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Excavations- After 130 years, how much has GBHS changed?

Pan ther Tal es

Wednesday March 5, 2014

Volume 44 7th Edition

70 Years of History, Opinions and Tradition

Panther Tales Staff Panther Tales was first published by the class of 1945. Since then, the look, writing styles, content and reputation of the publication have wavered with the changing veiws of public. This special Excavation Edition is tribute to Great Bend High’s 70 year old journalism program.

2014 Seniors Enjoy Freedom Of Expression In Yearbook Photos Karah Stewart Panther Tales

Uniformed yearbook photos are a thing of Rhorea past. Girls were to wear a mock turtleneck sweater in a solid color with a short chained necklace. Boys were to wear a shirt, tie and jacket.“Drapes, plunging blouses and sweaters will not be accepted,” said Rhonda West, 1971 Senior Section Editor, “We want uniformity in the RHOREA. Make for a more attractive page.” It

was suggested that boys shave the day of pictures. Pictures that were showing hands were considered to be unacceptable. As it read in the Panther Tales Volume 27, Issue No.2, September 24th, 1971 article, “Senior Pictures Should Be Taken Soon Clothing, Deadline Requirements Told.” Today, students are allowed to express themselves in their pictures without having to have any certain theme. “I would still wear what

I wanted,” says Dulce Parra (Sr.), “It wouldn’t be me if I wasn’t able to wear what I wanted.” Being able to express ourselves is apart of what the 21st century has been about and gives us more freedom to be ourselves. “It captures the eye better and gives the person more expression, themselves if they’re able to wear what they wanted,” says Kylee Spray (Sr.), Editor of Yearbook Staff. This school year, senior pictures could have been

sent in digitally or by a hard copy to Ms. Kite’s room. Senior pictures were due by December 20th, 2013.

Editor’s Note: Pictures are still being accepted. Send pictures to journalism.gbhs@ greatbendschools. net or Room 100

Changing Views: Janitorial Staff Developing Orchestra: Pg. 3 Pg. 2

Panther Tales: Pg. 5

Hays vs GB Pg. 6

Avoiding Assult Pg. 7

Panther Tales

On The Prowl

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Wednesday, March 5th

Single Ball? Bell Ball? Holly Ball! Cristy Jaquez Panther Tales

One of the biggest things in this school is Holly Ball. This semi-formal dance taking place on December 8th in 1962 was called “Single Bell Ball”. This ball was still organized by Kayettes. The girls had the chance to sell holly and who sold the most was given a free ticket to the dance. The price was one dollar per ticket. There

were also a lot of different committees taking care of different things, for example, there was a committee for food and decoration. The night was a success and 250 students attended. This year like any other year the Kayettes, again organized this semi-formal dance. But what has changed? Well, for starters the name went from Single Bell Ball to Holly Ball. The girls still

had a chance to win a free ticket to this dance but it was ten dollars per ticket. To top it all of you had to be eligible to go by having at least three service points. Holly ball is hosted by the Kayettes instead of having committees to help set it up. Usually, the Kayette board is in charge of decoration and everything else. Holly ball’s 2013 theme was “Under

the Sea” unlike in 1962; the dance was decorated in Christmas holiday lights and trees. Many things have changed over the years and this is a great example. If its 1962 or 2014 the semi-formal dance for is now known as Holly Ball always has the students waiting for what the next year brings along.

Panther Tales Thanks Janitorial Staff Abby Stiner Panther Staff

Back in the 1950’s, the custodians received the credit that they deserved. “An all too common fault of people is to forget to thank and recognize someone that they take for granted,”Hats Off to Custodians!, Vol. 11, Nov. 17, 1955. The custodians back then helped this school be in the shape that it is today. Students today have not formally given thanks to the janitorial staff. According to Mr. Friess, “We occasionally give the custodians donuts and invite them to the teacher luncheons, but that is about it.” October 2nd is National Custodian Appreciation Day, Holiday Insights. Just take some time to

think about how much they do for us. They do the little things that keeps the school in condition all year round without a simple thanks. “Let’s show our custodians how much we appreciate them by being courteous to them in ways that will make their work easier,”Hats Off to Custodians!, Vol. 11, Nov. 17, 1955. Please throw away your trash, wipe your feet on the mats when it’s muddy, and keep your desks clean. Mrs. Bentley suggests that we should start a clean-up committee to help out the custodians and be aware of vandalism and the effects it has on the people who has to clean it up. The next time you see one of the GBHS custodians, tell them thank you for what they do.

