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The BC Diaries by Amanda Mae

Spring | Summer 2013

Parksville, BC 2012

The BC Diaries, inspired by David Byrne’s book of travels, Bicycle Diaries, is a collection for British Columbia’s city of Vancouver. A free spirited culture that is naturally natural... Where not an inch of earth is ignored, & people live a life that is active, happy, inspired, & endlessly lush.

The Islander is a peaceful soul who escapes the busy life of

the Mainland by traveling blue waters to Vancouver Island. Lush with greenery, ocean coast, wildlife & First Nation’s native influences, the island is a place to be nurtured by nature in endless inspiration. A free spirit’s soul lives here. There is no better place to be at peace & feel at home than on the island.

“The threat of natural disaster promises an emotional epiphany. An urban apocalypse gives way to a garden party.� -Love This Giant

Textured Felted Wool

Bamboo Knit/ Spandex

Vintage Woven Print

Irredescent Lining

“Every north storm, whisper home to the Kokanee, and celebrate in perfect stillness, each calm lake.� -Fred Wah

The Beach Soul is a sun child. British Columbia’s beaches

span the North Western coast. Wreck Beach, Spanish Banks, Locarno, Jericho, Kitsilano, Sunset, English Bay, Second Beach & Third Beach, line the outskirts of the city of Vancouver. Whether enjoyed socially, with your dog, or alone, the beach is for fun, relaxation & gathering. Breathe in the ocean air, see the mountains & be thankful for the ground under you.

“Do you want to go to the seaside? I’m not trying to say that everybody wants to go, but I fell in love with the seaside, on the seaside. “ -The Kooks

Sea Green Cotton Spandex

Recycled Brown Leather

Cotton Knitting

“Give me miles and miles of mountains, and I’ll ask for the sea.” -Damien Rice

The Rain Child. Vancouver could not be as lush & green without its notorious rainy months. Necessities in a Northwest Coast wardrobe... raincoat, boots, & an umbrella. It may sprinkle or pour, but often we get to enjoy a beautiful line of rainbows. A rainbow is a “Welcome home.�

“The most beautiful colours chase the sun. They wrap her tail in a taunting gesture that seems to sing out loud, ‘This is what you’re missing’. “ -Local Natives

Deep Moss Rayon Jersey

Vintage Cotton Houndstooth

Water Resistant Lightweight Linen

Recycled Brown Leather

“All the troubles that I’ve seen came on their wings. I threw them away to rust in the rain.” -Laura Veirs

The Active Life. With lushness all around, people in British

Columbia love the outdoors. Walking, hiking, biking, exploring. Vancouver is home to the world renowned forest, Stanley Park.The seawall traces the outer Pacific edge, perfect for a walk, run, or bike ride, all with an enchanting view. Towering above the other trees, Douglas Firs fill the forest, a signature to Vancouver. Cathedral Grove, on Vancouver Island, is filled with 800 year old trees, wildlife, trails & fresh water streams from surrounding mountains. The essence of British Columbia is in its abundance of nature & its breathtaking scenic wonders.

“Only dew, therefore grass. Moon meticulous, the sound of ten thousand branches. Therefore, rivers, pines.� -Fred Wah

Green Mist Tencel Jersey

Textured Stripe Tencel Twill

“Honeysuckle, elder, moss, followed one another, like a sequence of phrases in a sentence, distinct, yet contributing successively to an ambiance that for sake of convenience, I will call the present.� -Lisa Robertson

The City Walker in Vancouver is young at heart, creative,

ambitious & open-minded to culture. Any place is great to meet a friend, or enjoy some time alone to read. Street art, music, paintings, sculptures & more, feed the creative vibe of the city. There is something here for everyone.

“People say she’s crazy. She got diamonds on the soles of her shoes. Well that’s one way to lose these walking blues.” -Paul Simon

Sweet Sea Rayon Jersey

Night Bark Rayon Jersey

“Grab hold of your bootstraps, and pull like hell, until gravity feels sorry for you, and lets you go.� -Andrew Bird

“Home is where I want to be, but I guess I’m already there.“ -Talking Heads

Amanda Mae is an aspiring Pacific North West Coast fashion designer who interperates the lifestyle, nature, and vibe of British Columbia, Canada. Her design inspiration comes from surrounding nature, people, city life, Native Islander culture, and experiences in BC. Musical lyricism, literature, and contemporary poetry serve as a story line for her work. Her intent is to pair these artforms with fashion in a playful journey of colour, texture, comfort, functionality, and spirit.

Fanny Bay, BC 2012

Senior Thesis Book  

A photojournal story of BC told through clothing. Spring 2013

Senior Thesis Book  

A photojournal story of BC told through clothing. Spring 2013