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Staff Handbook

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Staff Handbook This handbook is a guide to assist you with functions of your job whilst working at Texas A&M University at Qatar (TAMUQ). It is a guide to aid you through different departments by directing you to useful links

It contains a search engine so you can locate items more easily If you feel you are at a complete lost then email: and someone should assist you with your question.

If you feel this book is missing some items, please contact the person on the bottom of the page concerned.

(Congratulations to Qatar for winning the Fifa World Cup Bid 2022)

This Staff hand book has been developed by the staff hand book committee. Thanks goes to Amanda Field. Carol Ketchijian , Ehsan Nagi, Ghada Hamed, Karen O'Driscoll and Lody Mattar for all their hard work.

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Contents Academic Affairs Admissions Building & Operations Dean & CEO Finance Human Resources Information Technology Library Marcomm Oasis Qatar Support Office (QSO) Student Affairs

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Academic Affairs Academic Affairs responsibility are the students and faculty. They deal with the following items, which can be located on their ABC'S of Advising You can contact academic affairs at

ABC's of Advising A a) b) c) d) e) f) g) h)

Academic Advising Academic Affairs Academic Calendar Academic Recognition Academic Services office Add/ Drop Classes Adjustment forms & Procedures Aggie Gateway / Opportunity Program (AGP/ AOP) i) Aggie Honor Code / Academic Integrity j) Attendance Policy

B a) Blocks C a) b) c) d) e) f) g) h)

Career Fair (see Career Services office) Career Services Office Change of Major Common Body of Knowledge (CBK) Common Exams Compass Credit by Exam Cross Registration

D a) b) c) d)

Degree Evaluation Degree Plans Directed Studies Courses (485) Dismissal (see probation)

Written by Amanda field. Email : Call: +974 4423.0288

Academic Affairs Page 4

a) b) c) d)

E E-Mail communication Employment Engineering Scholars Program (ESP) Equivalency form & Procedure

a) b) c) d) e) f)

F Faculty Advisors FERPA Financial Support First Year Grade Exclusion Foreign Language Requirement Forms

Academic Affairs Academic Affairs responsibility are the students and faculty. They deal with the following items, which can be located on their ABC'S of Advising

a) b) c) d) e) f)

N. a) New student orientation

G Grade Changes Grade Point Ratio (GPR) Grade Policies Grade Requirements Grade Waiver Graduation Process


H. a) Holds b) Honors Program (see ESP) c) Howdy Portal I. a) ImageNow b) Integrated Degree Plan c) Internships

L. a) Letters of Enrollment & Academic Standing b) c) d) e)

M. Majors Midterm Advising Midterm Grades Minor Programs & Forms

Academic Affairs Page 5

P. a) Pre-Registration b) Pre-Requisites forms c) Probation a) b) c) d)

R. Registration Registering Courses Rosters Rules

a) b) c) d) e) f) g) h)

S. Scheduling Scholarships STLC Student Engineers Council (SEC) Student Organizations Study Abroad Program Substitutions Summer Courses

Academic Affairs Academic Affairs responsibility are the students and faculty. They deal with the following items, which can be located on their ABC'S of Advising

a) b) c) d)

T Time Management Transcripts Transfer Credit Tuition

U. a) University Core curriculum b) University Curriculum committee c) University Departmental Clearance form (see graduation Process)

W. a) W- Courses b) Websites c) Withdrawal

Academic Affairs Page 6

Academic Affairs Page 7

Admissions The Office of Admissions & Records supports the recruitment, retention, and graduation of highly qualified and diverse engineering students. The office accurately and effectively collects, retains, and preserves the integrity and confidentiality of student academic records according to university policies and procedures with the highest level of professionalism and customer service. If you require further information, please contact admissions on +974.423.0043 email;

Contents: Online application website When to apply Supporting documents (requirements), Essay, Resume. Admissions Tests and competitive scores Application fees Reference forms Tuition fees Housing Financial aid Residence permit for International students Immunization Tour request Admissions contact list

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Online Application Website

Online applications are for students wishing to gain enrollment to TAMUQ. Applications for admission must be submitted online. An electronic application can be accessed through the following link: or

Please respect the application deadlines. Texas A&M University at Qatar is very strict about the application deadlines. We encourage all applications to be submitted as early as possible. We consider an early application as a good indication of keen interest in attending Texas A&M University at Qatar.

Admissions Page 9

When to Apply to TAMUQ - Students When to apply: For Freshman Applicants: Freshman applicants can only apply for the fall semester. You must submit your application between September 1 and March 1. The application deadline is March 1.

Please submit your application and all supporting documents, including all test scores, on or before March 1. Applications will not be accepted after this date. For Transfer Applicants: Transfer applicants can either apply for the fall or spring semester. *Fall admission is open between January 15 and April 1. The application deadline is April 1. Please submit your application and all supporting documents, including all test scores, on or before April 1. Applications will not be accepted after this date.

*Spring admission is open between October 1 and November 15. The application deadline is November 15. Please submit your application and all supporting documents, including all test scores, on or before November 15. Applications will not be accepted after this date.

Admissions Page 10

Supporting Documents for Student Applications to include essay, resume and Reference Forms Supporting documents (requirements) : We require 9 documents/actions in order for your application to be considered complete: 1- the online application for admission, which is found at or, 2- a copy of your passport and resident permit (if you are residing in Qatar), 3- your official high school transcript, 4- official SAT or ACT scores, 5- official TOEFL or IELTS scores, 6- student rĂŠsumĂŠ/CV, 7- an essay indicating your interest in attending TAMUQ, 8- 2 reference forms that can be downloaded from the website 9- the payment of your application fee. Applicants must submit all their documents prior to the respective admission deadline. The admission committee will not consider your application unless you submit all supporting documents on or before the application deadline For test score information see Tests and Score requirements next Essays: We leave the length of the essay entirely to the discretion of the applicant, but it should be long enough to give us an insight on your dreams, aspirations, special skills and talents you may possess, as well as your unique character. You could tell us about why you want to study engineering and why you chose Texas A&M. CV/Resume: To include your academic and non-academic accomplishments, achievements and recognitions. These areas include extracurricular activities, leadership roles, community service, awards, talents, and employment.

Reference forms: One form must be completed by your mathematics or science teacher while the other one can be completed by a school administrator or teacher. We cannot accept references from relatives and friends. You should check with your reference whether they will return this form to you, or send it directly to the University. The form must be enclosed in a sealed envelope.

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Tests and Score requirements for Student Applications

Admissions Tests and competitive scores: We evaluate your application in a holistic approach. But a score in SAT of 600 in math is generally considered competitive. We do not require SAT subject examinations, but students who take these tests and submit high scores are favorably viewed during the admissions process. Moreover, you might be exempted from taking some freshman courses if you obtain certain scores. Please review the Undergraduate Catalog online.

ACT score in Math We evaluate applications in a holistic approach. But a score of 26 in math is generally considered competitive. The TOEFL is not required if English is your native language, but it is definitely required if English is not your mother tongue. TOEFL score required Applicants whose native language is not English are required to submit proof of English proficiency, which is satisfied by: a. a minimum TOEFL score of: i. 550 for paper-based testing (p-BT), ii. 213 computer-based testing (c-BT), iii. 80 internet-based testing (i-BT), or b. a minimum IELTS score of 6.0 overall band c. a minimum score of 480 on the Critical Reading part of SAT or 19 on the English part of ACT IELTS scores An overall band score of 6.0 is required to satisfy the English language proficiency requirement. TOEFL and IELTS scores are valid for 2 years. SAT and ACT are valid for 5 years. If the validity of the scores you present is in question, you may ask an Admissions Officer to assist you in verifying their validity. You may be asked to take certain tests again if they were deemed to be invalid. For more information on test scores: Registration for the SAT Visit: Registration for the International ACT Visit: Registration for the residual ACT: ACT Residual is offered at the Education City specifically for students applying to one of the six universities in Education City. No other university or college will accept its scores. The results of the Residual ACT will be automatically sent to all six universities in Education City. Registration for ACT Residual is at TAMUQ see Admissions Administrative Assistant. Registration for TOEFL: Registration for IELTS:

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Application fees for student application Application fees: The application fee is QR 275, or the equivalence of $75 U.S. dollars. The application fee is non-refundable. Applicants have the option to pay online two weeks after submitting a copy of their passport, send a check by mail addressed to Texas A&M University at Qatar. You can also choose to pay in person at Texas A&M Engineering Building, Suite 340

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Tuition Fees Tuition fees: Tuition fees for the academic year 2010 - 2011 (fall and spring semester only) is QR 72,100 (US$ 20,000) for non-sponsored students and QR 146,000 (US$ 40,000) for sponsored students. Please note that these figures are subject to change.

