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BUTIKSBITRÄDE Göteborgs Choklad- och karamellfabrik, dec -08 HÄSTSKÖTARE sept-nov -08 SERVITRIS Restaurang Heaven 23, Gothia Towers, juli-sept -08

PRAO BUTIKSBITRÄDE Göteborgs Choklad- och karamellfabrik, våren 05

SERVITRIS Restaurang Incontro, Gothia Towers april - aug -09


UTBILDNING NATUR/NATUR Aranäsgymnasiet, student -08



ARKITEKTUR Umeå Arkitekthögskola aug -09 - juni -12 DIGITAL FOTOGRAFERING OCH BILDBEHANDLING 7,5 hp Umeå universitet sept-dec -10 Ledarskapsutbildning vt-10


Gnejsvägen 45 907 40 Umeå

0708 - 20 26 12

ILLUSTRATÖR Bröndome Träateljé, juli - sept -12

CAFÉBITRÄDE Schmäck sept -12 - jan -13

EGENFÖRETAGARE Amelium Design Aug -13 -




KLÄDDESIGN I Umeå Universitet, aug-13 - jan -14

CONCEPT ART 15 hp Högskolan Gotland, jun-aug -12 SKISS OCH VISUALISERING 7,5 hp HDK, jun-aug -12 DESIGN OCH KLÄDER A, 30 hp Umeå Universitet, aug -12 - jan -13

GRAFISK FORM, 30 hp Umeå Universitet, jan - aug -13 FOTOGRAFI, GESTALTNING OCH DEN KREATIVA PROCESSEN 15 hp Göteborgs Universitet, juni - aug -13

KANDIDATEXAMEN 180 hp Umeå Arkitekthögskola


Photoshop InDesign Illustrator


Språk: Engelska


LOKALORDFÖRANDE Arkitektstudenterna vt11-ht11 GENERAL Ledare för mottagningen av de nya arkitektettorna, Tullkammaren ht10 ARRANGEMANGSKOMMITTÉN Tulkammaren, Arkitekthögskolan ht09-ht10 Uppstartande avd studentföreningen Tullkammaren, Arkitekthögskolan, ht -09 TÄVLINGSRYTTARE Vinster och placeringar nationell och regional nivå

part 1

Architectural short stories

Amanda Eliasson/0708-20 26 12/

We, and the world we move in, are made up of several different layers. Bones. muscle, skin, underwear, outerwear, the room you sit in, the house, the city, your country, earth, universe. It goes on forever and could be divided into countless numbers of layers. In everyday life, we choose the layers to put on in order to adapt to a particular situation, be it an office suit to survive a meeting or pyjamas for an evening at home. We don a suit, an armor, to adapt to varying situations in life. This armor is generally made up by cloth and accessories. By looking at architecture in relation to fashion, this thesis proposes how the armor, the adaption to a situation, could be made up of architecture instead. The relationship we have with clothing is a very personal relationship, whereas the relationship with architecture is distant, unrelated. Can architecture be worn in the same personal way a garment is? If we were to wear architecture in the same way, it would open up for a multitude of new worlds. I am suggesting a closer relationship to architecture. There needs to be not just an interface, but an interplay between. Generally, there is a clearly defined border between ourselves an the surrounding architecture.What were to happen if there was an exchange instead. Lines and definitions would become muddled. Where do we start and the building end? The architecture around us could be a seamless part of us, allowing for intuitive interaction and response between the parts. After all, to quote Roland Barthes, getting dressed up is getting ready to play.

The human contextual layers split up and illustrated.

1. Generally, there is a clearly defined border between ourselves and architecture.

2. What were to happen if there was an exchange between us and the architecture?

3. Lines and definitions would become muddled. Where do we start and the building end?

4. The architecture around us could be a seamles part of ourselves, allowing for intuitive interaction and response between the parts.

