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Interfraternity Council



Auburn Creed I believe that this is a practical world and that I can count only on what I earn. Therefore, I believe in work, hard work. I believe in education, which gives me the knowledge to work wisely and trains my mind and my hands to work skillfully. I believe in honesty and truthfulness, without which I cannot win the respect and confidence of my fellow men. I believe in a sound mind, in a sound body and a spirit that is not afraid, and in clean sports that develop these qualities. I believe in obedience to law because it protects the rights of all. I believe in the human touch, which cultivates sympathy with my fellow men and mutual helpfulness and brings happiness for all. I believe in my Country, because it is a land of freedom and because it is my own home, and that I can best serve that country by “doing justly, loving mercy, and walking humbly with my God.� And because Auburn men and women believe in these things, I believe in Auburn and love it. -George Petrie (1945)

IFC Executive Council

The mission of the Auburn University Interfraternity Council (IFC) is to govern, to serve, to represent, and to promote, with the highest standard of integrity, its member fraternities. IFC exists as a resource to facilitate the growth and development of fraternity men in the areas of personal and fraternal responsibility, leadership, scholastic achievement, civic engagement, and brotherhood.

Greek Community Auburn's Greek Life was established in 1878. Since then, countless men and women have shared the life changing growth that can be experienced through fraternity and sorority membership. With almost 6,000 members, the Greek community represents more than 28% of the undergraduate population.

Interfraternity Council

Panhellenic Council

National Pan-Hellenic Council

Alpha Gamma Rho Alpha Tau Omega Beta Theta Pi Delta Chi Delta Kappa Epsilon Delta Sigma Phi Delta Tau Delta FarmHouse Kappa Alpha Order Kappa Sigma Lambda Chi Alpha Phi Delta Theta Phi Gamma Delta Phi Kappa Psi

Alpha Chi Omega Alpha Delta Pi Alpha Gamma Delta Alpha Omicron Pi Alpha Xi Delta Chi Omega Delta Delta Delta Delta Gamma Delta Zeta Gamma Phi Beta Kappa Alpha Theta Kappa Delta Kappa Kappa Gamma Phi Mu Pi Beta Phi Sigma Kappa Zeta Tau Alpha

Alpha Phi Alpha Alpha Kappa Alpha Kappa Alpha Psi Omega Psi Phi Delta Sigma Theta Phi Beta Sigma Sigma Gamma Rho

Phi Kappa Tau Phi Sigma Kappa Pi Kappa Alpha Pi Kappa Phi Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sigma Chi Sigma Nu Sigma Phi Epsilon Sigma Pi Sigma Tau Gamma Tau Kappa Epsilon Theta Chi Theta Xi

A B Alpha al-fuh

Beta bay-tuh


Gamma Gam-ah


Delta del-tuh

Interfraternity Council cabinet

executive council

IFC Cabinet is the workhorse of the Interfraternity Council. The Cabinet is chaired by the IFC Executive Vice President, Zachary Phipps, and has 12 directors. Each director is responsible for a specific purpose that advances the Greek Community, gives back to the local community and to Auburn University.

Carter Hawkins President

David Morton Vice President of Administration

Zachary Phipps Executive Vice President

Taylor Ortego Vice President of Recruitment

Judson Smith Vice President of Risk Management

Director of Academics Austin McCombs Director of Greek Week Eddie Seay Assistant Director of Greek Week Beau Richardson Director of Philanthropy Peter Bearisto Director of Initiatives William Whittelsey Director of New Member Education Kyle Tressler Co-Director of Recruitment Taylor Rowell Co-Director of Recruitment Cody Birdwell Director of Public Relations Chase Anderson Co-Director of Risk Management William Earles Co-Director of Risk Management Trent Miller Director of Spiritual Life James Wallace