Tuition fees for summer courses is dependant on course credit hours. For current summer course fee please contact Dr. Eric Wilson at

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Student Housing Qatar Foundation does supply students with housing; but occupancy is on a limited basis

Dorms cost: cost around QR 14,000* (US$ 3835) per academic year. *This cost may increase on a yearly basis, and all cost are subject for reviews

Admissions Page 15

Financial Aid for enrolled students Financial aid:

Financial assistance is available for enrolled students through our sponsoring organization, the Qatar Foundation. Qatar Foundation provides interest free loans for admitted students on certain conditions. For information about financial aid or scholarships, please contact the Qatar Foundation at 974.454.0400 or email You can access their website on: . For more information:

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Resident Permits for Students

Residence permit for International students: We can help our enrolled international students in obtaining residency permits through our sponsoring organization, the Qatar Foundation. We have got a designated person who takes care of all immigration related matters. Please see the Admissions administrative assistant on +974.423.0043 or email:

Admissions Page 17

Immunizations - Students Texas A&M University at Qatar requires immunizations and the submission of immunization records as a requirement for class registration. International students (students in Qatar for the sole purpose of attending TAMUQ) are required to submit immunization records to the Counseling and Wellness Program in order to register for courses. Students should be screened for TB and submit the results to the Counseling and Wellness program coordinator before registration for classes. For more information, please consult the following link for more information: QF_immunization_policy.pdf If you have questions, please contact via email. All of this information can also be accessed via the Student Wellness Program website at

Admissions Page 18

Admission Tours Admissions can give tours for the Texas A&M University at Building Building for new students and parent. To apply for a tour go to the following URL:

Admissions Page 19

Building Operations and HSSE

The Building Operations and HSSE department cover all functions to do with the Building, Safety, Security, Maintenance and also Employee and Student Security. They also assist Marcomm with Events, Visitors and VIP's protocols.

Contents: MAPS  BUILDING LAYOUT  Ground Floor  First Floor  Second Floor  Third Floor ID     

New / Renewed ID’s Lost ID Change Access on ID What Access Normally Given on ID What Happens when you Forget your ID

VAP  Car Permits  What is needed to Obtain Car Permit  How to apply online  When is a good time to renew your permit  How do I know it is ready for collection  Where do I collect the permit SUPPORT SERVICES/MAINTENANCE  Air Conditioning  General queries  Cleaning  Electrical

TRAINING  Protocol for New Employee Training  New Employee Training  Miscellaneous Training VISITORS  Vendors  Guests Individual  Guests Groups (5 people or More) EVENTS  Security  Signs  Table  Tablecloths MAIL  Your Mail  Personal Mail - Flat  Business Mail – Flat  Personal Mail – Package  Business Mail - Package Questions

CONTACTS  Building Operations Contact Details

 Handyman  Lights

Page written by; Karen O'Driscoll, email: karen.o' Call +974 4423.0541

Building & Operations OBS & HSSE Page 20

Building Layouts

Building Layouts By Floors Lower Floor: 20Documents/BUILDING%20Layout/Building%20Layout%20Lower% 20Floor.pdf First Floor: 20Documents/BUILDING%20Layout/Building%20Layout%20First%20Floor.pdf Second Floor: 20Documents/BUILDING%20Layout/Building%20Layout%20Second% 20Floor.pdf Third Floor: 20Documents/BUILDING%20Layout/Building%20Layout%20Third%20Floor.pdf

Building & Operations OBS & HSSE Page 21

ID Renewal/ new

New/ Renewed ID’s When you start working in TAMUQ you receive a UIN number, this number is unique to you. Part of your new employee orientation is obtaining your ID Card. Please complete the form and come to Suite 225 Building Operations. Use link 20Building%20Access/New%20Renewed%20EMPLOYEE%20Building%20Access%20Form% 2015.7.2010.pdf What Access will I have? You are given access to the Building Entrance (all areas), Underground Garage, and Stationery Store room, Employee lounge, Pantries, your office and any other office you may need access to. Lost ID’s If you are unfortunate and lose your ID please fill out the form in the link and bring it to Suite 225 Building Operations. 20Building%20Access/Lost%20or%20Replacement%20card%20application%20form%20% 2015.7.2010.pdf

Changing Offices If you are moving into a new office, please fill out the Change of Access form with the details of your new office number and any additional offices you need access to and bring to Suite 225 Building Operations for processing. 20Building%20Access/Change%20in%20Building%20Access%20Rights%20-% 20EMPLOYEE%2015.7.2010.pdf If you forget your ID If you forget your ID, you cannot enter the underground Garage, you will have to park your car in the visitors car park (see map). When you come in the building, you will have to sign in with your Qatari ID.

Building & Operations OBS & HSSE Page 22

Car Permits Car Permits (Vehicle Access Permits) We look after the management of the Car Permits from QF. These permits are required to gain access into Education City. What is needed to obtain a Car Permit TAG? You need to have your Residence Permit (RP), your uin number and contact details if you then complete the form use this link 20Documents/Vehicle%20Tag%20Application%20june10.pdf And bring the completed form to OBO suite 225 when you will receive your TAG Car Permit TAG Renewal There is no expiration date on the tag so there is no need to renew. However, when you are leaving TAMUQ you are required to hand the tag back to OBO. When will the Car Permit TAG be ready for collection? Normally within 24 hours depending on the number of applications received at OBO. When they are ready for collection, you will receive an email from Karen O’Driscoll to come and collect. Where do I collect my Car permit? From the Office of Building Operations on the second floor, suite number 225

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Maintenance - Support Services

Support Services/Maintenance For any problems you might experience in the building, you can contact the Facilities helpdesk to request help under any circumstances. Air Conditioning problems, temperature too hot or too cold, please send an email to explaining the problem. This is a helpdesk system and your ticket request will receive a number, this will help with tracking and management of your ticket. Office Room Signage, if you are new or move to a new office, we can make new name plates please email the complete details, your name, title, department and your office number to Cleaning, if you need cleaners to help with some cleaning issues, you notice a spill on corridor, trash bins are full, no toilet paper in ladies/gents restrooms and other general cleaning enquiries please email to stating where you need the cleaners to go and the purpose . Electrical problems for example, if you have no power in your switches or your leads or maybe you have some blown light bulbs in your office, please email stating where you are located and we will send an electrician to help with the problem for you. Other items that can be handled by Facilities are Handyman items such as hanging pictures, fixing drawer units in desks, fixing cabinets, replacing locks in cabinets, desks and doors and installing shelves.

If the problem is more serious, we will send work requests to QF directly to fix the problems we have throughout the building. These can take some time to complete. FOR EMERGENCIES PLEASE CALL 44230032

Building & Operations OBS & HSSE Page 24

Safety Training

Training All new employees must complete the new employee safety training course; see the link for new employee training protocol: 20Documents/PROTOCOLS%20and%20PROCEDURES/PROTOCOL%20-% 20New%20Employee%20Training.pdf

It involves all safety procedures in relation to your work. Topics included are: fire safety, evacuation procedures, fire alarms, and basic First Aid. To register for this course follow this link to see the dates and times of the course:TAMUQ Training Any miscellaneous training needs can be discussed with David Onchagwa our HSSE manager by emailing him at


Building & Operations OBS & HSSE Page 25

Visitors If you have visitors coming to see you from time to time it is important to advise security of this to avoid unnecessary hold ups when they enter the building. One person - If you have one person please fill out the individual visitor request use link: 20Documents/TAMUQ%20VISITORS/FORMS_Individual%20Visitor% 20Registration%20Form.pdf Group of 5 Persons plus - fill out the group request form but only put the group Focal Point: 20Documents/TAMUQ%20VISITORS/FORMS_Group%20Registeration% 20Form.pdf VIP Garage Parking If your visitors require VIP parking in the underground garage, please fill out the Parking Request Form, see link and follow instructions: 20Documents/FORMS%20-%20Building%20Access/Garage%20Access% 20Visitors%2015.7.2010.pdf

Building & Operations OBS & HSSE Page 26

Events Events When you have an event you need to complete the Event Request Form use this link 20Catering/Event%20Forms%20and%20Templates/Event%20Reservation%20Request% 20Form.pdf The Events are managed by Marketing and Communications department. See Marcomm page for further information Signage Signage for your event is the responsibility of Building Operations and will be given to the Falcon movers, when sign stands are requested. Building Operations will place the printed signs in the stands when you send them the day before the event. The signs and stands are removed after the event. Chairs, Tables and Table clothes Does your event require any extra chairs, tables and table cloths other than the caterers? Then on the event form you complete the details of how many are needed. The Office of Building Operations manages extra tables and chairs and TAMUQ tablecloths. These are set up prior to the event and removed afterwards.

