Carter Brackley

4) Seamus Cardinal-Heise

14) Jodi Jacob

5) Cala Pederson

15) Riley Marinoski

6) Ethan Bendoritis

16) Ethan Knopp

7) Peyton Watson

17) Kameryn Stern

8) Jason Heinz

18) Roman Kohl

9) Nathan Erkamp

19) Jenna Weir

10) Alyssa Reimer

20) Jennifer Stewart

If you would like to recognize a young leader in Leduc County let us know. Please contact Andrea Oneski at (780) 955-3555 ext. 3268 to place a nomination.

• Expanded vegetation • Expanded park amenities • Green naturalization These enhancements are part of a six-year partnership with Capital Power. Over the years, Leduc County and Capital Power have worked together to provide a green space for residents to enjoy picnics, fishing, and community events. In spring 2012, Capital Power provided a $2,500 grant toward preserving and enhancing the park so that it may be enjoyed for years to come.

The enhancements done to Genesee Heritage Park in September 2012.

Get Up and Go Girl 2013 Date: March 2, 2013 Time: 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. Location: Arctic Spas Recreation Complex (Thorsby) Cost: $20 Get Up and Go Girl is a one day workshop designed for young women between the ages of 7 to 14. The extremely popular workshop will introduce several sports and activities as well as focus on healthy living, body image, and self-esteem.

Participants will be provided with two healthy snacks, lunch, and a grab bag full of goodies. This workshop fills up fast so be sure to register early! To register for Get Up and Go Girl, please contact: • Andrea Oneski at 780-955-3555 ext. 3268 (Leduc County office) • Donna Gill at 780-913-0032 (New Sarepta & area) • Kelley Probe at 780-789-4041 (Thorsby & area)


Leduc County Parent Link Locations For your convenience Parent Link is offered at the following locations throughout Leduc County. Please visit any of the listed sites for great information, support or just to have fun with your little one. • Leduc 299 Telford Court Community Centre 52 Street and 52 Avenue • Beaumont Beaumont School Age Site 4306 Street • New Sarepta New Sarepta Community Building • Thorsby Thorsby Early Learning and Care Centre (modular) • Devon: Old Robina Baker School #5 Jasper Court South • Warburg: Lower level of the Village Office • Calmar: Various locations including the Calmar Library • Leduc County Building: County Centre 1101-5th Street Nisku Visit for a schedule of the programs offered.

Programs offered at the Leduc Regional Parent Link Centre in Leduc this fall Stimulate your child’s cognitive, language, physical and social development ) n program

y (Free drop-i la ’P ’n y a t S

our child’s down to y g in tt e g y ith them. time b the floor w support Enjoy play n o g n ti c tera can level and in our child’s lead you y ence and g in fi n w self co d By follo g in d il u b cover while you will dis their play t, n re a p a . As ugh play to self-esteem rage your child thro cou how to en rning. love of lea a p develo

Laugh an d

Learn (Reg ister) This socia l play pro gram for c years old hild promotes school rea ren ages 3-5 Activities diness skil foc ls. needed fo us on strengthenin g aptitude r success in school. s for sharin Opportun g, turn-ta ities king and emphasiz cooperati ed in this on are pro for schoo l by becom gram. Children pre pare ing comfo concepts rtable wit around co h lour, shap es and co unting. Baby and

Me (Register)

s from and babie ts n re a p r is u m is for o t Link at th This progra nths old. Join Paren -mo twork and birth to 12 parents ne s. re e h w m xperience ra social prog infant focused play e in s who will participate ecial guest nd sp s st o h e ting, care a Baby and M ics related to paren top present on of an infant. ent developm

Mother G oose Rhym es that Bin d

(Register) This prog ram enco u rages a gro for parents up with their infants an experience learn fun and enga d children gin to focuses o n the plea g rhymes. This prog sure and p ram oral rhym ow es, songs, and storie er of saying s togethe r.


Leduc Regional Parent Link hosts a variety of programs throughout the year. To enquire about programs e-mail, view the Leduc Regional Parent Link Centre newsletter at


Children Come First at the New Parent Link Centre in Leduc Celebrating a permanent place for the parenting community in Leduc County The walls were painted, child-friendly furniture and toys were brought in and an empty room was transformed into a playful place of learning for parents and children. On September 11, 2012, the Leduc Regional Parent Link Centre opened their doors to all the residents in the Leduc Region including residents of Leduc County. The new site, located at the Telford Court Recreation Community Centre (299 Telford Court) in Leduc, is conveniently located near Willow Park School and is central for many Leduc County residents.

Let the growing begin! Enthusiasm for our new permanent location is obvious. Since opening the Centre, programming has nearly doubled. The future looks bright for the Centre. Plans are already underway to develop leading-edge programming for children and engaging parenting workshops for families in our community.

A permanent space in Leduc Since hosting the first Stay’n’Play program in January 2007, Leduc Regional Parent Link has moved locations multiple times. Each move was temporary; requiring set-up and takedown each time which inevitably affected the quality of the programs. Having a permanent space ensures that Leduc Regional Parent Link’s number one guiding principle is followed - children come first. With the City of Leduc being a hub for many surrounding communities, it was an ideal location to serve the entire Leduc County region.

Did you know? Leduc County is a leader in Early Childhood Resource Programming and Family Connections Home Visitation. We provide quality programs and services to residents in Leduc County, City of Leduc, Beaumont, Calmar, Devon, Thorsby and Warburg. One part of Leduc County’s leadership role is to host the Leduc Regional Early Childhood Development Advisory Board. Leduc County has also taken the lead in coordinating the Leduc Regional Early Childhood Mapping Project Coalition. The Coalition, comprised of community members and partners, plans, evaluates and implements strategies to enhance early childhood development.

Did Canada Post change your address? Address changes are not automatically updated at the County. If your address has changed, please contact:

Leduc County 780-955-3555 ext. 6412



Online change-of-address

Mail this form to:


Attention: Assessment Leduc County, 101, 1101 - 5 Street Leduc, AB T9E2X3


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Vi s i t w w w. l e d u c - co u nt y. co m to d a y !

40858010 Return undeliverable Canadian addresses to: Leduc County, Suite 101, 1101 - 5 St., Nisku, AB T9E 2X3

Fall 2012 County Chronicle  
Fall 2012 County Chronicle  

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