Amanda Clare IFC Graduate Assistant


Epsilon ep-sih-lon


Zeta zay-tuh

H Θ Eta ay-tuh

Theta thay-ta

Recruitment All Auburn University recruitment functions must be registered with the Office of Greek Life and must abide by the rules and regulations submitted by the Interfraternity Council. IFC and all 28 fraternities have strict guidelines prohibiting alcohol from being present, before, during and after recruitment events. If a fraternity is caught with alcohol, their peers and national fraternity will adjudicate the fraternity. Participation in recruitment is free, but there is a $50 fee to join a fraternity. Summer Recruitment - Events begin in early May and last until the middle of August - Informal dress - Events are generally held in and around the Auburn area Formal Recruitment - Coat and tie dress, unless otherwise stated by the fraternity - Events are generally held at the fraternity house - Once a chapter has decided they would like to make a potential new member part of their chapter, the chapter will offer the potential new member a bid. The bid will be written or oral. There are three options once the potential new member receives a bid: This ends the recruitment process ° Accept Hold Gives a potential new member time to talk to parents, examine other options ° Decline100% certain that it is not for the potential new member °

Fraternities at Auburn recruit year-round. In order to get the most of out of fraternity life, it is highly encouraged to join your freshman year, but plenty of men join as upperclassmen.

Register for Fraternity Recruitment To sign up for recruitment visit


Iota eye-o-tuh


Kappa cap-uh


Lambda lamb-dah


Mu mew

Greek Terminology Active a member who is fully initiated into

NPHC (National Pan-Hellenic Council) the governing

the fraternity

body of the historically predominately African-American Greek organizations

Badge outer symbol of pride for an organization; a pin Bid an invitation to join a fraternity Brother a member of a fraternity Chapter a fraternal organization on campus

Order of Omega national Greek honor society Panhellenic governing body of women’s sororities Philanthropy a charitable event or organization

Pledge/New Member a new member of a fraternity working Colony a new organization in the process of establishing a chapter towards full membership COP council of IFC Presidents Pledge Pin a pin worn to show commitment to a fraternity Greek Week community wide event to promote community, service and unity

IFC (Interfraternity Council) self governing body of the 27 fraternities

Potential New Member/Rushee a person interested in becoming a member of a fraternity

Recruitment/Rush the activity by which fraternities seek new members

Initiation ritual whereby the new member transitions into membership Sorority a fraternity for women Legacy a potential new member who is related to a past or present member of a fraternity

N Ξ O Nu new

Xi zeye

Omicron O-mih-cron


Pi pie

Fraternity Life at Auburn Alumni

Brotherhood and Friendship

Fraternities maintain active alumni relations, which affords many opportunities for career networking. 48% of U.S. Presidents, 42% of U.S. Senators, 30% of U.S. Congressmen, 40% of U.S. Supreme Court Justices and 30% of Fortune 500 executives were members of a fraternity. The chances of making a business connection through a fraternity are considerably high. Annual alumni dinners, tailgates and events put members in contact with men in similar career paths who offer advice and assistance during and after college. Alumni also often help ease members’ transitions to new cities or new parts of the country after graduation.

One of the best things that a Greek organization has to offer is friendship. Fraternities provide an environment where new friendships are made that will last a lifetime. A word that often describes the friendship between fraternity members is “brotherhood.” A brotherhood is based on intangible, invisible principles. There is a common bond between members that is unique and very private. Being part of a fraternity is something that cannot be compared to anything else. To know of its existence is one thing, but to experience it is another.

Campus Involvement


All Greek organizations encourage their members to be active in student government and other organizations that provide services to the Fraternities are actively involved in Intramural Sports at Auburn Universchool, student body and the local community. Most of Auburn’s campus sity. In fact, fraternities have such strong participation in the intramural events and decisions are decided on by Auburn students, giving anyone program that the university sets up fraternity leagues so that chapters are able to compete against each other in the spirit of Greek fun. Auburn involved the leadership experience and responsibilities that help prepare them for the future. offers competition in a large number of sports including flag football, soccer, softball, basketball, volleyball and much more. Moral support is an important aspect of intramurals, and it is not unusual to see chapter members as spectators at non-fraternity intramural games where a fellow member is competing.