Security We need to know beforehand the names of the people attending the event or a focal point if the group is more than five people. This needs to be provided at least 24 hours in advance. Contact Facilities on

Building & Operations OBS & HSSE Page 27


Building Operations will advise Shipping & Receiving of your location within the building so that your mail will be delivered to your departmental mailbox. There are two delivery / collection times 10.00am and 2.00pm. Each department has two mailboxes for incoming and outgoing mail. When mail is placed in the mailbox, the red flag is raised to make you aware of this. Likewise when you want send mail you place your mail inside and raise the flag notifying shipping of this. Shipping and Receiving is located on the ground floor room 006 Contact Rami at Ext 095.

Please use this link to view the presentation on the mail procedures at TAMUQ: 20RECEIVING/Shipping%20and%20Recieving%20Presentation%20Rev.2.pptx Personal & Business Mail – Flat All flat mail, whether personal or business, will come through Qatar Support Office in College Station (if you come from the USA). Please note all DVD’s and Magazines are separated by QSO prior to shipment due to customs controls here in Doha, thus avoiding any delays on documents. If you come from a country other than the USA, your mail will probably arrive by courier to Doha, without the service of separating DVD’s and Magazines. Personal Mail – Packages When you order personal items for delivery to TAMUQ you can use FedEx, UPS or another courier company to ship directly to Doha. You cannot ship personal packages through the QSO. When your items arrive, Shipping and Receiving, will notify you by email. When you collect your items you will be advised of the cost. Business Mail – Packages When you are ordering items for business you can either request direct delivery by FedEx or another courier company. You may also use the Aramex address for shipping business packages. When your items arrive, Shipping and Receiving, will notify you by email. Shipping Address The Aramex shipping addresses to use when ordering online, please note there are two accounts one for the USA and one for the UK depending on where you are purchasing your items from: RootFolder=%2fDepts%2fBldOps%2fDepartment%20Documents%2fSHIPPING%20% 20RECEIVING&FolderCTID=&View=%7b8E31B990%2d7660%2d4F84%2d8A1A% 2d7B39E292DFA5%7d Receiving Business Packages When your business package arrives in Shipping & Receiving you will receive an email to advise you that it is ready for collection, you will also receive an acknowledgement form to be completed by you and signed by your supervisor. This is to ensure that the shipment is charged to the correct department. Please see link for the form: 20RECEIVING/Package%20Receiving%20%20Acknowledgement%20Form.pdf

Building & Operations OBS & HSSE Page 28

Security and EMERGENCY Security Emergency Contact Details If you find yourself in a situation you cannot manage for example you need translation, help with the police, or just advice about your situation. Please use link 20Safety/Emergency%20Card.pdf

Building & Operations OBS & HSSE Page 29

Office of the Dean and CEO The Office of the Dean and CEO covers the following documents Travel and Leave request procedure Documents for approval Templates

Scheduling meetings Driver arrangement Dean and CEO event engagement Executive Management chart

Dean & CEO Page 30

Dean & CEO Page 31

Travel and Leave request procedure

Please refer to Travel and Leave Request Procedure for Business Travel on marhaba/Departments/Finance/ Documents/

Dean & CEO Page 32

Documents for approval All documents should be submitted at the reception area in the Dean’s Suite to be routed for appropriate signatures. For confidential matters; documents should be submitted to the Executive Management assistants in person. After submission; a ticket will be opened on Marhaba tracking system and an e-mail notice will be generated to the document owner and to the department/program assistant when approved. The final document will be delivered to the appropriate department/program through the internal mail system.

Dean & CEO Page 33

Templates University templates can be located on marhaba/Departments/Marketing, Communications and Events/Documents/Templates

Templates include Fliers, powerpoint, word letterheads, letters, etc.

Dean & CEO Page 34

Scheduling meetings Meeting with the Executive Directors Meeting requests should be submitted directly to the Executive Management assistants via e-mail. A confirmation with an e-calendar appointment will be followed.

Dean & CEO Page 35

Driver arrangement

Driver requests should be directed to at least 3 working days prior to the event. For urgent matters; please e-mail Ms. Teba Mossa directly at

Dean & CEO Page 36

Executive Management chart Executive management Chart is located below

Dean & CEO Page 37

Finance The Office of finance and the office of Budget and Compliance supports the finance requirements for Texas A&M University at Qatar, this includes all finance needs for staff and faculty.

Finance and Budget & Compliance PETTY CASH  Cash Advance  Find Petty Cash Request  Fill Petty Cash Request  Petty Cash collection TRAVEL  Per Diem Information (foreign/US travel)  Fuel Claim  Mileage calculation  Code for TAMU contracted car rentals  Stopover Reimbursement  Registration/Training payment Fees  Travel credit card for my business trip  Air ticket purchase  Contact address for the travel agents  Form for reimbursement for out of pocket expenses

• • • • •

PURCHASING Submit a request Form Currency limit restriction Get a quote Procurement guidelines PROCUREMENT CARDS

• Procurement Card Application Process Written by Lody Mattar email: Call: +974 4423.0296

Finance Page 38

Petty Cash Can I take Cash Advance? Petty cash is up to 500QAR. Cash advances are not given. If several items are being submitted at one time and the total is over 500 QAR a check must be requested from Accounts Payable instead of petty cash being given. Where can I find the Petty Cash Request form? The department completes the Petty Cash Request form which can be found on Marhaba at: 20Documents/Petty%20Cash%20forms/Petty-Cash-Request.pdf

How do I fill the Petty Cash Form? 1. Each section of the form must be completed to include the account and department to be charged. 2. The appropriate department head, PC or delegate must approve the form. If a research account is involved the research office must approve the document as well. All other items must have the final approval of the Budget and Compliance group before payment can be made. 3. All ORIGINAL receipts must be attached. If a receipt is missing, the Documentation in Lieu of Receipt or Invoice form must be completed which can be found at: nt%20Documents/Reimbursement% 20forms/Documentation%20in%20Lieu%20of% 20Receipt%20or%20Invoice.pdf 4. If food has been purchased, the Business Meal Support form must be completed which can be found at: uments.aspx?RootFolder=%2fDepts%2fFinance% 2fDepartment%20Documents%2fReimbursement% 20forms&FolderCTID=&View=%7bA44388C4%2d4297% 2d478E%2dADE9%2d5498DBA39F98%7d

5. If more than receipt is attached an ADDING MACHINE tape or EXCEL SPREADSHEET must be attached to show how the total was arrived at. 6. Please be sure if you need a copy of the item that it is taken before bringing the forms to the petty cash office. Finance Page 39

When and where to collect my petty cash? Petty Cash is dispersed daily 1:30 to 3:30 pm from office 340F.

Finance Page 40

Travel Where can I find per diem information? Per Diem information is found in Marhaba under Finance department quick links.  Per Diem for Foreign Travel:  Per Diem for US Travel: 17943&contentType=GSA_BASIC Can I claim fuel for my personal car? No, you can claim mileage for a personal car but not fuel.

How do I calculate mileage? You can use Google map or MapQuest to calculate the distance travelled between two locations. What is the code for TAMU contracted car rentals? For Enterprise: TX711 For Avis: F999711 Can I be reimbursed for a stopover? The employee may be reimbursed for one night lodging, meals and local transportation while in route either to or from Doha (but not both in one round trip), if the following conditions are met: 1. The trip is no more than 10 days duration 2. The cost of the overnight stay will not exceed $500 3. The cost will be paid from appropriate funds, and 4. The Dean and CEO of the Qatar Campus, or designee, or the Executive Vice President and Provost, or designee, approves the reimbursement in advance and in writing. How can I pay for registration fees / Training? Registration fees can be paid by pro card or by wire transfer to the vendor. Can I get a travel credit card for my business trip? Yes, you can by sending a request to Please attach the approved travel form with the email and specify the credit limit required for the trip. Note that request should be sent one week in advance.

