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What are we here to do? Make Richmond Times Dispatch the biggest brand buzz-maker in the media category

What is buzz? Positive impressions of a brand Shareable content Consumer-consumer influence

“Buzz, the modern variant of gossip, is a combination of marketing communication (which is all about telling our commercial stories) and public relations (used to narrate particular angles of a story) in a highly networked world.” - Angelo Fernando

“Buzz is noisy with activity.” - Google,

How do you get buzz?

Have a smart social media strategy

What makes a smart social media strategy? Shareable content Accommodating an organic sharing process An understanding of your target’s online behavior

What’s the point? Buzz is happening online. In the U.S. 18-44: 48% have Facebook profiles 45+: 23% have Facebook profiles

But, RTD exists mostly offline.

RTD strategy as a print publication: Richmond Times Dispatch is the Richmondarea’s source for information. goal: boost subscriptions

Current Print Audience 18-34: 48% 35-44: 66% 45-54: 71% 55+: 76% Current Digital Audience 18-34: 19% 35-44: 18% 45-54: 16% 55+: 10%,, 633,000 page visits last mo. RTD Facebook- 4,823 fans RTD Twitter- 3,256 followers,,

Challenge There is a channel-content-target disconnect

All Content

All Channels

One Target

Opportunity With a smart social media strategy, we can broaden our online audience and create meaningful buzz

RTD strategy as a media company: Richmond Times Dispatch has the information worth talking about. Goal: become buzz-worthy







How can we bring this to life?


Facebook Users In the U.S. 18-44: 48% have profiles 45+: 23% have profiles Based on our Readership 18-44: 215,328 have profiles 45+: 109,204 have profiles


Separate tabs for relevant information

Different Twitter feeds for information buckets


Featured Student Article weekly student article housed on shareable on Facebook so author can re-post to their social networks > Facebook

Local Deals on Facebook deal “tab” on facebook allows followers to post deals around town feature “deal of the day” on Facebook >

Local Business Deals on Twitter Local businesses can direct tweet @RTD Negotiate a freebie/deal for @RTD to tweet to their followers First follower to RT the post, gets the prize Twitter > Facebook

Reporter vs. Reporter Olympia Meola vs. Jeff Schapiro Each write op-ed articles on same topic Readers/users vote on/comment on favorites Reporters promotes themselves via Twitter Twitter < >

You have the content Put it in the right place for the right people

How we can get this done? Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s pretty much free Need the staffing Hire a full time social media strategist Interns from local universities

How do we defend from copycats? Dedicated staff who are willing and able to push forward and bring buzz to the paper from the inside-out.




Establish a Baseline

Before Social Media

After Social Media

Establish a Baseline Compare Against a Desired Effect Website Traffic


Before Social Media

After Social Media

Utilize Tools to Track Social Buzz

Estimated Web Traffic Increase 36,451 additional online visitors/month

5.8% increase in web traffic

New York Times

Richmond Times Dispatch

Patterns are similar, with scalability

Thank You


Facebook Fans: 4838 Clickthru rate of 3% Avg. 5 posts/day

4838 x .03 = 145 visits/post 145 x 5 = 725 visits/day 725 x 30 = 21,750 visits/mo

Twitter Followers: 3,267 Clickthru rate of 3% Avg. 5 posts/day

3267 x .03 = 98 visits/post 98 x 5 = 490 visits/day 490 x 30 = 14,701 visits/mo = 36,451 additional online visitors/month

% Change = old - new old

669,451 - 633,000 633,000

= 5.8% increase

Richmond Times Dispatch  

Advanced Brand Management project to make the Richmond Times Dispatch buzzworhty.