P Σ Rho Roe

Sigma sig-mah

T Y Tau taw

Upsilon oop-sih-lon


Leadership Membership in a Greek organization offers students many opportunities to develop their leadership potential. Greek organizations not only provide training in the principles of leadership, they are laboratories in which these principles can be tested. Each member is actively involved in decision-making processes, teaching and encouraging students to utilize their leadership talents in the chapters and on campus. Membership in a Greek organization offers students many opportunities to develop their leadership potential. Greek organizations are essentially self-governing, self-running communities. Members have the opportunity to take on the responsibilities of running their chapters by chairing committees or holding major offices within their chapters.

Philanthropy The concerns of Greek men extend far beyond the confines of campus life. Community service and philanthropic activities are integral components of Greek Life. Fraternities sponsor a multitude of activities each year to earn money or donate time to their individual philanthropies. While the particular service or fundraising activity may vary among fraternities, the spirit of reaching out to help others in the community unites them. Such projects also help build moral character through the realization of the needs of people less fortunate.

All fraternities have academic requirements that encourage members to excel academically so that they complete their degrees and go on to successful careers. These requirements must be met for a member to stay active in his fraternity. Every fraternity has resources and assistance available to help its members do all that they can inside and outside of the classroom.

Social Life Along with football game days, IFC has a many opportunities to socialize with other Greek students. These include: - Themed swaps between fraternity and sorority pledge classes - Band parties on the weekends - Fraternity formals that are held around the Southeast - Date parties - Themed socials between multiple fraternities and sororities

The Auburn Interfraternity Council is recognized in these areas by the Southeastern Interfraternity Council as an exemplar organization receiving awards including Excellence in Recruitment, Excellence in Risk Management & Judicial, Excellence in Campus & Community Relations, Overall Outstanding Educational Programming and Overall Fraternal Excellence.

Ό X Ψ Ί Phi fie

Chi keye

Psi sigh

Omega o-may-guh

Scholarship Academics play an integral role in the fraternity community, and it is important that those men who uphold this are recognized for their hard work. IFC awards more than $3,000 in scholarships each year in honor of men who have served the fraternity community in multiple capacities. IFC also hosts an Academic Banquet each semester inviting all fraternity men who received a 4.0 in the previous semester. Through the two IFC scholarships and the work done by the Director of Academics, IFC has maintained the all-IFC GPA average above the all-male average at Auburn and will continue for years to come. Jack B. Carter II Scholarship This scholarship is named after Jack Carter, a long-time advisor for the fraternity community at Auburn. His insight and advice, which was garnered over years of experience in the private sector, has become an invaluable asset to the fraternity men of his chapter and of the community. This scholarship rewards the qualities Mr. Carter valued most over the years: leadership and integrity. Students are awarded this scholarship upon the basis of academics, leadership and overall exemplification of the Auburn man. C. Wayne Alderman Scholarship Dr. Wayne Alderman has been a role model to fraternity men for the last three decades at Auburn. His hard work and efforts have taken his own chapter and the fraternity community to new heights. Dr. Alderman has always stressed the importance of academics and its role in Greek Life. This scholarship is dedicated to Dr. Alderman to promote the importance to academics and to reward those who show a need and have proven themselves dedicated to their academic well-being.

Frequently Asked Questions Will my academics be compromised if I join a Greek organization? Academic achievement is the number one priority for students in fraternities. When students join a Greek organization they become part of a larger group of students who value their academic goals at Auburn. How time consuming is a Fraternity? Auburn offers a large variety of different fraternities, all with various levels of involvement. This variety ranges from members spending a few hours a day at fraternity functions to a few hours a week. If I go through recruitment, do I have to join a fraternity? Although most potential new members will join a fraternity during the fall semester, it is not required. Many fraternities will participate in another round of recruitment in January and you may have the opportunity to join then as well. What about hazing? Auburn does not condone hazing in any form. If you would like to learn more about our stance against hazing, please visit the IFC hazing web site for more information about the University's policy. Will alcohol be present during recruitment events? The Auburn University Interfraternity Council and each inter/national fraternity has strict guidelines prohibiting alcohol from being present before, during and after recruitment events. All 28 of our fraternities have agreed to recruit without alcohol and understand that if they are caught doing so, they will be adjudicated by their peers and their national fraternity. How do I know if joining a fraternity is right for me? Most of the stereotypes about Greek membership are myths. One of the strengths of the Auburn University’s Greek system is the diversity of the individuals who are associated with it. Will I have to live in the fraternity house? That depends on the chapter you join. Some chapters have requirements in place that mandate each member live in the house for at least one year.