Finance Page 41

Do I need to save receipts for all transactions made with the travel card? Yes, receipts are required for all transactions made. How can I purchase my air ticket? 1- An online purchase using the TAMUQ travel credit card. 2- Through the two travel agents on campus: Mannai Travels and Horizon Travels. 3- Tickets can be purchased by using your personal travel card too, but the reimbursement will be only after the trip is complete. What is the contact address for the travel agents? 1- Mannai Travels: Dushan Rajith Hamza Telephone: +9744282611/600; Mobile: +9745183751 2- Horizon Travels: Hadeel Abu-Sido Telephone: +974 4444222; Mobile: +974 5323292 Is there a form for reimbursement for out of pocket expenses? Yes. You can find the Travel Expense Claim Form in Marhaba aspx?RootFolder=%2fDepts%2fFinance%2fDepartment% 20Documents%2fTravel%20Forms&FolderCTID=&View=% 7bA44388C4%2d4297%2d478E%2dADE9%2d5498DBA39F98% 7d

Finance Page 42

Pro Card How do I apply for a procard?

1- Fill the pro card application form on RootFolder=%2fDepts%2fFinance%2fDepartment%20Documents% 2fProcurement%20Card&FolderCTID=&View=%7bA44388C4%2d4297% 2d478E%2dADE9%2d5498DBA39F98%7d 2- Get the pro card application form approved from your supervisor.

3- Complete the online training for pro cards. 4- Submit the form and certificate to 340G to Geeta Megchiani.

Finance Page 43

Purchasing How do I submit a request to procure goods/services for my department? Please click the link and use the appropriate form which will need to be signed by the department head and then submit it to Budget and Compliance Office for final approval. How do I know which form to use? For procurement purposes, there are only two forms – one over $5K and the other below $5K. Use the one based on the dollar value of your request or order.

Is there any purchasing dollar limit restrictions? Yes. The dollar ceiling for departmental procurement is $5K per order. Any order over this limit needs to comply with both Texas A&M University and State of Texas Procurement guidelines. I know what I am looking for but don’t know any local suppliers; how do I get a quote? In such case, please put in a detailed specification literature when submitting your PR form and TAMUQ-Purchasing Services office will source it out for you; a quote will be submitted to you for acceptance of the goods/service as per your PR request before processing the order. Where can I acquire information on the procurement guidelines for TAMUQ, TAMU and the State of Texas? The literature on the policies and guidelines is enormous; you may contact TAMUQ-Purchasing Services at or visit us in-person in room 004 (level zero ground floor); we will be happy to guide you through the complete procurement policies, procedures and relevant guidelines so all your purchasing needs will be in compliance with the University practices.

Finance Page 44

Human Resources General TAMUQ Human Resources Frequently Asked Questions

Leave Deployment /Redeployment Allowance Home Leave Allowance Non-Resident Travel Allowance HRIS Employment and Contracts Relocation/New Employee Arrivals Personal Health Insurance Immigration and Transportation

Useful Links Emergency Contact List

HR Page 45


Q. How do I check my leave balance? A. Expatriate employees paid through BPP payroll system can access their leave through LeaveTrack. Local and NonUS expatriate employees, who are paid through local payroll, can access leave through HRIS. Q. Who do I contact if I have questions regarding my leave balance in LeaveTrack or HRIS? A. Please contact Human Resources Department at TAMUQ. Q. Where do I find the official TAMUQ holiday schedule? A. The fiscal year holiday schedule is available on the Marhaba-HR News posts as Academic Year 2010-2011 Holiday Schedule

Q. Where can I find the leave benefits for locals and Non-US Expats? A. the leave benefits for locals and Non-US Expats is available on the Marhaba-HR Documents as Leave Benefits for Local and Non-US Expat Q. I worked one day during an official holiday, but I did not see a credit on my Comp. Time balance. Why? A. If you worked during a University official holiday, your direct supervisor needs to inform HR so you can be granted Comp. time for that day if eligible. Q. When does my Comp leave expire? A. 12 months after you have earned it. For example, you must use your 8 hours of Comp time earned on July 4, 2007, before July 3, 2008. Q. Can I use vacation before my 6 months employment period is over? A. No, you can not take vacation until then, but you can use sick leave, if you need to, or leave without pay. If you are traveling outside Qatar, you may use Deployment/Redeployment allowance. Q. Who do I contact if my SSO account is completely locked? A. Only Central Administrators can unlock your SSO account. Please send a request to TAMUQ-HR. Your account will be reset and a new password will be sent out to your TAMUQ e-mail address. Q. When I tried to login to SSO, a "Password invalid. Account will be locked in 2 more attempts. (Error: 6705)" error message appeared on the login screen. What do I do? A. That means you have tried to login to SSO with a wrong password. If you try to login with the wrong password two more times, your SSO account will be locked and only the Central Administrators for SSO can unlock your account. If you have forgotten your password, try I forgot my password on the login page. It will ask you to enter your UIN, date of birth and ask some personal questions. A new password will be sent out to your e-mail. Q. My total years of service are not correct in LeaveTrack or HRIS. How do I get them corrected? A. Please contact Human Resources Department at TAMUQ. Top

HR Page 46

Deployment / Redeployment

Q. Where can I find the definition of the Deployment / Redeployment allowance rule? A. Click under the main TAMU rules. Q. Who is eligible for Deployment /Redeployment Allowance? A. All TAMUQ budgeted full-time employees are eligible. Q. How do I check my Deployment/Redeployment allowance balance? A. All employees must submit deployment/redeployment allowance requests through HRIS. Q. What is the difference between Deployment/Redeployment allowance and vacation? A. Deployment/Redeployment is NOT leave. It is an allowance that TAMUQ employees can use in conjunction with their personal or business travel outside Qatar as outlined in TAMUQ Rule 31.03.99.Q1. Leave is the hours you get at the beginning of each month that you can carry forward to next year.

Q. How many days of Deployment and Redeployment can I use? And when? A. You can use up to five work days (40 hours) of deployment at the beginning of your trip from Qatar and five work days (40 hours) of redeployment at the end of your trip to Qatar. Q. Do I have to use D/R all in one trip? A. No, you can divide the allowance among your trips during your employment year. Q. When does my employment year start? A. Your employment year starts from the effective date of your TAMUQ contract. Q. Can I carry my Deployment/Redeployment allowance to my next employment year? A. No, your unused Deployment/Redeployment balance expires at the end of your employment year. Q. Does D/R expire at the end of the fiscal year or my employment year? A. It expires, if not used, at the end of your current employment year. (For example if your hiring date is February 1, 2007, you have five work days of Deployment and five of Redeployment to use by January 31, 2008. Otherwise, you will loose them and start a new D/R balance on February 1, 2008. Q. Can I use Deployment/Redeployment before my 6 months employment period is over? A. Since Deployment/Redeployment is an allowance and not leave, you may use it if you are traveling outside Qatar.

HR Page 47

Home Leave Allowance Q. Where do I find the definition of Home Leave Allowance? A. Please check your most recent incentive package which you received with your contract. Q. Who is eligible for Home Leave Allowance? A. All TAMUQ budgeted employees with a multiple year contract, and onsite dependant(s) of Expat employees who are sponsored by them and live in Qatar with them are eligible. Q. When will I receive my Home Leave Allowance? A. Expat employees in their first year of employment will receive HLA six months after arrival in Qatar. For the rest of the employment years (second, third, etc) except for the final year of employment, HLA will be received three months after the completion of the third month of the new employment year. For example, if your second employment year begins in September, 2007, you will receive your HLA in December, 2007. Locals and Non-US expat employees will receive their HLA at the end of each employment year except for the final year of employment. For example, if your employment year begins in September, 2007, you will receive your HLA by the end of August, 2008. Q. Do I have to request HLA from HR or submit travel receipts to Finance in order to receive my HLA? A. No, HLA will be paid automatically into your bank account. Q. How do I know when do I receive my Home Leave Allowance? A. Your Home Leave Allowance eligibility date, amount and usage information are listed in your HRIS Home Leave Allowance record. Top

HR Page 48

Non-Resident Travel Allowance (for Expat Employees only)

Q. Where do I find the definition of Non-Resident Travel Allowance? A. Please check your most recent incentive package which you received with your contract. Q. Who is eligible for Non-Resident Travel Allowance? A. Eligible non-resident spouses and dependants of TAMUQ budgeted expatriate employees with a multiple year contract, who do not have a residency permit in Qatar and do not live in Qatar with them are eligible. Q. Is my spouse, who does not live in Qatar with me, eligible for Non-Resident Travel Allowance? A. Yes, send a request to TAMUQ-HR for a NRTA for your spouse. Q. What are NRTA eligibility criteria for my dependant children who do not live in Qatar with me? A. Your unmarried and under the age of 18 son, daughter, step-son or step-daughter, or adopted children (both legally adopted or placed for adoption by a placement agency) OR unmarried, between the ages of 18 & 25 but registered full time in university or technical programs. Q. Is NRTA paid automatically into my bank account? A. No, NRTA is not automatically paid. You need to send an e-mail to TAMUQ-HR requesting the NRTA and indicating the person(s) eligible as per the eligibility criteria mentioned above. Top

HR Page 49


Q. What is HRIS? A. The Human Resources Information System (HRIS) is an application intended to aid both TAMUQ HR and TAMUQ Employees in the management of the related information.

