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Linked NZ, Supporting New Zealand Small Business

Welcome to the First Edition of Linked NZ. Linked NZ was started by a couple of WAHM’s who after seeing how the Australians had a page for sharing their products and self promotion, decided it was time for us Kiwi business’ to have our own page too….. and it has grown from there (snowballed actually). We now have three Admins who help out on the page, each who have their own business(es) to run and now we think its high time that we start to get to know the people behind each of the business’ that we Shout Out about and help promote! So be prepared to share  For this Edition I want to focus on the wonderful efforts that are being undertaken to help fundraise money for Christchurch, after its devastating earthquake. (plus it allows us to see how this all works, before hitting you all up for Interviews….!)

And we know that there are lots of you helping out in many other ways, but seeing this is only a trial run of this app, we didn’t want to get too carried away!

Linked NZ  
Linked NZ  

Supporting small businesses in New Zealand