Abby Stiner

Wanda Cass picking up the trash in the picnic area north of commons.for our school.

Great Bend High School Panther Tales

Panther Tales

On The Prowl

Page 3 Friday Feb., 28th

GBHS Orchestra Gets Bigger Over The Years

Britney Willard Panther Tales Many high school classes have changed over the years. Over the last fifty years, the Great Bend High School Orchestra has changed in many different ways. “If you’re a little bit rusty from the lack of play the place for you is in the orchestra,” Said Mr. Kenneth Bentz in the “Organize Orchestra Wanted - Musicians”, October 1, 1953, Panther Tales Volume 2. The first Great Bend

High School Orchestra started in 1953 but stopped due to the lack of student involvement. The orchestra started back up in 1988 and developed slowly till 1998. From the years 2005 to 2010, the orchestra’s development declined to about twenty-five students in the high school orchestra. The total district orchestra students this year are 160 students. Only forty-three students attend the Great Bend High School this year. “We’ve worked out the

bugs and are really beginning to improve,” Said Mr. Enochs, today’s orchestra director. In 1953, the high school orchestra rehearsed only during fifth hour on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and every other Fridays. Today’s high school orchestra rehearses every day during first hour and second hour. Every year, except for this year, the orchestra has always shared a room with the band players. This year, the high school orchestra have used the gym for their rehearses.

“I love our class, but i hate that we do not have a room any more .We move from place to place, and if we can’t get a place, we don’t play”, said Madisen Sandy (Jr) . Todays high school orchestra is so big that it is split into two different classes. Sophomore through seniors orchestra students play during first hour while freshman play during second hour. Unlike today’s class, in 1953, the orchestra was so small that they were in need of string musicians.

State Bound: Panther Wrestling Qualifies 10 out of 13 Justin Henry

Courtesy Photo

Panther Tales

The Great Bend High School wrestling team traveled to Wichita Heights on saturday for their class 5a regional wrestling tournament. You could feel the tension and nerves in the air as 60 wrestlers from 14 respective weight classes awaited their chance to qualify for the state tournament. A hard long day of wrestling proved to be very fruitful for the panthers as they qualified 10 out of 13 wrestlers, 6 of which were in the finals. The Sander brothers, Kade and Keaton won their weight divisions. The other qualifiers were Ryan Deslauriers at 113, Cody liles at 126, Cody lytle at 132, Zach Schridde at 138, Christian Rivas at 160, Andrew Reed at 170, Justin Henry

at 220, and Jacob Crane at 285. The panthers won the tournament in the team scores, the first time this has been accomplished for the school in fifteen years. Senior Jacob Crane says “ It was bittersweet knowing this would be my last time qualifying for

the state tournament.” Another senior Zach Schridde explained “I feel proud for qualifying but the next thing on the agenda is being prepared for the state tournament.” The panthers travel to Hartman arena in Wichita friday and saturday for their final outing.

Great Bend High School Panther Tales

Panther Tales

On The Prowl

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Wednesday, March 5th

“Hats off ” to our Working Systems Brittani Weers Panther Tales Have you been to the office lately and got whatever you needed quickly and accurately? Maybe walked through the lunch line and received a smile with your food? Or maybe even walked through the halls the morning after the fire drill to a nice smell? There are three kinds of people that make this possible: Secretaries, Cafeteria Administrators, and our very own school Janitors. As I walk down the halls, I notice that the only thing people ever say about these people are negative. That is not fair. Secretaries have to deal with moody parents,

upset students, and cranky teachers. Cafeteria Administrators deal with hungry whiny students, food admins from the district, and hustling teachers. And the janitors, they deal with it all! If you want to know anything about the high school, the janitors probably know it. They clean up after us everyday. Janitors are here at the school hours after we leave, just to do the same thing the next day. The next time you run into any of these people, give them a smile, handshake, or a thank you. They are some of the most important people in the high school and they deserve the utmost respect and gratitude.