Q. What are Roles? A. If you are only a member of one role, you will not have a role dropdown list. A role indicates in what capacity a user is accessing HRIS. If you are both an employee and supervisor, indicate how you are accessing the system by selecting the appropriate role. For the most part, this will determine what tools are available to you. Q. How do I navigate HRIS? A. HRIS is divided into Roles, Modules and Tabs. If you are only a member of one role, you will not have a role dropdown list. Roles indicate in what capacity a user is acting as in HRIS. When you want to access the system as a supervisor you will need to explicitly indicate that by selecting from the list of available roles in the top right hand corner. Modules are used to divide information into related groups. You can switch between modules by clicking one of the links below the role dropdown list. Tabs further divide information into applicable groups. Switch between tabs by clicking on the tab image.

Q. Who do I contact if I have questions about HRIS? A. If you have any questions about the data in your file, please contact TAMUQ-HR department. Please direct any technical questions to Q. Where is the HRIS manual? A. Please click here for the HRIS User Manual. Q. How do I use HRIS Supervisory Role for Leave Approval? A. Please click here for detailed screenshots. Q. How do I use HRIS Supervisory Role to view employment info? A. Please click here for detailed screenshots.

Q. How do I update Dependant school info in the HRIS? A. Please click here for detailed screenshots. Q. How do I request DR in the HRIS? A. Please click here for detailed screenshots. Q. How do I use Out of Country tab to leave contacts while I am away? A. Please click here for detailed screenshots.

HR Page 50

Employment and Contracts

Q. What is the procedure for hiring someone for a staff position? A. You must get TAMUQ-Finance and Budgets approval on the position first and then contact TAMUQ-HR. Q. How do I know the contract and employment status for my direct reports? A. Access employment history of your direct reports by logging on to HRIS, change your role from Employee to Supervisor at the top right corner of the HRIS first screen, then select Employment module. The employment history is available under the TAMUQ Contracts tab. Or contact TAMUQ-HR.

Q. Where do I find useful information for managers and employees? A. Please see TAMU Employee Services web site for Employees and Managers.

HR Page 51

Relocation/New Employee Arrivals

Q. I have made an offer to a new employee who will be relocating to Qatar soon. Where does the relocation process start? A. As soon as the new employee accepts the offer, he/she needs to work with the Qatar Support Office in order to start coordinating the relocation process, such as immigration documents, shipping, air tickets, etc. Please contact Director of the Qatar Support Office at, International Programs Office, Texas A&M University, Mail Stop 4251, College Station, TX 77843-4251, 979-845-2297 Phone, 979-845-4824 FAX. Q. Where do I find information about new employee arrivals relocating to TAMUQ? A. Look in the share drive for "TAMUQ Travel List" Excel sheet. The relocators details including arrival date and time, housing, cell phone number, visa status, etc., are available on the New Employee Arrivals tab. Q. What is the TO DO list for new employee arrivals relocating to TAMUQ? A. If you are a new employee relocating to TAMUQ from outside Qatar, the To Do list once you arrive in Doha is as follows: 1. Driver picks you up from Doha airport and transports you to your new home in Qatar. 2. You will be loaned a cell phone, which will have emergency contact numbers. You will also be provided a welcome packet with a map of Doha and Marhaba with useful information about Qatar, and a TAMUQ phone directory list. 3. You will also be provided with a rental car, if eligible. The car key will be at the security gate of the compound and parked in your parking lot. 4. You can drive to TAMUQ or ask the driver to pick you up the next morning. 5. The first person you should see is the Administrative Assistant of the Department for which you are employed. 7. The Administrative Assistant will take you to the following TAMUQ Departments: -HR for Immigration orientation. -IT for an IT account setup. -Facilities to get an access card to the building. -Reception desk at the Executive Office to get a car sticker to access the main gate. -Finance to fill in a direct deposit form or any other Finance forms required. Q. What immigration documents do I need to prepare for orientation? A. It is recommended to have the following immigration documents in hand as soon as you can: 1. Original passport(s) 2. 14 passport size photos (If you wear glasses while you drive, your photos must be taken with your glasses on) 3. Copy of the blood type 4. Original Police Clearance Certificate + 20 Qatari riyals to get it notarized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 5. Original home country driving licenses. 6. 150 Qatari Riyals (temporary driving license fees) 1-3 are required for the employee, spouse and each dependant, while 5 &6 are only required for the employee and his/her spouse. Q. How do I get a vehicle access permit to the Education City? A. Complete the Vehicle Tag Form/Security access, attach a double side copy of your Qatar ID. Send completed form with proper documents to the office of Building Operations Suite 225.

HR Page 52

Personal Health Insurance

Q. Where do I find information about AXA Health Insurance? A. See AXA Policy Guidelines Booklet

Q. How do I enroll myself in AXA Medical Insurance? A. Complete the AXA Medical Insurance Registration Form and send electronically to TAMUQ -HR at to enroll in AXA Health Insurance Program. Q. Who is eligible for AXA Health Insurance Program? A. All TAMUQ budgeted full-time employees who have a valid residency permit in Qatar are eligible. Q. Can I enroll my family with AXA Health Insurance? A. If you are a TAMUQ full-time budgeted employee sponsored by Qatar Foundation, you can enroll your sponsored spouse and dependants under 25 years of age who have a valid residency permit in Qatar. Non QF-sponsored employees are eligible for themselves but not their spouses and dependents.

HR Page 53

Immigration and Transportation Q. What is Qatar Residency Permit (RP)? A. A Residency Permit is a governmental stamp placed in your passport signifying that you are recognized as a resident, typically for a period of one year. It is required for those people who are coming to work in Qatar or for those coming to live as dependents of an employee. A residence permit is also known as a working visa and it must be obtained before you can get a Qatari driving license, health card, ID card, Exit Permit, or any other related immigration documents.

Q. How long does it take to process my residency permit? A. The complete Residency Permit process normally takes about four to five weeks if there are not any complications. Q. Can I travel before I complete my residency permit process? A. No, you have to have your RP stamp on your passport and an Exit Permit before you travel from Qatar. Q. What do I need in order to leave the country on a business trip or vacation? A. A valid Residency Permit and an Exit Permit are required. Q. Is the Exit Permit required for my spouse and children before traveling? A. The Exit Permit is only required for the employee, not for his/her sponsored spouse or dependants. Q. Do my children need to do medical checkup and fingerprinting? A. The medical checkup is required for the spouses and dependants over the age of 14 years old. The fingerprinting is required for spouses and for male dependants over 10 years old and female dependants over 14 years old. Q. Who is responsible for the renewal of immigration paperwork? A. The immigration department at TAMUQ-HR is responsible for immigration paperwork. Q. Do I need to carry my passport with me all the time? A. No, your Qatar ID card suffices as an official piece of identification. Q. Am I able to open a bank account in Qatar before I receive my Residence Permit? A. Yes, The Education City Branch of Qatar National Bank (QNB) will allow you to open a bank account. Q. Do I need to register at the U.S. Embassy in Doha before I arrive in Qatar? A. It is recommended that you register yourself and your family with the U.S. Embassy. Go online to the US Embassy at Qatar home page for more information. Q. What is the procedure to get a liquor permit? A. First, you have to have your Residency Permit to get a liquor permit. Complete the liquor permit application form attach a copy of your passport, the RP page, and 2 photos. The form must be signed by your sponsor. A 1,000 Qatari Riyals deposit is required. Q. Where can I use my local health card? A. At Al Rayyan Medical Center and Hamad General Hospital. Q. What do I need to get a permanent driving license? A. You need a valid Residence Permit, letter from your sponsor (TAMUQ-HR will prepare this letter), two photos (you need to have your picture taken with glasses on if you wear any), process fees (250 QR) which will be on your expenses, and a valid home country driving license. You may be able to receive a temporary driving license, which is valid for three months if you entered Qatar on a permanent visa and one month if entered Qatar on an official visit visa. The temporary driving license can be extended. Q. Can I use my international driving license until I get my residence permit? A. If you entered Qatar on a permanent visa, you will not be able to use your international driving license. You can drive for the first week with you home country driving license until you get your Qatari temporary driving license. Q. Do I need insurance to drive? A. All TAMUQ rental cars are fully insured before we deliver them to you. Q. What should I do in case of an accident? A. Call the police to come and investigate. Q. What do I need to register my new vehicle? A. If you decide to buy a car, you will need a No Objection Letter from QF.. Send a request to TAMUQ-HR to prepare