New Member Education Time Commitment During the new member process, the time commitment will not be more than 35 hours per week. This time includes weekly meetings, events and fraternity functions.

Meal Plan If an on-campus student joins a fraternity that offers 10 or more meals a week, the student may be eligible for a refund of $695 at the end of the semester.

Dues Each fraternity chapter sets their own dues rates. The average per semester is: Dues - $1,623, Rent - $1,350.

Academics/Scholarship The all-IFC grade point average exceeds the all-undergraduate male grade point average. Some national fraternities may require a certain grade point average to be initiated. Study hours are required for most pledge classes.

Initiation Initiation may occur during the semester in which a student joins depending on grade point average requirements for the national organization.

Hazing Policy Auburn University's Definition of Hazing

End It

Hazing is any action taken or situation created intentionally or unintentionally whether on or off campus, to produce mental or physical discomfort, embarrassment, harassment, or ridicule… or other activities which are not consistent with organizational laws, ritual, or policy or the regulations and policies of the educational institution. Actions, forced or required or implied to be required, which violate federal, state, or local law, are considered hazing. What does hazing look like? Most students can recognize what we call violent hazing, such as paddling or punching rookies or new members. What is more difficult to notice and identify is what is known as subtle hazing. Examples of subtle hazing would include the following activities, especially when they only apply to those wanting to join an organization or are new to a group:

Even students who don’t actively take part in hazing enable it to continue by not standing up against it. You may feel you are the only one who is opposed to hazing, but that is probably not the case. You are probably in the silent majority, but no one wants to be the first to speak up. Use the resources listed below to report suspected hazing activities, wherever they occur on or off campus.

- Dress codes - Team initiations that humiliate rookies - Designated-driver duty - Requiring rookies to carry the equipment for practice - Performing personal servitudes (favors) for upperclassmen - “Hyperactive” schedule of events for new members - Requirement of carrying items in pockets - Required to reserve seating at events for members When you see these activities, it is your responsibility to report suspected hazing.

Report It You can report hazing allegations anonymously and confidentially by reporting through the hotline or online. To report hazing:

Call the AU Hazing Hotline 334-844-4564 Report online Call the Office of Greek Life 334-844-1305

24 d ika R Opel

Bragg Ave Loachapoka Rd

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5 20







Magnolia Ave

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He ism an Dr



Hemlock St

Byrd St

1 Alpha Gamma Rho 2 Alpha Tau Omega 3 Beta Theta Pi 4 Delta Chi 5 Delta Kappa Epsilon 6 Delta Sigma Phi 7 Delta Tau Delta 8 FarmHouse 9 Kappa Alpha Order 10 Kappa Sigma 11 Lambda Chi Alpha 12 Phi Delta Theta 13 Phi Gamma Delta 14 Phi Kappa Psi 15 Phi Kappa Tau 16 Phi Sigma Kappa 17 Pi Kappa Alpha 18 Pi Kappa Phi 19 Sigma Alpha Epislon 20 Sigma Chi 21 Sigma Nu 22 Sigma Phi Epsilon 23 Sigma Pi 24 Sigma Tau Epsilon 25 Tau Kappa Epsilon 26 Theta Chi 27 Theta Xi

ve W Samford A

9 4 3 26



12 18 1

Le m

M or

ris o n


Alpha Gamma Rho


831 Lem Morrison Drive

Involvement Big Event Ag Ambassadors PLANET College Republicans IMPACT Interfraternity Council Cabinet