Amanda Eliasson/0708-20 26 12/

The best way to test these ideas would be to design a building for a specific occasion. namely

speed dating event. This is a highly ritualised process, which would simplify the changing o

the building corresponding to the proceeding of the evening’s events. Moreover, speed datin is quick and shallow process, judging a person by first glance.

The building would take the shape of a pavillion, a temporary building erected durin Göteborgs kulturkalas as an event.

The basic idea of the construction of the pavilion is a basic structure, a Skeleton, that is altere by the addition of textile elements during the evening to create different Skins.

The pavillion is designed as a ritualised procession of spaces, corresponding to the specifi

elements of the speed dating process. Each change of the pavillion coresponds to a certai stage of the speed dating event, and each change would be called a Skin.

The further along the ritual you come, the more private the pavillion becomes and is mor

closed off from onlookers. The early stages the pavillion is voyeuristic and focuses on display

The pavillion grows more closed off during the later stages, mirroring the increased privac

of the relationships of the involved. The final stage is completely private for any couples tha have found each other.

Site plan Trädgårdsföreningen, Göteborg





ed Roof plan

Section A-A


Section B-B







1st skin,

2nd skin,

3rd skin,

4th skin,

1st stage of the evening

2nd stage of the evening

3rd stage of the evening

final stage of the evening

Amanda Eliasson/0708-20 26 12/

Consequence of sounds CAIRO PROJECT Oct-11 Ume책 School of Architecture

Montage View of Zabalen and the pigeon towers

“The consequence of sounds� is the result of an extensive field study done by our class in October -12. We were to study Zabaleen, a Christian cummunity in central Cairo. The living conditions in Zabaleen are all but humane, seeing as this community makes their living exclusively from collecting, sorting and recycling garbage. Garbage is kept in the streets, and saftety and health issues are heavily underprioritized. Our assignment was to thoroughly investigate and map this area, and in the end propose strategic architectural interventions in an attempt to improve living conditions. In my project, I chose to focus on the women’s situation. They are generally less educated than the men and have only limited access to public space. I decided to make a space for a choir, as this would: 1. Give them access tp public space, as they need a certain activity to be allowed to leave the house 2. Singing and music is a socially accepted activity for women. 2. English and other languages can be taught with the help of singing, both because language is held in high esteem education-wise and the women need a valid excuse to leave work. With education adn the improved possibility of earning money, women gain more power in the household. 3. They would gain greater social belonging, as they are now confined to the women close by home or church. 4. All they think of and do is work. A choir would help to get their minds off the garbage.

Amanda Eliasson/0708-20 26 12/

The only available space in Zabaleen that is built purely for leisure are the pigeon towers, used to keep pigeons. Pigeons are a way for the wealthier inhabitants of Zabaleen to display their wealth, and the higher the tower the higher the status. This space is also a purely male space, as women are not allowed to keep pigeons. These factors, and the intention to work with the existing architectural elements in Zabaleen, inspired the design of the Choir building to be in in the likeness of a pigeon tower. It is an important step to be able to use these strongly male spaces as a way to empower women.

Parking lot

When the choir is pracitising the building would be closed off from sight, seeing as social protocol demands the women to remain the street however, enabling the women to claim room in the public space in an unoffensive manner. Traditions cannot be broken

Inter venti on

in one day, but by creating a soundscape the women can still claim their space.v Using the tower structure also means that no working sapce has to be sacrificed. The tower is placed on a parking lot, where the cars transporting garbage would still be able to park.

Mai n st


Al Fanous

private. At the time for a performance it would be opened up for everyone to see. The sound of singing would still be present in

The parking lot is located on a side street right next to the busy main street that runs through all of Zabaleen up to the church. Betwen the Main street and the parking lot there runs a small shortcut which immediately connects the site to Main street. The sound of the singing would be audible out onto the Main street to the passers by, rmaking the women’s presence public. As the choir grows, it coiuld potentinally grow into a Women’s culture center, providing more advanced teaching, both withing

Site model

the classic academic subjects or other cultural activities such as theatre and art. The morphology of the tower could easily be used to expand the Choir tower into a Culture tower.