HR Page 54

A. If you decide to buy a car, you will need a No Objection Letter from QF.. Send a request to TAMUQ-HR to prepare it for you. Q. What is the recommended vehicle color for Qatar? A. The light colored vehicles are widely used in Qatar due to the summer heat. Q. Who pays for the immigration documents and related service costs? A. TAMUQ covers most of the immigration documents processing and government fees for eligible sponsored employees and family members. Any other immigration issues related to relatives or friends, such as visit visas, are your responsibility. Q. What if I lose or someone steals one of these documents? A. Contact HR/Immigration Department which will arrange for someone who speaks Arabic to go with you to the Police Station to file a police report and assist you in obtaining replacement documents. It is recommended that you keep a photocopy of each of your immigration documents for backup use. Q. What do I need to hire a nanny? A. You need to request a letter from HR/Immigration Department stating that you are an employee of TAMUQ, your job title, and monthly salary. Attach a copy of your and your spouse's passports with the Residency Permit and a copy of your marriage certificate.

Q. What do I need to get a Residency Permit for my newborn? A. You need to submit the following documents to the TAMUQ-HR/Immigration Department: -Passport copy of the newborn -4 recent photographs -Copy of the legalized birth certificate -Copy of passport of parents with RP -Blood type document for the newborn. Q. What do I need to relocate my pets to Qatar? A. You need to submit the following documents to HR/Immigration Department: -Application form (which has been completed by you) -Copy of your passport with the RP if you are already in Doha -Valid health certificate copy of pet Top

HR Page 55

Useful Links Q. As an expatriate employee, what are the useful on-line applications that will help me manage my personal benefits? A. The following information is for our new faculty and staff who are paid through the TAMU College Station payroll system (expatriates), and is also a reminder for returning faculty and staff. The following on-line applications will help you manage your personal benefits: Single Sign On (SSO):

This is the portal to access HRConnect and LeaveTraq. You will be asked to set a password. If you are asked the TAMUQ ADLOC (address location), it is 02470000. If you have trouble logging in, I can reset your password and send it to you. HRConnect: You will see a button for HRConnect after you logon through Single Sign On at In HRConnect you can check your personal data, review your pay records and tax status, verify your insurance benefits, and take online training courses. There are two state required courses that new employees are required to take. Those will be noted for you under the Training tab in HRConnect. LeaveTraq You will also see a button for the automated leave system, LeaveTraq, when you logon to Single Sign On at This is where you request leave and view your leave balances. Your supervisor will be notified by e-mail of your request. If you are a hiring supervisor, you will receive e-mail notifications to go to LeaveTraq and review leave requests. Q. Where do I find information about position description, salary range, career ladder, salary administration, etc? A. The Employee Services web site contains useful information for Employees and Managers. Q. Who do I contact if I have questions about my benefits? If you are an Expat and you receive Texas A&M university benefits (health, life insurance, retirement, etc). You can contact either TAMUQ-HR department or Texas A&M University Employee Services at If you are a local hire or a Non-US Expat employee contact TAMUQ-HR department at Top

HR Page 56

Emergency Contact List In the event of an emergency please contact someone in the documents below Q. How can I find the emergency contact details? A. The TAMUQ Emergency Contact List

Emergency Card 2

ct Directory can be accessed through HRIS.

emergency card 1

Ensuring TAMUQ crisis responders have up-to-date travel information is critical for emergency communication should a crisis situation arise in Qatar during your absence. Therefore, please use the link below to tell us the dates you will be out of Qatar, who in your family will be traveling with you and who will be left in Qatar, flight itinerary, and a contact number where we can reach you should the need arise. Should you find yourself in need of assistance, even while you are traveling, TAMUQ’s service provider (Global Rescue) can provide assistance whether it be medical, security, legal, or otherwise. Global Rescue’s professional response personal are on call 24/7 to provide assistance to you and your family regardless of where you will be spending the winter break.

HR Page 57

ITS - Information Technology Department IT department provides the technology services for the whole campus, if you have any problems with IT services contact Technology problems & needs Basic Information

General information on how to perform common computer tasks is located in the HOW TO at

ITS Page 58

IT Resources - Net ID and Passwords Basic Information General information on how to perform common computer tasks is located in the HOW TO at The HOW TO is the repository for a variety of general information, such as: Accounts/Passwords/Permissions  Activating Your TAMU NetID  Changing Your TAMU NetID Password  Changing Your TAMUQ Password from WebVPN  Resetting Your TAMUQ Password Setting Permissions on Files and Folders

ITS Page 59

Laptop Requests

If laptops are needed for loan the following procedures should be done: - Employee needs laptop should discuss the issue with PC. - PC should send approval email to helpdesk. - IT will release laptop for Short term loan (4-6 WKs). - IT will provide necessary forms to be signed for the administrative at the dep. - Copy should be taken from the original signed. - Originals should be returned back to IT. - Copy should be filled in the employee’s file. - After loan period, employee should return the laptop and sign release form at IT. - Copy from this form should be saved with the employee / his file at the program.

ITS Page 60

Network Drives and Folders

TAMUQ created many files for different employees use: (Z) Drive: shared drive between faculty and students. Administrative assistants can access, read and print. They cannot add or modify. (I) internal drive: sheared drive internally between all department members only. People within the department only), can put necessary forms, policies for the department members’ view. (P) Project drive: shared drive to be created by request between members from different departments to work on one Project. (Q) TAMUQ drive: shared drive for each department to publish any common forms, policies to other departments. (X) Drive: temporary shared drive to save a doc. For 30 days as a maximum then will be expired. Viewing your files: you can now view your files on the I, H, Q drives etc by going to

ITS Page 61

Website Resources & Applications

Web Applications  Centra Web Conferencing System -- Resources courtesy of TAMU TTVN  Citrix  MediaMatrix for Streaming Video and Audio Personal/Club Webpage  RedDot Content Management System (CMS)  Short Message Service (SMS)  Vovici Enterprise Feedback Management System for online surveys and questionnaires  TAMUQ Secure File Transfer (Accellion) Sending Large Files Securely via the Accellion Web Interface Also there are some internal links web pages: HOWDY: web page shared between TAMU & TAMUQ includes all info related to students. Marhaba: internal web page (intranet) for TAMUQ employees

ITS Page 62

Desk Top Applications

Desktop Applications  ImageNow Manual  Outlook  Archiving Mail in Outlook Quickbooks TAMUQ Finance Transactions in Quickbooks Word  Inserting a Bookmark Within a Word Document  Table of Contents  Section Breaks Microsoft Office 2007  Microsoft Office 2007 Resources  Installing the Office 2007 Viewer  Updating a TAMQ laptop to Microsoft Office 2007

Immersive Visualization Facility (The Cave) Facility User Guide Instructional Technology  Blackboard Vista (WebCT) -- Resources courtesy of TAMU College Station Intructional Technology Services  Dyknow Connecting to the TAMUQ Dyknow Server

ITS Page 63

Telephones and Voice Mail

Networking Support Telephones and Voice Mail  Quick Reference Guide for the IP Phones  Toll-free Calling to Main Campus

ITS Page 64


Konica Minolta  Creating a Booklet  Scanning to Email  Setting up Your Account  Konica Minolta BizHub 352 Quick Reference  Enabling Printing to the Konica Minolta Printer from Your Computer  Konica Minolta BizHub Manual  Konica Minolta BizHub 353 Quick Reference Printing Instructions for the Xerox Workcentre Pro C3545 Color Printer Printing to the Plotter Brother DCP-9040CN Notes: - There are several printers and fax machines at the project office. Locations are noted on the floor plan. - In each program, there is a Konica Copier that can be accessed from your desktop to make color copies. - If the machines run out of paper or toner, Administrative should send ticket to IT and they will provide them. - Administrative assistants are to be contacted if printers are out of paper( is available at store room # 004) . - Because the project uses several types of machines each with different types of toner, please be sure to use the correct toner for each machine. - If you have any problems with malfunctions or need help replacing toner, please contact the IT staff.