Courtesy Photo

The first faces you see entering GBHS are our Secretaries, Paula Laudick, Laura Millard, Kathy Goad, Rhonda Snyder and Pam Jenkinson.

Cosa è diverso in Italia Francesco Ruggeri Panther Tales

Writing about what is different between life in Italy and life in USA is difficult simply because there is too much to write about. Some things are way different while some are just the same. Personally I think the main difference is in the people’s lifestyle and their way of thinking: in Italy people usually have a more relaxed way of living, less worried, (a lot) less organized. A normal day in Italy for me would start going to school with my friends, walking because we have to be 18 to drive a car. Before getting into the school we stop at one of the

coffee shops in front of the school that are flooded of students waiting in line for a cappuccino, an espresso or a caffe-latte. Coffee in Italy is worshipped, everyone wants a different kind and there is no such thing as a coffeetake-away, coffee time is tasted and sipped slowly sitting at a table in the coffee shop talking to your friends. Then we walk over the street and we get to School. The School definitely belongs to the “Way different things”: we have 3 years of Kindergarten, 5 years of Elementary School, 3 years of Middle School and 5 years of High School. Until Middle School all of the

Schools are the same but we have different types of High Schools like Scientific, Classical, Linguistic and so on because we can’t choose our classes, the subjects vary depending on the High School. We stay i9n the same class while the teachers change room every hour and our School day goes from 8:20 am to 1:20 pm but we have School on Saturday. We leave from School and we have lunch at home. Lunch used to be the biggest meal of the day but now with different working times for the parents it is difficult to gather all the family for lunch but it is still a big meal and completely different from the See Italy; Page 7

Great Bend High School Panther Tales

Panther Tales

On The Prowl

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Wednesday, March 5

What is going on here?!?!?! Amanda Kite Panther Tales Advisor

Panther Tales staff was challenged this issue to look into the past and compare to the present. While missing out on their normal assignments and beats, the reporters dusted off almost 70 years of panther records hidden in the dark room of the journalism classroom. Choosing a topic was half the battle. “It was hard to choose a topic because there were many different things happening then, that is completely different now,” Abby Stiner, sophomore, Panther Tales Staff. The girl dominated staff discovered the reoccurring issues

Did you know: Panther Tales was first publish in 1945 and covered thousands of issues concerning students, community life and the country.

about women’s rights, struggles in participation in clubs that are now classes, homosexuality and so much more. “I never realized how much the newspaper meant to history . It feels like no one reads the paper today, but looking back on previous publications, I

Volume 4 Edition 6 Panther Tales 1947 learned nothing is really new, just improved,” says Cristy Jaquez, senior, Panther Tales Staff. Visually, the printed publications contained much more community participation, including advertisements, letters to the editors and local artist submitted comics. “When I started looking though the old publications, I was amazed by the different writing styles and the way the pages looked,” says Paige Van Steenburg, Junior, next year’s Panther Tales Editor. Today, Panther Tales is entirely online. It rarely contains advertisements and is completely free to anyone that has access to internet. It also contains large color photos and will be adding a Panther Tales Youtube channel featuring news highlights and Sports reels.