Site plan, showing relative position to Main street and the church

Through the creation of a women’s choir a soundscape would be created, allowing women to claim room in ythe public space.

Amanda Eliasson/0708-20 26 12/

by: Anahid Behzadnia, Nina Bäckström, Amanda Eliasson, Nina Bäckström, Emelie Sundström, Viktor Isaksson, Alexander Lundmark

Photo Book

CAIRO PROJECT Oct - 11 Umeå school of Architecture

One of our parallell assignments in Cairo was to document our experiences in a photo book. Our group decided to give disposable cameras to six youths in their teens and asked them to photograph their favourite places. When the photos had been developed we discovered that in almost all photos there were at least one religious token. We chose to highlight and tell the story of religion’s importance in ther lives by putting cartboard between the photos with only the religious symbol cut out. When the page is turned, the context of the symbol is revealed in the photo.

by: Amanda Eliasson, Ida Huggert, Veronika Mikolasevic, Rebecka Örtegren

exhibition catalogue

CAIRO PROJECT Oct - 11 Umeå school of Architecture

How do you put together a catalogue that is understandable to illiterates as well as literates? The catalogue is a compilation of all students’ Cairo projects, put together to be used for an exihibition of the project. We decided to use a postcard-format, because we wanted the catalogue to be a memory of the exhibition as well as an informative guide. Text is kept to a minimum and focus is put on the image of the project. It is not so much an explanation of the project as a memory of it. The intention of the exhibition was to encourage the people to start developing projects forimproving themselves, and the postcard was to work as inspiration and spreading of the ideas.

Amanda Eliasson/0708-20 26 12/ Development of airport over time

THE AIRPORT AS METROPOLIS, Spring term -11 Ume책 school of Architecture

Terminal plans and sections

Fuelled by a hypercapitalist way of thinking, Umeå´s Airport of tomorrow grows into a parasite on society, co-existing with the city in a mutualistic parasitic relationship. It will be a gated community for the rich and the beautiful to live and spend their days lounging and shopping, partying the nights away. They are the jetset, and they have all the money and all the fun in the world. The Jetset’s hyperconsumerism turns the airport into Umeå’s new commercial center.Their life of decadence fuels the city and the city feeds their deprivation. The parasitic relationship between the airport and the Umeå is mirrored in the airport structure. What used to be a rational building of stone cold efficiency has been infected by delicate structures in steel and glass, latching themselves onto and dissolving the original structure. The airport is where the jetset live, in the fragile impractical but ohso-beautiful terminals on the border between Umeå and the world. Detail section of terminal gate

part 2

Graphic musings

Amanda Eliasson/0708-20 26 12/

Project book

AIRPORT AS METROPOLIS Nov 2011 Umeå school of Architecture This book is about the assignment THE AIRPORT AS METROPOLIS. Our class was was given the assignment during Spring term in our second year. This book is a project outside of the curriculum, completed by me and four fellow students in our spare time. We did everything from deciding the purpose and contents of the book to finding sponsors, editing, layout, printing and spreading it. The book is a compilation of all our airport projects, complemented by mappings of Umeå and essays written by tutors, professors, Umeå’s City Architect and the commercial manager at Umeå Airport. The book is not laying down facts, but aims to become the starting point of discussion about the city and the airport. The full book can be found here: documaprojectbook?mode=window&backgroundColor=%23222222

Essay, “City + Airport = the Future”, Roemer van Toorn, professor Architectural theory and media

Project spread, “Dirty rich”, Amanda Eliasson(me), student

Project spread, “Symbiosis”, Joakim Svahn, student

Mapping of Umeå’s population, work by UMA2 -11

Corporate identity: Hälsa pa hästen Hälsa på Hästen 2013

This is a company identity commissioned by the company Hälsa på Hästen. It is a company that provides therapy by interaction with horses. The service offered by the company is a treatment of patients and the company therefore needed a profile to convey a safe and trustworthy impression that inspires confidence. The logotype is designed to give a calm and harmonic impression, conveying all the healing values and the unity with the horses the company stands for. It is made up by the name of the company and the image of a horse, a human and an apple melded into one. Together they create a silhouette reminiscent of a heart.