National Founding

1904 Auburn Founding

1919 Philanthropy

AGR Steer and Heifer Christmas Classic Chapter GPA

2.6 Motto

“To Make Better Men” Number of Active Members

50 Number of Rooms in House

24 President Samuel Sawyer Email

Recruitment Chairs Jacob Garrison & Dexter Clanton Email &

Number of Meals a Week


Alpha Tau Omega 118 Thomas Street


Involvement Student Government Association President


National Founding

1865 Auburn Founding

War Eagle Girls and Plainsmen President Interfraternity Council President University Program Council President Plainsmen


Interfraternity Executive


Student Recruiters

Golf tournament, Take it to the hoop with ADPi

Executive Society


Omicron Delta Kappa, Vice President

Number of Active Members

Cardinal Key


Dance Marathon President

Chapter GPA

Number of Meals a Week


President Riley Murphy Email

Recruitment Chair Zac Goozee Email

Beta Theta Pi


930 Lem Morrison Drive

Involvement Interfraternity Executive Student Government Association Presidents College of Business Student Council President

BΘΠ National Founding


Auburn Founding



Gameday for Heroes, Project Uplift Chapter GPA

3.04 Motto

“Developing men of principle for a principled life.” Number of Active Members


Number of Rooms in House

26 President Spencer Martin Email

Recruitment Chair Cole Renfro Email

Number of Meals a Week


Delta Chi 530 Biggio Drive


Involvement Auburn Football AU Dance Marathon


National Founding

AU Singers AU Capella WEGL Student Radio Eagle Eye Television


Alpha Eta Rho

Auburn Founding

Alpha Epsilon Delta

1951 Philanthropy

The V Foundation for Cancer Research Chapter GPA

2.74 Motto

“Leges” Number of Active Members

College Republicans Green Building Association Association of General Contractors Association of Building Construction Camp War Eagle Intramural football, basketball, soccer and softball

58 Number of Rooms in House

16 Number of Meals a Week


President Michael Hobensack Email

Recruitment Chair Thomas Craton Email

Delta Kappa Epsilon


110 Thomas Street

Involvement Big Event Freshman Leadership Programs Young Republicans


National Founding

1844 Auburn Founding

2012 Philanthropy

Special Olympics Chapter GPA

2.78 Motto

“Friends” Number of Active Members

22 Number of Rooms in House


President Josh Knight Email

Recruitment Chair John Pehr Email

Delta Sigma Phi 891 Lem Morrison Drive

delta sig

Involvement Alpha Eta Rho Phi Sigma Pi


Auburn Track Auburn Hockey Auburn Humane Society

National Founding

1899 Auburn Founding

1908 Philanthropy

Miss Fall Rush Pageant Chapter GPA

2.7 Motto

“Better Men Better Lives” Number of Active Members

50 Number of Rooms in House

18 Number of Meals a Week

3 President Robert Martin Email

Recruitment Chair Dom Palencia and Zach Stephens Email and

Delta Tau Delta


892 Lem Morrison Drive

Involvement Freshman Leadership Programs Business Societies College of Architecture, Design and Construction Student Council International Student Organization University Program Council


National Founding

1858 Auburn Founding

1952 Philanthropy

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Chapter GPA

2.58 Motto

“Committed to Lives of Excellence” Number of Active Members

35 Number of Rooms in House

12 President Andrew Higgins Email

Recruitment Chair Ruben Quesada Email

FarmHouse 552 West Thach Avenue

farm house

Involvement Student Government Association President


National Founding


Plainsmen Interfraternity Cabinet IMPACT Exec and Project Coordinators Student Government Association Cabinet


