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Flipping Pages

Flipping pages

amanda cano

escape and mix with the glossy paper and I don’t think anyone gets it. To everyone, ink. They’re always different perfumes yet I’m just some immature girl desperate it always smells the same. The sound of for sex advice. Every time a male cashier each page turning is a reminder that I’m rings me up, I get a scoff followed by a one page closer to the end. That’s just my snide remark about how inaccurate the current ritual. information provided about guys is. Evolving Ritual Sometimes I want to just retaliate and say, It’s evolved throughout the years. My “Oh, so you don’t like receiving oral sex?” obsession began with Tiger Beat in the But that’s not why I go to the store the last fifth grade. When I was in middle school, week of every month. To begin to explain to I used to get every issue of CosmoGirl people why I have such a close attachment and carefully take out each of the posters to Cosmopolitan magazine would be like or pictures featured in the magazine and talking to a wall. People who don’t design rotate them on and off my wall. The trick don’t understand or appreciate the work it was I could never tear them. My mom had takes to make something look so effortless, taught me how to pull the staples open in but I guess that’s the point. the centerfold to get the pages out in one I look forward to this day all month. piece. She probably had no idea she was Cosmo day is always a good day. I have my planting the seed to one of my dreams when ritual organized down to every exact detail. she bought me those magazines. When I have “California Girls” blasting on my I got to high school, I religiously started iPod, with my bright neon pink nail polish reading Seventeen because CosmoGirl was to my left, and a large Cherry Limeade to removed off the press. Instead of tearing my right. I don’t care what time of year it out posters, I became deeply involved with is, Cosmo day always feels like a day by the content. I would read every story from the pool. I take a sip and the sweetness start to finish and literally live by the things entangled with the bitterness makes me Seventeen taught me. That’s when I started go “ahh”. My eyes sparkle as I pay close to realize this wasn’t just a past time. I attention to the cover––not the cover girl wanted to be on the other end, creating but the colors, typefaces, teasers. What was these pages. the designer’s process in choosing each I don’t know why the life of an editor one? I finish admiring the cover and place always sounded so glamorous to me. I it flat and smooth it out, feeling the sleek remember watching the movie, 13 Going glossiness of the magazine. Then, making on 30, and feeling exactly the way Jenna no sense because I just smoothed it out, I Rink did, longing to be “thirty, flirty and pick it back up and quickly flip through thriving” like the editors of Poise magazine. it––letting the different scents of perfume

Cosmo Day


Everything Jenna felt about Poise, I have felt about all these magazines.

in a circle to form a sun in shades of orange and yellow. I guess that kind of summarizes my design style—vibrant and edgy. And when I’m Confessions of a Bored Journalist not designing, I’m looking at designs all around By the time I was halfway through my me and thinking about how I could make freshmen year in college, I had matured past them better. Design is literally everywhere, Seventeen and moved onto Cosmopolitan. At on billboards, food, drinks, street signs, and this point, I had given up all my hopes of one anything else that communicates something to day working for my favorite publications. Being you visually. a work-study for the campus newspaper had made me hate news journalism. What was the Practicing Perfection For years, I had obsessed over pages point in writing if I had to attribute everything I said? It was coming from my brain. I didn’t that consumed hours of my time, never care to report news; I wanted to inspire people, understanding how these magazines had the give them insight. I had no idea what I was ability to enchant me. But it’s like I said, that going to do anymore. My sophomore year, I was the point. To be a good designer, is to enrolled in a freelance writing class at the same successfully communicate with another person time I was promoted to Features editor. I found visually. Sometimes that is through typefaces, myself writing my dream article about Facebook sometimes it’s through colors, sometimes it’s changing the dynamics of dating, earned an A, through space, and sometimes it’s with all of and got published in ChicaGirl Magazine. I was these combined. Often times, being a designer growing to like my section in the newspaper is a gamble. I can spend hours pouring my heart when I realized I suddenly felt excited to fill my out on a design and in just one second, I can pages with creative designs and graphics instead tell whether someone likes it or not. All of these of another story filled with boring quotes designers had successfully done their job. I had and sources. My pages sometimes had scary never noticed how every issue, they found a way creatures and tomb stones for Halloween and to present information to me in a way that made weddings cakes and doves built from scratch on me feel “glamorous”. It wasn’t just the writers of Photoshop for Valentine’s. That’s when I realized these fresh, hip ideas, it was the designers who what was in front of me all these years. Design. had laid these articles out in a way that made me want to be a part of their world. Designer Dreams To read Cosmo every month is to familiarize Three years after feeling completely lost with myself with their content and layout—to no idea what I wanted to do, I have built my memorize the continuity of the design elements portfolio with designs I would’ve never thought throughout the magazine and what topics they I’d have the opportunity to touch. From words have already covered. When someone asks to formed to look like a cloud with a blue outer look at my issue before I have gotten all the way glow to a logo for a hair stylist with scissors through it, I cringe at the thought of someone making the “K” of her name and slashes across robbing me of the opportunity to create the a business card to look like chopped hair, I have first creases on my issue––the one I anxiously created designs I am proud to put my name on. await all month and specifically go to the store Sometimes when I don’t have real design work, for. Whether it’s writing, editing or designing I design for fun—creating “summer tour” logos content, it’s practice. Because although I’ll never and websites for fun. My favorite design so far be able to create the perfect design, I can be consists of the neck of a guitar repeated around pretty close to it. 19

Creative Non-Fiction Portfolio  
Creative Non-Fiction Portfolio  

A compilation of the creative non-fiction pieces I wrote during my Creative Non-Fiction course at St. Mary's University in Spring 2012.