Great Bend High School Panther Tales

Panther Tales


Page 6 Friday March 5th

GBHS vs HHS: The Rivalry, 39 Years Later Taylor Mohr Sports Editor

Even in the Panther Tales edition of December 5th, 1975 the Hays High Indians have been the Panthers rival. 39 years ago, the boys’ varsity basketball team traveled to Hays narrowly losing in the last half of the game. The final score of the game was 66-68. This year, the Panthers take on the Hays High Indians in our annual “Pink Out,” February 28th hosted here in the GBHS gym. The Indians were ranked 7th in Central Kansas League in 1975.Now almost 4 decades later, Hays High is ranked 1st in 5A schooling. 39 years ago the head coach for the Panthers was Don Duncan. When asked about the Panthers and how they were going to perform Duncan proudly stated, “Our outside shooting is above average...I think we must play excellent defense, the Hays High Indains will be a tough game tonight.” Chris Battin is the current GBHS boys’ varsity basketball coach.

“We are going to prepare for this game just like any other. The guys will be motivated because it is our rival. If anything we try to downplay it at times. They are coming in at

19-0. Their team has been playing varsity since they were freshman and sophomores. They are athletic with a good mix of bigs and guards.” says Coach Battin. But what the

Panthers bring is something different. “We are starting to hit our stride. We have won 6 of our 9 last games. The guys are playing extremely well. Their hard work is beginning to pay off.”

Jade Wilson Panther Tales Blake Sullivan (Jr.) dribbles down the court while Trey Ibbara (So.) screens to clear a path. GB Boys fall to Hays 35-63.

Dalton Bender Panther Tales Girl’s Varsity Basketball guard number #10, Hannah Hildebrand (Sr.) pivots for a two point shot. Hays’ girls lose 62 -27.

Great Bend High School Panther Tales

Panther Tales

On The Prowl

Page 7

Wednesday, March 5th

GBHS Students change views on rape over a 32 year span Paige Van Steenburgh Panther Tales Rape has always existed in our society, but the way we think about it is always changing. “It is a problem that needs to to be brought to the attention of society.” Clint stafford, February 17, 1972. On February 17, 1972 an article titled, “GBHS students express views on rape film and its theories.” was presented for students to express their feelings about a “How to Survive Rape” video that was shown to all high


school students. The theory was to cope and go along with the rapist so he or she may let you live. The line of reasoning the video used was he may not kill your if you aren’t hostile to him. The only two protections the video recommended using against a rapist were squeezing the groin area or poking out the eyes. Several GBHS students from the 1970’s were asked how they felt about this film. Most students responded in the same

“American lunch”. Meals in general are sacred: the concept of “fast food” is the furthest you can go from the italian way of eating. Going to the restaurant in Italy is not just for eating but it is for talking and having fun. In the United States as soon as you are done eating the waiter brings you the check, if that would happen in Italy the people would consider that as an insult and as a “Go Away!” in fact we could sit there talking for two hours after being done eating and the waiter will come only when you will call him and ask him for the check. Sports are usually outside the school, and we have them during

way such as Lori Linenberger. “I think it’s the best method that anyone has ever discovered to show people how to prevent rape and protect themselves.”she said in the February 17, 1972 edition of GBHS Panther Tales. Students from this time period believed the best way to avoid murder during a rape was to cope and go along with the attacker. “l’ve never been in that kind of a situation and i don’t know how i’d react but after seeing the film

the afternoon. The main sport in Italy is definitely soccer, everybody loves it and when there is the world cup every night we eat at a different house with lots of people cheering for our team. When Italy won the world cup in 2006 there were cars horning nonstop around the city and the square for 3 days (nights included). On Saturday evenings we usually hang out in the square and just meet friends talk and have fun until dinner time when we go eat in pizzerias around the square with huge groups of people. After that we walk around for a little bit and then we go to somebody’s house or we go to the club. These are just some of the thousands of differences that there are between American way of life and the Italian one.

made me realize it could happen to me and what I could do if it did.” said senior Karole Erikson. When students from 2014 were asked how they would react most said with violence. Junior Taylor Mohr said “If I was being attacked by someone I wouldn’t allow them to rape me! I would scream for help or fight back with all my strenght!” Junior Jen Smith said, “ I would never let someone just hurt me! I would fight back even if it meant more harm!”

Francesco Ruggeri

Great Bend High School Panther Tales

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