Student Government Association Senate


Camp War Eagle Counselors

Auburn Founding

Farmhouse Rodeo Benefiting StoryBrook Farms Chapter GPA

3.14 Motto

Tiger Hosts College of Business Senate College of Engineering Senate

“Builders of Men� Number of Active Members

126 Number of Rooms in House

17 Number of Meals a Week


President Micah Mills Email

Recruitment Chair Trey Phillips Email

Kappa Alpha Order


940 Lem Morrison Drive

Involvement Auburn Football Auburn Basketball Student Government Association


Executive Committee Student Government Association Cabinet Interfraternity Council Cabinet Order of Omega Omicron Delta Kappa Mortar Board Campus Crusades

National Founding

1865 Auburn Founding

1883 Philanthropy

Muscular Dystrophy Association Chapter GPA

2.83 Motto

“Dieu et les Dames� Number of Active Members

146 Number of Rooms in House

28 Number of Meals a Week

President Whit Whittelsey Email

Recruitment Chair Wade Lowry Email


Kappa Sigma 104 Hemlock Drive

kappa sig

National Founding

1869 Auburn Founding

1900 Chapter GPA

3.05 Motto

“A.E.K.D.B.” Number of Active Members

26 Number of Rooms

Under Renovation Number of Meals a Week


President Matthew Robbins Email

Recruitment Chair Ryan Pacer Email

Lambda Chi Alpha

lambda chi

266 W. Magnolia Ave.

Involvement Freshman Leadership Programs Student Government Association Senate Interfraternity Council Cabinet BIG Event University Program Council Delta Sigma Pi


National Founding


Camp War Eagle Leader

Auburn Founding

Interfraternal Council Court


Business Exec Society


North American Food Drive Chapter GPA

2.87 Motto

“Every Man a Man” Number of Active Members

115 Number of Rooms in House

20 Number of Meals a Week

15 President Evan Sutton Email

Recruitment Chair Fuller Benford Email

Phi Delta Theta 848 Lem Morrison Drive

phi delt


National Founding

1848 Auburn Founding

1879 Philanthropy

ASL Foundation Chapter GPA

2.77 Motto

“One Man is No Man” Number of Active Members

85 Number of Meals a Week


President Will Boyt Email

Recruitment Chair Patrick Lucas and Tyler Broaddrick Email and

Phi Gamma Delta


275 S. College Street

Involvement Freshmen Forum IMPACT Student Government Association Intrafraternity Council AU Dance Marathon Student Recruiters Plainsmen


National Founding

1848 Auburn Founding

1962 Philanthropy

Prostate Screening for Underserved Men Program Chapter GPA

3.12 Motto

“Friendship…the sweetest influence.” Number of Active Members

128 Number of Rooms in House

24 President Austin Whitt Email

Recruitment Chair Painter Sharpless Email

Number of Meals a Week


Phi Kappa Psi 320 W Magnolia Avenue

phi psi

Involvement Committee of 19 Alpha Epsilon Delta


Sigma Lambda Chi FOCUS Catholic Student Organization Campus Kitchens

National Founding

1852 Auburn Founding

1974 Philanthropy

Boys and Girls Club Chapter GPA

2.99 Motto

“The Great Joy of Serving Others” Number of Active Members

30 Number of Rooms in House

10 President Edward Fussell Email

Recruitment Chair Cole Leonard Email

Phi Kappa Tau

phi tau

841 W. Magnolia Avenue

Involvement IFC Cabinet YoungLife IMPACT Plainsmen Army ROTC


National Founding

1906 Auburn Founding

1927 Philanthropy

Serious Fun Children’s Network Chapter GPA

2.81 Motto

“To champion lifelong commitment to brotherhood, learning, ethical leadership and exemplary character.” Number of Active Members

120 Number of Meals a Week

1 President Ross Kennedy Email

Recruitment Chair Jimmy Valenti Email

Phi Sigma Kappa 140 Toomer Street

phi sig

Involvement Big Event IMPACT


Student Government Association University Program Council College Ambassadors Lambda Sigma


