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Virtual Business   Consumer  in  control   Text  it  Model   Virtual  Reality  

Soft Innovations Pt. 3 Amanda Garcia   Team  504-­‐4  Los  Amigos  Invencibles   An  Aggie  does  not  lie  cheat  or  steal,  or  tolerate  those   who  do.  

Virtual person   markets  business  

Virtual Business   People  that  are  working  globally.  

To global  consumers  

Targets those   consumers  to  buy   product  or  invest  etc.  

Virtual Business  Narrative    Suppose  that  someone  in  a  large  cooperation   needs  to  hold  a  meeting  to  promote  a  new   product  to  many  other  companies  that  are   considering  investing.  Instead  of  having  to   travel  to  those  companies,  one  would  be  able   to  send  themselves  virtually  to  that  country   through  a  holographic  projection  (like  star   wars).  This  way,  essentially  one  could  only   have  to  give  the  presentation  once,  yet  be  in   more  that  one  place  at  that  given  time.  

Needs  This  is  needed  because  all  big  markets  are   becoming  global  and  it  is  becoming  very   expensive  to  travel  when  there  is  no   guarantee  that  they  will  buy  or  invest  in  the   first  place.  This  is  better  than  skype  because   you  could  actually  be  standing  there   presenting  your  information  instead  of  just   being  a  face  on  a  computer  screen.  

Resources  This  technology  has  been  developed  already,  it   just  needs  to  be  implemented  in  order  for  this   business  model  to  be  used  effectively.  

Precedents • v=Jg6SEjMto9s   •  skype  

Consumer in   Control   The  consumer  here  would  be   anyone  of  any  age.  

Consumer addresses   company  

Company discusses   and  modifies   products  

Consumer buys  the   “perfect”  product  

Consumer in  control    Of  course  every  company  is  geared    towards   satisfying  their  consumer,  whoever  that  may  be,   but  everything  is  still  in  the  company’s  hands.  In   this  business  model,  the  consumer  would  be  in   total  control,  and  the  company  would  basically   just  listen  and  do  accordingly.  For  example,  cars,   the  consumers  would  directly  tell  the  company   what  they  wish  to  see  in  a  car  for  the  next  year,   and  then  the  car  designers  would  do  what  they   majority  of  people  request.  

Needs  Since  the  economy  is  down,  consumers  only   want  to  buy  what  they  need  so  they  are  very   picky  on  what  they  buy.  To  help  boost  the   economy,  the  consumer  must  be  extremely   driven  to  the  “want”  in  order  to  purchase  it.   This  would  help  solve  that  problem.  

Resources  Companies  would  have  to  develop  unique   ways  of  getting  consumers  input,  and   marketing  their  “we  work  for  you”  kind  of   deal.  

Precedents •  Company  feedback  cards   •  Surveys   •  E-­‐mails  

Text it  Model   Anyone  wanting  to  order   something  without  having  to  call  or   e-­‐mail  and  wait  for  a  response.  

Consumer texts   the  business   what  they  want  

Business receives   order  

Business responds   accordingly  to   consumer  

Text it  Narrative    Suppose  you  want  to  order  a  pizza  but  you   HATE  talking  to  people  you  don’t  know  (like   me).  You  can  simply  text  the  business  to  place   your  order.  You  write  what  you  want,  and  your   address  and  they  can  respond  with  how  long  it   will  take  for  them  to  get  that  to  you  and  the   price.  This  could  also  be  used  to  ask  a  business   for  directions.  

Needs  A  process  that  is  quicker  than  a  phone  call,  and   easily  accessible  by  anyone  with  a  cell  phone.  

Resources  The  company  would  need  to  have  a  public  cell   phone  so  to  say  for  people  to  put  in  their   orders.  

Precedents •  Online  ordering   •  Calling  in  an  order  

Producer markets   product  

Virtual Reality   All  potential  consumers  of  a   product.  

Gives a  sample   through  virtual  space   (tv  or  computer)  

Consumer’s senses   are  engaged  and   more  likely  to   purchase  product  

Virtual Reality  Narrative    So  when  you  are  watching  TV  and  they  show   an  add  for  fruit  juice,  they  are  persuading  you   with  their  words  and  though  eye  appeal.  What   about  incorporating  all  the  senses?  Samples   would  be  able  to  be  passed  through  virtual   space  and  the  potential  consumer  could  “try”   this  product  from  the  comfort  of  their  own   home.  

Needs  There  needs  to  be  different  options  to  market   ones  item  other  than  the  usual  “elevator   speech.”  It  is  also  needed  because  it  appeals   to  all  the  senses.  If  the  commercial  dealt  with   baked  cookies,  one  could  essentially  be  able  to   smell  the  aroma.      This  thought  came  to  my  mind  when  thinking   about  Willy  Wonka  (the  movie)  and  how  he   transported  a  candy  bar  through  virtual  space.   Why  couldn’t  we  get  it  to  work.  

Resources  This  technology  would  need  to  be  further   developed  in  order  for  this  to  be  possible.  

Precedents •  4-­‐D  movies  like  “Honey  I  shrunk  the  kids”  at  Universal   Studios  

Soft Innovation Part 3  
Soft Innovation Part 3  

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