ITS Page 65

Marcomm The Office of Marketing and Communications (Marcomm) develops targeted marketing and communications strategies for campus stakeholders and consults on the development of communications support and materials for student recruitment. The Office also provides advice and counsel to departments and programs on development of marketing materials and communications activities and on production of creative collateral. If you are looking at doing news, publications, events and artwork Marcomm can assist you. Please read the following pages for assistance. You can also contact them Or call +974 4423.0045 Events and related items

Media and Publications Aggie Pipeline Aggie Platform Quick Facts Annual Report Web Page – TAMUQ Home Page News items Press Releases and Advertisements

Tours TAMUQ  Admission tours  Visitor Tours  Housing, City, School and Accommodation Tours Qatar Foundation (QF) - Education City Tours Other Tours

• • • • • • •


Stationary • Stationary items

Branding and Logos  Visual Guide Booklets  Approved Usage  Approved Vendors

If you have any questions concerning events and feedback, Marcomm would love to know. please contact

Written by Amanda Field

Marcomm Page 66

Branding and Logos Branding and Logos Visual Guide Booklets are available at the marcomm office. These provide a guide to colors, spacing and logo placing for the university brand. Please following the visual guide located at the following URL: 20Documents/Communications/Visual%20Identity%20Guide/Visual% 20Identity%20Guide%20-%20Inside.pdf All artwork and logos must be approved by marcomm first, to check for branding. All vendors must be approved by Texas A&M University at Qatar and Marcomm to be allowed to use the TAMUQ Brand name.

Marcomm Page 67

Events Texas A&M University at Qatar has become very busy with events during the academic year, where you will notice there will be events held in the lecture halls 2-3 times weekly. So the following pages are to assist and guide you with events information. You can also contact events at Contents: Events  Event  Event Checklist  Event Reservation  Event Layout  Catering  Tables and Tablecloths  Registration and Panel desks  Sponsorship  Speakers – hotels, flights, Driver, itinerary  Guest Lists  Dean’s Speech  Volunteers  Flyers, Advertisements and Invitations  Booklets and Brochures  Signage  Publicity – Media and Photography  Giveaways  Questions

Marcomm Page 68

Events Checklist If you are thinking of events, then prepare yourself with the following checklist. The checklist can be located under this link: RootFolder=%2fDepts%2fmarcomm%2fDepartment%20Documents%2fEvents% 20and%20Catering%2fEvent%20Forms%20and% 20Templates&FolderCTID=&View=%7bD9F81A6C%2d394A%2d4875% 2dA9CE%2dA49F9AC3733E%7d The checklist is ideal for planning and countdown to your event.

Marcomm Page 69

Events Reservation Form Once you know the details of your event you can complete an event reservation form. This form can be located at the following link. Look at the bottom of the page for the reservation form. If you have any special requirements please add this to the comments space on the form. Please complete the form and submit it. If you have difficulty completing the form please contact It will go to Events email address where you should receive a confirmation

Marcomm Page 70

Events Layout

Depending on where you are holding your event, there are a number of different layouts that can be used to suit your requirements. Lecture Hall 143 & 144: 20Documents/BUILDING%20Layout/Event%20Set-Up%20Floor%20Plan% 20A-3a%20%20LH143%20144.pdf

Lecture Hall 238: 20Documents/BUILDING%20Layout/Event%20Set-Up%20Floor%20Plan% 20A-5a%20LH238.pdf Link Atrium: 20Documents/BUILDING%20Layout/EVENT%20SET-UP%20%20LINK% 20ATRIUM-%20A-2a%20(2).pdf Blue Area Research First Floor Option A: 20Documents/BUILDING%20Layout/EVENT%20SET-UP%20%20ATRIUM% 20FIRST%20FLOOR-%20BLUE%20ROTUNDA-%20A-1a.pdf

Blue Area Research First Floor Option B: 20Documents/BUILDING%20Layout/EVENT%20SET-UP%20%20% 20ATRIUM%20FIRST%20FLOOR%20BLUE%20ROTUNDA-%20A-1b.pdf Blue Area Research Second Floor Option A: 20Documents/BUILDING%20Layout/EVENT%20SET-UP%20%20ATRIUM% 20SECOND%20FLOOR%20BLUE%20ROTUNDA-%20A-4a.pdf

Blue Area Research Second Floor Option B: 20Documents/BUILDING%20Layout/EVENT%20SET-UP%20%20ATRIUM% 20SECOND%20FLOOR%20BLUE%20ROTUNDA-%20A-4b.pdf If you are unsure of the layout, select a layout and events team will check with you nearer the time. Or you can contact

Marcomm Page 71

Catering Upon filing out the event reservation form, catering vendor will be asked for? You can check out the menus and prices on Marhaba url: RootFolder=%2fDepts%2fmarcomm%2fDepartment%20Documents%2fEvents% 20and%20Catering%2fCatering&FolderCTID=&View=%7bD9F81A6C% 2d394A%2d4875%2dA9CE%2dA49F9AC3733E%7d. All catering will be arranged by the EMO (Events Management Office) If you are not sure which caterer to use, contact for more information.

Marcomm Page 72

Tables and Table Cloths

Your event may only require tables and table cloths if it is in 310 or a conference room. Complete the event reservation form and specify the number of tables and cloths required. The EMO will contact OBS to set these up. The Office of Building Operations manages extra tables and chairs and TAMUQ tablecloths. These are set up prior to the event and removed afterwards. >

Marcomm Page 73

Registration and Panel Desks

If you require a registration desk or panel desk at your event, please note this is in the comment section of the event reservation form. For registration tags and lanyards contact purchasing about a month before your event to purchase these items. See finance section.

Marcomm Page 74


If your event requires sponsorship, it is the responsibility of the event owner to acquire this. However, highly recommend that you set up an account before the event and before expenses arise. Contact Finance at for invoices on pertaining to sponsorship. Follow up with the companies who give you sponsorship. Check with finance regularly on the account status.

Marcomm Page 75

Speakers On organizing your event, seek your speakers early. Identify who will pay for speakers, hotel and expenses whilst at the event and before and after the event. Once your speakers have been identified, enter their information, passport details, flight itinerary into HRIS under visitor and relocator. HR will book the hotel and transport as required. To book transport from the hotel to the venue, contact and specific time and dates of requested travel needs during working hours. If the driver is not available, you will be informed and the hotel can help with this issues once contacted. Don’t forget to do an itinerary for all your speakers and include dinners and lunches when they are not speaking.

Marcomm Page 76

Guest Lists Guest Lists Industrial guest list can be found in marcomm contact If you are having VIP guests, please contact OSCR on and marcomm to assist you with VIP guest.

Marcomm Page 77

Dean's Speaking Request

Dean’s Speech The Dean can speak at your event, given enough notice. Complete the event reservation form and the Dean’s Speech form and submit to Events, the speech must include information on your event. RootFolder=%2fDepts%2fmarcomm%2fDepartment%20Documents%2fEvents% 20and%20Catering%2fEvent%20Forms%20and% 20Templates&FolderCTID=&View=%7bD9F81A6C%2d394A%2d4875% 2dA9CE%2dA49F9AC3733E%7d See Dean’s Speaking request form.

Marcomm Page 78


Volunteers For the assistance with your event the event organizer must recruit their own staff and students to assist.

Marcomm Page 79

Flyers, Advertisements and Invitations

Flyers, advertisements and Invitations are the responsibility of the event organizer. Flyers, advertisements and invitations can be produced currently through templates located on Marhaba at the following: RootFolder=%2fDepts%2fmarcomm%2fDepartment%20Documents% 2fTemplates&FolderCTID=&View=%7bD9F81A6C%2d394A%2d4875% 2dA9CE%2dA49F9AC3733E%7d

Marcomm Page 80

Booklets, Brochures, Posters, Roll-up & Pop-up's Booklets and Brochures For Booklets and brochures contact who can give some vendor names. Ensure all art work is approved by marcomm. Posters, Roll-Up's and Pop-Up's Marcomm has a selection of posters, roll-up's & pop-up's for each program to be used during generalized events. If you want these items you can fill out the event form if you need all items, or only your program items Example:

Marcomm Page 81

Signage On completing the events reservation form, Please Print your signage for your event; please include A3 and A4 size with all directions. Once designed please send to OBS for distribution. Once OBS have their own Photocopier your signage will be printed by Event Management Organizer (EMO) and distributed for your event. Signage Signage for your event is the responsibility of Building Operations and will be given to the Falcon movers, when sign stands are requested. Building Operations will place the printed signs in the stands when you send them the day before the event. The signs and stands are removed after the event.