National Society of Collegiate Scholars

Auburn Founding

Cardinal Key

National Founding

2010 Philanthropy

Order of Omega

Big House

Golden Key

Chapter GPA

Interfraternity Cabinet


Alpha Epsilon Delta


Cupola Engineering

“Damn Proud” Number of Active Members

Ambassador Society


Engineers without Borders

Number of Rooms in House

Tau Beta Pi


Engineers Without Borders President Brad Unroe Email

Recruitment Chair Baylor Bishop Email

Pi Kappa Alpha


840 W. Magnolia Avenue

Involvement Interfraternity Cabinet Interfraternity Court Student Alumni Association ROTC College of Republicans Associated Schools of Construction Competition Associated General Contractors Competition Sigma Lambda Chi


National Founding

1868 Auburn Founding

1895 Philanthropy

Pike Dodge Domestic Violence Dogeball Tournament Chapter GPA

2.84 Motto

“Once a pike always a pike” Number of Active Members

80 Number of Rooms in House

30 President Drew Goldsmith Email

Recruitment Chair TJ Penny Email

Number of Meals a Week


Pi Kappa Phi 860 Lem Morrison Drive

pi kapp

Involvement IMPACT Big Event


Tiger Hosts Camp War Eagle Counselors

National Founding

1904 Auburn Founding

1926 Philanthropy

Build Ramps for the Handicapped Chapter GPA

2.8 Motto

“Nothing shall ever tear us asunder.” Number of Active Members

82 Number of Rooms in House

19 Number of Meals a Week


President Adam Crosby Email

Recruitment Chair Michael Clark Email

Sigma Alpha Epsilon


550 W. Magnolia Avenue

Involvement Interfraternity Council Student Government Association


Auburn Bass Fishing Club Special Olympics

National Founding

1856 Auburn Founding

1878 Philanthropy

Special Olympics and Gameday for Heroes Chapter GPA

2.78 Motto

“Be a True Gentleman” Number of Active Members

138 Number of Rooms in House

24 Number of Meals a Week

President Jake Taylor Email

Recruitment Chair Thomas Thorneycroft Email


Sigma Chi 737 W. Magnolia Drive

sigma chi

Involvement Student Government Association ROTC


National Founding


Club Rowing Club Lacrosse Big Event Campus Crusade Mission Work

Auburn Founding

1934 Philanthropy

Children’s Miracle Network Chapter GPA

2.77 Motto

“In Hoc Signo Vinaes” Number of Active Members

106 Number of Rooms in House

23 Number of Meals a Week

9 President TJ Harlin Email

Recruitment Chairs James Fraser and Ryan Cote Email and

Sigma Nu

sigma nu

715 W. Magnolia Avenue

Involvement Student Government Association Interfraternity Council


Interfraternity Executive Council Beat Bama Food Drive Lambda Sigma Campus Crusades Freshman Leadership Programs Club Soccer Auburn Football Committee of 19

National Founding

1869 Auburn Founding

1890 Philanthropy

Gameday for Heroes Chapter GPA

2.91 Motto

“Love, Honor, Truth” Number of Active Members

121 Number of Rooms in House

18 Number of Meals a Week

14 President Tucker Osborne Email

Recruitment Chair Alex Jackson Email

Sigma Phi Epsilon 926 W. Magnolia Drive

sig ep

Involvement Student Government Council Freshman Leadership Program


Camp War Eagle Counselors IMPACT Young Life

National Founding

1901 Auburn Founding

1908 Philanthropy


Chapter GPA

2.71 Number of Active Members

108 Number of Rooms in House

33 Number of Meals a Week


President Will Ham Email

Recruitment Chair Jacob Clemmensen Email

Sigma Pi

sigma pi

960 W. Magnolia Avenue

Involvement Student Government Association Interfraternity Cabinet


Freshman Leadership Program AU Dance Marathon Tiger Hosts Big Event Camp War Eagle Counselors