Assortment of printed matters

Amanda Eliasson/0708-20 26 12/

Character Design : FOXEN CHARACTER DESIGN Aug 2012 Hรถgskolan Gotland, Concept art 15 hp

This is a Character design for an imaginary computer game project called Project Hero. This is my design proposal for one of the two main characters, Foxen. The thumbnails and the final rendering are all made in Photoshop.

Amanda Eliasson/0708-20 26 12/

Commissioned product illustration PROJECT DEVELOPMENT SKETCHES Aug 2012 Bröndome Träateljé

These are sketches done for the company Bröndome Träateljé. The job meant developing the design of the casing of one of their current projects and providing sketches for them to use to describe their project to others.

Amanda Eliasson/0708-20 26 12/


Ume책 School of Architecture

Amanda Eliasson/0708-20 26 12/


Fotografi, gestaltning och den kreativa processen Jun-Aug 2013 GÜteborgs Universitet, 15 hp This is a project I pursued one summer at the university of Gothenburg. The project itself is a continuation of my thesis, as I found I still wanted to explore the relations between a personclothing-building. In the end the project grew quite personal. My grandmother grew up in a small village in Jämtland, nothern Sweden, and went to school there as well. When grown up she bought the chsol, and later my mother inhereted it. In the photographs I wanted to explore and document the kinship between me and my mother, and how it extends to the very building around us.

Amanda Eliasson/0708-20 26 12/

part 3

Fashion poems

Amanda Eliasson/0708-20 26 12/

Seal Dress

Tumbler jacket

Heart clam top

Driftwood body + Seafoam pants


Collection of six pieces, AW-14 Amelium Design

This collection is based on a wintery Swedish west coast. The icy cold water sprays and wind bites your face as you perch on the slippery cliffs, watching the foaming water rise and Sagebrush dress

fall. Each of the pieces represent a different aspect of the coast; The seal, the tumbler, the seafoam, the heart clam, the driftwood and the sagebrush.

Amanda Eliasson/0708-20 26 12/

Det är vackrast när det skymmer


Collection of five pieces, AW-13 Amelium Design/Umeå University, 30 hp

This collection is about a melancholy. A feeling of longing for something more beautiful. A heartbreakingly fair dream that would break from a touch. Each of the garments are named from and inspired by poems by Swedish poet Pär Lagerqvist,a man whose angst and longing has created so much strong and fragile beauty.


Jag ville vara en annan


Vad är djupt som saknad

Amanda Eliasson/0708-20 26 12/

Émilie du Châtellet Collection of two pieces, Wilhelmina and Émilie are the reflections that met. to meet but Wilhelmina is soft summer. Juxtaposed,

Émilie Émilie is an androgynous jacket with a burnt-out velvet pattern. It is inspired and named by the scientist Émilie du Chatellet, a woman who lived during the 18th century. She was a lively and headstrong woman, the kind of person this jacket represents. Though tough as she might seem, there is a playful side to her.

& Wilhelmina SA-13 Opposites, reflections of each other. Not supposed meeting anyway. Émilie is the sharp bite of autumn. yet the same.

Wilhelmina Compared to Émilie Wilhelmina appears feminine and soft, a dress made from pink chiffon and rosy gold sequins on lace. But scratch the surface, and benath you find a woman tough and resourceful.

Portfolio Amanda Eliasson  

My portfolio, containing samples of my work in architecture and graphic- and fashion design.