Water Resources In Qatar (panel Discussion) May 18t h 2010 14:00

Marcomm Page 82

Publicity - Media and Photography Publicity - Media and Photography On the event reservation form, complete the boxes for media and photography.

Marcomm Page 84

Giveaways Giveaways Gift items are the sole responsibility of the event organizer. Every 3 months marcomm will address gifts for students, VIP’s and VVIP’s. From a select list of gifts, you can choose your items to give to your guests or students, these will be generic. For gifts that include your program name or titled event, you must order these yourself. Marcomm has several catalogs for your review on gifts. Contact They can lend you the catalogs. Note: that there is a maximum expense for certain gift categories. VIP's Gifts can be expensed to the total of $99 only Student Gifts can be expensed to the total of $20 each For gifts such as plaques, crystals etc, marcomm can put you in touch with a vendor. Ensure that all art work is approved by marcomm. For booklets such as Aggie Platform, Annual Report, Quick Facts contact Folder including note pads, must be ordered through marcomm.

Marcomm Page 85

Tours Admission tours See Admissions sections Visitor Tours Information packets are available from marcomm office for the Texas A&M University at Qatar and VIP tours contact Housing, City, School and Accommodation tours, Complete the HRIS, Visitor and relocated tab detailing which tour you would like. See HR Section

Qatar Foundation (QF) and Education city tours Contact Other tours Not specified contact marcomm at

Marcomm Page 86

Industry Contacts Industrial, Educational, Corporate and University contacts are available from the salesforce database which is owned by marcomm contact

Marcomm Page 87

Media and Publications Marcomm has several media publications to release news and events to the TAMUQ and Qatar Communities Aggie Pipeline Aggie Platform Quick Facts Annual Report TAMUQ Web Page News Pages Press Releases

Marcomm Page 88

Aggie Pipeline & Aggie Platform

Aggie Pipeline The Aggie Pipeline is published weekly by the Office of Marketing and Communications at Texas A&M University at Qatar, unless otherwise stated. To submit news or information, send email to News is gathered by Monday at 10am and released on Tuesday The Pipeline is available to subscribers who are not on the Texas A&M at Qatar email system. Users may subscribe by sending a message to; leave the subject blank and type "subscribe Aggie Pipeline" in the body. Subscribers will receive a confirmation message and will need to follow the instructions to confirm their subscription request and complete the process.

Aggie Platform The Aggie Platform is the national Magazine for the Texas A&M University at Qatar. It is published twice a year in spring and fall in a hardcopy format by Marcomm. You can use this URL: or go to the home webpage at select aggie platform from home page or marcomm department.

Marcomm Page 89

Quick Facts Quick facts is published per semester by the marcomm department and is a summary of the students, admission, fees, buildings and programs offered at TAMUQ: Quick facts can be found at the following URL: 20Documents/Forms/Admin.aspx?RootFolder=http%3a%2f% 20Documents%2fMarketing%2fPublications%2fQuick% 20Facts&FolderCTID=0x012000725A2E76835C484C90AF156B9934CDE9

Marcomm Page 90

Annual Report

The Annual report, reports the achievements and accomplishments of Texas A&M University at Qatar along the year, it is published yearly by marcomm and can be located on Marhaba: 20Documents/Forms/Admin.aspx?RootFolder=http%3a%2f% 20Documents%2fMarketing%2fPublications%2fAnnual% 20Report&FolderCTID= 0x012000725A2E76835C484C90AF156B9934CDE9

Marcomm Page 91

Web Page & News Webpage Most of the webpage are handled by the departments administrative staff using Reddot to edit their pages. For Reddot Training see IT Section. Texas A&M University main webpage contact the Web Manager in Marcomm For Marhaba web pages contact IT

News News items are taken from the Aggie Pipeline and other areas. The news can be located at

Press Release Press releases are written by marcomm to cover big events news and general University business. You can complete a request for publicity form located on Marhaba at the following URL RootFolder=%2fDepts%2fmarcomm%2fDepartment%20Documents% 2fCommunications&FolderCTID=&View={D9F81A6C-394A-4875-A9CEA49F9AC3733E} please add details of your requirements. Alternatively you can contact

Marcomm Page 92

Stationary Orders Stationary Items and Orders Stationary items, like giveaways are order 3 times a year, in April, September and January. Marcomm will send out requests for departmental stationary, such as letter heads, bags, pens, certificate holders etc, with the Generic TAMUQ logo on it. Once it is purchased and delivered the departments will be billed for the purchases separately. Marcomm will send out a reminder and action the items.

Marcomm Page 93

Contact US.

Brady Creel Communications Manager Marketing, Communications and Events Texas A&M University at Qatar Room 234C 974.4423-0254 (office)

Jamie Arrexie Web Communications Specialist Marketing, Communications and Events Texas A&M University at Qatar Room234H 974.4423-0456

Carol Nader Events Manager Marketing, Communications and Events Texas A&M University at Qatar Room 234D 974.4423-0204

Alicia Holland Marketing Manager Marketing, Communications and Events Texas A&M University at Qatar Room 234E 974.4423-0565

Marcomm Page 94

Library The Library is locate on the 3rd floor of the Texas A&M University at Qatar building in the center square. The Library is available to all Staff, Students and Faculty. Here are two links that are on our website that explain how to do things. It includes written instruction and some have videos.

If you have any further requirements or need a basic demonstration and instruction please contact the library personnel on

Library Page 95


The Office of Academic Supplementary Services (OASIS) makes its resources available to all staff members.

Services offered by the OASIS include training workshops and individual consultations on writing-related projects. Whether it is a short memorandum, or a lengthy report, the OASIS is ready to work with staff members to organize and edit documents so that every publication is up to the high standards of Texas A&M University. Most importantly, we strive to help the individual writer master English and technical documentation skills. Appointments in the OASIS may be made from the homepage at: where you will also find other printed resources in the "O-know" section. Please stop by and have a cup of coffee and let us talk to you about how we can help you! Our office is located in suite 310 and the telephone number is: 974.4.423.0224. We are open for appointments from 9 AM until 7 PM.

Oasis Page 96

QSO -Qatar Support Group The Qatar Support Office (QSO) was established in 2003 and is a unit within the International Programs Office at Texas A&M University. Currently the Qatar Support Office supports all faculty and staff members at the TAMUQ campus, as well as providing support for the administrators, faculty and staff in College Station involved with the TAMUQ project. For more information on QSO, goto Marharba Letters, magazines and small boxes for TAMUQ employee can be sent through QSO For larger items and personal effects these should go through your home Aramex or shipping Account. So items may be shipped using the Texas A&M Univeristy at Qatar Aramex Account if it is for the university.

QSO Page 97

Mailing Address for Flat Mail Letters, magazines and small boxes for TAMUQ employee should be sent to the following addresses. Mailing Address Option 1 Your Name(s) Qatar Support Office PO Box 11130 College Station, TX 77842 Option 2 Your Name(s) Texas A&M University at Qatar PO Box 11130 College Station, TX 77842

QSO Page 98

Mailing Address for Large items For shipping and receiving University goods. For information on shipping and receiving follow this link RootFolder=%2fDepts%2fBldOps%2fDepartment%20Documents% 2fSHIPPING%20%20RECEIVING&FolderCTID=&View=%7bEF7811F0% 2d8C74%2d4EDB%2dB0A9%2d30077EA7D01E%7d ARAMEX BUSINESS ADDRESS

NOTE: Telephone Numbers have been inserted these are needed when ordering online. USA ADDRESS: Your Name Texas A & M c/o Qatar Foundation DOH 1538 147-29 182nd Street Springfield Gardens, NY 11413 USA Tel 71855 38740


QSO Page 99

UK ADDRESS: Your Name Texas A & M c/o Qatar Foundation DOH 1188 Aramex House, Old Bath Road, Colnbrook Slough, Berkshire SL3 0NS UK Tel: 1753 689898

Contact us

To visit QSO staff, please come to the General Services Complex building. Our main phone line is: 979.845.2295 Name Patti Urbina Nancy Allaham Rachel Levins Karla Tubbs

Office number in Suite 2701 2743 2737M 2737L 2737N

Phone numbers (979 AC) 845-9371 458-3622 458-4720 845-5232

Email address

If someone on the main campus would like to send you something via campus mail, please use the following address: Your Name Qatar Support Office Mail Stop 4252

QSO Page 100

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Student Counseling

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Student Leadership Exchange Program

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