National Founding


Cupola Ambassador

Auburn Founding

Honor Societies


College Republicans

ACE Project, Project Uplift


Chapter GPA

2.69 Motto

“A quest for excellence” Number of Active Members

90 Number of Rooms in House

28 Number of Meals a Week

9 President Hunter Himes Email

Recruitment Chair Jackson Pruett Email

Sigma Tau Gamma 405 Opelika Road

sig tau

Involvement Opelika Special Olympics Auburn Best Buddies


Relay for Life Student Government Association Interfraternity Council Honors College

National Founding

1920 Auburn Founding

2012 Philanthropy

Special Olympics Chapter GPA

3.0 Number of Active Members

68 Number of Rooms in House


President Mitchell Bekken Email

Recruitment Chair Marshall Bowling Email

Tau Kappa Epsilon


554 West Thach Avenue

Involvement Tiger Host Honors College


Young Republicans Freshman Leadership Program IDSA Alpha Kappa Psi Student Alumni Association NROTC

National Founding

1899 Auburn Founding



Eta Sigma Delta Honors Society-Hospitality

St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital

Auburn Green Builders Society



Chapter GPA Motto

“Not for wealth, rank or honor, but personal worth and character” Number of Active Members

40 Number of Rooms in House

28 President Ryan Torpey Email

Recruitment Chair Edward Conwell Email

Number of Meals a Week


Theta Chi 935 Lem Morrison Drive

theta chi

Involvement Student Government Association Interfraternity Council


National Founding


Freshman Leadership Programs Omicron Delta Kappa Cardinal Key Lambda Sigma IMPACT

Auburn Founding

University Program Council


Beta Alpha Psi


Alternative Student Breaks

Tribute to Our Heroes Chapter GPA

Phi Kappa Phi


Tiger Habitat


Phi Eta Sigma

“An Assisting Hand” Number of Active Members


Alpha Lambda Delta Golden Key International

Number of Rooms in House

29 Number of Meals a Week

9 President Steven Sawyer Email

Recruitment Chair William Ball Email

Theta Xi

theta xi

835 W. Magnolia Avenue

Involvement Delta Epsilon Iota National Society of Collegiate Scholars


Auburn Athletic Department

National Founding

1864 Auburn Founding

1954 Philanthropy

Habitat for Humanity Chapter GPA

2.2 Motto

“United They Serve” Number of Active Members

19 Number of Rooms in House


President Draper Lee Email

Recruitment Chair Josh Bishop and Ben Waters Email and

Fraternity Expansion Expansion is the process of starting new chapters, or re-colonizing inactive chapters. There is an immense growth and interest in the Auburn Community by inter/national organizations for expansion. Organizations work with the IFC and Office of Greek Life to mutually agree upon an expansion timeline. Expansion Schedule Fall 2013: Alpha Kappa Lambda, Alpha Sigma Phi and Chi Phi Updates regarding current and future expansion projects will be listed on the Greek Life website.

Office of Greek Life 3130 Student Center Auburn, AL 36849 Phone 334.844.4600 Web Facebook Auburn IFC Twitter @AuburnIFC Membership in a fraternity is open to all enrolled Auburn University students regardless of race, sex, religion, color, national origin, age, disability, veteran status, or any other classification protected by applicable law. Auburn University is an equal opportunity educational institution/employer.

Founded over a century ago, the fraternity community at Auburn University upholds a vision of unity and a common bond that brings young men together.

Alpha Gamma Rho Alpha Tau Omega Beta Theta Pi Delta Chi Delta Kappa Epsilon Delta Sigma Phi Delta Tau Delta FarmHouse Kappa Alpha Order Kappa Sigma Lambda Chi Alpha Phi Delta Theta Phi Gamma Delta Phi Kappa Psi Phi Kappa Tau Pi Kappa Alpha Pi Kappa Phi Phi Sigma Kappa Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sigma Chi Sigma Nu Sigma Phi Epsilon Sigma Pi Sigma Tau Gamma Tau Kappa Epsilon Theta Chi Theta Xi

Auburn Interfraternity Council Recruitment Booklet  

Auburn University, Interfraternity Council Recruitment Booklet.